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Saturday, 31 July 2021

Questant [Free]

Questant [Free]:


You dwell within a crucible of worlds, half-formed things orbiting one another in an endless dance. Reflect on how you got here. Perhaps you are a group of kids, hurled into a great game of cosmic succession. Perhaps you are one among many, born of this land and the love of its people. Perhaps your world is linked with others of its kind through dreams, or portals, or star-faring vessels, or the pages of a book. No matter.

You are the Questant. This Land, a forge. Its goal: to make a god of you.

A one-page (front and back) tabletop roleplaying game created for One-Page RPG Jam 2021.  Inspired by Homestuck's mythology and game structure, Questant uses a simple 2d6 dice system to tell stories about interconnected lands and the questants that traverse them on the road to ascension. With a dozen bite-sized classes, a super-flexible mythos system for manifesting mythical powers, and guidance for shaping the arc of each character's unique journey, there's plenty of material for forging legends together.

Questant can be played with anywhere from two to a dozen or more players, thanks to an asynchronous, play-by-post structure in which each player is the hero of their own story. It's not so much a GM-less game as a GM-ful one - each player plays both a character of their own and the land in which another player's character adventures.

If you played Questant with friends, I'd love to know how it went!

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