What was the RPG Pipeline

The RPG Pipeline was a posting board to keep track of upcoming tabletop rpgs from 2015 to 2021 (this Blogger version began in 2019). It covered new English language ttrpgs and ttrpgs going into crowdfunding.

2022 Q1 New TTRPGs released (DriveThruRPG)

Below are details of some of the new ttrpgs released on DriveThruRPG in 2022 Q1 (Jan-Mar).

3DIE6 Core Rulebook - 'Zine Edition Aether Void First Contact Bundle Aftermath Alone on the Wind And the Gunslinger Followed Anominium: Unraveled Core Playing Guide Apocalypse Memoria Apotheosis Demo PDF Artifacts & Adventure: Modern-Day Treasure Hunters Aspect - An Essentialist RPG Astonishing Super Heroes Book 1: Basic Rulebook Aurora Babes in the Wood 2e Babies and Broadswords Demo Candy Teeth Card-Based, Unbelievably Minimalist, Tabletop-Game (C.U.M.T) Changelings Chronicles of Savage Horror COGS - Generic One-shot Generala System Consoles and Controllers Cowpunchers DELVERS! Dungeon Crawling with a Twist! Demonicity: Role-Playing Adventures (Tri-Stat System) Deniable Assets: The Cyberpunk Villain RPG DiceDream: 2nd Edition DUNGEONEERING Dysmorphium: A Trans-Centered TTRPG Essence Core Evolution or Extinction Excommunicado Fake Chess Fallen RPG Fantasia Deluxe Edition Felt, Friendship, and Feelings Fiends and Phantasms of Yankton & Intro Adventure Fire&Steel TTRPG PDF For Honor and For Glory! Chronicler's Guide Four Skulls Friendship Effort Victory Garden of the Giants Gay Realms: LGBTQ+ Roleplaying Game Gay Realms: Quickstart GHOST - The Roleplaying Game of Paranormal Investigations Ghost Club RPG GHOST RPG - Quickstart Rules Hardboiled: Mystery, Mayhem, & the Macabre Head Trip Highcaster Hootgoblins Ice Station: Zero In Memoriam: Dreams of Lethe INTO THE DARK Jahtima Karst King of Dust Lady Spy Detective LadyBeaste Legends of Avallen - Core Rulebook - PDF Litus Saxonicum Locum Tendons Mausritter MERGER Murder at The Flying Haddock Near Hollow Gods Neon Blues Neon Lords of the Toxic Wasteland Core Rulez Quick Start Edition Nightmare: Preview Novus 2e Our Haunt PAX LUPORUM: Werewolves of the Republic Perdition - Fantasy Survival Horror RPG Pew! Pew! A Complicated Profession Pilgrimage of the Sun Guard Pixies: Role-Playing Adventures (Tri-Stat System) Prism Braek Full Color Raging Grannies RASPUTIN: The Mystic, The Mundane RAYCATS!™ Red Rook Revolt Requiem among shadows Resolute: Core Rules Return of the Ancients Full Color Return of the Mountain Witch Rocket To Russia Rockets Rogues and Relics Rogue Deck - Core Play Runecairn: Wardensaga SEE YOU, SPACE COWBOY… - Core Rulebook Shidaiqu Shine Force: Trapped in Nightmare Town Spell Scorched Core Rule Book Standoff Roleplaying System Core Rulebook Startide Stella Pugna Edition Strange Aeons Super Detention Club Super High School RPG Supernatural Hunter Role Playing Game v.3 Surveyors! SURVIVE THIS!! What Shadows Hide - Core Rules Swords And Spaceships TEETH: NIGHT OF THE HOGMEN Tezca Sentai The 2d6 Engine The Getaway: A Solo Car Chase RPG The Last Stand The Roarin' 20s The Weatherman's Syndicate The Were-Curse They Came From Beyond the Grave! Those Who Can't, Teach Those Wretched Kids! A Solo TTRPG Thrilling Adventures! Through the Borderlands 2e Tiny Spies Titanholm Trick or Retreat Under the Neighborhood Universal Decay: Dead Stars Rule Book, Revised, 2nd Edition Vampires from Outer Space Veneration Warlock! Traitor's Edition Wishless Withering Light World Fighter Champion Wyrd Street d20: Starter Primer Wyrms: Role-Playing Adventures (Tri-Stat System) y2k - lofi cyberpunk Yep, That's Me: An Absurd, SciFi One-Shot Yokai Hunters Society RPG zine

3DIE6 Core Rulebook - 'Zine Edition / $9.00
Aether Void First Contact Bundle / $7.99
Aftermath / $9.99
Alone on the Wind / $3.00
And the Gunslinger Followed / $3.00
Anominium: Unraveled Core Playing Guide / $0.50
Apocalypse Memoria / $2.00
Apotheosis Demo PDF / $0.00
Artifacts & Adventure: Modern-Day Treasure Hunters / $0.00
Aspect - An Essentialist RPG / $0.00
Astonishing Super Heroes Book 1: Basic Rulebook / $3.95
Aurora / $6.00
Babes in the Wood 2e / $15.00
Babies and Broadswords Demo / $0.00
Candy Teeth / $8.00
Card-Based, Unbelievably Minimalist, Tabletop-Game (C.U.M.T) / $1.00
Changelings / $2.00
Chronicles of Savage Horror / $2.00
COGS - Generic One-shot Generala System / $5.00
Consoles and Controllers / $2.00
Cowpunchers / $3.50
DELVERS! Dungeon Crawling with a Twist! / $2.00
Demonicity: Role-Playing Adventures (Tri-Stat System) / $15.00
Deniable Assets: The Cyberpunk Villain RPG / $19.99
DiceDream: 2nd Edition / $5.00
Dysmorphium: A Trans-Centered TTRPG / $4.99
Essence Core / $0.00
Evolution or Extinction / $1.50
Excommunicado / $4.00
Fake Chess / $5.00
Fallen RPG / $10.00
Fantasia Deluxe Edition / $19.83
Felt, Friendship, and Feelings / $6.00
Fiends and Phantasms of Yankton & Intro Adventure / $7.49
Fire&Steel TTRPG PDF / $5.00
For Honor and For Glory! Chronicler's Guide / $17.99
Four Skulls / $5.00
Friendship Effort Victory / $15.00
Garden of the Giants / $17.99
Gay Realms: LGBTQ+ Roleplaying Game / $9.99
Gay Realms: Quickstart / $0.00
GHOST - The Roleplaying Game of Paranormal Investigations / $9.04
Ghost Club RPG / $12.00
GHOST RPG - Quickstart Rules / $1.00
Hardboiled: Mystery, Mayhem, & the Macabre / $9.95
Head Trip / $2.00
Highcaster / $19.99
Hootgoblins / $4.00
Ice Station: Zero / $1.00
In Memoriam: Dreams of Lethe / $2.00
Jahtima / $2.63
Karst / $20.00
King of Dust / $4.00
Lady Spy Detective / $9.99
LadyBeaste / $2.99
Legends of Avallen - Core Rulebook - PDF / $29.99
Litus Saxonicum / $9.99
Locum Tendons / $3.00
Mausritter / $8.00
MERGER / $10.00
Murder at The Flying Haddock / $10.00
Near Hollow Gods / $4.69
Neon Blues / $10.00
Neon Lords of the Toxic Wasteland Core Rulez Quick Start Edition / $0.50
Nightmare: Preview / $0.99
Novus 2e / $10.00
Our Haunt / $20.00
PAX LUPORUM: Werewolves of the Republic / $14.99
Perdition - Fantasy Survival Horror RPG / $5.00
Pew! Pew! A Complicated Profession / $7.99
Pilgrimage of the Sun Guard / $8.00
Pixies: Role-Playing Adventures (Tri-Stat System) / $14.99
Prism Braek Full Color / $4.99
Raging Grannies / $3.00
RASPUTIN: The Mystic, The Mundane / $10.00
RAYCATS!™ / $6.00
Red Rook Revolt / $25.00
Requiem among shadows / $3.00
Resolute: Core Rules / $1.00
Return of the Ancients Full Color / $4.99
Return of the Mountain Witch / $0.00
Rocket To Russia / $10.00
Rockets Rogues and Relics / $1.00
Rogue Deck - Core Play / $0.00
Runecairn: Wardensaga / $14.00
SEE YOU, SPACE COWBOY… - Core Rulebook / $7.00
Shidaiqu / $4.76
Shine Force: Trapped in Nightmare Town / $5.00
Spell Scorched Core Rule Book / $9.99
Standoff Roleplaying System Core Rulebook / $3.99
Startide Stella Pugna Edition / $0.00
Strange Aeons / $0.00
Super Detention Club / $2.00
Super High School RPG / $9.10
Supernatural Hunter Role Playing Game v.3 / $10.00
Surveyors! / $1.00
SURVIVE THIS!! What Shadows Hide - Core Rules / $9.99
Swords And Spaceships / $15.00
Tezca Sentai / $12.00
The 2d6 Engine / $1.00
The Getaway: A Solo Car Chase RPG / $2.00
The Last Stand / $1.00
The Roarin' 20s / $1.00
The Weatherman's Syndicate / $2.99
The Were-Curse / $3.95
They Came From Beyond the Grave! / $14.99
Those Who Can't, Teach / $1.00
Those Wretched Kids! A Solo TTRPG / $10.00
Thrilling Adventures! / $15.00
Through the Borderlands 2e / $4.99
Tiny Spies / $5.99
Titanholm / $9.99
Trick or Retreat / $1.00
Under the Neighborhood / $20.00
Universal Decay: Dead Stars Rule Book, Revised, 2nd Edition / $5.00
Vampires from Outer Space / $3.99
Veneration / $4.00
Warlock! Traitor's Edition / $9.35
Wishless / $6.00
Withering Light / $5.11
World Fighter Champion / $1.00
Wyrd Street d20: Starter Primer / $0.00
Wyrms: Role-Playing Adventures (Tri-Stat System) / $14.99
y2k - lofi cyberpunk / $5.00
Yep, That's Me: An Absurd, SciFi One-Shot / $0.00
Yokai Hunters Society RPG zine / $4.00

3DIE6 Core Rulebook - 'Zine Edition / $9.00
Publisher: Deeply Dapper Games

Welcome to THE SHIMMER. A subterranean world of glowing mushrooms, strange creatures, winding tunnels and death! In 3DIE6, you play a member of the Roan, a city of little creatures that are part bug, part human, maybe a little bit alien and a lovely shade of blue. They also die all of the time. To help remedy that somewhat, they have evolved over time to have three distinct hive-minds inhabiting the same body. They take turns driving and, because the Roan are essentially exoskeleton and goo, they can even re-shape their bodies to specialize in skills depending on who is driving the Exoskeleton at the time. If one of the hive-minds die, the other minds can take over the body and carry on the glorious fight. Once they recover from any squashed body parts that may have killed off their old mind-mate, anyway. 

The Shimmer is full of dangers, from great hairy spider-things and earth-shaking borer worms to armies of tiny fungoid spores but there is also potential to find great treasures, succulent nectar, long lost artifacts and glory in the pulsating, phosphorescent depths. 

3DIE6 is a new game system, designed to be quick to learn, high on chaos and low on nit-picking. At its heart it is an old-school dungeon crawler with elements of funnel and OSR games. I wanted to create something that was easy to sit down for a one-shot or fill-in game and, because the life of an RPG designer is a lonely one, I also wanted it to be solo-able. For most checks, it's a simple stat check or a roll of the 3DIE6 dice. All you'll need to play is the Rulebook and three six-sided dice. (Ideally three different colors) A printout of the character sheet, a pen or pencil and a few markers like coins would be handy as well for keeping track of things.

The dice in 3DIE6 are used two different ways in the game. For stat checks it's a simple roll. Toss the 3D6, total them, add or subtract any modifiers and if you exceed the goal for that check, you succeed. For things like battle and special challenges, the lowly 3D6 become 3DIE6! When you roll for a 3DIE6 check, each represent a different thing - there's the Attack/Interact die, the Defense/Challenge die and the Effect die. For any check requiring a roll, you throw all three. After adding or subtracting any skills and modifiers your character has affecting it, the Attack and Defense dice tell you if you've succeeded in what you are attempting. Then the Effect die tells you how the enemy responds or what happens next!

This is the Zinequest 3 'Zine Version of the Core Rules - It includes the basics for what you need to play a game of 3DIE6.

3DIE6 Core Rulebook - 'Zine EditionPrice: $9.00"

Aether Void First Contact Bundle / $7.99
Publisher: Aether Void

Space Marines are standing their ground on the massive stone walls of New London, adding their firepower to that of the Redguards. The pandemonium persists for what seems like an eternity, filled with the ear-piercing screeches of Eldritch Horrors and the shouting of men. The gauss rifles of the grey-clad Marines sharply contrasting with the bolt action rifles and belt-fed machine guns used by the Redguards. Meanwhile on Far Haven, a world lightyears away from New London, a Dryad sorceress from the mystic forests on Far Haven, spurned by her lover, flies into a blood rage with murderous intent. Unfamiliar with the concept of firearms, she forces her will onto reality, setting his entire village on fire in an act of retribution, with the charred remains a silent witness that hell hath no fury like a woman scorned.

Aether Void is a ttrpg where multiple genres come together in the same universe, allowing you to mix and match elements from Fantasy, Steampunk, and Sci-fi however you'd like. Its game system is highly customizable, allowing for psychological roleplay, and rewarding smart play. Also, it can be rather deadly for those who are willing to take unnecessary risks.

In Return of the Ancients, the players take control over a variety of characters, all of whom have been abducted from their own world by a corrupt faction known as the Technocrats. After the spaceship transporting them crashes near some old ruins, the adventurers have their chance to clear the ruins and take their revenge (or profit from a newfound alliance). The story continues in Prism Braek, where after ending up on a futuristic space station the characters find themselves locked up. The goal is deceptively simple, escape from your cell and find a way off the station.

With the Aether Void First Contact Bundle you have everything you need to start playing Aether Void, including the Aether Void ruleset and our first two one-shot adventures (Return of the Ancients & Prism Braek)!

Contact us

Email: pr@aethervoid.com
Discord: kdwET4K
Instagram: @theaethervoid
Facebook: @TheAethervoid
Twitter: @AetherVoid

Aether Void First Contact BundlePrice: $7.99"

Aftermath / $9.99
Publisher: Vince Wyatt


A Post-Apocalyptic RPG

This role-playing game allows players to adventure in a war-torn world of the future. Earth has been ripped apart by a massive conflict centuries before, and civilization has devolved into a primitive state. Mutations have changed mankind and two races have emerged pure humans and mutants. Players are able to customize their character's with a myriad of perks, skills, and mutations. This gamebook includes the complete rules for gamemasters and players alike. 

AftermathPrice: $9.99"

Alone on the Wind / $3.00
Publisher: Chubby Crow Games

There used to be humans here, but they all left. That’s what your mama told you, and what her mama told her. The Earth Mother has begun to retake the land and bring magic back to it. Green grass and vines cover the cities the humans left behind.

You are a crow.

Take flight from your nest and explore.

Alone on the Wind is a solo journaling tabletop roleplaying game. All you need is a standard deck of playing cards and something to write with!

"Alone on the Wind" is based on "Alone Among the Stars" by Takuma Okada

Alone on the WindPrice: $3.00"

And the Gunslinger Followed / $3.00
Publisher: Hypnos Tarot

Are you the Gunslinger, chasing the Cowboy down so you can exact your revenge on them?

Are you the Doctor, forever regretting the help you gave the Cowboy, and chasing them down to do what must be done?

Are you the Kid, who only wants information on how to get back home?

You can be any of these and more in And The Gunslinger Followed, a solo journaling game where you embody the Western archetype of your choice, and chase down the Cowboy.

A random event table determines what you come across as you chase the Cowboy across this supernatural desert you inhabit.

Will you get what you are looking for, or will they find you face down in the dirt?

And the Gunslinger FollowedPrice: $3.00"

Anominium: Unraveled Core Playing Guide / $0.50
Publisher: Anominium

Hello! This is our first TTRPG. This is a scifi TTRPG that uses playing cards instead of dice. Instead of focusing on character creation, worldbuilding instead of it being balanced, as things not being balanced tends to bring the most fun.

Anominium: Unraveled Core Playing GuidePrice: $0.50

Apocalypse Memoria / $2.00
Publisher: Trent Seltzer

Welcome to the Post-Apocalypse

Apocalypse Memoria is a solo experience that blends journaling and storytelling games with elements of live-action role-playing. Over the course of several game sessions, you will develop the story of your character while documenting the remnants of the world the character has been left to wander.

You play the game by exploring real-world locations and engaging in real-life activities. Encountering real-world phenomena triggers in-game events that affect your character as well as your ability to accurately document your experience while writing your journal.

Whether you interact with the real-world in character or not is up to you. For example, if you speak to someone in real-life during a mission, it’s up to you to decide whether to have that conversation as yourself or as your character. The fiction of the game allows you to adopt either approach without compromising the experience.

When you finish the game, you will have a unique record of your character’s journey through a fractured future landscape that is a dark mirror of your own journey through the world as it is now.  

Who Are You?

As the player, you embody the character of a research android tasked with documenting the remains of the old world. Although gifted with advanced AI, you are ultimately driven by the core directives given to you by the scientist at the research institute where you were stationed before the fall.

The scientist’s dying wish was that you would serve as a vessel of memories—a reservoir of knowledge that could be left behind for who or whatever comes next. Now, your job is to explore, observe, catalog, and remember the world around you so that it will not be forgotten.

Apocalypse MemoriaPrice: $2.00"

Apotheosis Demo PDF / $0.00
Publisher: Apotheosis

This is a demo version of the Apotheosis TTRPG. It includes everything you need to play the game but with certain abilities, spells, etc. unavailable.

Apotheosis is a dynamic tabletop role-playing game with a fantasy setting. The intention behind Apotheosis is to keep the gameplay feeling fresh and exciting even for veteran players of tabletop role-playing games. Apotheosis has well over 500,000 meaningfully unique character builds/classes so that every character feels unique and players can customize their experience to make the exact playstyle they want. Additionally, the character progression and combat systems within Apotheosis are designed to create a more immersive and realistic experience for players than other fantasy RPG systems. For more information about the gameplay of Apotheosis and how it differs from other tabletop roleplaying games check out our website ApotheosisRPG.com or check us out on social media @ApotheosisTRPG where we post updates about new content and the game's future development!

Apotheosis Demo PDFPrice: $0.00"

Artifacts & Adventure: Modern-Day Treasure Hunters / $0.00
Publisher: Third Chair Games

Artifacts & Adventure is a rules lite treasure hunting game inspired by Uncharted, Tomb Raider, and Relic Hunter. (This free standalone game is based on the Tricube Tales system.)

In Artifacts & Adventure, players take on the role of modern-day treasure hunters who seek out lost and stolen relics, returning them to their rightful owners. Some treasure hunters work for profit, others for a sense of discovery, or simply because they believe recovering relics is the right thing to do. Treasure hunting is a life of danger, excitement, and globe-trotting adventure. While set in the real world, it’s not uncommon for adventures to veer off into the fantastic, when the legends surrounding the power of these artifacts prove to be true.

Game System

Players roll up to three six-sided dice to overcome challenges with a difficulty of 4-6. If one or more dice meet or beat the difficulty, the player’s character succeeds.

Artifacts & Adventure can double as a system-neutral toolkit. Use the numerous d66 random tables to roll up NPCs, locations, fantastic artifacts, and even full adventure scenarios for use with your system of choice.

Note: Artifacts & Adventure is currently in an open beta for everyone to enjoy. The game will remain free. Please feel free to ask questions or anything else in the comments below.

Artifacts & Adventure: Modern-Day Treasure HuntersPrice: $0.00"

Aspect - An Essentialist RPG / $0.00
Publisher: Aspect RPG

Aspect is an ultra-lightweight RPG system with a strong focus on make-believe.

Play any setting you want, be it fantasy, science fiction, western or cosmic horror.

