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Wednesday, 30 June 2021

Fractured (Quickstart) | A Post-Apocalyptic TableTop RolePlaying Game / $0.00

Fractured (Quickstart) | A Post-Apocalyptic TableTop RolePlaying Game / $0.00: Publisher: Xero Sum Games

Fractured is a post-apocalyptic TTRPG that takes place a year after a virus has wiped out almost all of humanity. Polite society left with the 6 billion who died and it took all the old rules with it.

With the world pushed back to the population and technology levels of the 1800s, players will have to decide what they are prepared to do to survive in this new world where there are no rules or laws, no authority or justice, no help and no compassion, and where tracking their ammo and food is a must because everything of any value is rapidly running out.

On the grittier end of the RPG spectrum, Fractured has no zombies, no vampires and no mutants. There is no sorcery or evil Wizards, no fantastic creatures, no aliens, no lasers, and no magic healing potions.

There is just the gnawing cold, constant hunger and, most terrifying of all, other humans to contend with.

Everything everyone knew has changed and people are going to have to do ugly things to survive. The players' will find their morality being tested with ethical choices that may impact long-term game-play as they navigate this dangerous world and ask themselves what they are prepared to do to survive.  

After all, when starvation is a very real prospect, people have to make some very interesting choices.

Currently in open-beta and actively being play-tested by multiple groups, the full Fractured Core Rulebook should be available in Q3 2021. To facilitate more play-testing, we are making the Fractured QuickStart which contains a boiled-down version of the rules available. A companion starting encounter, Chased, that guides Games Moderators and a group through the basics of the game and serves as a jump-off point into a campaign is also available. 

Current Game Features:

  • A sandbox RPG set a year from today where more than 75% of the global population have been wiped out by a virus and where players will have to eek out survival in an increasingly desperate world. 
  • Combining quick to learn yet robust game mechanics with collaborative storytelling to put a focus on building a narrative without sacrificing any of the crunch or the fun
  • The Backstory Generation process allows a player to assign points to attributes and skills throughout the various stages of their character's lives to get to the exact concept they are looking for while building a matching backstory that includes Motivations and Complications. 
  • Players wishing to get right into the game can pick from one of 12 predefined Paradigms, give them a name, slap on an attitude and start rolling dice. 
  • Additionally, there are multiple pregens to support playtesting. 

Additional Game Features in the Core Rulebook:

  • A detailed game world with background on the virus outbreak and a primer on life in this fractured world.
  • Rules for recruiting NPCs, building settlements, farming, and rebuilding.
  • Descriptions of the major subsets of NPCs and groups the players are likely to meet, including Survivors, Migrators, Nomads, Survivalists, Bandits, Warlords, Zealots and Cannibals
  • Breakdowns of various sample enclaves and groups the players might encounter, including such delights The Church of the Unclean in Baltimore and Judge Rudy in Texas. 
  • Worldbuilding advice for GMs 
  • The RAPID Ruleset comes with many systems designed to get a GM and group into a game as quickly as possible, including: 
    • NPC Design and Motivation tables  
    • Group generation rules
    • Encounter generation rules 
    • Road-trip rules 

Fractured Road Map:

  • Sourcebook: King's Crossing Chronicles 
  • Sourcebook: The Great Reclamation
  • Sourcebook: Flowers In Your Hair
Fractured (Quickstart) | A Post-Apocalyptic TableTop RolePlaying GamePrice: $0.00

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