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Friday, 31 December 2021

DarkEnergy Core Rulebook / $10.00

DarkEnergy Core Rulebook / $10.00: Publisher: Entanglement Interactive LLC

Adventure Awaits!

Survive the Shearing and control the future with the DarkEnergy Roleplaying Game! Suit-up in your power armor and wield your enchanted chain saber as you navigate the apocalypse of Earth and discover new worlds. Within the pages of this book, you will find:

• All the rules you will need to play or run a game of DarkEnergy.

• Character races both new and classic, from tiny fairies, large giants, doglike Cynocephali, catlike Feloran, and reptilain troglodytes to elves and dwarves.

• Fifteen character classes, from wild berserkers, elite sharpshooters, and powerful psionics to genius engineers, arcane mages and mad scientists.

• A detailed explanation of the DarkEnergy setting, including its worlds, deities, factions and history.

• Outfit any character with everything from football pads and modern firearms to energy shields and plasma weapons.

• A unique faith and philosophies system that brings meaning to your beliefs and grants powerful bonuses.

• Curses, cybernetics and mutations give unlimted options for character creation.

DarkEnergy Core RulebookPrice: $10.00

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