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Saturday 30 October 2021

QAC - Quick and Classic (English version) / $6.99

QAC - Quick and Classic (English version) / $6.99: Publisher: David Chelazzi

"QAC – Quick And Classic" is a classic fantasy role-playing game!

Quick, since it’s easy to play, and has a light rules system where the actions of characters or monsters can be grouped.

Classic, as it goes back to classic fantasy, the great novels of the genre, the fantastic and sword-and-sorcery movies of the ‘70s and ‘80s!

This manual contains all you need to create adventurous characters and play them through quests in the world of QAC; you need nothing else, except a set of dice, paper, pencil and Your imagination!

This book also includes “Your First Adventure”, a quest that will have you venture through the perils, challenges and wonders of QAC.

Onward to Adventure!

QAC - Quick and Classic (English version)Price: $6.99

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