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Monday, 31 May 2021

Terra Magia [Free]

Terra Magia [Free]:

Terra Magia table top role playing game and is set in a modern fantasy world with spells, swords, shotguns and smartphones. With mechanics that should be familiar to any who have played TTRPGs in past, this core rule book has everything needed to create your own story and explore the world of Terra, fighting off the roving hordes of monstrosities in the wilds, or beating down corrupt corporate heads who have polluted your home. Terra Magia is full of detailed mechanics for the those who love crunchy rules that they can manipulate to break the game.

Terra Magia was made with the intent to let people make their absolutely perfect character. With traditional classes reframed as archetypes that you can freely mix and match perks from to create entirely unique character class. Terra also includes broad spectrum physical mutations that allow you to create your ideal edgy one winged assassin with demon eyes and a wolf's tail. No matter how extra or silly it is you should be allowed to do it and have fun otherwise what is the point of fantasy.

This is currently a work-in-progress, a rough draft that I couldn't wait to share anymore. Updates may not be consistent but they will continue until Terra is complete. I hope any who stumble on to it can have fun with friends creating a truly fantastic story together. 

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