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Monday 30 November 2020

Swords Against the Shroud $6.61

Swords Against the Shroud: $6.61
Publisher: D101 Games

Swords Against the Shroud is a Swords and Sorcery Role-Playing Game (S&S RPG). The players play genre-focused characters, Barbarians, Fighters, Thieves and Sorcerers, exploring the dying world of Zarth. A a world that is subject to not only the worst effects of human greed and corruption but also the unwelcome attention of the demonic Others who come through the Shroud that separates Zarth from the hellish Other Worlds, to feed on pain and misery.

This book is Crypts and Things remade with The Black Hack 2nd Editon, an exciting fast-moving concise modern d20 fantasy ruleset that models old school play.

In 86 A5 pages this self-contained rules book contains:

  • Introduction
  • Character Generation. A system produces ready to play characters, fully formed with distinctive backgrounds, style and equipment in minutes. Four character classes: Barbarian, Fighter, Thief and Sorcerer.
  • Rules for Everyone. The basics of the simple roll vs stat system explained.
  • Rules for the Players. Everything the players need to know about Sanity, Corruption, how to fight and magic. Rules and a single spell list for White, Grey and Black Magic.
  • Rules for the Referee. Guidance on setting skill tests, and
  • Zarth. A quick guide to this sample S&S setting.
  • The Halls of Nizur Thun. An introductory adventure set in the ruined crypt of a once-powerful Sorcerer.
  • A Character Sheet
  • A Referee’s Log
Swords Against the Shroud

Price: $6.61

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