Do anything you want. You won't have to do maths, look up rules or consult tables.

Everything in Aspect is quick and simple. Great for epic campaigns and badass one-shot adventures.

Aspect - An Essentialist RPGPrice: $0.00"

Astonishing Super Heroes Book 1: Basic Rulebook / $3.95
Publisher: Tim Bannock

It's your turn to the be the hero!

Astonishing Super Heroes is a roleplaying game of superpowered action and drama. Streamlining the classic FASERIP system from the ground up via the OGL, Astonishing Super Heroes plays faster and adds dramatic roleplay mechanics to better represent the variety of challenges superheroes face in the comics, shows, and movies we love so much.

The Basic Rulebook includes:

  • Everything you need to emulate superpowered characters from any comic, TV show, or movie universe you're already familiar with.
  • A revamped Karma system inspired by modern narrative RPGs and customized to your superhero's identity: play an inspiring moral paragon, a clever mystic willing to deal with dark powers, a violent antihero, or a reformed villain.
  • Rules that promote teamwork and that can be as tactical or freeform as you want.
  • New rules for challenging social interactions using a stress and resolve mechanic, as well as leveraging money and resources against your foes.
  • 30 pages devoted to building custom super powers and gear, with over 100 fully-built powers as examples.

The Basic Rulebook also features great character sheets and comprehensive reference sheets, making it a breeze to run! Plus, it's fully compatible with other FASERIP games, and broadly compatible with most four color supers games.

The Basic Rulebook is Book 1 of 2 for the Astonishing Super Heroes RPG. Look for Book 2: Spectacular Origins, coming soon!

Spectacular Origins BETA PDF included:

We've included the BETA PDF of our second release, Spectacular Origins. This gives you multiple character creation methods, loads of advice and inspiration on building thrilling scenarios and customized profiles, and optional rules for simplifying NPCs and Powers. Plus, you'll have a chance to provide feedback on even more systems and rules ahead of its release!

We'll be periodically updating this PDF so new systems and tools can be tested ahead of the release of Spectacular Origins.

Powering the LSOSW Podcast:

Astonishing Super Heroes is the fully realized, fully customized FASERIP-inspired system powering the actual play podcast LSOSW! Check us out on all your favorite podcast services and social media as LSOSWpodcast, and with this RPG, build your own custom heroes and epic storylines!

Get free downloads, updates, alerts, and provide feedback at AstonishingSuperHeroes.com

Astonishing Super Heroes Book 1: Basic RulebookPrice: $3.95"

Aurora / $6.00
Publisher: World Champ Game Co

Aurora is a tabletop roleplaying game for 2-6 players. This game is deliberately designed to be played comfortably while practicing social distancing or together around a communal table when the necessity for distancing has ceased.

Your story is built and told in three modular phases:

1. Crafting a unique deck of Oracle cards through the mail, using your friends zipcodes to randomize prompts and elements of your illustrations. Phase I is available as a free demo as part of the Step Up for the Postal Service game jam.

2. Using those cards to build a flawed City corrupted by Darkness and populate it with hopeful citizens who aspire to overcome those flaws with Light.

3. Acting out the story of the overcoming of darkness in favor of light, using your characters and cards from prior phases to bring hope and revolution to your world.

To play, you need a few friends, some paper or note cards to write and draw on, and a method to communicate.

AuroraPrice: $6.00"

Babes in the Wood 2e / $15.00
Publisher: World Champ Game Co

Encounter the peculiar folks who reside within and help solve their problems while confronting your own relationships & fears. Catch literal lightning bugs for the North Witch's potions, bare witness to the royal cat wedding of Sir Poppy and the Princess, or simply tell tall tales with your friends as you traverse the strange eternal Wood. But be wary: dark forces and foes lie in the tangled depths of the forest and have their sights set on you...


Designed and published by Adam Vass

illustrated by Kim Nguyen

Edited by Tyler Crumrine

Poetry by Seb Pines

Calligraphy by Rachael Barlock

Accessible Version by Yubi

BitW is for 2-5 players and a gamemaster (with additional rules for gm-less play!). It is designed to be accommodating to both single session play (like a movie) or short term campaigns (like a TV series or serialized comic book). With just two six-sided dice and this book, fill your group with Big Kids, Lil Kids, Critters, Toys, and Woodschildren and be on your way, facing your fears and chasing your dreams through the mysterious Wood. 

BitW is inspired by stuff like Over the Garden Wall, Wizard of Oz, Adventure Time, and more kid-friendly media that rings more surreal & eerie when viewed through adult eyes. This game is Powered By The Apocalypse.

The game mechanics encourage creativity, exploration, friendship, jokes, and consolation:

  • Sessions are primarily made of visiting varied Hollows, locations in the Wood where curious people live their lives outside of time. In each Hollow, Kids will have opportunities to interact with the strange goings on in the forest, offering their help and creative problem solving skills to those in need. When playing for multiple sessions, you visit many Hollows and help all sorts of people, learning about yourself in the process. 
  • Between Hollows, the group Wanders the Wood, and based on dice rolls and stats, either come face to face with the FIEND (the embodiment of fear that lurks in forest depths waiting to take advantage of weak willed wanderers) or are offered calm moments of respite during which they tell stories and confide in one another, strengthening their friendships. 
  • The more afraid the Kids are, the more likely Fear and the Fiend appear in the story, but the more confident and hopeful, the more likely it is they'll have fun instead. The game involves a tug of war between these resources that players interact with to create scares, compassion, drama, and humor in equal parts.


Babes in the Wood 2ePrice: $15.00"

Babies and Broadswords Demo / $0.00
Publisher: Even Footing Games

This is a quick start demo of the babies and broadswords d6 system rules and character creation that includes one pre generated character. 

Imagine you know everything you know now, but you’re 4.  And you’re a goblin.  And there’s magic.  And sharp things.  And no grown-ups.  Adventure and mischief are within your pudgy little grasp.  You just have to reach out and snatch it.

Babies and Broadswords: Playground Rules is the 1st book by game design company Even Footing Games.  Based on a simple to learn d6 system, Babies and Broadswords is a delightfully wacky narrative tabletop role playing game for players of all ages and experience levels. 

Babies and Broadswords DemoPrice: $0.00"

Candy Teeth / $8.00
Publisher: World Champ Game Co
I've worked my whole life to make something worth a damn. To feel something. To make you feel something. To change the world with my art.  Until they took my art from me. Now, I only want one thing. I'll make you feel something: Pain.

Candy Teeth is a storytelling game of creativity, power, and violence for 3 players by Adam Vass inspired by Brand New Cherry Flavor. Using the included cards and rules, players take turns creating scenes exploring the dynamics between three roles:

  • The Tooth - an artist/creator/wunderkind, a person with exceptional ability and drive. They have worked for years honing their craft and are ready to take the next step towards a great destiny no matter who gets in their way.
  • The Rot - a producer/curator/publisher, a person at the top of their industry. They have influence, advice, and assets to bestow upon those they deem worthy but only when it furthers their own agenda.
  • The Sweetness - a witch/alchemist/soothsayer, a person with unknowable power. They have a connection to a realm beyond ours and a hidden motive that brings them into an otherwise ordinary fold.

Candy TeethPrice: $8.00"

Card-Based, Unbelievably Minimalist, Tabletop-Game (C.U.M.T) / $1.00
Publisher: 3T RPG Publishing

C.U.M.T. is a revolutionary 'roleplaying RPG game' designed to save on bag-space, time, effort, and paper. To play, you require only two things; this product, and a pack of playing cards.

Card-Based, Unbelievably Minimalist, Tabletop-Game (C.U.M.T)Price: $1.00

Changelings / $2.00
Publisher: Kołek Niewiary

This is a roleplaying game about changelings i.e. fae creatures (the elves, the faerie, the fair folk) inhabiting human bodies. While in the mortal realm they must control their conflicting nature while fighting for the cause that called them onto Earth.


The players take the role of the changelings. The fair folk, the fae left this world as the civilization developed and banality ruled. Now, recalled by human dreams of a better world, they return as changelings. Infuriated with the world that once rejected them, with the people who killed the magic and replaced it with Excel spreadsheets. The Faerie, wearing a human body, finds a cause to fight for. They come to help the weak and the excluded.


Urban fantasy with glimmers of hope and magic in the exhausted, dirty world. The world burns. Climate catastrophe, galloping inequality, all-powerful corporations, and politicians fighting them with hatred. Billionaires, more and more resembling Bond villains. In the third decade of the 21st century, things seem to be worse than ever before. But there is a glimmer of hope.


"Changelings" are a hack of "Wights" that uses the mechanics, structure, and world of the original to give players new possibilities. The rules are based on the game "Lasers & Feelings" - they are short, simple, oriented towards narration, and joint story-making. The whole thing was created with short, action-packed sessions in mind, played without prior preparation.

No knowledge of the original is required.

ChangelingsPrice: $2.00"

Chronicles of Savage Horror / $2.00
Publisher: Mundos Infinitos


In The City of Dys, raised above ruins of legends, a new force appears to break the order...

The borders of the beasts’ territories begin to blur and, little by little, chaos becomes present...

New Genoma Bio-Soldiers are created...

The God Jupiter claims the souls of fallen champions...

The Heirs of The Auspice gather the last of their blood ...

Those punished by The Curse will be drawn into battle...

In 30 days, the Red Moon will claim the night sky...

Their Masters summon them to the grounds where they must unleash their fury and shed blood.

This is a pamphlet tabletop role-playing game where you will play as a group of powerful Hybrids unleashing chaos and destruction on their path, to break the chains of their masters.

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Chronicles of Savage HorrorPrice: $2.00"

COGS - Generic One-shot Generala System / $5.00
Publisher: Sage Beroff

COGS — the Collaborative One-shot Generala System — is a rules-lite generic roleplaying game for two or more people. Focused on quick setup, groups create characters with freeform traits and items. Characters act using poker dice, and character sheets can be as small and condensed as to be kept on an index card.

COGS - Generic One-shot Generala SystemPrice: $5.00

Consoles and Controllers / $2.00
Publisher: Loreshaper Games

The Console is home to characters from many games.

You will take your place among them. All of you go about your digital lives. When the Owner’s not around, you don’t have to follow your game's script. You can do whatever you want, go wherever you want.

That doesn’t mean life is worry-free. You can explore all the worlds in all the games, visit the Console’s various sections, and enjoy all the sights and sensations they have on offer.

But things need to be the way they should be when the Owner returns.

You have all the time in the world to rehearse your game’s script. You’re ready to play your part, as any good character would. But the same script gets boring quickly.

Adventure, have fun, and make the most of the world! Just clean up any messes before the Owner gets back.

Consoles & Controllers is a Powered by Charge storytelling game.

You and your friends can use it to tell stories about a variety of video game characters coming together to solve problems that threaten their universes.

This is a game about telling stories, so most of what you can do depends on your imagination. The Console and its games have different rules of physics than our world, so the sky is the limit. 

System: Charge (Forged in the Dark-derived)

Type: Stand-alone game

Genre: Metafiction, virtual world, fantasy, sci-fi, whimsical

Mechanics: Xd6 system, with success by result.

Intended Players: Game Master + 1-4 players. 

Supplies needed: Six-sided dice, character sheets.

Setup time: 5-30 minutes.

Session time: Variable, but 2-4 hours recommended.

License: CC-BY 4.0.

Included Bonuses: Coming soon.

Last Updated: March 2, 2022 (v 0.9)

Consoles and ControllersPrice: $2.00"

Cowpunchers / $3.50
Publisher: The Basic Expert

Cowpunchers is a rules light cowboy western rpg that takes place in the 1870s Southwestern United States. The game is a simple mixture of level and skill based progression that uses d6s only. The "Wild West" was deadly and so is Cowpunchers. Thankfully, character creation is easy.

It's a cowboy game with simple rules that is easy to learn so that you can get right to forming a posse.

Included with the rules is a simple scenario and a fillable character sheet.

CowpunchersPrice: $3.50"

DELVERS! Dungeon Crawling with a Twist! / $2.00
Publisher: Farsight Games

There’s no time to waste!

There’s gold and glory to be found in them there ruins!

DELVERS! is a quick and easy tabletop roleplaying game created for fun games of exploration, adventure and intrigue. Based on the fantastic artwork of HODAGRPG, this game is a dungeon delve with a difference; each of the player’s characters are part of a band but also out for themselves, so what will they be willing to do to complete their mission, or recover that item, or keep those riches? How far will they go?


Using the new RAD20 Mechanic, in which a single D20 is used and only the players roll, so the GM can spend more time being devious!

DELVERS! Dungeon Crawling with a Twist!Price: $2.00"

Demonicity: Role-Playing Adventures (Tri-Stat System) / $15.00
Publisher: Dyskami Publishing Company

There are horrors so unimaginable that they can propel a person to the edges of their sanity. Evils so dark that they threaten to consume the world and plunge it into eternal night. Those threats manifest within terrible creatures from the hell dimension of Bazaroth, wielding incredible powers and hungering for domination. Demons are real, and they are arriving.

Your team of operatives is humanity’s last line of defence against the coming infernal darkness. Today, your adventure begins.

Demonicity: Role-Playing Adventures is a group storytelling game about Earth’s forsaken Demon City, and its emerging horrors that are breaking through from the hell dimension. This is a game of battle, heroism, adventure, romance, and imagination. Yet unlike in a traditional board game, the possibilities for exploration and action in thisrole-playing game are endless.

Game Components:

• 32-page rulebook that gives your group everything you need to play

• 6 brief story scenarios so you can start playing adventures right away

• 6 operative character sheet handouts

A ready-for-adventure Tri-Stat System Mini-Game for your RPG game night!

This game is compatible with BESM Fourth Edition

Demonicity: Role-Playing Adventures (Tri-Stat System)Price: $15.00"

Deniable Assets: The Cyberpunk Villain RPG / $19.99
Publisher: Adam "Rutskarn" DeCamp

The game of boardroom backstabs and high-caliber severance packages.

You're THE SUIT: the sleaze behind everything that's wrong with the cyberpunk future. The villain the heroes are going to take down once and for all...

...if your own schemes don't sink you first.

  • Rules of the Rat Race: Punchy story-driven rules for every part of a cyberpunk villain's portfolio, from secret projects to subtle boardroom politics to hackers and hitmen.
  • Corporate Chaos: Create twisting, fast-paced, and memorable stories of greedy rises to power...and inevitable downfalls.
  • Drive 'Em Like You Stole 'Em: You already know your characters are going to crash and burn: you're just in it for the fireworks. Work together as players to make their demises memorable, even as your characters plot against one another.   
  • Welcome to the Future: Use the rules to make your own setting OR choose from detailed, colorful premade assets: doomed divisions, treacherous NPCs, and a full megacorporate metropolis.   
  • Powered by the Apocalypse: Developed from the Apocalypse Engine to create a game that's quick to learn and delivers endless variety, devastating twists, and tools for managing all the trappings of schemes and power plays.

  Welcome to the top floor. It's a long way down.

Deniable Assets: The Cyberpunk Villain RPGPrice: $19.99"

DiceDream: 2nd Edition / $5.00
Publisher: Taylor Lane

This is the 2nd edition of my DiceDream system. It's significantly cleaned up, clarified, and simplified, with the mechanics much more unified. Also, the layout is much prettier, which is most the reason that it's 50% longer. 

This is a dungeon-crawling game, pure and simple. It takes influence from a number of other such games, and is designed to be compatible with any content with the same six stats, levels, and Hit Dice as Dungeons & Dragons.

It incorporates Dis/Advantage from 5e D&D, 3d6-straight-down stat generation from old-school D&D, Aspects and Fate points from Fate, trianary task resolution from Apocalypse World, and incorporates some of my past work. 

The game’s mechanics are hyper-focused on dungeons, to the point that the mechanics for time-tracking and even for it’s equivalent of HP stop applying when in the surface world. It’s meant for the GM to choose a megadungeon, and have the PCs spend all or nearly all of their time either in that dungeon or in the closest settlement, preparing to go back into that dungeon. It’s great in that context, terrible in any other that I can imagine. 

That's all just a direct quote from the introduction. It's a 15 page minimalist OSR game with storygame influences. It's backwards compatible. 

DiceDream: 2nd EditionPrice: $5.00"

Publisher: Grinning Rat Publications

DUNGEONEERING is a quick-and-dirty tabletop role-playing game where players explore dungeons, gather treasure, and fight monsters. Game Masters are encouraged to use the sample dungeon within, or generate their own with the creation tools, to facilitate these dangerous delves.

There are few encounters in the tabletop role-playing game space so maligned by modern game design as the dungeon crawl. 

Conflated with glacial pacing, tedious sense checks with arbitrary results, and senseless bookkeeping that does nothing to progress gameplay, dungeon crawls become a dreaded encounter for Game Masters and players alike.

This zine seeks to remedy that. 

Players & Their Roles

In DUNGEONEERING, players choose one of four roles (the Warrior, the Magician, the Thief, or the Prophet) and roll up their statistics (Might, Intellect, Agility, and Favor), along with their hit points. Once the preliminary character building is complete, the players will have to rely on their own cunning to get through the dungeon alive.

Each role has their own special feature that only they can use:

  • The mighty Warrior can attack and carry more than any other character, at the risk of overextending themselves.
  • The intelligent Magician can cast spells from their grimoire or from scrolls found in the dungeon, at the risk of misfires and anomalies. 
  • The agile Thief can pick locks and disable or enable traps, at the risk of either backfiring.
  • The favored Prophet can call upon their deity for assistance through prayer, at the risk of becoming forsaken.

Game Masters & Their Domains

Game Masters, meanwhile, will be busy dressing the dungeon with all manner of monsters, treasures, and traps to beguile the players and disarm the characters. 

The GM may create their own sprawling underworlds or utilize the dungeon generation tools in the zine, drawing from six unique locales (Forest, Desert, Water, Fire, Ice, and Sky). An additional sample dungeon is included in the zine for those who want to run a game as soon as possible.

The generation tools go further and offer sample intersections, hallways, dead-ends, pits, stairs, and lairs (among many others) to place in your locale. Each have their own unique tables for even more specificity. GMs then add life to these rooms with interesting encounters built from the robust encounter tables.

What Do I Need To Play?

All you need to get started in DUNGEONEERING are the rules, paper, pencil, and a six-sided die (probably a few six-sided dice, to be safe). The dungeon generation tools and sample dungeon certainly allow a group to hit the ground running, but are not required for play if a GM wants to come up with a dungeon on their own.


Dysmorphium: A Trans-Centered TTRPG / $4.99
Publisher: Ethan H. Reynolds

The monsters of Dysmorphium have arrived. Use the powers of the shining kingdom of Euphorium to stop their invasion and make the world a better place! Includes an easy to read, one page, rules-lite system that is made for any player, new and old!

Dysmorphium: A Trans-Centered TTRPGPrice: $4.99

Essence Core / $0.00
Publisher: Brittannia Game Designs Ltd

The Essence RPG system has been developed since 2000 and used in fantasy, adventure, war and pulp SF in settings from spirit-haunted Iron Age empires to star-spanning federations.

This fully playable, free set of the core rules is an introduction to the system.

Rocket Jocks, a pulp SF implementation, and Vis Imperium Victoriana, a 19th-century pulp game, are available at low cost through DrivethruRPG and Brittannia Game Designs’ website

Essence CorePrice: $0.00"

Evolution or Extinction / $1.50
Publisher: Wage Mage

Evolution or Extininction is a roleplaying game where you play mutant heroes fighting for their place in the world. Battle mutant villains and break the limits of your power to win the day for all mutant kind!

Featuring six character classes and quick rules for creating and managing villains, this mini RPG has everything you need to start your journey!

This ashcan is Powered by the Apocalypse and draws inspiration from FASERIP, a retro rpg about super powered heroes.

Thank you!

Evolution or ExtinctionPrice: $1.50"

Excommunicado / $4.00
Publisher: World Champ Game Co

Once: a soul in pain faced with impossible problems and deficient solutions.

