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Monday, 29 November 2021

Logical Fantasy Gaming: Rulebook / $10.00

Logical Fantasy Gaming: Rulebook / $10.00: Publisher: Logical Fantasy Gaming

What is LFG?

LFG strives to be the most believably realistic role-playing game that maintains the wonder and excitement of medieval combat, magic, and mythical beasts. The suspension of disbelief and immersion into your gaming world are paramount. All the rules for LFG were carefully designed to make every action, decision, spell, and monster as realistic and believable as possible.

What sets LFG apart from other RPGs?

The most believable & realistic fantasy RPG ever designed!

-Every rule has been carefully crafted to enhance immersion and retain the suspension of disbelief, even within a magical fantasy setting! As you read the rules, you’ll find yourself saying “Okay, that makes sense!”

-Whenever possible, every rule has been aligned with historical data and a scientific understanding of reality. Even magic spells consider the impacts of things such as inertia, gravity, biology, and chemistry.

-Realistic rules & stats for weapons and armor.

-Logical & rational rules for vision, senses, weather, and terrain.

-Morality System develops interesting characters & engaging stories. Player characters & monsters have personal morals & motivations, rather than the simplistic “Good vs Evil” system of many RPG games.

-Benefits & drawbacks for every choice! There is no “best option” when it comes to weapons, armor, characters, ability scores, skills, and so on. Context is key!


Dynamic & Engaging Combat System:

-Selective initiative system allows players to be active participants in combat. Combatants can react to their foes or interrupt combat to defend their allies. (As opposed to standing idly by until their turn finally arrives.)

-Comprehensive & immersive rules for wrestling and close-quarters combat.

-Benefits from positioning, multiple attackers, weapon type, size, space, reach, and more.

-Wide selection of weapons with special traits & abilities. Some weapons penetrate armor, some provide extra reach, and others land with enough force to knock your foes off their feet. Which weapon will you wield?

-Armor, shields, and helmets can reduce incoming damage or make it harder to land a telling blow, but additional protection comes at a price! Choose wisely!

-Big creatures are dangerous! Even a glancing blow from a massive beast could knock you to the floor!


Supreme Character Customization!

-9 Player Character Classes: Barbarian, Bard, Druid, Fighter, Priest, Ranger, Rogue, Sorcerer, Wizard

-Additional Class Variants include War Priest (Priest), Paladin (Fighter), Shield Maiden/Shield Warrior (Barbarian)

-10 Player Character Races: Aesir, Dwarf, Elf, Gnome, Goblin, Human, Neanderthal, Orc, Spriteling, Valefor

-No “cookie-cutter” class builds or characters. Every character is unique!

-Every choice you make has benefits, drawbacks, and consequences! There are no “Dump Stats” in LFG. Every Ability Score is useful! (STR, DEX, CON, INT, WIS, CHA) Every character has unique strengths and weaknesses.

-236 unique Feats to enhance melee combat, spell-casting, archery, social skills, crafting, and more.

-398 magic spells, each custom-built from the ground up for this new game system.

-All 45 Character Skills are available to all player characters, regardless of character class. Your character can train in whatever Skills you desire!


Clear & Well-Explained Rules:

-Rules clarifications & examples provided for combat, magic, and skills.

-Consistent rules design & terminology usage.

-Suggestions and ideas to help new players & new GMs.

-Simplified XP and leveling system.

-More rational monster level system for designing balanced encounters.

-Multiple character sheet options to best fit your character & play style.

-All the rules can be modified as you desire to make the game as fun and engaging as you desire!


Here are some other areas in which you can enhance the level of realism in your game:

-Food & Water, Fatigue & Wilderness Survival

-Inventory Management & Carrying Capacity

-Archery & Ranged Combat: Indirect Attacks, Stray Arrows, Accuracy by Volume

-Foul Weather, Sailing, Long-Distance Travel

-Combat options such as alternative initiative systems & more deadly critical hit options

-Crafting Skills for equipment, magic & alchemical items, traps, and more

-Reading, writing, & language fluency

-Equipment wear & tear, maintenance, & repair

Logical Fantasy Gaming: RulebookPrice: $10.00

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