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Monday, 31 January 2022

Blades of the Immortals (Early Access) [Free]

Blades of the Immortals (Early Access) [Free]:


Blades of the Immortals is a tabletop roleplaying game inspired by xianxia fiction - a genre of Chinese fantasy about immortal cultivators - practitioners of esoteric internal alchemies that grant superhuman abilities - and their quests for power and immortality. It uses the Forged in the Dark rules engine developed by John Harper, as seen in games like Blades in the Dark and Beam Saber.

In  Blades of the Immortals, you will take on the roles of cultivators, striving for the glory of your sect, your own ambitions, and the ultimate prize - immortality. You will viciously struggle for scarce resources, compete for the patronage of powerful and influential teachers, gather allies to your banner, and scheme against your enemies. Your characters will wield mystical treasures and supernatural spell-arts, mastering the very laws of the cosmos as their weapons, as they become entangled in centuries-long vendettas between deathless wizard-kings.

Raise your blades to heaven, cultivators! You will live forever, or die trying.

This is an incomplete, pre-release version of the game, but Blades of the Immortals is playable in its current state. The book includes:

  • 9 cultivator playbooks, each walking a different path to immortality
  • 6 faction playbooks, with distinctive narrative focuses to shape your games
  • The core game engine
  • Rules for designing and creating your characters' mystic techniques and treasures

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