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Friday 30 April 2021

World of Blades [Free]

World of Blades [Free]:

In World of Blades you play the lowest of the low: cutpurses, thugs, dregs and initiates, quickly learning the hard lessons of the streets and grasping for a holding into the criminal underworld of Doskvol. 

  • This game works as an introduction to Blades in the Dark, playing out the origin stories of the scoundrels that will form your crew.
  • By the time your character has fully leveled up, they will be as powerful as a new BitD character, so you can pick up and transition into the full game!
  • World of Blades runs quickly, working well with new players, in events, game clubs, and other time restrained sessions. 

Start your career of petty theft and misdemeanor. Build up your criminal career from the twisting alleys inside the Dark Jewel of Akoros.

This game is free. The price is just a suggestion, if you can't afford it just buy it at $0.00.

An older version of this game exists floating around the internet from the times of G+, this is a revised version, with some correction that didn't made it into the final PDF and a reduced XP tracker to help your players get into Blades in the Dark faster!

Blades in the Dark™ is a trademark of One Seven Design. The Forged in the Dark Logo is © One Seven Design, and is used with permission.
This work is based on Blades in the Dark, product of One Seven Design, developed and authored by John Harper, and licensed for our use under the Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported license.
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