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Friday 30 April 2021

Space Street [£4.99]

Space Street [£4.99]:


"Is Space Street Worth the Money? Heck yeah... I hope the investigation rules are an eye-opener for many." - Geeknative

"They've got a very solid foundation: the 1920's noir cyberpunk mashup."      - RPGgamer

"The game carries this unique, interesting, and stylistic art theme throughout." - TTRPG Factory

What is Space Street? 

In a cold solar system beset by the inky blackness of space, you are those dark hands of the law - investigators, bounty hunters, police officers, and government spies - keeping the city planets safe from encroaching aliens, cosmic horrors, broken androids and insane criminals.

Space Street is a 2-5 player tabletop role-playing game, set in a dark combination of film noir and dystopian sci-fi. In this game the players unravel cryptic mysteries in a unique setting as a guide moves a hardboiled three-act narrative forward with bold new investigation mechanics.

Who is Space Street for? 
  • Space street is perfect for those of you who wish their expensive trenchcoat and fedora could double as a sci-fi robot.
  • For those who want to engage in tense, role-play focused gameplay with minimal rules and maximum enjoyment.
  • For the Game Master's who want an easy to prep TTRPG with innovative new clue mechanics that don't stall the session after a failed investigation check.
What do I get? 

For under £5 / $6.80 you get a gorgeously illustrated 13 page pdf with enough versatility to last you hundreds of one-shots,  featuring innovative clue and investigation mechanics that move the mystery RPG forward, all for a 1/4 the price of a digital player's handbook.

In order to download this TTRPG you must purchase it at or above the minimum price of $4.99 USD. You will get access to the following files:

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