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Monday 31 May 2021

Domains of Shadow [Free]

Domains of Shadow [Free]:


Domains of Shadow is a project that is still in-development! The Guidebook here does not represent the final document. The project will be completed in August of 2021. Domains of Shadow is a GMless storygame of Gothic Horror and Shakespearean Tragedy. It is the first roleplaying system that is specially designed to tell stories that would be presented as actual play performances to an outside audience. Because of this, Domains of Shadow is focused on dramatic effect, smooth pacing, and streamlined rules.  

There are two elements at the foundation of Domains of Shadow. The first is a non-continous story structure consisting of multiple distinct scenes where the role of creating the introductions to scenes rotates between players. The second is the Blight, which represents the influence of the Otherworld on the human mind, and the way that it drives people to their loss of composure and possible tragic downfall by promising them inner strength and dark occult power.

The Guidebook and Character Sheet to Domains of Shadow is provided here. It is free to download, share, and use any of these documents. 

If you are interested in playing this system, then join the Domains of Shadow Discord Server (https://discord.gg/mv2gEFpWNM). Almost every week I organize a one-shot story session, with a schedule negotiated by the table and scenario tailored to their preferred story interests. 

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