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Friday, 31 December 2021

GRIT / $9.00

GRIT / $9.00: Publisher: Conjecture Games

The Romans drew the line. Hadrian’s Wall was as far north as the light of Rome wanted to stretch. The divisions that had been drawn further north had been forcefully abandoned, in person and in memory. Yet, despite the current divide between civilization and barbarism, there was something that continued to pull Roman thoughts beyond the wall.

It would be called Tenebrae. The shadow. The tomb of tombs, greatest of cairns. The beneath. The underworld, but not anything like Rome’s Pluto or Hades. It was the most foreign place the worldly Romans had ever seen, and only now had they found it beneath ancient Pictish cairns in northern Britannia.

When Tenebrae touched a cairn, that tomb opened onto a structure that simply could not exist. The interior, larger than the exterior dimensions allowed, opened onto still vaster tomb complexes, with the marks of a craftsmanship more complex than anything in Pictish tradition. Yet, this was just the start of some of the secrets in Tenebrae that drew the Romans beyond the wall.

You are one of the few who know about Tenebrae, and you have been tasked by the Roman Empire, Light of the World, to break open its secrets. Yet, the shadow is unwilling to part with them easily or with those who enter its domain.


GRIT is a diceless, narrative-based role-playing game. In this game you will play a Roman or a Pict—north Britain native—in 4th century C.E. You are tasked by Roman command to examine and report on the strange things occurring in Pict cairns (gravesites). The story turns upside down when the Romans abandon Hadrian’s Wall, and your party becomes cursed by the dark power beneath the cairns. The ruleset is powered by the Chuubo’s Marvelous Wish-Granting Engine RPG, but it has been distilled and condensed in size and scope.

There are two main game mechanics that drive GRIT:

  • The first is that the character progression system is based off narrated connections the player wishes to make for the story. This is much different than killing a goblin or completing an adventure to gain experience, where it is often the success of an action that determines progression. In GRIT, it is the connection to the action that matters more, such as how the character perceives the possible danger of encountering the goblin.
  • The second is that the player’s character will personally progress their story by way of quests. The quests help define some of the actions that might occur in the story for the character, and the connections that stem from these actions.
GRITPrice: $9.00

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