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Monday 29 November 2021

BASTERD! Basic Rules / $5.00

BASTERD! Basic Rules / $5.00: Publisher: The Rune^Forge

BASTERD is an amalgam of the best features and choices of 5E, coupled to the best concepts of the OSR movement, and mixed to the level that is best for a solid tabletop campaign. Take time, be careful, and enjoy a different kind of game where the Ability Scores actually matter.

Choosing your Class begins the Creation process.

Species as Class? So it was written, so it be done. This game represents the darkening of the world, the final fall of all Life. The vast majority of people met are human, for whatever that means in this terrible time, and those non-humans met represent the last vestiges of an iconic tribe. In BASTERD, you should not meet the elven smith and tavern owner, you might meet an elf, maybe two, who wander the lands or are barricaded in solitude. Remember to role-play this.

BASTERD! Basic RulesPrice: $5.00

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