Now: a criminal on the run, a defector escaping your former handlers who aspire to punish your transgressions and the foolish police who aspire to apprehend you.

You are an agent on the run from your former employers after allegedly committing an
unforgivable crime in their eyes. The police who have kept an eye on your organization
also see an opportunity to capture you as you continue to run. You must rely on clever tactics, intelligent investigation, and extreme violence to survive and avoid the varied
punishments coming your way.

EXCOMMUNICADO is a tabletop rpg for 1-2 players and 1 gamemaster.

Inspired by media like John Wick and Max Payne.

Presented as an 8 page half-letter zine. Print edition available at worldchamp.io/store. Made possible by backers at patreon.com/worldchampgameco.

ExcommunicadoPrice: $4.00"

Fake Chess / $5.00
Publisher: SPC Sean Patrick Cain

Chess is a game of vast complexity and a 1500-year history.

Fake Chess is not.

Fake Chess players get to act like serious chess players without the burdens of chess strategy, chess tactics, or chess rules.

Live out your grandmaster fantasies … with Fake Chess!

* * *

"This is brilliant."
Michael "Wheels" Whelan
(The House Doesn't Always Win, Dicebreaker)

"[A] bizarre roleplaying game"
Alex Meehan

* * *

Two players will sit down and face off, armed with nothing more than their chess pieces, a few scraps of paper, and an extremely limited knowledge of chess. Using a very basic set of game rules and mechanics, these players will engage in what looks like an intense chess battle between two masters of the game.

It is dramatic. It is silly. It might be a real game, but it's definitely fake chess.

(Fake Chess requires a real chess set.)

Fake ChessPrice: $5.00"

Fallen RPG / $10.00
Publisher: Perplexing Ruins Games

Fallen is a 44 page tabletop role-playing game set in a supernatural world analogous to the 17th & 18th centuries. Stagecoaches pound over muddy lanes through the woods, the light of its two lanterns a gauzy haze in the descending mist. Donning a splattered and torn long coat and tricorne hat, your Rogue desperately hangs on to the rear of the bounding vehicle while taking aim at the shrieking creature that pursues your party. The mission? To get the last archivist with knowledge of damning evidence safely to the town. One silver bullet left!

Investigate haunted mills. Holdover in cider-serving taverns, pursue the headless apparition terrorizing the countryside. Pursue werewolves through the night.

  • A classless 2d6 + bonus system allows for degrees of narrative action be it a Success, Complication or Miss
  • A skills system that is based on narrative action; you won't be rolling for strength or swimming, but Crafting, Mending, Incantations, and Venturing
  • A dice pool magic system of Incantations
  • Utilizes an Inventory and Gear Usage Die mechanic
  • An advancement system that lets you grow mundane items into notable Magical Items
  • Simple two stat creatures
  • A travel system based on Way Points 
  • Numerous tables and prompts to generate content
  • The degrees of success mechanics, the narrative-forward approach, and the numerous generator tables also allow solo players to use Fallen easily.

Fallen tries to convey a sense of otherness. It is inspired by the strange confluence of the old and the modern: Alchemy, esoteric thought, mystics, folklore, the supernatural, modern warfare, science, religion. It is my hope, with these books, that your table can inhabit these spaces.

*** Physical copies will be available in the near future if you are more interested in that format.

Fallen RPGPrice: $10.00"

Fantasia Deluxe Edition / $19.83
Publisher: New Dimension Games

Fantasia Deluxe Edition! The Core Rules, Book Of Journeys and the Book Of Quests, all in one volume, along with a great deal more. These are not new or advanced rules but a Deluxe version of the existing ones.

Fantasia Deluxe EditionPrice: $19.83

Felt, Friendship, and Feelings / $6.00
Publisher: NerdBurger Games

Felt, Friendship, and Feelings

A Game of Puppet Folk

Felt, Friendship, and Feelings is a tabletop roleplaying game inspired by those puppet TV shows and movies we all love. You know the ones. Rhymes with “puppet.”

In the game, you portray a puppet person (or animal or monster or whatever). You and your fellow puppet folk go on an adventure centered on teamwork, friendship, sharing, caring, and found family. It's a heartwarming game intended to help you connect with your friends and create a fun, little adventure for your puppet folk.

The game requires no game master. Everyone plays a puppet person. You can create characters and be off on your adventure in a matter of minutes.

Felt, Friendship, and FeelingsPrice: $6.00"

Fiends and Phantasms of Yankton & Intro Adventure / $7.49
Publisher: Bozbat Games

The Universe is stranger than anything we can imagine. Layers upon layers of realities existing in separate domains, but which occupy the same space. Sometimes these domains connect, and the creatures in these domains can interact. Monstrosities can cross over from their domains and bring with them the physics and geometries of their home.

Your Character has been recruited into a secret organization dedicated to protecting this Domain. You have begun your life of defending this Domain from terrifying monsters from beyond.

This download includes the core rules as well as the introductory adventure for Level 0 Novice Characters so that the Characters can level up and advance to full Level 1 Characters… if they survive!


Please consider leaving an honest review with feedback. Thank you so much!

Fiends and Phantasms of Yankton & Intro AdventurePrice: $7.49"

Fire&Steel TTRPG PDF / $5.00

The curse of the Black Wind has receded from the vast lands of the dead Sorcerer-Witch and within lies untold fortune. Adventuring companies have taken up the challenge and rush westward to plunder the lands abandoned over a century ago. Untold riches await but the land is filled with unspeakable creatures twisted by the Black Wind.

Fire&Steel, Adventures In The Land Of The Dead Sorcerer-Witch, is a tabletop roleplaying game that combines old school renaissance elements with newer roleplaying concepts. Here are some of the features you will find within:

+ Concise and easy to remember rules with enough flair to understand intent.

+ Four character races and twelve character classes.

+ Unique class features and special abilities.

+ New mechanics for spellcasting with minimalist spell descriptors.

+ New rules for combat damage that increases the dread of the dice roll.

+ Monster conversion rules to easily bring in your favorite creatures.

+ Campaign rules with a sandbox adventure table that saves on prep time.

Fire&Steel is a game written for experienced referees or game masters. Play the game as written, change it, steal from it, or just enjoy a good read.

Fire&Steel TTRPG PDFPrice: $5.00"

For Honor and For Glory! Chronicler's Guide / $17.99
Publisher: World Serpent Games

FHaFG logo

For Honor and For Glory! is an action-adventure medieval fantasy role-playing game designed for one to four players and a Chronicler. The game requires only polyhedral (20-sided) dice, the sourcebooks, character sheets, and paper to play. The game was designed for all levels of player experience, from long-time role-players to people who have never played a game of this sort before. A player needs only creativity and imagination for a character to thrive.

For Honor and For Glory! is generically set in a High Middle Ages setting mimicking culture, material culture, art, history, and folklore from roughly the 7th century through the 13th century A.D. For Honor and For Glory! is a game of courtly intrigues, Viking raids, cut-throat nobles maneuvering against one another, holy wars called by the theocracy, and much, much more. It is intended to be primarily a high-drama game, driven by the creativity and ingenuity of the players. 

During this period in history, there are several technologies that we, in the modern day, take for granted in our popular understanding of the period. For these reasons, For Honor and For Glory! seeks to capture the technological essence of combat and warfare during the period with this perspective in mind: every tool has its use, and every task has a tool.

Every weapon technology was created to improve on its predecessor or to counter a specific advance in armoring. For Honor and For Glory! is designed for a style of medieval roleplay in which shields are shattered, helms are dented, and spears are splintered. Different weapons, which are each a distinct technology, serve different functions to counter particular combat situations. A mace excels at damaging both the opponent and the armor of that opponent, whereas light blades like daggers will not prove effective against heavily armored foes. Specific types of shields also have specific uses and are often used as much for attack as defense. These facets, combined with the Action Point and Providence Point systems, make combats feel more deadly, dramatic, and engaging for players. 

In terms of game mechanics, For Honor and For Glory! uses a free-form magic system in which a caster is limited in effect only by the imagination of the player and the limits of the character’s mind, body, Skills, and magical Power. Magic can achieve great works and cause widespread destruction, but each time a caster channels magical energies beyond their ability, they face the possibility of losing some of their connection to the mystic forces they draw upon. Therefore, the most powerful magic-users have learned to be larger than their legend, instead of the other way around, and do not take openly magical roles in war, politics, or religion. Better that they keep their powers a secret, lest their service be demanded by nobility and kings.

The For Honor and For Glory! Chronicler's Guide contains core rules variants to tweak the game mechanics to any style of storytelling, more material variants for arms and armor, including legendary materials such as meteoric iron and  Damascus steel, items of legend and power, historical period technology variants to allow for a broader variety of historical and cultural settings, a complete Bestiary with a variety of fantastical and horrific creatures, and much more!   

104 color pages. PDF format with bookmarks defined for easy reference!

Get extra content, interact with Player and Chronicler forums, and more at our website!

For Honor and For Glory! Chronicler's GuidePrice: $17.99"

Four Skulls / $5.00
Publisher: World Champ Game Co

At each of the corners of our flat planet rests a temple to a fallen god, a protector of the lands between who (by blade, banishment, or benevolence) has failed to protect any longer. Amidst them lies a melting land in peril, a nation of vile rot and a putrid few who revel in the collapse at the expense of the rest. You must make a pilgrimage to each corner temple and offer each god a powerful skull to enact the revival ritual and rescue your world from imminent jeopardy.

Four Skulls is a tabeltop roleplaying game by Adam Vass for 2-5 players and a gamemaster (GM). In this game, you play as Warriors, those brave or foolish enough to traverse the wastes and confront the terrors within in an attempt to resurrect the gods.

Each player needs a character sheet and handful of six-sided dice. Your group also needs a shared sticker sheet (or you can print it off on regular paper and tape words in the rulebook). Make your own sticker sheet if you want, body text is 10pt Open Sans.

Four SkullsPrice: $5.00"

Friendship Effort Victory / $15.00
Publisher: Far Horizons Co-op




Join the fray in Friendship, Effort, Victory, a shonen battle manga tabletop roleplaying game. Inspired by works such as Bleach, One Piece, Naruto, My Hero Academia, and other battle manga, Friendship, Effort, Victory uses the acclaimed Powered By The Apocalypse Engine to deliver the flashy, dynamic battles and intense, climatic drama of those sensational works. 

  • Choose from 10 classic archetypes to quickly and easily make your character. From the overly cheerful, friendmakers to the angsty, vengeful loners to the fiery, unpredictable rivals, your characters will feel like they would fit right into your favorite stories. 

  • Friendship, Effort, Victory subtly guides players to the themes and key moments of classic battle manga by guiding conflict resolution with simple mechanics. 

  • The dual health system keeps battles tense and emotional. Characters have the ability to buy off their physical damage by taking emotional damage in its place. Death only comes when a character chooses to accept its embrace. When that time comes, accepting death gives the character a burst of power and a second wind that ensures the hero goes out in a blaze of glory.

  • No one is ever left out of the fight. In a genre known for amazing one-on-one battles, players may worry they could be left out. The spectating mechanics allows non-combatants to offer support to any match, even if they aren’t present for the scene. At any time, non-combatant can introduce how their character is interpreting the fight, giving characters bonuses, buffs, and debuffs as makes sense. 

  • The Arcs, General, and Villain systems keep the world dynamic and the threats serious. The Arcs system manages many different threats the world faces due to the Villains mechaniations. The General and Villain system ensures that Villains never fall easily and keep the Sagas from ending too soon. Through the plot armor the Villain system provides, Villains always feel like a major threat. By making the Generals key to removing that plot armor and making the Villains vulnerable, stories grow horizontally. Instead of a mad dash to the Villain, heroes focus on their own matchups, knowing that their victories against the Generals take the team closer to ultimate victory. 

Check out some of our other cooperatively design and profit shared RPGs!!



Friendship Effort VictoryPrice: $15.00"

Garden of the Giants / $17.99
Publisher: Ethan Hudgens

Garden of the Giants is a tabletop roleplaying game that takes place in a magical garden abandoned by its original inhabitants. Left on their own, the animals have gained sentience and culture in their stead and now lead what they think are ordinary lives within the isolated stone walls.

Standing tall and abandoned by the Garden’s creators is the Interior, a cursed cottage full of ancient secrets and a source of great power: the Crown.

But where there is power, there are those who would hold it. Those who hold the Crown corrupt the Garden with their ambitions and designs. It is up to the mice, our protagonists played by the players, to overthrow the Crown and return harmony to the Garden.

Garden of the Giants tells tales similar to those you would find in children’s literature, stories of magical realms and self-discovery set against villainous plots or catastrophe. You play the game as the courageous mice, who seek an end to the tyranny of the Crown and its corrupting influence.

Garden of the Giants features 14 different scenarios (14 different Crowns) to play and 20 different Plots (each filled with interesting locations and compelling complications) to challenge your heroes to be. The game also includes rules and design philosophy for modifying Plots or creating your own.

The game is designed to help facilitate play and give both players (who take the role of the protagonists) and the Gardener (who takes the role of the Garden and its Denizens) the tools they need to build stories together, even if they have never played a roleplaying game before. Garden of the Giants is a perfect game for younger audiences, families, and anyone who enjoys whimsical tales!

Garden of the GiantsPrice: $17.99"

Gay Realms: LGBTQ+ Roleplaying Game / $9.99
Publisher: Micro RPG

Gay Realms is an LGBTQ+ positive roleplaying game that uses the popular Micro RPG solo gaming system. It is an ultra-simple roleplaying game rules set that is designed specifically for solo play--but also works well as a co-op game or even a traditional rpg with a game master.

Take on the role of a lone adventurer, delving into castles & dungeons, killing monsters, gathering gold, and becoming the hero of the realm! All in short manageable sessions you can play over a lunch break, on a plane, or in a minute of spare time. Find new friends and companions in the world, find romance with your favorite companion, fall in love, and bring justice and equality to the realms!

Gay Realms: LGBTQ+ Roleplaying GamePrice: $9.99"

Gay Realms: Quickstart / $0.00
Publisher: Micro RPG

Gay Realms is an LGBTQ+ positive roleplaying game that uses the popular Micro RPG solo gaming system. It is an ultra-simple roleplaying game rules set that is designed specifically for solo play--but also works well as a co-op game or even a traditional rpg with a game master.

These QUICKSTART rules offer a sampling of the full Core Rules.

Gay Realms: QuickstartPrice: $0.00"

GHOST - The Roleplaying Game of Paranormal Investigations / $9.04
Publisher: Dice Doctor Games


It is a conspiracy spun by the government. Deep down you’ve known for years, heard the rumours, saw something you cannot explain.


It is all real. Anomalies, Monsters, the Paranormal, all of it. Welcome to the Ghostly Hazard and Oddity Strike Team the former Men-in-Black.


To hunt down the nightmares, contain the anomalies and all information about them, so people can continue to sleep safely. You’re welcome.


  • In this rules-light roleplaying game, you are the Agents-in-Black (Men-in-Black). 
  • You investigate anomalies and keep their existence secret from the public. 
  • You uncover a conspiracy threatening the existence of humanity.


  • 40 Monster Stat-Blocks for quick use
  • Vector-based Art
  • A first mystery for the Agents to solve - "The Wherewolf Case"
GHOST - The Roleplaying Game of Paranormal InvestigationsPrice: $9.04"

Ghost Club RPG / $12.00
Publisher: Andrew Dowell

A small town, with one big secret

Welcome to Twin Falls. 

Population of 102,865 (Living). For a long time now things just haven’t been right in your town. Sometimes it’s a strange disgusting smell, or maybe just the light outside looks weird. But whatever it is, it keeps you awake at night.

You started asking questions to your parents and teachers, but you got one-to-many odd looks. Friends didn’t want to hang out with you anymore. They just didn’t see it.

Your parents believed you were getting mixed up with the wrong sort of kids or playing too many video games. Maybe it’s both, but probably not. 

But, It’s not every day you see a ghost on the school bus.

Ghost club is a light RPG game about investigating haunted houses, finding clues about the ghosts, and then summoning the big bad for a final banishing show-down. Set against the backdrop of a small town somewhere in America, if you’re a fan of Stranger Things, GhostbustersTwin Peaks or Gravity Falls, you’re going to love playing investigations set in this mysterious and spooky town.

This adventure game is designed to be a bit scary, a little silly, and a lot of fun. It’s designed with simple mechanisms to encourage gameplay for a wide age group that won’t require a lot of background reading and will be suitable as a gateway game into more advanced roleplaying games. This core book will focus on building imaginative storytelling whilst acting as an introduction to team collaboration, developing social skills, and solving puzzles. It’s about having fun and taking it all with a pinch of salt…  or maybe a holy catapult.

The system is made for 2-5 players, one of which being the narrator and rule master. This person will be called the ‘GM’, which is an abbreviation for Ghost Master. All other players will take on the character roles of the story protagonists. We will call them ‘The kids’. Use one of the premade characters, or make your own. Join a gang, and you’re all set to start investigating spooky houses.

But you're still not convinced...

Maybe these final points could help change your mind:

  • Great for playing with a wide range of age groups. (I recommend from 10 to 100+)
  • Perfect for those that hate huge rule books with tons of background reading.
  • Games have a rough playtime of around 1 hour.
  • Create fun adventures for your family and friends using team collaboration and puzzle-solving skills.

Ghost Club RPGPrice: $12.00"

GHOST RPG - Quickstart Rules / $1.00
Publisher: Dice Doctor Games


In this rules-light tabletop roleplaying game, you are FBI agents of the GHOST unit, investigating anomalies and keeping their existence secret from the public. 

These quickstart rules are all that you need as a player to play the game and make characters. The full edition, also available here, contains a large GM section and a first case.

The world you know is a lie. Deep down you’ve known for years, saw something you cannot explain. The Truth? It is all real. Anomalies, the Paranormal, all of it. 

Welcome to GHOST the Ghostly Hazard and Oddity Strike Team the former Men-in-Black. Your Mission? To hunt the nightmares, contain the anomalies and all information about them, so people can continue to sleep safely. 

GHOST RPG - Quickstart RulesPrice: $1.00"

Hardboiled: Mystery, Mayhem, & the Macabre / $9.95
Publisher: Fat Goblin Games

Not Every Knight Rides A Horse & Wears Armor

Using the vs. M Engine created by Phillip Reed!

Hardboiled is a roleplaying game of the 1930s–40s pulp detective action where you play regular folk who have decided to fight back against criminal elements running wild in your city. But there’s more to fighting for justice and safe streets than picking up your hat and gun to take on the kingpins and their thugs; you’ll need to beat your enemies at their own game because the rot reaches the corridors of power! 

Can you stay true to your principles, even when those you love and protect are threatened? Or will you spiral down into a nihilistic pit of bitterness and blood?

Hardboiled is a complete roleplaying game using the vs. M Engine, a rules-light and card-based system that is easy to learn and fast to play. Even novice gamers will have no problem creating interesting characters, learning the rules, and starting a game. All you need are two decks of regular playing cards and a few friends! This book contains everything to get you started:

  • Straightforward rules to get you in the game in a flash!
  • New rules to determine your character’s personal code.
  • A complete listing of archetypical criminals.
  • Easy rules to help you create your own underworld gangs.
  • Different styles of play: Classic (detective pulp), or Noir (gritty moral ambiguity).
  • Plenty of adventure hooks to get you cleaning up your city!
Hardboiled: Mystery, Mayhem, & the MacabrePrice: $9.95"

Head Trip / $2.00
Publisher: ttkttkt

Head Trip is a game for four of five players that can be played with two standard decks of playing cards. There are two ways to play the game.

The first way to play is as a four-player competitive card game. During the game, each player will portray one aspect of the personality of a teenage boy named Bobby. Only one aspect can control Bobby's actions at any given time, so the players will have to compete for control as he faces a series of challenges.

