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Friday, 31 December 2021

Imps for Da Win / $1.00

Imps for Da Win / $1.00: Publisher: Black Cats Gaming

You is Imps in da monster forges. Humans need to be taught a fi ng or two. Hades the bossman wants it, so der we go. Fing is, is’a rush job. You got a day to cobble summit monster-y together. Stuff’s low since the ‘Release the Kraken’ business, youse got a basic monster skeleton to work on. Worse, a hero and patron god is ‘elpin the humans, but Hades ain’t said who! Whatever, dey is gods and moves in mysty ways. Nobody tells you nuffin’.

Build your monster with a combination of sneaky looting and obsequious groveling to the pantheon of greek gods in this fast playing one page RPG comedy game where you're as likely to get zapped by a thunderbolt as you are get away with the loot while a group of toga wearing gods look the other way. Then see your monster fight a hero of legend - and hopefully give them a smashing that they so richly deserve!

Perfect for anyone who's looking for a fun laugh with friends - bad accents and imp impressions are optional, but highly recommended!

Imps for Da WinPrice: $1.00

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