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Friday 31 December 2021

Tales from the Aerosphere / $14.99

Tales from the Aerosphere / $14.99: Publisher: Ethan H. Reynolds

Who will you be in this city amongst the clouds?


Tales from the Aerosphere is an original steampunk TTRPG that is powered by the Neon Nights system, a system that prioritizes seemingly limitless character creation freedom.


In this game you will find…


-          HUNDREDS of interesting, unique, and fun Perks


-          DOZENS of weapons, CogWare augmentations for your body, equipment upgrades, and items to add to your beginning character



-          OVER 20 unique and dynamic NPC sheets that are simplistic and accessible to use at any table.


From medics, to assassins, to mechanics, to a literal barbarian, there are THOUSANDS of character combinations you can play  in Tales from the Aerosphere.


The game also includes free updates whenever a new patch is released that adds content or fixes errors.

Tales from the AerospherePrice: $14.99

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