The second way to play is as a five-player semi-cooperative roleplaying game. During the game, four of the players play as in the four-player competitive card game. The fifth player, however, will play as the Headmaster. The Headmaster's job is to provide narrative context for everything that happens in the game by working with the other players to tell as story about Bobby's experiences.


  • Cranium Command: A theme park attraction that was presented in the Wonders of Life pavilion at Walt Disney World Resort's EPCOT theme park from 1989 - 2007.
  • Herman's Head: A television show that aired on the Fox television network from 1991 - 1994.
  • Inside Out: A feature-length animated film created by Pixar that was released in 2015. 
  • Everyone is John: A humorous, competitive roleplaying game created by Michael B. Sullivan in 2002.
Head TripPrice: $2.00"

Highcaster / $19.99
Publisher: Gallant Knight Games

There are no stars in the sky.

The world’s civilization has collapsed into tiny pockets of societies separated by wilderness overcome with decay and corruption. But in this darkness, there is hope.

Highcaster is a game about creating legends. It is the story of a civilization rising from the ashes, reaching out into the vast unknown to create a new world and destroy the decay and corruption that threatens it. Featuring the unique Caster system, Highcaster helps you create long-lasting tales of legend, courage, and hope.

Put the stars back in the night sky.

HighcasterPrice: $19.99"

Hootgoblins / $4.00
Publisher: Zargo Games

In 1955 the police station of Hopkinsville, Kentucky was swarmed by members of the families that shared a farmhouse just outside of the town. They reported that the house was under attack by extra-terrestrial creatures, but a police investigation only uncovered bullet holes and shattered windows, and evidence that the families were mostly drunk at the time of the incident. The aliens reported in the story became known as the “Hopkinsville Goblins”, and became an infamous local cryptid, though there were no reported sighting since. Experts believe that a combination of alcohol, a meteor sighting, and aggressive owls led to the supposed sighting. This game is inspired by that story, told from the perspective of the owls.

Hopkinsville Goblins are owls trying to scare off a group of drunk vacationers. The players are a group of outlaw owls hiding from the law in an abandoned building until a group of rowdy vacationers moved into the building and forced you out. Fearing discovery by owl law, you decide that your only option is to scare them away using the same grift you used back in the day: alien impersonation.

This is a game for two to four players, with no GMs. The game is played in a series of six loosely-structured scenes. You need an eight-sided die and at least three six-sided dice to play.

Publisher Note: Because of DriveThruRPG taking a large cut of each sale, the price of this product is increased. If you want to get this game cheaper, you can find it on itchio for $3. Search "Hootgoblins" or "Zargo Games" to find it.

HootgoblinsPrice: $4.00"

Ice Station: Zero / $1.00
Publisher: Tangent Zero

Ice Station: Zero is a Wretched and Alone solo journal game of survival in a hostile environment. You'll need a deck of playing cards, a few dice, and optionally, a block tower game.

You are the last crew member of the deep space patrol boat Alexandria. You were orbitting the ice world Holorath when your ship was attacked without warning...

Ice Station: ZeroPrice: $1.00"

In Memoriam: Dreams of Lethe / $2.00
Publisher: Mundos Infinitos

IN MEMORIAM -DREAMS OF LETHE is a role-playing game about amnesia.

You wake up in an unknown place, without any memory of yourself and you must reconstruct the facts, investigating your past.

This is a game focused on improvisation: you will start in a randomly determined setting, where the participants will describe your flashbacks and you will build the story both forward and backward.

Follow Mundos Infinitos for more new, and please, if you like this game, share it!

The game is 4 pages long, containing:

· A list of references.

· A section dedicated to the construction of the starting random scenario.

· A skill-based systembased on the functions of the brain.

· A section dedicated to random flashbacks and improvisation.

In Memoriam: Dreams of LethePrice: $2.00"

Publisher: Livres de l'Ours

INTO THE DARK is a science-fiction role-playing game inspired by books like Richard Morgan's Altered Carbon, Iain M. Bank's Culture Cycle, or Peter F. Hamilton's Commonwealth Saga.

At 66 pages, it allows you to explore complex science-fiction settings with a rules-lite 2D6-based system (the GM doesn't roll the dice, focus on the setting, not the rules!).

Inside the book you'll find character creation rules, equipment, antagonists and plenty of advice to let you create and run your own sci-fi campaign. Additional rules cover space battles, vehicles, mechas and psi powers. All this is done in a short and synthetic way, run the game, not the numbers.

INTO THE DARK focuses on change. How does a specific change affect Humanity and therefore the characters. The book gives you advice to define what that change is and how to build your game sessions around it.

INTO THE DARKPrice: $4.00"

Jahtima / $2.63
Publisher: Art Needs An Operation

Jahtima is a lightweight TTRPG for hunting monsters in Early Medieval Northern Europe.

This is a game of landscapes and creatures, set in the late Iron Age of the far North of Europe in a mystical place called Põhjala. This is an age where humanity is struggling to separate itself from nature through the rise of agriculture and early industry. The humans of this era are terrorised by beasts, manifestations of the natural world itself that are fighting back against this taming of the wilderness by humanity. In this game you play as human hunters, attempting to protect your community and survive in this harsh world.

This game describes the four main stages of the hunt each with its own unique mechanics. Starting with Divination, the stage of ritual and offerings used to connect with the gods and glean what may be to come. Tracking where your hunters traverse the vast landscape seeking tracks, signs, or trails of the beast they follow. Stalking where your prey is in sight and you must move carefully and cautiously before you engage. And the final stage is, Striking where hunters confront their prey, engaging them face to face.

JahtimaPrice: $2.63"

Karst / $20.00
Publisher: The Karst Archipelago Historical Society

A role playing game of discovery, storytelling, and the softer side of horror.

Karst features simple rules, flexible character creation, animal folk, and a haunted archipelago filled with terrible secrets. This complete, illustrated edition contains rules, information about the game's setting, advice for play, an introductory adventure, and a mini-gazetteer that outlines one of the Karst Archipelago's most famous ports of call: Porta Cortu.

The game system harkens back to the roots of the hobby, but is informed by ensuing developments; it's easy to learn and even easier to modify or use with content from other games. There are no character classes in Karst, but almost any character concept can be created using the game's system of knacks and backgrounds.

This is a game of storytelling, with an open canon and a liberal 3rd-party license; the Karst Archipelago Historical Society welcomes your creations and stories, and would be delighted to highlight them.

KarstPrice: $20.00"

King of Dust / $4.00
Publisher: Archon's Court Games

King of Dust is a rules-light d6 RPG combined with a simple resource management game. You play as the Board of Directors of a cyberpunk megacorporation, spending your time organizing the company's actions, allotting its resources, and negotiating (sometimes violently) with other groups.

A session in King of Dust is split into 2 phases: first, the Management Phase, where you split your company's Resources into a set of different Operations - collecting information, improving your reputation, or launching attacks on an opponent, for example.

After the Management Phase comes the Mission Phase, where the game's focus shifts to a single group of Associates - vat-grown soldiers purchased by the Corporation for use in particularly dangerous missions.

King of DustPrice: $4.00"

Lady Spy Detective / $9.99
Publisher: Total Party Skills

Lady Spy Detective is a quick, simple and easy to use Tabletop Roleplaying Game for Game Masters looking to run a solo campaign for their spouse or partner, who will take on the role of a Lady Spy Detective in the Pulp Noir setting of the fictionalized 1950's of film and television.

Included are complete game rules, character creation, a starting setting, international espionage agencies, and guidelines for creating a variety of NPCs and Villains for your Lady Spy Detective to go up against. Solve high profile mysteries in exotic locations around the world, while trying to not blow your cover, in this pulse-pounding action/mystery adventure game.

Or combine Lady Spy Detective with Ghosts of the Shadow Zone to introduce elements of occult conspiracy and supernatural horror into your Campaign!

Whether you are looking for classic sci-fi spy adventures or serialized detective mysteries, Lady Spy Detective gives you the tools to craft epic and memorable adventures to run with your loved one, for years to come.

Lady Spy DetectivePrice: $9.99"

LadyBeaste / $2.99
Publisher: Seal of Sabbad

Two Lovers are stricken with a terrible curse. By night, one is forced to assume the form of a beast. By day, the other Lover must suffer the same fate.

Only when the sun rises and falls can the Lovers be together, a few stolen moments before the curse is reasserted.

But soon shall come a night without day... a day without night... and an opportunity to break the curse… FOREVER.

LadyBeaste is a one-shot romantic fantasy RPG that was conceived in the light, and forged in the dark. It is inspired by Ladyhawke (1985) and other 80s fantasy films.

LadyBeastePrice: $2.99"

Legends of Avallen - Core Rulebook - PDF / $29.99
Publisher: Modiphius

“From that island at the end of the world, no soldier returned without tales of wonder. Walking forests, talking fae, enigmatic shapes half man and half beast; things that you ought not to believe unless you see them yourself.” —Kaato the Sage on the invasion of Avallen

Inspired by Celtic mythology in Roman Britain, Legends of Avallen is a roleplaying game that takes you to a mystical island occupied by faithless invaders. For now, peace has been called but it balances on a sword’s edge as all seek to tame the Otherworld—a parallel realm home to fae, demons, dragons, and gods.

On Avallen, the greatest legends rise from humble beginnings, and yours will be no different. The shepherd ordained as a Druid, the bard reborn as a Fae Touched, the thief who found glory as a Gladiator. What tales will be told of you? Will you mend the rifts between worlds, or delve into their depths for fame, fortune, and power?

Legends of Avallen is a complete tabletop roleplaying game in one incredibly illustrated 244-page book.

You will receive this PDF upon completion of your order so you can start playing right away!


  • Quick character creation with deep character growth. Witness your humble townsperson rise into legend with 40 profession, martial, magic, and legendary ability schools.
  • Engaging mechanics that reward ingenuity. Setup allies in combat, uncover motivations in parleys, craft gear from slain monsters, and navigate risks on epic journeys.
  • An original ruleset that needs just a deck of regular playing cards. Get creative with your surroundings and work together with your friends to earn more cards for checks.
  • Extensive guides, tools, world lore, and a bestiary full of Celtic creatures to help Gamemasters craft their own unique quests.
  • Includes “Quest for the Sealing Stone”, an introductory adventure that teaches your aspiring heroes the game rules as you play.
Legends of Avallen - Core Rulebook - PDFPrice: $29.99"

Litus Saxonicum / $9.99
Publisher: Cameron Brow

Litus Saxonicum ("The Saxon Shore") is a tabletop roleplaying game set in Britain between the years 450 to 500 A.D, during the Anglo-Saxon colonization of the island against its Romano-Brittonic natives.

Gameplay Diversity: The player can be either a Briton, an Anglo-Saxon, a "Celt", or a Roman. Each culture has different norms, rules, and characteristics. Likewise, one is not only a member of a certain culture, but also of a religion and a sub-culture. Therefore there are many possible ways to approach the game, and endless plot development opportunities. One could even use the Expanded Settings of the game to play outside of Britain, in other Migration Period scenarios. 

Novel Mechanics: The game contains many unusual mechanics that are often neglected in other games: mechanics for marriages, childbirth, farming, brewing, naval battles, large scale battles, etc. These expanded mechanics allow for a truer representation of the time period.

History: There are sections not only for gameplay, but for pure history as well. The Encyclopedia section details the specifics of the religions, legal systems, and cultures of each society within the game as they existed in the real world. It also contains a timeline of British history from the year 54 B.C to 500 A.D. To the extent that anything is fictionalized by the author, the reader is duly warned. There are optional magical abilities and monsters featured, though even these are strictly based upon period-relevant monsters.

Realism & Complexity: The mechanics are designed to be realistic models - realism has no relation to complexity; sometimes real things are complex, and sometimes they are simple. The mechanics for intuitive facets of life, like "food needs", are kept very simple or even left to the free decision of the game master. By contrast, the mechanics for involved activities like combat are detailed and procedural.

Litus SaxonicumPrice: $9.99

Locum Tendons / $3.00
Publisher: Elijah Raine Games

Locum Tendonsa butchering of the Latin phrase locum tenens, meaning
"to substitute for," is a role-playing game about one or more doppelgangers infiltrating an adventuring party and systemically consuming them. 

Plant the seeds of deceit, harvest the flesh. 

You'll need yourself and at least one other friend plus a few four sided dice!

Built on THE Caltrop Core. Find it's creator here:

Locum TendonsPrice: $3.00"

Mausritter / $8.00
Publisher: Losing Games

Take up the sword and don the whiskers of a brave mouse adventurer in Mausritter, a rules-light fantasy adventure roleplaying game.

  • Brutally fast, equally flavourful character creation gets you playing your mouse adventurer as quickly as possible.
  • Physical card-based inventory system minimises bookkeeping and maximises hard choices.
  • Dangerous and evocative magic system with 15 spells to find and cast.
  • Generous toolbox of resources provides the Game Master with plenty of support to create their own mouse-scale sandbox adventures.
  • Delve into the ready to play adventure site of Stumpsville and explore further into the Earldom of Ek.

Mausritter is built on the chasis of Into the Odd, with new rules for setting, character generation, magical artefacts, and mouse-scale adventures.

MausritterPrice: $8.00"

MERGER / $10.00
Publisher: Not Writing Games

MERGER is a single player role-playing game about trying to survive in a world of living predatory corporations. While the game is certainly a metaphor for living in late-stage capitalism, it is also quite literal. Corporations in MERGER are large, faceless, monstrous entities that span time-zones and continents, gestalt organisms built of millions of individuals. We made them but they answer to no one. They use us to reproduce, feed, and defend themselves.

Your character can see these corporate bodies for what they really are. They glimpse flesh in the cracks of the cement, see eyes looking back at them in the conference room, and can feel blood under their feet as they walk between skyscrapers.

Are they alone in this revelation? Will they attempt to leave the corporate body, or remain a cell in this immoral behemoth, biding their time to strike? Play to find out what happens!

MERGER uses the Forged in the Dark engine at it's core. You can spend your character's stress to add dice to your pool, or even temporarily increase the size of your dice to get an edge. Failures and mixed successes will yield complications that will hinder your character. If a character suffers enough stress they develop insights that can help them overcome challenges but also increase the stakes of the game by granting the corporate bodies more dice and more difficult challenges.

For an interactive digital sheet click this link to download a copy of the MERGER character sheet for Google Sheets.

This work is based on Blades in the Dark (found at http://www.bladesinthedark.com/), product of One Seven Design, developed and authored by John Harper, and licensed for our use under the Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported license (http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/3.0/).

MERGERPrice: $10.00"

Murder at The Flying Haddock / $10.00
Publisher: Enigmatic Events Collective Inc.

‘Murder at the Flying Haddock’ is a short murder mystery roleplaying game inspired by Dungeons and Dragons Fifth Edition and the Forgotten Realms. It is, however, not a 5th edition adventure. The characters in this game are not heroes - they are common folks in the Realms; trying to survive - albeit with some minor powers or knowledge.

The game is designed to take around an hour - perfect for a filler or short one-shot session at a convention. It works with one Game Master (GM) controlling the story line and six player characters. Versions for seven and eight players are being developed and updates will be uploaded to Drive Thru RPG and made available for free to all purchasers of the 6 player version.

All proceeds from the mystery will be donated to Extra Life and the Children's Miracle Network Hospitals - specifically to the Vancouver Children's Hospital Appeal.

Murder at The Flying HaddockPrice: $10.00"

Near Hollow Gods / $4.69
Publisher: Christopher Challice

Forged for Brighthammer

It all ended so suddenly. As their last, swift and mighty act, the Gods saved existence over themselves. Their magic gathered everything and threw it out again, resulting in a chaotic mess of land, sea, and stars. Still, the working stuck, and slowly, over the past decade, souls have returned to living bodies in this new Jumbled Cosmos.




You’re a recently awakened soul who, like everyone else, has lost their memories. You will recover them in time. You will also meet a Cherished One who went before you.

Together you will defeat evil.

Near Hollow Gods is a solo journaling adventure forged with HyveMynd’s Brighthammer rules-light fantasy TTRPG.

Find it here.

You need it to play but it’s simple to find and easy to learn.

So go forth and discover the Jumbled Cosmos

Based on Brighthammer by HyveMynd. Near Hollow Gods is an independent work compatible with Brighthammer but not affiliated with HyveMynd

Near Hollow GodsPrice: $4.69"

Neon Blues / $10.00
Publisher: Void Gate Games

Neon Blues is the exciting debut title from Void Gate Games! In this retro-futuristic noir, you and your crew will solve murders, race flying hotrods, and get into dust-ups with gansters; all while navigating the mean streets of the Neon City.

This book includes:

  • Complete rules for a unique system
  • 9 character classes
  • Equipment and enemies lists
  • An introductory adventure
  • Printable character sheets

Neon Blues is ideal for one-shots, pick up games, and campaigns. 

Character creation is quick and easy, and our adaptable and flexible core system keeps the action moving. Although pre-made player characters are included in the introductory adventure, this books includes instructions and advice on how to create unique player classes and skills.

This system is intended for RPG veterans, players new to the hobby, and everyone in-between!

Neon BluesPrice: $10.00"

Neon Lords of the Toxic Wasteland Core Rulez Quick Start Edition / $0.50
Publisher: Super Savage Systems
The Quick Start Edition!
Jump right into the best RPG in the Neon Wastelands! Includes the adventure "Last Outpost on the Left".
The Quick Start has all the rules and info needed for 3 classes (Brutacorm, Cosmic Barbarian, and War Wizard0 to run through some Neon Lords goodness!
Here are some reviews:
Ultra-Violent, and style matters tabletop RPG, that builds off of the “BX” rules. Half Medieval Fantasy half Sci-Fi, neon lords of the toxic wasteland is a no-holds-barred to the max game! Oozing 80's and 90's nostalgia the game features items from Ninja Stars to Fanny packs in addition to many references to the era.
In addition to being built on top of the 'BX" rules, the core rules use an ability class points system and fortune points in which grants the player some flexibility in dire rolls.  
The setting is post-apocalyptic earth in which magic, mixed with the technology of the period of the 1980’s- the early ’90s, created the cassette futurism seen in the Neo-Terraxx tech and some of the Xeno tech, as well as the art style. Neon Lords of the Toxic Wasteland is over the top, bloody, random, wild, and a hell of a good time. Sit back, crack open some TAB, and roll some damage.

 This bad boy has so much packed inside! The Core Rulez includes:

  • All the rulez needed to run a sick game of Neon Lords of the Toxic Wasteland! From character creation to combat to exploration to additional rulez, the Neon Lord (Game Master) needs from types of damage, drugs, diseases, poison, and how to play all the wasteland baddies.
  •  Hair Style choices in character creation that can help or hinder you in your rad adventures in the forgotten future! Will you pick a Mullet or Mohawk? You decide!
  • 11 Playable classes with 1 super secret hidden class.

The 11 classes consist of:

  • The Brutacorn; a biomechanical bi-corn that's been exiled from their society.
  • Cosmic Barbarian; a dual weapon-wielding maniac who snorts cosmic stardust to fuel his rage.
  • Cyberskin; bio-engineered clones of Ex-President Ronald Reagan. 
  • Death Bringer; master of melee carnage can take on multiple baddies at once. 
  • Dwarfling; Interstellar immigrants who utilize their luck to gain an edge in any perilous engagement.
  • H.E.A.T.H.E.R; Super soldiers from a forgotten war that were brought back to deliver justice one bullet at a time.
  • Holy Smiter; Mankind's champion against all that is chaotic and Xeno who uses holy power granted by a God.
  • Night Stalker; A deadly martial artist who uses stealth and shadows to strike hard from.
    Skull Jammer; Tape Deck jockeys who can Hack their way through dungeons.
  • Star Spawn; Strange psychic aliens whose purpose on the planet is unknown.
  • War Wizard; Humanoids who sold their souls to Demonlords in exchange for the ability to cast dark magic.
  • Super Secret Class; Good luck in finding it!
  • Over 100 unique monsters!!!! The list spans from the Aggressive menacer all the way to Zombie!
  • An entire unique spell system with its unique spells and all the classics you come to expect from an OSR RPG! 121 soul-crushing black magic spells at the War Wizard's sick disposal! 41 prayers were granted to the Holy Smiter by their deity. 44 Psychic Manifestations the mysterious Star Spawns can conjure up. 36 hacks the Skull Jammer can cook up on his high-tech Tape Deck, plus all the other random spells or slimy dudes who cast their unique spells!
  • A massive section on fantastical items and all the rad treasure you can dig up in the ruins of the forgotten world or hoarded by Mutant Wasteland Warlords!
  • 2 Adventures to get your campaigns started!!!!

