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Wednesday 30 June 2021

The Dungeon Machine / $3.00

The Dungeon Machine / $3.00: Publisher: Attack Cat Games
  • This is the tabletop role-playing game to play if you just want to get into the dank darkness and muck about. 
  • Jumps right in. This game does assume some familiarity with other tabletop rpgs.
  • No ability scores! 
  • A Framework. The Dungeon Machine is light on specifics, so you can modify it to your group's playstyle. For example, combat can be played on a grid or in the theater of the mind (once the theater reopens after covid restrictions).
  • Quick to start, and with a story loop that progresses quickly... it also has a lot of dungeons. 
  • 4 Classes, with more to come! 
  • Multiple settings and randomly generated adventures.
  • 50+ pages of rollicking table top fun.
  • Each story has a beginning middle and end.
  • Tell a whole story in 6-7 1-2 hour sessions.
The Dungeon MachinePrice: $3.00

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