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Saturday 31 July 2021

Rangers of the Midden Vale / $7.00

Rangers of the Midden Vale / $7.00: Publisher: Take 10 Games

Rangers of the Midden Vale is a tabletop roleplaying game set in the harsh and unyielding lands of the Midden Vale.  You play as a band of capable and intrepid Rangers, traveling throughout the Vale to protect those that call it home from trolls, the Dead, monstrous Terrors, and humans who have turned their back on their kin.  You have sworn an Oath to protect the people of the Vale - now get out there, Ranger.

Rangers of the Midden Vale's features include:

  • Fast to learn, easy to play.  If you're new to tabletop adventure games, Rangers allows you to make characters and understand the rules in minutes.
  • Core mechanics. The game follows a universal structure for nearly any kind of rules engagement.  The game centers of "rulings, not rules."
  • Abilities are king.  All d20 rolls use the same standard abilities.  No need to memorize a list of skills or special modifiers.
Rangers of the Midden ValePrice: $7.00

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