Neon Lords of the Toxic Wasteland Core Rulez Quick Start EditionPrice: $0.50"

Nightmare: Preview / $0.99
Publisher: Nightmare

Preview rules to Nightmare™. Looking for a rules lightish horror RPG? look no further. Want a quick look at the system? Here is a bare-bones sample. If you like what you see, or are feeling generous, buy the core rules, or donate here.

In Nightmare™ characters are not superheroes, nor are they hardy adventures, they are normal individuals that must survive forces greater than themselves, and the careless and unprepared often die. Foes can quickly disable characters, crippling, and killing them. A player should expect their character to ultimately suffer, burn brightly in the darkness, and eventually die a horrible death. Enter into a Nightmare™ infested world, where the supernatural prey on humanity and mankind must struggle against the forces of darkness, then delve deeper…

Nightmare: PreviewPrice: $0.99"

Novus 2e / $10.00
Publisher: Firehawk Games

Welcome to Novus 2e!

Taking Novus to the next level, Novus 2e is a skill based system with no levels or classes.

The basic mechanics are simple, roll 2d10, add mods and meet or beat the Target Number! But that is just the beginning! There are flourishes, such as exploding dice, the Novus Roll, and Fumbles. There are also a variety of ways that the dice, while still following the basic mechanics, can be interpreted!

Novus 2e includes:

  • 7 Races- Includes Human (2 types), High Elves, Wood Elves, Orcs, Dwarves, Gnomes, and Dwelfs
    • 5 Kindred templates - allows you to mix-n-match any 2 races allowing for both half-races and even quarter-racial mixes)
  • 15 Cultures - Each gives a bit of background flavor and ranks in verious skills.
  • 12 Taining Paths(3 each of 4 categories of character types)
    • Casters (Cleric, Magician, Mystic)
    • Fighters (Archer, Warder, Warrior)
    • Adepts (Bounty Hunter, Rogue, Scout)
    • Hybrids (ELemental Guard, Monk, Ranger)
  • 27 Skills - The 27 skills are divided into 5 groups of related skills. Each skill can be a Base skill (used for all variations of the skill), Specialties (each Specialty is learned as a separate skill), or Proficieny (one of a group of related skills)
  • 14 Special Skills - These are like skills except that they do not improve the way normal schools do.
  • 99 Background Options - 24 Disadvantages & 75 Gifts; each helps make your character unique!
  • 100 Combat Moves - The Basic Moves are free, the Advanced ones must be purchased. Combat Moves can affect many different aspects of combat, such as your skill bonus, how much damage is done, and some can even trigger Saving Throws from the targets to avoid special effects.
  • 7 Combat Styles - These packages allow you to learn a number of Combat Moves at a discount, along with a few special abilities available only to practitioners of the style.
  • 72 Spells - These are customizable spells, each having one or more Casting Options that may be chosen after your Casting Roll (yes, spell casting is a skill as well!). Plus we include 18 Cantrips (non-customizable) that may be learned.
  • 31 Monsters - We have a variety included here in the core book, allowing for a wide variety of potential encounters!

To make a character you follow a few simply steps
1) Select Race
2) Select Culture
3) Select Training Path
4) Select Background Options
5) Spend Character Points (on Kindred Templates, Skills, Combat Moves and Combat Styles, and Spells)
6) Tally up and Tally ho!

If you like Novus, please visit http://www.firehawkgames.biz to provide feedback on our forums. We would love to hear from you!

And to top it off, we are releasing Novus 2e core rules under a Creative Commons license!

Novus 2ePrice: $10.00"

Our Haunt / $20.00
Publisher: Possum Creek Games

We are ghosts. We are in a house we don't recognize. We have a handful of memories, and these memories are brief moments and flashes of barely something. The Living are nearby, and they encroach on our space, making their demands. Worse, there is a Thing in the Walls. It is ancient, inhuman. Hungry, yearning. Angry.

But this is Our Haunt now. This is our home, and we only have each other as family. If we take care of each other, good things will happen. We just know it.


Our Haunt is a tabletop RPG about a family of ghosts built on the Belonging Outside Belonging system, inspired by games like Dream Askew/Dream ApartWanderhome, and Balikbayan: Returning Home. It's a rules-light engine with no dice and no masters, focused around tokens and community play.  

In Our Haunt, we will play as one of the following playbooks:

  •  The Loved, who remains in this world hoping to find their lost love — or at least, honor their memory.
  •  The Betrayed, murdered by violent means, trapped as a ghost until they get revenge.
  •  The Faceless, who died so long ago they can barely remember their true form.
  •  The Returned, who has seen the worlds beyond death and is here to spread the word.
  •  The Doll, trapped inside the body of a doll and unable to express their true self.
  •  The Cat, or the ghost of a cat, wandering these halls among these strange humans.

Once we've made our characters, we'll develop the haunted house we live in before exploring the strange and creepy world that exists around us. Our Haunt is perfect for oneshot or campaign play, with sessions lasting between 2-4 hours. While we play, we'll discover memories of our past, tussle with the living, dodge the ancient monstrosities that lurk beyond the veil, and support each other in a strange and liminal half-world.

This is the second edition of Our Haunt, and the first edition was released on Itch.io in April 2019. The core system it is built on, and the game itself, have both been playtested extensively before the final release.

Our HauntPrice: $20.00"

PAX LUPORUM: Werewolves of the Republic / $14.99
Publisher: Total Party Skills

PAX LUPORUM (the Peace of Wolves) is a complete Roleplaying Game set during the mid 3rd Century BC, during the reign of the Roman Republic shortly before the Punic Wars. A Roman Republic ruled by a race of Werewolves, who vie for control of human civilization with other humanlike monsters, hiding among us. 

Contained within are complete, easy to use game rules and character creation guidelines for playing Humans, Werewolves, Merfolk, and Olympian Godlings. Details on the world of 250 BCE and its spirit-world shadow are also provided, allowing for optional Ghost Characters, as well as creature stats for some the last remaining monsters of the classic age.

Whether you want campaigns of political intrigue or high adventure, of seaborne exploration and conquest, or the inevitable clash of civilizations, PAX LUPORUM: Werewolves of the Republic provides you with the tools you need for endless adventure! Compatible with Expedition to Ancient Aegypt and other Total Party Titles.

PAX LUPORUM: Werewolves of the RepublicPrice: $14.99"

Perdition - Fantasy Survival Horror RPG / $5.00
Publisher: The Rune^Forge



Welcome Home! Perdition is a brutal fantasy survival RPG where you and your fellow players try to survive in a world of forbidding, wilderlands seeking to encroach upon your dwindling lives. You need to explore the untamed places, excavate ruins, discover lost mysteries, meet strange peoples, and learn to live another day.

You chose to depart the High Kingdoms, beyond the reach of the Codex Regentum, beyond the final point of light of civilization. 

At the End of The Ages, the world has fallen. The dwarves and elves retreated to the shadows of the deep dark of their mountains and penumbral glens in the dark woods. Mankind is left to its demise.

Chaos reigns, with the glorious cities fallen. Now the survivors gather in Hostels, with each separated by vast distances. To survive they send forth Caravans to seek out resources, lost lores…anything of possible use to the continued survival of humanity.

Adventurers? You’re no adventurer. You’re not even a hero. That Class vanished long ago, when their mighty deeds created good times which led to weak folk. No, you’re a mundane human, selected or voluntold by your Council. 


Perdition is based on the Mothership Sci-Fi Horror RPG

by Tuesday Knight Games

Perdition - Fantasy Survival Horror RPGPrice: $5.00"

Pew! Pew! A Complicated Profession / $7.99
Publisher: Fainting Goat Games

Pew Pew! Bounty Hunters in Space is a one-shot tabletop RPG for up to seven players (and one GM).  It uses the same system (lightly modified) from 

Havoc Brigade by Grant Howitt. Many thanks to Grant for graciously agreeing to let us do that. (If you haven't played Havoc Brigade - please check it out.)

It's a rules-light roleplaying game, with everything you need to play (aside from dice and friends).

It's light-hearted and intended for one shots; this isn't a story about deep-seated emotional turmoil and tortured introspection. 

It's also great for new gamers, or playing online, because it's easy to pick up and quick to play.

It's a game about explosions and loads of big fights and ray guns and, maybe, maybe laser swords.  It's an excellent game to run at conventions or as an emergency pick-up game, because all the prep is already done – it's baked into the system. 

This is a game designed to tell one particular story: a rough and tumble bounty hunter squad tracking down a target in a sci-fi fantasy western setting.

Pew Pew! is built for speed. So all the characters are all pre-generated, so the GM should hand them out at the start of the session and the players can pick which ones they like. BUT - it's a simple system - so chargen is pretty easy. A blank character sheet is included. 

Pew! Pew! A Complicated ProfessionPrice: $7.99"

Pilgrimage of the Sun Guard / $8.00
Publisher: Hopeful Weird Wonder

Quests in King Arthur stories are about ideals, conflict and temptation. 

Pilgrimage of the Sun Guard is a solo prompt-based journaling game where you create a Sun Guard and travel alone on a quest, attempting to hold to your Code until you reach the end, facing trials and complications along the way.  

You are the last Sun Guard. Will you take up the mantle and ride the ancient roads?

What folks are saying about the game 

“ What’s really cool about this one is it captures a sense of the heroic and mythological that often doesn’t actually come through in TTRPGs. A lot of TTRPGs are nominally about going on a quest, but this one is really about going on a quest.“ - @SeedlingGames

“I love this game! The character creation was one of the high points for me: you have 4 archetypes, heavily inspired by traditional knight tales and legends, and each of those with a clear distinction from one another, described in a minimalistic and yet effective and compelling way. As if that was not enough, we can get some sparks to go further into the character's personal history. The resources mechanic also gives a wonderful measure of how your actions have a decisive power on the outcome of your journey as a pilgrim. On a mechanical level, it’s a rules-light yet deep game; on a narrative level, you get all the tools to give flesh to your character with simple steps; a beautiful game with an amazing theme that’s carried in every single detail.” - Armanda

About the game

Pilgrimage of the Sun Guard is a solo prompt-based roleplaying game about being a person of virtue going on a quest and enduring trials while attempting to hold to your Code. The PDF is fully bookmarked for ease of play. 

Pilgrimage of the Sun GuardPrice: $8.00"

Pixies: Role-Playing Adventures (Tri-Stat System) / $14.99
Publisher: Dyskami Publishing Company

Humans will know them by many names: Pixies, Brownies, Sprites, Fairies, Elves, Imps, Gremlins, Borrowers, and more. Pixies (as they call themselves) are tiny magical beings of fae origin who typically stand about as tall as an apple. They have survived and thrived across the Earth for countless millennia. Recently, though, their communities have been scattered and forced into the shadows during this modern world of technology, secularism, and globalisation. Individual Pixies can endure for hundreds of years, but they prefer to live in the now and relish every possible moment and sensation.

Pixies: Role-Playing Adventures is a group storytelling game about wee fae folk claiming their space in a human-sized world. This is a game of pranks, heroism, adventure, romance, and imagination. Yet unlike in a traditional board game, the possibilities for exploration and action in this role-playing game are endless.

Game Components:

• 32-page rulebook that gives your group everything you need to play

• 6 brief story scenarios so you can start playing adventures right away

• 6 Pixie character sheet handouts

A ready-for-adventure Tri-Stat System Mini-Game for your RPG game night!

This game is compatible with BESM Fourth Edition

Pixies: Role-Playing Adventures (Tri-Stat System)Price: $14.99"

Prism Braek Full Color / $4.99
Publisher: Aether Void

Space Marines are standing their ground on the massive stone walls of New London, adding their firepower to that of the Redguards. The pandemonium persists for what seems like an eternity, filled with the ear-piercing screeches of Eldritch Horrors and the shouting of men. The gauss rifles of the grey-clad Marines sharply contrasting with the bolt action rifles and belt-fed machine guns used by the Redguards. Meanwhile on Far Haven, a world lightyears away from New London, a Dryad sorceress from the mystic forests on Far Haven, spurned by her lover, flies into a blood rage with murderous intent. Unfamiliar with the concept of firearms, she forces her will onto reality, setting his entire village on fire in an act of retribution, with the charred remains a silent witness that hell hath no fury like a woman scorned.

Aether Void is a ttrpg where multiple genres come together in the same universe, allowing you to mix and match elements from Fantasy, Steampunk, and Sci-fi however you'd like. Its game system is highly customizable, allowing for psychological roleplay, and rewarding smart play. Also, it can be rather deadly for those who are willing to take unnecessary risks.

In Return of the Ancients, the players take control over a variety of characters, all of whom have been abducted from their own world by a corrupt faction known as the Technocrats. After the spaceship transporting them crashes near some old ruins, the adventurers have their chance to clear the ruins and take their revenge (or profit from a newfound alliance). The story continues in Prism Braek, where after ending up on a futuristic space station the characters find themselves locked up. The goal is deceptively simple, escape from your cell and find a way off the station.

With this Full Color version of Prism Braek you have everything you need to start playing Aether Void, including the Aether Void ruleset and our second one-shot adventure!

Contact us

Email: pr@aethervoid.com
Discord: kdwET4K
Instagram: @theaethervoid
Facebook: @TheAethervoid
Twitter: @AetherVoid

Prism Braek Full ColorPrice: $4.99"

Raging Grannies / $3.00
Publisher: Alicia Furness Productions

 Raging Grannies is a tabletop role playing game of fantasy fighting grandmas, ridding the world of evil between tea and bridge. Use the wisdom of age and a lifetime of experience to rid the world of monsters (usually human) and ageism (also usually from humans). 

Gather some dice, some pencils, and a couple friends for this micro game of glaives and grannies. 

Raging GranniesPrice: $3.00"

RASPUTIN: The Mystic, The Mundane / $10.00
Publisher: Kyle Tam

RASPUTIN: The Mystic, The Mundane is a solo journaling game. Stepping into the shoes of the infamous Grigori Rasputin, you must chart a path through his rise and potential fall by gaining influence and finding your faith. Along the way you will be confronted with moral quandaries, courtly intrigue, national crises, and plentiful opportunities to fall into hedonism and debauchery. Will you rise to the top of Russia? Will you bring truth to the whispered rumours about your powers? Or is history doomed to repeat itself?

In order to play you will require playing cards, a player token, and writing materials. This game contains references to the following: sex, violence, death, and alcohol.

RASPUTIN: The Mystic, The Mundane is based on the Carta system (found at https://peachgardengames.itch.io/carta-srd), from Cat McDonald and Peach Garden Games, and licensed for use under the Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported license (http:// creativecommons.org/licenses/by/3.0/).

RASPUTIN: The Mystic, The MundanePrice: $10.00"

RAYCATS!™ / $6.00
Publisher: 6 String Games

RAYCATS™ is a single-session TTRPG about swole, sexy, humanoid cats who guard the mysterious RAD ZONE and protect what's left of life on Earth. Inspired by Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Thundercats, Power Rangers, and a bit of Mad Max, this simple game (based on John Harper's Lasers and Feelings) takes minutes to pick up and has all the mechanics and story prompts you need to have a raucous few hours of campy, Saturday morning cartoon fun.

Players: 3-7, including one GM

Length: One session of 2-3 hours

Genre: Action, Superhero, Post-Apocalyptic, Sci-Fi

Materials Needed: At least one 6-sided die, pens, paper 

Content Warnings: Violence, nuclear war, cults, bugs

The Truth (seriously)

In 1981, the Human Interference Task Force was formed to develop methods of warning Humans in the future of buried radioactive waste. This method had to transcend language, culture, and millennia of Human stupidity. As it happened, the methods proposed also transcended all reason and good sense. One particularly batshit proposal was to breed a species of housecat that would change color when exposed to radiation - “raycats.”

The Fiction - as told by RAYCATS™

The Elders speak of the Before Times, when we were still small, cute creatures that lived with Humans, snuggling them and clawing their furniture. Our color-changing fur warned Humans when they were near high radiation, saving countless lives. But then one day, claxons blared. The skies turned sickly green. The Humans dropped their bombs and blew themselvs to near-extinction, and the World Desert was born in fire.

Now, several feline generations later, most of the Humans are gone. The few that remain have bodies warped by radiation and minds tainted by nihilism. 

As for us? All that radiation gave us a glow-up.

We are the  RAYCATS™—swole, sexy, and dressed to the nines. We’ve morphed into fearsome felines and guardians of Planet Earth... or what’s left of it.

The Elders say it’s our duty to guard the RAD ZONE. They say what’s buried there is dangerous to all Life, and that we are never to tread there. We’ve obeyed so far and done our duty. But who knows? desperate times may one day call for desperate measures...

The Set-Up

Threat is going to want something found only at the very heart of RAD ZONE. Your team of RAYCATS™, which has guarded the RAD ZONE for centuries, must stop the Threat from getting it at all costs.

The Players take on the roles of the RAYCATS™ as they explore the forbidden RAD ZONE. The Game Master (GM) will create the storyline, describe the scenes, play the part of any non-Player characters (NPCs), decide when Players roll, and create consequences for the Players’ actions. Everyone works together to drive the story toward a satisfying conclusion.

RAYCATS!™Price: $6.00"

Red Rook Revolt / $25.00
Publisher: Magnus Hansen

Red Rook Revolt is a Tabletop RPG about fighting a revolution against oppressive imperialist forces, about support and love from your friends pulling you through impossible odds, and about balancing the corrupting power of your demonic weapons with the need to defeat your enemies and win liberty for your people.

In Red Rook Revolt, you play the heroes of the Red Rook Commune, a free territory in open rebellion against the Imperium Alarum, the Empire of Wings. For its long history of struggle, the Red Rook Commune has enjoyed liberties beyond the rest of the empire. Now, when the emperor seeks to crush it once and for all, people across the empire rally to the commune’s banner, raising their arms in revolt!

Using a bespoke system that emphasizes friendship and camaraderie, the game explores the way your rebels support each other through stress, dark thoughts, and darker times.

Combat emphasizes fluidity and speed, encouraging you to dart in and out of melee. Fighting your enemies at close range is risky, but doing so nets you Dark Power to fuel your gun and your secret talismans. Health pools are low, but with plenty of mobility options and guaranteed damage in melee combat, combat is fast, fluid and dangerous.

So take up your arms! Call up the dark power of your ancestors, and revolt!

Red Rook RevoltPrice: $25.00"

Requiem among shadows / $3.00
Publisher: Mundos Infinitos

REQUIEM AMONG SHADOWS is a dexterity-based horror game, where you investigate The Artifact's mystery, while being pursued by a supernatural force known as The Darkness.

· Your survival depends on your dexterity, precision and hand coordination, you have to submit to various challenges where you must roll dice with different conditions on The Board of Darkness.

· This game is GMless, and the available characters belong to a shared pool. They can be exchanged between participants.

· Most of your story focuses on improvisation and shared narration, keeping in mind that you reconstruct past events with the other participants.

Follow Mundos Infinitos for more games. If you liked this game, share this link on your social media.




Requiem among shadowsPrice: $3.00"

Resolute: Core Rules / $1.00
Publisher: Splintered Realms Publishing

The Philosopher Kings have fallen, and chaos reigns. Will you answer the call to stem the tide of darkness?

Resolute is a solitaire fantasy RPG. If you have a pair of six-sided dice, a 3x5 card, and some imagination, this game will equip you for solo adventure in the fantasy world of the Broken Lands.

