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Tuesday, 31 August 2021

Universe Ball Anthology #1: Lizards & Wizards! [$10.00]

Universe Ball Anthology #1: Lizards & Wizards! [$10.00]:


For fans of absurdist humor and atmospheric science fiction...


There are stories in the stars—huge, bizarre events, isolated by the vastness of the cosmos. By the time you finish this sentence alone, an infinite amount of worlds will evolve, discover, love, hate, die, be resurrected by goo-men, and die again, and yet, you will never even notice because you are too busy doing the same. There is so much history occurring in silence; the only shared constant amongst them is the absurdity of it all.

With this book, you will become an explorer of these absurd events. Each Universe Ball will provide you with the coordinates to one or more of these worlds where you will become key players in cosmic stories whether it be on a planet trillions of miles away, or right here on Earth. You will find wonder, horror, mystery, and more specifically, lizard people named Tobeep.


Universe Ball Anthology is a series of silly, scifi tabletop roleplaying games that focus on odd discoveries, creative problem solving, and being stupid with your friends. This first book comes paired with two adventures...


These are a species of sentient carbon dioxide creatures who are converted into oxygen and breathed by the passengers of the ship in an infinite cycle.

1. The S.S.O.S. (6-chapter adventure campaign):

In this wacky, story-heavy heist, you and your friends will play as a crew of lizard thieves and explore a strange space cruise ship in an attempt to rob its interdimensional fuel, all while dealing with an array of vacationing alien criminals and misfits.

As players search for the ship's fuel, they’ll discover many relaxing amenities onboard the ancient S.S.O.S. such as a pool filled with sky, an infinite buffet, and a procedurally generated theatre. The ship is chock-full of absurd encounters at every turn, like a horny floor that enjoys being stepped on, a clock that removes the linear experience of time when observed, and a baguette that makes your voice really loud.

Not only is this game full of silly absurdity, but as you play, you’ll uncover a mystery and learn the disturbing truth about the enigmatic captain of the ship.

The setting can be ported into any suitable system!

  • 2-4 Players (Plus a GM)
  • 6 Chapters
  • Each Chapter is 1-3 Hours
  • Dungeon / Sandbox Hybrid
This is the sought-after engine of the S.S.O.S.

2. Yep, That’s Me (mini sandbox one-shot):

Attend a medieval convention in the far future of Earth in this mini, chaotic sandbox adventure. The players will start this game in a randomized story climax and then flash back to the beginning where they will have to figure out how to get back to the end.

  • 2-4 Players (Plus a GM)
  • Play as futuristic characters dressed in medieval cosplay
  • 1-4 Hour Sandbox Game



Our games can either be run using our very simple set of rules or can be ported into other suitable systems. Otherwise, the game is mainly about exploring, talking to NPCs, and creative problem-solving!


We are new to the TTRPG scene and would greatly appreciate your thoughts on our games! Your support would mean the universe to us :)


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