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Wednesday, 30 June 2021

World of Wyldrvir Core Book / $10.00

World of Wyldrvir Core Book / $10.00: Publisher: World of Wyldrvir

Welcome To Wyldrvir!

We're a totally free TTRPG that has been working in a combat free and wholesome Saturday morning cartoon style of world with adorable art and simple roleplay focused storytelling! We are a team of young adult writers ages ranging from 18-21 and we have been making this game for a year! When we started making Wyldrvir, we wrote all our content on Google Docs and they still exist! In fact all our content is free on Google Drive at: This Link here! 

This book is a PDF Version of the core rule document if you would like to download it this way.  This book is all you need to start a campaign in this world. It has amazing art from the talented Crowva, and extra content thanks to the year of work we have done! We spent time upgrading our year old core book into something still easy to read but full of new content to get you into the world, and starting your journey! Wyldrvir also has a podcast and Discord server which you can link from our Carrd. 

Huge thanks to you for considering downloading our first fully mastrered book! 

World of Wyldrvir Core BookPrice: $10.00

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