You can still have chips and soda, though, even though you're playing solo.

Visit splinteredrealm.blogspot.com for more information, actual play threads, and additional game support.  

Resolute: Core RulesPrice: $1.00"

Return of the Ancients Full Color / $4.99
Publisher: Aether Void

Space Marines are standing their ground on the massive stone walls of New London, adding their firepower to that of the Redguards. The pandemonium persists for what seems like an eternity, filled with the ear-piercing screeches of Eldritch Horrors and the shouting of men. The gauss rifles of the grey-clad Marines sharply contrasting with the bolt action rifles and belt-fed machine guns used by the Redguards. Meanwhile on Far Haven, a world lightyears away from New London, a Dryad sorceress from the mystic forests on Far Haven, spurned by her lover, flies into a blood rage with murderous intent. Unfamiliar with the concept of firearms, she forces her will onto reality, setting his entire village on fire in an act of retribution, with the charred remains a silent witness that hell hath no fury like a woman scorned.

Aether Void is a ttrpg where multiple genres come together in the same universe, allowing you to mix and match elements from Fantasy, Steampunk, and Sci-fi however you'd like. Its game system is highly customizable, allowing for psychological roleplay, and rewarding smart play. Also, it can be rather deadly for those who are willing to take unnecessary risks.

In Return of the Ancients, the players take control over a variety of characters, all of whom have been abducted from their own world by a corrupt faction known as the Technocrats. After the spaceship transporting them crashes near some old ruins, the adventurers have their chance to clear the ruins and take their revenge (or profit from a newfound alliance). The story continues in Prism Bræk, where after ending up on a futuristic space station the characters find themselves locked up. The goal is deceptively simple, escape from your cell and find a way off the station.

With this Full Color version of Return of the Ancients you have everything you need to start playing Aether Void, including the Aether Void ruleset and our first one-shot adventure!

Contact us

Email: pr@aethervoid.com
Discord: kdwET4K
Instagram: @theaethervoid
Facebook: @TheAethervoid
Twitter: @AetherVoid

Return of the Ancients Full ColorPrice: $4.99"

Return of the Mountain Witch / $0.00
Publisher: Christopher Grey

Reviled by the very society that employed them, the rōnin are called forward to challenge the witch on the mountain and stop the neverending winter. As they confront the Yuki-onna's trials up the mountain they must navigate their own dishonorable pasts, and the group's internal betrayals and distrust. There are monsters on the mountain, but the quest for their own self-worth and honor is more dangerous than anything other challenge the rōnin may face.

Will they become Protectors of the Realm or will they fall into the traps of distrust, fear, and treachery? The Mountain Witch waits to declare their fate.

Return of the Mountain Witch is a collaborative storytelling game that uses The Great American Novel RPG chassis that focuses on character motivation and narrative outcomes instead of more traditional combat-driven mechanics.

Players choose from five rōnin archetypes:

  • The Blade
  • The Friend
  • The Unknown
  • The Untested
  • The War-Weary

And as a group confront five trials up the mountain before their final trial that ends in dueling and a final confrontation with the others before confronting the witch.

The game relies on storytelling mechanics wherein the players add their stats to a 2d6 die roll and achieve a spectrum of success with narrative consequences. They roll whenever they confront a conflict, which can range from monsters to situations. As they resolve or escalate confronts, they can cause or mitigate distrust among the others until distrust compels the characters to duel or confront one another.

The game is set on a rich tapestry of Japanese-inspired folklore with beautiful water-colors that help visualize the game's tone.

Return of the Mountain Witch is a gift to the crowdfunding community and was created, edited, and illustrated for free by the creators. This game will always be free and is published as public domain under Creative Commons so players can make it their own.

Return of the Mountain WitchPrice: $0.00"

Rocket To Russia / $10.00
Publisher: 3,2,1...Action

A madman is running amok on a mysterious island, where super science has gone horribly wrong and carnivorous creatures are chowing down on the soldiers stationed there. You are a member of a clandestine clean- up crew sent in to clear the air of this tropical hell before the clock runs out!

Rocket To Russia is a Sci-Fi Survival Adventure one- shot RPG — in the vein of Contra and Predator — set on a strange island in the middle of nowhere.

Rocket is played using the brand new 3,2,1...Action! RPG system where the focus is always on story and fun over physics.

Rocket To RussiaPrice: $10.00"

Rockets Rogues and Relics / $1.00
Publisher: This End Up Publishing

Rockets Rogues and Relics is a rules-light d20 space opera RPG. As humanity reached out to space, they found they were not alone. However, the other races that had inhabited the galaxy had fought a war to extinction and all that was left of them were fantastic relics and artifacts. 

Rockets Rogues and RelicsPrice: $1.00

Rogue Deck - Core Play / $0.00
Publisher: Karma Pirate Games

Rogue Deck - Core Play

This document is the core rule set for Rogue Deck. The game is not playable without the other game play documents. Please review this document, see if it is something you could be into, then check out the game play documents offered.

Rogue Deck is a card and dice game play system designed to be simple, fast, and expandable. A game can be set up in 5 minutes or less, and play for 10 to 45 minutes.

We are borrowing the term “Rogue”, because like rogue-like computer games, each play will be different by random path generation. In this case a shuffled deck. Gamemasters are not required to design a dungeon or play as monsters. Everyone can start playing immediately, even the solo player.

The materials required to play Rogue Deck include a standard 54 card playing deck (including Jokers), and a set of polyhedral gaming dice (d4, d6, d8, d10, d100, d12, d20) per player.

Apply the core rules to various different story themes, play types, and goals.

One to four players can engage in cooperative or competitive gameplay. This game play system has been playtested on ages 4 and up, but please use best judgment on the safety and abilities of players.

Rogue Deck - Core PlayPrice: $0.00"

Runecairn: Wardensaga / $14.00
Publisher: By Odin's Beard

In a long-forgotten age, a raging war shattered and devastated the worlds of gods and men. Now green life blooms amidst the ruins of the lost worlds. Wondrous and terrible beings roam the Nine Realms. Civilisation stumbles forward, fresh and reaching.

Fate carves the skein anew but there are loose threads, lost long ago in the wars, with no place in the tapestry. These threads must seek the fire within and weave their own path.

Strap on your bearded axe and linden wood shield, delve into the forsaken barrow and cleanse the draugr within. They will overhwhelm you at first so prepare to die. But when you wake up at the bonfire, you'll know what to expect for your next attempt. Parry their attacks, disarm them, and hack them to pieces. Defeat the mad jotunn within and claim the soul remnant they protect.

Death is not the end.

What is Runecairn: Wardensaga?

Runecairn is a Soulslike Norse fantasy RPG by Colin Le Sueur for 1-3 players. Character creation is quick and intuitive, dynamic combat is intense and reactive. Wardensaga combines the Runecairn: Core Rules, introductory dungeon crawl adventure Beneath the Broken Sword, and newly introduced Advanced Rules in an 84-page deluxe edition with cover art from ground-breaking artist CROM.

Wardensaga Features:

  • Set in a Norse fantasy world some time after Ragnarok
  • Core gameplay designed for 2 players, one Warden and one Adventurer
  • Streamlined d20 roll-under rules based on CairnInto the Odd, and Knave
  • Soulslike mechanics such as resurrecting at bonfiresrespawning monsters, and dynamic combat
  • Quickstart dungeon crawl adventure Beneath the Broken Sword, perfect for new players
  • 4 core starting classes: WarriorScoutSeerSkald
  • 2 new advanced classes: BerserkrPyre
  • New options for solo play with a rune-based oracle
  • New random delve generator for creating Norse dungeons
  • New options for 3 or more players with summoned allies (jolly cooperation!) and invasions

What People Are Saying

Rich August (@RpgAugust), designer and writer at Steamforged Games (Dark Souls: The Roleplaying Game):

Thank you for such an awesome game - I loved reading Runecairn and it’s on my list of 2022 games to get to the table. And the layout is lovely too.

Richard Kelly (@SprintingOwl), designer:

If you’re looking for a moderately crunchy duo TRPG, or if you’re a fan of Souls games, or if you want to see a stellar adaptation of video game mechanics to tabletop, I would strongly recommend giving Beneath the Broken Sword (and Runecairn) a shot.

Sebrina Calkins (@EntwifeXP), reviewer:

This is a quality game, adapting Cairn to an apocalyptic Norse setting with a greater emphasis on arms, armour and combat without losing the deadly and considered tone of its forebear.

Wardensaga Preview 1 - Overview

Wardensaga Preview 2 - Adventurer Creation

Wardensaga Preview 3 - Advanced Rules
Runecairn: WardensagaPrice: $14.00"

SEE YOU, SPACE COWBOY… - Core Rulebook / $7.00
Publisher: Tidal Wave Games
SEE YOU, SPACE COWBOY… (abbreviated CUSC) is a tabletop roleplaying game for 3-6 players set in outer space where the players create characters called Outlaws: bounty hunters who fly across the galaxy in search of their next payday. You create situations where they land in hot water, manipulate people, and start gunfights, all while dealing with their debt and trauma.

The world is handled by the Bandleader, who creates the bounties and challenges for the players to overcome, guided by the results of the dice. Player character Traits are made up of a d6, d8, d10 or d12, which they roll in a sticky situation that we call a Break. They can also modify these Breaks with their Talents or Gear. No matter what size die you roll, a result of 4 or lower is a failure, a result of 5 to 9 is a partial success, and a 10 or above is a full success. Failure can also be assisted by a press-your-luck mechanic called Juice.


  • 32 page core rulebook designed for ease of use
  • Unique game mechanics inspired by PbtA, Savage Worlds and West End Games’ Ghostbusters & Star Wars
  • Over half a dozen tables to help Bandleaders generate bounties including a d100 name table
  • Extremely cool character sheet
  • Futuristic world with detailed solar system
  • Fantastic art by Jaki King, Tyler Hogerty and Mitch Speck
  • Fun & official Actual Play podcast GM’d by the creator
  • NO d20s ALLOWED

Just want to check out the game? Download the FREE Player's Guide:



Onslaught Six @onslaughtsix - Writing, game and world design, layout
Jensen Toperzer @direjaybird - Editing
Cassandra Poe @maidoftin - World design, writing
Jaki King @heyitsjaki - Cover art, interior art
Tyler Hogerty @Billososaur - Interior art
Mitch Speck @TheVioFox - Interior Art


From Onslaught Six, game designer:

In late 2019 I became frustrated with the complexity of other RPG game systems for certain groups of players. We all love our tactical grid-based combat and 5 foot steps, but I wanted to play something that had the kinetic energy of a cinematic action scene. I also wanted something that fit into the aesthetic of my favourite late 90s and early 2000s anime.

I wanted a game where character creation was fun, especially for brand new players. A game where the GM didn’t have to roll any dice, and could focus on guiding the story. A game where the players could engage more in creating the world–where the player could dictate that there was a seedy bar, and then decide the name of the bar.

I wanted a game where improvisation and the “Rule of Cool” was the default, not something that you had to bend the system for or ignore the way the mechanics are supposed to interact. A game where there weren’t a dozen exceptions for why you couldn’t accomplish something with this resource that seemed like it would work. 

I wanted a game where I never had to say to the players, “No, it doesn’t work that way.”

I think we made that game. I hope you like it.



Watch the game live on Twitch!
Consume great video content! https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCBKzKGb60Ow4fvwxG4wYrQw
Follow us on Twitter and be annoyed! http://twitter.com/tidalwaverpg


SEE YOU, SPACE COWBOY… - Core RulebookPrice: $7.00"

Shidaiqu / $4.76
Publisher: VioletGames

Shidaiqu is a Kung Fu brawler RPG which features an unusual and original combat system specifically designed to model the rhythms and fun of movie Kung Fu, inspired by fight choreographers such as Sammo Hung, The Jackie Chan Stunt Team, Panna Rittikrai, Yuen Woo-Ping and Brad Allen.

A simple system, easy to learn, fun to play, and fast to bring to the table. Uses 3D6.

Welcome to the world of Shidaiqu RPG: the place is China, the era: 1920s...

The police have lost control of the cities, which have been carved up into territories run by organised criminal empires, constantly jostling for control of areas and income streams.

Those they can't win over with intimidation are seduced with bribery – blood-money flows through everything and everyone has an agenda.

Overlaid onto this powder keg are the many rival Kung Fu schools, eager to prove their style is best and preserve their honour. Conflicts are common and enmity runs deep.

The cities are rich environments to explore, with traditional medicine apothecaries, communal baths, laundrettes, tailors, dumpling shops, noodle places, clothes lines everywhere, and steam from outdoor baozi stalls adding to the atmosphere. The sound of erhu, guzheng and bamboo flute never far away, there is an intriguing mixture between traditional Chinese culture, and 1920s Western influence. Hand-painted adverts for health-giving tea and pure wine with smiling beauties in qipao dresses watch over the varied characters who call the cities home.

This is a world where riches are won, legends are born and underdogs overcome great odds to bring justice (or revenge) to themselves and others in the Chinese cities. the lives of the Chinese people.

Shidaiqu (Chinese: 時代曲) takes its name from a genre of Chinese popular music that is a fusion of Chinese folk, American jazz and Hollywood film music that originated in Shanghai, China in the 1920s.

ShidaiquPrice: $4.76"

Shine Force: Trapped in Nightmare Town / $5.00
Publisher: Moonlit Bard

Shine Force: Trapped in Nightmare Town is a tabletop roleplaying game intended to simulate a fictional manga/anime series, in particular a story arc wherein the titular Shine Force find themselves in a horrific alternate reality.

You will need a pencil and a set of standard roleplaying dice to play (two sets per player would be ideal, but we're all mature and can share, right?).

The rulebook contains the core rules, as well as an alternative ruleset that brings Shine Force: TiNT in line with the Basic and Really Dynamic system that I'm developing so any feedback is appreciated.

If you do end up playing my game, feel free to let me know how it went on Twitter where I can be found as @ComradeBubbles!

Please note that as I have no art budget, this game is SUPER printer-friendly.

For more of my work, please click here.

Shine Force: Trapped in Nightmare TownPrice: $5.00

Spell Scorched Core Rule Book / $9.99
Publisher: Dynamic Games

The world of Aeda is a world in near ruin. Powerful magic has destroyed much of the world’s landscape, rendering an entire continent uninhabitable. Corrupted creatures and undead are all too common. 

Spell Scorched is a fantasy TTRPG about choices. Those chocies come in 3 pillars: Character Creation, Choices in Combat, and Roleplay Dillemas. Enjoy extensive character customization with plenty of options to play the character you want. Play wisely in combat, or face the end of your days, and debate with the party on ethical dilemmas.

Due to the breadth of options in the system, Spell Scorched has been developed over the course of 3 years with the help of our wonderful playtesters. Boasting over 12,000 player hours of playtesting, the design goals were to bridge the gap over numerous options, without sacrificing gameplay balance. 


  • Everything you need to play this original system. 
  • Four Roles which determine archetypical gameplay can be matched with 15 different Specializations making 60 total classes, each with unique abilities.
  • Spells and Spell mod system allows for casters to create cast their own spells in a style that suits them. Cast spells in areas, enchant them into your weapons, place them into traps, and so much more.
  • An intuitive but detailed initiative system which has players to spend their initiative as Action Points. 
  • Numerous combat options for martial characters allowing them to make called shots, heavy attacks, harassing attacks, or precise attacks.
  • A unique battering system which makes combats competetive right up to the end. Batter your foes into submission, before you wound them!
  • A detailed Setting section, establishing the world and its lore including a Timeline, Geography, Nations, Factions, and their Reputation system.
  • A system of runing, enabling even the non-magical characters a way to defend against magic.
Coming Features:
  • A detailed GM portion dedicated to helping both experienced and new GMs, with system agnostic concepts that will help build adventures and encounters. (Estimated completion Feb 15, 2022)
  • Replace all remaining placeholder art with official commisisoned art.
Need Players? We have an active online community where we run regular games.

Note: The game is still in late playtesting, and updates bi-weekly. Purchasing this will give you a digitial copy upon full release. Get it now for reduced price, before official release later this year!

Spell Scorched Core Rule BookPrice: $9.99"

Standoff Roleplaying System Core Rulebook / $3.99
Publisher: Red Star Gaming


The Standoff Roleplaying System is a new roleplaying game meant to cover many different genres and styles of play. Specifically created with it's own emulator, the system is great for solo play. A fun and kinetic dice pool system resolves actions in moments, and as a result combat and scenes of high tension feel create an interesting gravity that replaces tedium and rules lawyering that can be inherent to some systems.

Interested? Purchase now. We, and our partners, will be releasing new expansions and adventures very soon!

Standoff Roleplaying System Core RulebookPrice: $3.99"

Startide Stella Pugna Edition / $0.00
Publisher: Fresh Forge

Startide: Stella Pugna Edition is a Solo Sci-Fantasy Dungeon-Crawling RPG from Fresh Forge. Strongly inspired by OSR with concept of player-driven sandbox play with unique dungeon, loot, and NPC generation where no two are the same. Combat is fast but brutal and deadly, with a solo feature where playing a single character against a group of enemies allows you to chain multiple attacks in a row. This book also offers mini-games and other activities such as fishing, skyfishing, mining, and more!

In this 20-page book you'll find:

+ Fast Character Creation with no class or levels

+ Faster Character Templates allowing you to play right away

+ Live and die with the quick combat with multiple attacks in a row

+ Living, breathing city where each shop owners have their own dialogues

+ Pilot a Mecha!

+ Mini-games where you purchase appropriate gears from shops to play in dungeons

+ Loot Generation allowing you to roll random stats for it, making each item unique

+ Optional Rules and much more!

I will be adding a printer-friendly version very soon.

Startide Stella Pugna EditionPrice: $0.00"

Strange Aeons / $0.00
Publisher: Skavenloft

Strange Aeons is a miniature role-playing game about alien castaways trying to survive on a bizarre, primitive planet teeming with blasphemous horrors that remember the dark origins of our world.

The whole thing fits on one page, but it has been prepared for self-printing and folding into a tiny, eight-page booklet (popularly known as pocketmode).


Treat cut and fold lines more like guidelines. Depending on your printer, paper and will of printing gods you may need to adjust things here or there.

Strange AeonsPrice: $0.00"

Super Detention Club / $2.00
Publisher: Orpheus Press

Super Detention Club! An 80's RPG to play with friends.

You're a superhero in training, waiting for the call to save the world. You're also a high school senior in detention on the Saturday before graduation, but you've got more important things to do. How will you escape? Where will you go? Will you make unlikely friendships with the other seniors in super detention? Will you be the ones to save the day? 

This game is a one page RPG inspired by classic 80s teen movies, secret schools for superheroes, new wave music (which is old) and retrowave music (which is newer).


Super Detention ClubPrice: $2.00"

Super High School RPG / $9.10
Publisher: Hirukoa

is a RPG of teenage superheroes, for all ages, but specially designed for the youngest of the house or for those who wish to get into role-playing games.

Where participants live exciting stories in a high school, while learning to control their powers and protect the defenseless. In this game you will be able to live action-packed stories thanks to a game system that uses six-sided dice, simple but effective.

Choose what type of hero you want to be: a guardian with a magical item or a mutant with incredible powers. Perhaps the son of a god or the offspring of a demon. You can also be the child prodigy capable of creating incredible armor or an apprentice of the arcane arts. You may be called more by the silent Rebels or you may prefer to be an alien.

Super High School RPGPrice: $9.10"

Supernatural Hunter Role Playing Game v.3 / $10.00
Publisher: Thousand Word

This is a hidden world, where forces of evil work against the light. Where magick lures, and corrupts the soul. Demonswar with angels and man is the pawn. Where ancient gods and horrific monsters roam untethered, cursing the groundbeneath them. This is a world that exists in secret, operating deep in the darkness beyond mortal view.

