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Thursday, 31 December 2020

Draw Your Weapon! [Free]

Draw Your Weapon! [Free]: by @SandyPugGames

In Draw Your Weapon! players are Blademages, sorcerers and wizards of great power, capable of summoning, from the realm of weapons, any magical weapon they can imagine. The world of Swordhalla is in danger, as Abraxis the Necromancer has once again incorporaliated and unleashed a necromantic horde of heavy metal rock zombies upon the world. Players must travel from city to city, fighting off the badass hordes of zombies, chainmail elemental dragons, and punk rock griffins to save the world from Abraxis, and maybe this time kill him properly, yeah? Getting a bit sick of having to deal with this chud every 1000 years or w/e.

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