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Monday, 29 November 2021

In Orbit / $0.00

In Orbit / $0.00: Publisher: Bläckfisk Publishing

You are trapped in orbit around your home planet, in a malfunctioning spacecraft—with a hostile alien life form on board. Ground control has prohibited you from re-entering the atmosphere due to the risk of contamination. They have told you to keep it cool until an escort vessel arrives to decontaminate the ship and get you safely back home. It should reach you in a day or two…

This is not a survival horror game as much as it is a story game. The players’ goal is to create an intriguing space horror story together. You play to find out what happens to the characters: Who will die and who will survive the encounters with the alien? Will someone finally destroy the alien and be allowed to return to their home planet, or will they all end their days aboard this doomed spacecraft?

In OrbitPrice: $0.00

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