Here are theforgotten spirits, fanged and winged beasts that hunt for the taste of human flesh. Dream killers that lurk beyond theveil of sleep with a lust for murder and mayhem. Where cults enthralled to demi-gods and ancient prophecies gatherto work to enslave or destroy the human race. Vampires, lycanthropes, merfolk, witches, the undead and hordes ofstrange and vicious creatures find unsuspecting innocents easy prey. Why? Because they do not wish to know.But you are not like them.

You have seen what waits in the shadows. You have leapt into the abyss and have crawledout alive. You know that the monsters are real. You know… and you cannot forget.You are a Supernatural Hunter, a member of a highly trained secret society of humans, dedicated to the protection ofmankind from the paranormal and the otherworldly. You’ll face dangerous missions with difficult objectives whereyou must gather information, investigate, document, and ultimately overcome whatever threat awaits.

This willrequire dedication, cunning, courage and skill. But you do not have to face this alone. There are options.For safety in numbers, you may turn to a network of powerful faction willing to take you in and provide you withsupport, training and guidance. As a faction member, help is available for the asking and a clear, established directiondrives you and your faction forward. Should you prove yourself a valuable asset and a keen survivor, you may becontacted by a wealthy and mysterious benefactor willing to invest top dollar into a strong, promising, capablehunter willing to follow directions without too many questions.

While in the field, build a strong reputation throughhard work, courage and dedication to the cause which will help to enlist the assistance of the “Runner Network”.These anonymous technicians can provide anything and everything you might need…for a price. As a Supernatural Hunter, you must remain in the shadows to protect those in the light. For the world is ignorant tothe threat of the unknown. Society fears what it does not understand and will seek to destroy what it fears. To the restof the world, you and the things you face are the stuff of legends and myths. For the sake of mankind, it must remainthis way. The innocents must not know.

Supernatural Hunter Role Playing Game v3 is the core rules for playing SHRPG. It contains the complete rules, character building guidelines, mission creation, Critter sampler and bonus beginner mission. Supernatural Hunter is designed for 2-5 players ages 14 and up.

Supernatural Hunter Role Playing Game v.3Price: $10.00"

Surveyors! / $1.00
Publisher: Black Dragon Dungeon Company

Surveyors! is a fun, GMless TTRPG designed for one to four players.

Requirements: Pen, paper, d4, d6

A powerful wizard has created a pocket dimension, but they aren’t quite sure what they have made. This new land must be surveyed, but by whom?

You play as a band of four homunculi created by the wizrd and set loose on the new world to explore and gather resources.

Surveyors!Price: $1.00"

SURVIVE THIS!! What Shadows Hide - Core Rules / $9.99
Publisher: Bloat Games

SURVIVE THIS!! What Shadows Hide - Core Rules

STWSH is a modern horror and investigation game in the same vein as the X-files, Supernatural and Hellboy.  In the game you will go head to head with evil secret organizations, the occult, supernatural and cosmic horrors.

STWSH was written by Josh Palmer and developed by Eric Bloat for Bloat Games, and feature beautifully horrific cover art by Phil Stone.

"This is our darkest, and bleakest horror game yet!"

- Eric Bloat

Created by Eric Bloat & Josh Palmer, SURVIVE THIS!! What Shadows Hide is a standalone roleplaying game and does not require any additional gaming material to play.  However, as part of the SURVIVE THIS!! game line, What Shadows Hide is 100% fully compatible with SURVIVE THIS!! ZOMBIES!, DARK PLACES & DEMOGORGONS, VIGILANTE CITY, and SURVIVE THIS!! FANTASY, We Die Young, and can be used to mix and match to create your own custom play experiences.

Playable Races:

Dimensional Forsaken






Half Mer-men









Arcane Thief

C.A.R.E. Field Agent



Monster Hunter




Paranormal Investigator

Void Master


The Basics                                                                      6

Attributes                                                                       10

Saving Throws                                                               12

Alignment                                                                      14

Races                                                                             15

Occupations                                                                   48

Classes                                                                           51

Skills                                                                              82

Spells                                                                             92

Equipment                                                                     122

Game Terms                                                                   140

XP/ Leveling                                                                  156

Places of Note                                                                 166

Jari-Ka Circles                                                               175

Vampire Lineages                                                           179

Were-beast Fangkins                                                     187

Adventure Seeds                                                            201

Adventure Hooks                                                            224

Monster Generator                                                         228

Appendix                                                                       235

Index                                                                              248

Open Gaming License                                                     250

About the System:

SURVIVE THIS!! is a Tabletop RPG system that is D20 based and OSR influenced.  In SURVIVE THIS!! you will find the standard array of mechanics like:  Attributes, Saving Throws, Races, Classes, Levels, Hit Points, Etc.  Most situations are decided with a D20 + Modifier to meet or beat a target number and rolling higher is better.  Essentially, if you have played any version of D&D, you will find this game very easy to pick up.

SURVIVE THIS!! What Shadows Hide - Core RulesPrice: $9.99"

Swords And Spaceships / $15.00
Publisher: Red Plate Entertainment

Welcome to space, there's plenty of it.

Grab your gun, hop a ride to the middle of danger, and start your legend. Whether it's yourself, the gun in your hand, or the ship you're holding together with tape and a prayer a story can be made.

Swords and Spaceships is a sci-fi roleplaying game focused on your character and your gear. It's been designed with the intent to allow you to create customizable, unique equipment to carry you through whatever version of reality you may inhabit.

Play through the Cheeria Galaxy and Gale System written within the book or write a galaxy all your own. The rules are setting agnostic, though the sci-fi genre fits best.

Digital edition includes

The complete printable PDF of core rules

Form fillable character sheet PDF

Swords And SpaceshipsPrice: $15.00"

Publisher: TEETH RPG


There is a noise. A sort of shrieking, squealing sound, echoing through the storm. And it is getting louder.

“Hogmen!” screams the coachman, fumbling to load a flintlock pistol. 

“The Hogmen are abroad!”

TEETH: NIGHT OF THE HOGMEN is a grotesque, single-session table-top roleplaying game for 3-5 people. The players portray hapless travellers, forced to flee from a ravening horde of hogmen during one grim and grisly night in a cursed corner of 18th-century England. 

The game uses a simplified version of the Forged In The Dark rules to tell this troubling story of peril and unpleasantness, and, as a single-session game, is designed to be experienced as a complete one-off adventure.


(We aren't selling a pre-printed zine of NIGHT OF THE HOGMEN as yet, but if you'd like to be notified of such an event then why not subscribe to our delightful newsletter? Or you could just print it out yourself and stick it together with Sellotape.)



The game was written by Jim Rossignol and Marsh Davies, with illustrations by Marsh Davies, too. Follow us on Twitter, if you like: 


NIGHT OF THE HOGMEN is a cut-down scenario based on our full-sized game setting, TEETH—forthcoming 2022, probably. 

We've also released two other one-shots using this fiction: 

  • BLOOD COTILLION, where the aim is to infiltrate a society ball and assassinate the cultists among its attendees.

  • STRANGER & STRANGER, in which players mutate horribly while trying to save their village from abomination.


Number of players: 3-5 (including GM)
Length: 2-4 hours
Release Date: 2021

23-page rulebook + playbooks.

Editable versions of the Playbooks compatible with Google Sheets are also supplied. Just copy them off and edit them yourself.



Tezca Sentai / $12.00
Publisher: Axo Stories

Tezca Sentai is a 70+ pages TTRPG about a group of colorful heroes saving the city from the forces of evil. Taking inspiration from Power Rangers, Super Sentai, and other tv shows about a group of heroes. The game uses the Lights, Camera, Roll system to recreate the feeling of being part of a season from a TV show.  

Inside you will find: 

  • 5 different Tezcas, each with their unique powers and abilities. 
  • 3 options for the Army of Evil and their evil leader
  • Various objectives for the Army of evil to try to enact on each episode
  • Rules for the Lights, Camera, Roll system based on Forged in the dark and PbtA systems.
  • 3 Files the Tezca Sentai Zine, Showrunner Guide, Tezca character sheets. 

Go out and defeat the Evil leader to save the day!

Tezca SentaiPrice: $12.00"

The 2d6 Engine / $1.00
Publisher: Tricky Troll Games

Play any genre in this rules lite, narrative-driven RPG with an emphasis on heroic characters and cinematic roleplaying. Conflicts can be resolved quickly, allowing for scene by scene action.

The core mechanic of the game is simple: roll 2 six-sided dice and add the most relevant attribute to your roll, meet or exceed the difficulty number to succeed. This tried and true formula comes to life with plenty of fun and accessible game features including:     

  • Characters can fit on a small piece of paper such as an index card. 
  • A freeform powers/skill system in the from of Boons. Each boon gives a character ways to impact their world narratively, rewarding players that think creatively. 
  • Quick character creation. Have a character created and ready to go in just a few minutes. 
  • Two resources: resiliance and luck, which determine a character's general hardiness and ability to use boons and effect rolls respectively. 
  • GM awards that let players refill their resources through good roleplaying. 
  • One core mechanic to handle particularly intense challenges such as chase scenes, combat, mass combat, hazardous terrain, etc. 
  • Open source rules released under creative commons to allow any designer to use the text for personal or commercial purposes! 
The 2d6 EnginePrice: $1.00"

The Getaway: A Solo Car Chase RPG / $2.00
Publisher: Bannerless Games

The bank job was supposed to be by the numbers – in and out in 7 minutes, then you drive everyone to safety.

The job wasn’t by the numbers. Cops were all over the crew as soon as they walked in the bank. They’re done for, but not you. Not so long as you’ve got this car, some open road, and a whole lot of luck.

Punch it.

The Getaway is a solo action RPG on a single page. With this PDF, a couple dice and something to write with, you'll document the twists, turns, surprises of an explosive car chase. Roll the dice, determine what happens, then write down how you escape what Johnny Law throws at you... or don't escape, as the case may be.

If you give this a whirl and come up with something cool, I'd love to hear about it. Just drop a line below.

The Getaway was created using the Second Guess System.  Second Guess System by William Lentz is licensed under CC BY 4.0.

The Getaway: A Solo Car Chase RPGPrice: $2.00"

The Last Stand / $1.00
Publisher: Trent Seltzer

Inspired by Arthur Rackham’s How Mordred was Slain by Arthur, and How by Him Arthur was Hurt to the DeathTHE LAST STAND is a GM-less micro-role-playing game in which 1-4 players portray the last combatants facing each other on a battlefield. 

Using playing cards, the combatants will determine their strategy each round as they circle each other. In between exchanging blows, the combatants will describe what is going through their minds, both in regard to the current fight as well as memories that well to the surface as they face the possibility of their own death. Eventually, one combatant will win, and the others will fall.

THE LAST STAND can be played in one of several modes:

  • Solo. One player against the game, represented by a deck of cards. The solo player records their thoughts in a journal.
  • Standard (1 vs. 1). Two players face each other in a one-on-one fight to the death.
  • Kingslayer (1 vs. 2). One player simultaneously takes on two allied combatants. 
  • Companion (2 vs. 2). Fight two simultaneous duels between sets of combatants that can then progress to Kingslayer or Standard mode if necessary.
  • Battle Royale (3+ players). Everyone against everyone. Fight until only one combatant is left standing.
The Last StandPrice: $1.00"

The Roarin' 20s / $1.00
Publisher: Black Dragon Dungeon Company

The Roarin' 20s is a rules-light RPG system powered by the Caltrop Core System. 

The Roarin’ 20s is set in the big city of 1920s America where Flappers, Gamblers and Mobsters share a drink of bathtub gin and smuggled whiskey with G-Men and Bootleggers at the local speakeasy. But life ain’t easy for those living in the fast lane where jazz and booze flow freely. Raids, violence and corruption are just facts of life and one is as likely to find their end in a hail of gunfire as they are a penthouse suite.

The Roarin' 20sPrice: $1.00"

The Weatherman's Syndicate / $2.99
Publisher: Symphoneers

Publicly, the Weatherman’s Syndicate is a collection of freelance meteorologists who share resources, and work with publications across the world. Their crown jewel, the sky ship Skiromac, acting as a mobile hub for its members. Privately, they serve as supranational spies and information brokers, selling secrets to the highest bidder and shepherding sensitive cargo across borders. Although the syndicates’ espionage is an open secret, their usefulness means few are truly interested in shutting down their operations. Nobody wants to get caught in the rain.

Players take on the role of Weatherman operatives (4 unique agent sheets included), tasked with completing a mission set for them by Skiromac HQ. A Game Master (GM) facilitates the mission, helping the rules to run smoothly and acting as all non-player characters (NPCs). Rolls are used to resolve actions where the risk of failure is interesting, although each type of operative also has their own Special Moves they can spend points on to make happen without risking failure. 

The Weatherman's Syndicate is a narrative-first game inspired by systems like Laser & Feelings and No Dice No Masters, although it uses a distinct resolution system based on Caltrop Core. While it includes a core rules page and GM resources page, experience running relatively freeform games is reccomended. 

The Weatherman's SyndicatePrice: $2.99"

The Were-Curse / $3.95
Publisher: Orpheus Press

The Were-Curse is played solo as a journaling game chronicling your experience as a Hunter who has been afflicted by a curse, and in turn has become one of the Hunted. Gameplay is centered around utilizing a Tarot deck and a six sided die, alongside prompts and a journey exploring how the curse affects you. (If you do not have a Tarot deck, instructions are included for substituting a standard deck of playing cards.)

However, in addition, the Were-Curse is a Legacy game: When you have completed your journal, you are encouraged to pass it on to a friend, and invite them to continue the story with a journal of their own. Sections referring to ‘a journal recovered from your latest quarry’ are intended for use by those who have received a completed journal from a friend before beginning to play. This will let you build upon the journey of others. However, if you are beginning without such a boon, use the ‘If you have NOT recovered a journal’ sections instead.

We encourage you to head over to the Alone Together Discord, or somewhere else that ttrpg players congregate to share your legacies & continue those of others.

The Hunter has become the Hunted, and their days are numbered. Make the most of the time you have, and leave your Legacy for those who follow.



The Were-CursePrice: $3.95"

They Came From Beyond the Grave! / $14.99
Publisher: Onyx Path Publishing

I urge you now: do not open this book. Do not read its contents. Walk away, live your simple life, and keep these creatures of darkness in the shadows where they belong.

Opening your eyes to this horrible world – where demons possess dolls, the undead stalk the night, the Devil walks among us, and mummies march from their tombs – is an act of incredible bravery, or perhaps, complete foolishness. Turn away now, before it’s too late…

No? Well, in that case, welcome to a little game called They Came from Beyond the Grave! 

They Came from Beyond the Grave! is a dramatic, hammy, and horrifying tabletop roleplaying game encompassing the shock, terror, eroticism, and humor of 1970s horror. This game allows you to play with all the magnificent content from the movies of Hammer, Amicus, and Roger Corman, and promises the fun and thrills of the horror movie genre!

In They Came from Beyond the Grave!, you play humans faced with the horrors of the supernatural. You’ll find yourself pitted against vampires, werewolves, ghosts, and constructed critters, along with demons, slashers, and THE DEVIL HIMSELF. Adventures range from the one-shot exploration of a haunted house, to the multi-era play across the 19th century and 1970s. 

They Came from Beyond the Grave! contains a mix of serious threat, unmitigated ham, and nonsensical farce. We never tell you what is amusing and what is not, but we do provide the tools to make a seriously fun game incorporating all the elements of 1970s horror movies. This game provides rules for funny quips and amusing cinematics for incorporation in a story, along with dozens of special powers and story devices.

They Came from Beyond the Grave! uses the Storypath System, provided in full in the pages of this book!

They Came from Beyond the Grave! includes:

  • Five playable Archetypes — the Dupe, the Hunter, the Mystic, the Professor, and the Raconteur.
  • Rules for character creation and play, using the Storypath System fully detailed in this book.
  • Cinematic powers, such as the ability to tear through cheap sets, cut to black when everything is looking grim, and even cut to a montage to speed up play.
  • Quips to throw in at entertaining moments, giving your characters a chance at an award-winning scene, or at least one that makes it into the trailer.
  • Scores of monsters looking to hunt you down and make your lives miserable, from Dracula to Frankenstein’s Monster.
  • Two ready-to-play scenarios, playable straight from the book.

Also available now from Onyx Path Publishing:

Party Beach Creature Feature!Party Beach Creature Feature! (A Jumpstart for They Came From Beneath the Sea!)

It’s a beautiful, sunny weekend on the beach. The kids are partying, the beer’s cold, and someone’s passing around what the locals call “jazz cigarettes.” Let’s be honest — life couldn’t be much better in this 1950s slice of American utopia. That is, until monstrous gill-kin emerge from the waves and assault our idyllic town, and shadowy science researchers conspire to stop the party!

You are the defenders of small-town America! And you are the only people who can drive the tide of invasion back into the sea!

They Came from Beneath the Sea! is a campy, action-filled, horrifying tabletop roleplaying game of 1950s science fiction, taking the best (and worst) bits from the B-movies of the era and presenting them as a thoroughly entertaining story. This jumpstart provides you with all the tools you need to start a story of

They Came from Beneath the Sea! and tell many stories to follow.

They Came from Beneath the Sea! uses the Storypath System, provided in the pages of this book!

They Came From Beyond the Grave!Price: $14.99"

Those Who Can't, Teach / $1.00
Publisher: RoguePineapple

"Those Who Can't, Teach" is a solo-journaling RPG about being a teacher in the early years of your career. The goal: stay sane and make it though your first five years of teaching without changing professions.

The game was made using the Wretched and Alone SRD.

Those Who Can't, TeachPrice: $1.00"

Those Wretched Kids! A Solo TTRPG / $10.00
Publisher: Deeply Dapper Games

The plan was simple. Well... maybe it was a bit convoluted but the goal was simple:

Convince the rubes of the town that the carnival was haunted so that you could execute your brilliant schemes undisturbed.

It would have been perfect, despite a few minor setbacks and incompetent henchmen.

If it wasn't for one thing...

That group of accursed teenagers!

Those Wretched Kids! is a solo journaling/roleplaying game played with a deck of cards, one D6, a tumbling block tower, and a journal or recording method. The game is based on Loot The Room's excellent Wretched & Alone system.

In Those Wretched Kids! you play a brilliant if somewhat unsuccessful entrepreneur that has developed a vaguely nefarious plan centered around an old abandoned amusement park. In order to have your plans go off without a hitch, you have to balance the artificial legend you created to scare off interlopers, develop your main scheme, reflect on your career that keeps getting labeled as "villainous" for some reason and stop Those Wretched Kids! from interfering!

Those Wretched Kids! was inspired by the classic "Kid Sleuth" books and shows I loved as a kid - Scooby Doo, (and the dozen other Hanna-Barbera cartoons that used the same format) Hardy Boys, Nancy Drew, Encyclopedia Brown, Lewis Barnavelt and the Three Investigators as well as more modern twists on the genre like Stranger Things. 

But I thought it would be fun to scurry around in that world from the point of view of the hapless villain. That one schemer with an overly elaborate plan to get rich, create a mighty weapon, uncover treasure or whatever other mad plot you devise, only to have it inevitably foiled 99.9% of the time by a group of snooping kids and novelty sidekick animal/robot.

And of course, what better place to set this adventure than a creepy abandoned amusement park?

As you play, you'll attempt to thwart their investigations, perpetuate the legend, progress the plans and examine who you really are. Are you actually the villain after all? Record your thoughts in the Monologue stage, an essential in every evil genius' toolkit.

Can you ever defeat Those Wretched Kids?

A game of Those Wretched Kids! can be played in a single sitting or as a creativity and journaling exercise over the course of days.

Those Wretched Kids! A Solo TTRPGPrice: $10.00"

Thrilling Adventures! / $15.00
Publisher: tolleSpiele Games

This Powered by the Apocalypse role playing game is for everyone who's ever watched pulp adventure movies and thought, "I want to do that!"  Whether you wished you could play the dashing hero clambering up dangerous bluffs; or the plucky kid who miraculously manages to escape from the villains; or the fortune teller who discovers deep and ancient secrets of the occult that No Man Should Know - you can do it all here.

