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Monday, 29 November 2021

Soulmist : Time Of Judgement Open Beta / $0.00

Soulmist : Time Of Judgement Open Beta / $0.00: Publisher: Black Lantern

Time of Judgement is the first official adventure taking place in the world of Fyera.

The adventure was created for the purposes of the Open Beta Testing of the world setting Soulmist: A Journey from Darkness to Light and is available for free to the global community.

Time of Judgement consists of four (4) limited-duration acts (one shots) which can either take place independently or sequentially. In other words, they were created to be flexible, and can be played in any of the following ways:

  1. a) Independently, by choosing any one of the 4 acts of your choice.
  2. b) Sequentially, by starting from the first act and progressing towards the fourth.
  3. c) In tandem, where four (4) groups of players can each select one act and explore it.

Players who participate in the Open Beta will have the option of “voting” on the direction of the story upon finishing the adventure.

Soulmist : Time Of Judgement Open BetaPrice: $0.00

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