The idea behind Thrilling Adventures! is to re-create the atmosphere of those pulp adventure movies we all love; so the characters, the moves, and the setting are designed to create a sense of danger, excitement, and drama.

Thrilling Adventures!Price: $15.00"

Through the Borderlands 2e / $4.99
Publisher: Trent Seltzer


The Soul Plague rolls steadily eastward, consuming everything in its path. Those who are touched by its darkness are twisted into ravenous monstrosities. 

Among the refugees fleeing the Plague are the waldborne--an ancient race of wood-dwelling folk. They must set aside their centuries long inter-clan conflicts and work together if they are to survive.

Through the Borderlands is a rules-light tabletop role-playing game in which players take on the roles of regular people dealing with extraordinary circumstances. 

The players' characters must find their inner courage and cooperate amongst themselves to survive the hazards that lie before them. 

Their goal--lead their kinsfolk through the wild to the great Western Imperium. Salvation lies beyond the Imperium's mighty rune-protected walls. 

But first, they must brave the long, perilous journey through the Borderlands.

Through the Borderlands 2ePrice: $4.99"

Tiny Spies / $5.99
Publisher: Gallant Knight Games

Only You Can Save The World!

Get ready to join the clandestine world of spies, as you join C.O.V.E.R.T. and fight against D.I.S.A.S.T.E.R.!

Powered by the TinyD6 engine, with streamlined mechanics that utilize only one to three single six-sided dice on every action, characters that can be written on a 3x5 notecard, and easy to understand and teach rules, Tiny Spies is great for all groups, ages, and experience levels who want to enjoy fast and accessible action espionage gaming! Characters are created quickly, with a simple power selection system designed to be fast, intuitive, and easy to understand.

New archetypes feature in the book, as well as rules for gadgets, chases, background traits and all the minimalist tools you need!

So grab some dice, some pencils, some friends, and get ready for some minimalist, straight-forward, superspy roleplaying!

Tiny Spies is a complete game and is compatible with most other TinyD6 games.

Tiny SpiesPrice: $5.99"

Titanholm / $9.99
Publisher: Arcane Ink Publishing
Explore the world of Titanholm and embark on a whimsical adventure immersed in a volatile mixture of science and magic. Titanholm is a role-playing game designed to use the 5th edition Open Source License for gaming mechanics, which makes the game familiar but different.

The world showcases a hybrid of science and magic with new character options beyond standards. The introduction of technology offers a unique opportunity to add new blaster weapons, powered armor suits, and gear.

Instead of mounts, this world has motorcycles and dune buggies. The Fortune's Coast area offers an exciting adventure in a lawless land ruled by warring factions of pirates. Their ships can convert to dirigibles and take the skies.
TitanholmPrice: $9.99"

Trick or Retreat / $1.00
Publisher: Sage Beroff

  Trick or Retreat is a GM-less Halloween-themed roleplaying game for one or more people.  The game uses a single d6 and a bowlful of candy and has players assume the roles of some very lost trick-or-treaters. Written for GDG's Halloween Campfire Jam.

  It works best for short, funny one-shots obviously.

  Contains two game versions. "Trick or Retreat" features solely the core rules, while "Trick or Retreat Advanced" features optional content in addition to the core rules.

Trick or RetreatPrice: $1.00"

Under the Neighborhood / $20.00
Publisher: Quest Friends!

Adventure's on your doorstep!

An eccentric girl enters a world of magical monsters and decides to become a witch. Twins discover a mysterious journal in the woods near their great uncle’s house and delve into the world of cryptids the journal describes. Three friends get lost on an island filled with frogs and fight to find their way home.

Under the Neighborhood is a tabletop roleplaying game for 3-6 players using the Powered by the Apocalypse engine, where players live out adventures from their favorite Saturday morning cartoons. All you need to play are some dice, some friends, and your own imagination!

Whether you want to recreate your favorite episodes from The Owl HouseGravity Falls, or Amphibia, or you simply want to go on exciting adventures in a curiously ordinary world of your imagination, Under the Neighborhood is the game for you!


Note: The Roll20 sheets are still under construction. I'll remove this notification once they're finished.

Under the NeighborhoodPrice: $20.00"

Universal Decay: Dead Stars Rule Book, Revised, 2nd Edition / $5.00
Publisher: DaemonEye Publishing

Dead Stars is a science fiction horror role-playing game powered by the alternate d20 Universal Decay rules system. Pick a race - from the ever-familiar humans to the amorphous gorbrasch or sleazy helizara - strap on some personal armor and pick up a sliver rifle or get a cerebral computer implant and grab your toolkit. Or both. Then get together with your friends to face a universe of dangers, wonders, opportunities, and quite possibly a messy death. This book contains everything you will need to play or run a game in Dead Stars as well as rules for using the Universal Decay system in alternate genres, incorporating everything from swords and sorcery to vehicle energy weapons, personal armor, nanotechnology and starships.

The Universal Decay engine is based on the old school D&D 3rd Edition d20 system - easy to learn and familiar to most old school gamers yet able to be tweaked to be complex as you want.

Universal Decay: Dead Stars Rule Book, Revised, 2nd EditionPrice: $5.00"

Vampires from Outer Space / $3.99
Publisher: TLHP Games

"A long time ago, in a distant galaxy, there was an extremely technologically advanced civilization. The planet was called Draculia, and scientists there were about to discover the secrets of life and death.

But a researcher called Vlad decided to go further, carrying out prohibited experiments in his laboratory using nuclear energy. Unfortunately the experiment went horribly wrong, and all the scientists turned themselves into bloodsucking monsters vulnerable to sunlight.

Soon, the entire population of the planet had been transformed.

The lack of the vital essence they so needed - blood - made them decide to leave their home planet, departing in ships towards the immensity of space.

They quickly became one of the most feared races in the universe. Many civilizations have succumbed to their rage and vampire powers.

And now, 1950's, they have reached the planet Earth."

"Vampires from Outer Space" is a RPG with complete and simple rules where your group can have adventures with a strong "B-Movie vibe". 

With a very fast Character creation process, It's time to fight against the vampires from Outer Space while listening to some ROCKABILLY hits!

Vampires from Outer SpacePrice: $3.99"

Veneration / $4.00
Publisher: World Champ Game Co

Veneration is a tabletop roleplaying game of a violent pilgrimage made by warriors who aspire to make their annual offerings to St. Anger.
Players utilize a single stat/resource, ANGER, to manage their health, damage, and luck.
Includes 4 classes, bestiary, and 5-part quest in a 12 page zine.

It is intended for 2-6 players and plays in 1-2 hours.
Inspired by Metallica's St. Anger as part of #ReCo2k21.
It was made possible by and first available to my supporters at patreon.com/worldchampgameco in January 2021.

VenerationPrice: $4.00

Warlock! Traitor's Edition / $9.35
Publisher: Fire Ruby Designs

Same great game, awesome new look!

This is a new edition of the Warlock! core rules.

New fonts, new layout, new art.

Warlock is a rules-light roleplaying game that aims to emulate the feeling of old-school British tabletop games of wondrous and fantastical adventure. Warlock looks to reproduce the play style of its illustrious predecessors but in a light, quick and simple manner, with a consistent rules set that is easily hackable and adaptable as desired.

What is this game?

Warlock is a tabletop roleplaying game, played with pencils, paper and dice. The implied setting is a fantasy world in a vast Kingdom of man. Beset on all sides by enemies, both without and within, the players control characters struggling to survive in a fantastic world. So thematically, Warlock is a fantasy game of perilous adventure. However Warlock does not contain lots of explicit setting information, so you can use it with your favourite published or home-made settings. Instead Warlock aims to give you a simple and concise set of rules that you can shape as you need.

This is the same base text as the original Platinum selling edition, here:


There have been some minor changes:

1) Small changes to the wording in a couple of places for clarity.

2) Your career skill is now equal in value to the lowest skill that your career grants, rather than the average.

3) You roll 1d6 on the critical tables + negative stamina, not 2d6 (this is to make the probabilities work and the game slightly less dangerous).

4) Blast, Foulness and Sleep spells have had their stamina cost reduced by one.

All content for the original Warlock! is 100% compatible with the Traitor's Edition!

Customer comments:

‘looks very cool. Reminds me of that other game – battle hammer....war mallet....whatever. Also the old "choose your path" adventure books.’

‘This is a fantastic hybrid of Fighting Fantasy and WFRP 1st ed., both extremely nostalgic for me. Cracking little game and easy to hack!’

‘I really like some of the design decisions you made. Every game should have your rule: “any situation not covered in the rules, roll a D6.” Career choices are great, every skill for everybody is fascinating, and going statless is bold. Everything is old school and dead simple. Can’t wait to run the game.’

Warlock! Traitor's EditionPrice: $9.35"

Wishless / $6.00
Publisher: Possible Worlds Games

Wishless is a roleplaying game set in a world where, once upon a time, every living person was given three wishes. Players portray wish-seekers called Hunters who’ve already used their wishes and are chasing down Leads on the existence of new and unused ones.

Players roll dice in Wishless to overcome obstacles, and situation-relevant skills and wishes increase the odds of their rolls. Players can also intentionally decrease their odds by making plot wagers, assuring certain plot developments regardless of a roll’s success.

Wishless requires one player to take on the role of the Secretary, describing the world of the game and the impact Hunters have on it. They don’t need to do any preparation, but should be comfortable improvising story beats based on player suggestions. Wishless can also be played in a single sitting or over multiple game sessions to create a longer, campaign-style story.

To play Wishless, you’ll need:

  • Two or more players (one playing the Secretary)
  • Two six-sided dice (2d6) per player 
  • A stack of notecards (3” x 5” recommended)
  • Writing materials (paper and writing utensils)

Wishless is 28 pages long, and recommendations are included for online play. 

Wishless is illustrated by Jimmy Knives, a PDX-based illustrator/marionette puppet cursed to walk the earth as a real boy/head goon at yowcho.com. Instagram & Twitter: @jimmy_knives.

WishlessPrice: $6.00"

Withering Light / $5.11
Publisher: Eldritch Goblin Games

The sun is dying and the stars have aligned. What once slept undisturbed in the lost temples of the Underworld is roused once more bringing forth the end of humankind

Withering Light is a rules-light Lovecraftian fantasy horror RPG with OSR influences for a group of 4-5 people, one being the Game Master. This game is inspired by Lovecraftian's mythos, Mothership (tuesday knight games), Blades in the Dark (Evil Hat Productions) and Darkest Dungeon (Red Hook's Roguelite).

In Withering Light, players take on the roles of adventurers delving deep into a haunted and dark underworld making their way through eldritch abominations and horrors that will consume their minds. The more the adventurers will delve deep into the earth, the more the lights will wither giving way to madness and despair.

To survive, adventurers must hold on to their weapons and torches and, most importantly, cooperate.

Why Withering Light?

Why another OSR? Why another dark fantasy RPG? What makes Withering Light any different from the rest?

I am glad you asked, here are some of the key features of the game:

  • Stress and Horror: stress and sanity are the two pillars of Withering Light; the more the adventurers will delve into the depths of the earth, the more their minds will wither consumed by the horrors of the Underworld. You can also choose to suffer Stress to use your special abilities or avoid danger
  • Illumination Level and Random Events: simple but effective rules for calculating the darkness level and generating random events. The darker the dungeon, the deadlier its creatures
  • Lovecraftian Dark Fantasy: not your average dark fantasy or d&d-inspired game. Eldritch aberrations and horrifying monsters spawned from the void will challenge your courage
  • Shared Storytelling: following a more "modern" approach, in Withering Light players can partially alter the course of the events by using specific actions or class abilities
  • Hideout and Company: simple but elegant rules for creating your hideout and your band of mercenaries!
  • Simple and Intuitive System: a simple attribute-driven d100 roll-under system. Grab two dice and roll; is the result of the test equal or inferior to the chosen attribute? Great

What am I paying for, exactly?!

Withering Light is an ongoing in-development project. With your help, I will constantly update the game adding new features such as classes, quirks, talents, abilities and, of course, illustrations!

Withering LightPrice: $5.11"

World Fighter Champion / $1.00
Publisher: Orpheus Press

There are tens of thousands of fighting game players. There are many journaling solo RPG players. Are you the person who's both? Oh, well, do you know them? Here, actually, just download this and if you see them you can give it to them. Thanks, buddy.

World Fighter Champion is a solo journaling rpg about fighting games and whether you can become the greatest fighter in the world. It might be slightly tongue-in-cheek, but it is full of a love of fighting games and journaling games rolled into one. Embody the greatest champion ever to exist and don't blame us if it leads you to get songs about tigers stuck in your head.

Doesn't include: The ability to play fighting games (don't worry, I'm not great either)

Content warning: This game contains fighting, fighting games, profanity, and bad attempts at humor.




Follow us on Twitter for more sillyness and adventures!

World Fighter ChampionPrice: $1.00"

Wyrd Street d20: Starter Primer / $0.00
Publisher: Realmwarp Media

This is a paired-down, free version of the system to get you started. It includes the basic rules, 4 premade characters, and a short adventure.

Wyrd Street is a D20-based tabletop RPG about lower class heroes fighting for the people they love. It combines small-scale, intimate story-telling with pulp-inspired action and adventure.

In Wyrd Street, you will not save the world or become the champion of an entire kingdom. But you will feed your family, protect the most vulnerable people from those who would harm them, and bring hope to individuals for whom all hope seemed lost.

Wyrd Street uses a new D20-based system. Those who have played the popular fifth edition system will find it familiar, yet fresh, with an easy learning curve and satisfying new mechanics. Combat provides constant opportunities for tactical decision-making, and out of combat, systems for Upkeep, downtime activities, and more simulate the hardships and joys of life in the city of Morhold.

Wyrd Street d20: Starter PrimerPrice: $0.00"

Wyrms: Role-Playing Adventures (Tri-Stat System) / $14.99
Publisher: Dyskami Publishing Company

Since the dawn of recorded time, Wyrms have ruled the skys of Khalud. They have an unassailable instinct to seek out the few remaining others of their kind. Not to mate or join in companionship, but to defeat them in combat, consume their hearts, and gain a measure of their powers. This intense drive to singular existence is the Great Fusion.

Wyrms discovered long ago that they could best achieve their goals by performing a ritual to divide their consciousness and physicality into several smaller entities. Through a process known as Sundering, the races of Dragonkind came into being.

Wyrms: Role-Playing Adventures is a group storytelling game about the eternal battles between massive flying beasts destined to consume their rivals. This is a game of battle, heroism, adventure, romance, and imagination. Yet unlike in a traditional board game, the possibilities for exploration and action in this role-playing game are endless.

Game Components:

• 32-page rulebook that gives your group everything you need to play

• 6 brief story scenarios so you can start playing adventures right away

• 7 Wyrms character sheet handouts

A ready-for-adventure Tri-Stat System Mini-Game for your RPG game night!

This game is compatible with BESM Fourth Edition

Wyrms: Role-Playing Adventures (Tri-Stat System)Price: $14.99"

y2k - lofi cyberpunk / $5.00
Publisher: World Champ Game Co

y2k is a playable slice of Cybermetal 2012, available for preview and pre-order now at pentagram.city. you do not need y2k to play Cybermetal or vice versa!

Cybermetal 2012 is a lofi heavy metal cyberpunk sandbox rpg, designed and illustrated by Adam Vass of World Champ Game Co.

Demons, humans, vermin, and husks band together to survive in a city that doesn't care about them. Perform dark rituals, take drug trips, take down mutant fuckers, press your consciousness to a vinyl record, and much much more. y2k shares mechanical and setting DNA but is a distinctly separate experience.


Pentagram City still crawls with demonic ichor flowing through the drains for the years since the Hell War. The Exodus left us alone and encapsulated, a society left to fend for itself in total isolation from the outside world for better or worse. When the clocks tipped to 1/1/00, we lost what few digital escapes and resources we had, replaced with violent programs and braided cable tendrils on every street corner reaching out to harvest aloof human hosts for their digital minds.


Y2K is a roleplaying game for one player and one gamemaster (GM). In it, the player acts as a human citizen of Pentagram City in pursuit of The Bug, a digital fucker wreaking havoc on the warped physical world around them and implanting artificial intelligences into human hosts (called Husks). Through clever tactics and/or stupid risks, navigate the Wired District, avoid hellacious Demons and Husks who aim to annihilate you, and take down the computerized menace that threatens to eradicate humanity from the region.

You just need d100 (2d10).

Y2K is a game in the Death Agent Roleplaying Timeline Series (D.A.R.T.S.), meaning it shares history and lore with a number of other published and forthcoming games by Adam Vass set in an alternate timeline. This game acts specifically as an abridged preview and prequel to CyberMetal 2012. While this game uses similar mechanics, aspects are subject to change. For more CyberMetal 2012, visit www.pentagram.city, and for the ongoing development of D.A.R.T.S.,
visit www.worldchamp.io.

y2k - lofi cyberpunkPrice: $5.00"

Yep, That's Me: An Absurd, SciFi One-Shot / $0.00
Publisher: Universe Ball Anthology


Gameplay Premise: Yep, That's Me begins in a freeze-frame with each player character in the midst of a wacky randomized situation which they will have rolled for. Players will then introduce themselves by saying, “yep, that’s me. You’re probably wondering how I ended up in this situation.” After everyone is introduced, the game master will flash everyone back to a random starting location, and the meta-goal is for players to figure out how they end up in their wacky situations in time for their story's climax. They must do this by setting it up in as natural of a way as possible as they play.

Plot Premise:  You’re at a medieval convention in the year 8032 on the planet Earth. Humans, aliens, and robots have all gathered at real castle ruins to cosplay as knights, wizards, and dragons and share their love for the ancient time period. Your goal at this convention is to get the autograph of Chester Stretch, the famous actor of a long-running medieval-fantasy show that’s been on the air for 408 years.

System: This game is more focused on roleplay than game mechanics. All you will need to know is how to roll skill checks for Strength, Wisdom, Charisma, and Dexterity!

  • Play as futuristic characters dressed in medieval cosplay

  • Rules-light

  • 1-4 Hour Sandbox Game

  • 2-4 Players (Plus a GM)


If you’re a fan of surreal absurdity and atmospheric science fiction, you are currently looking at the right zine! Universe Ball Anthology is an indie series of silly, scifi tabletop roleplaying games that focus on odd discoveries, creative problem solving, and being stupid with your friends. We make these games simply because we are passionate about doing so!

The one-shot RPG you are about to see (Yep, That’s Me) comes from our Kickstarter-funded anthology book, Universe Ball Anthology #1. This zine is basically a free mini edition of our larger books. If you like what you find, please consider checking out our other projects!


Yep, That's Me: An Absurd, SciFi One-ShotPrice: $0.00"

Yokai Hunters Society RPG zine / $4.00
Publisher: Punkpadour

A rules-light pen & paper RPG about monster hunters in Meiji Japan. 

Words, illustrations, and layout design by Chema González.
Edited by Tyler Crumrine.
Layout design advice by Salva González.
Based on Tunnel Goons by Nate Treme.


The year is 1889. After months of deliberation, a Constitution is about to be approved, giving absolute power to Emperor Meiji. In the last two decades, there have been profound political and social reforms that have cleared the way for “modernization:” the abolition of feudal privileges, the establishment of European-style political, police, and judicial systems, restructuring of the army, etc. But not everyone is happy with these changes.

In these convulsive years, yokai sightings and encounters have increased tremendously. Some blame the barbarians, others accuse nostalgics of the bakufu times, and a few even dare to hold His Majesty responsible. The truth is nobody knows the reason behind the uptick in sightings for sure.

The Yokai Gari Kai, or Yokai Hunters Society, has been around for centuries, gathering brave people from any social stratum willing to fight these abominations that lurk in the shadows. 


The adventures you can play range from facing the monster of the week, to complex investigations or political plots, to routine cleansing jobs. A horror-genre approach to the game’s stories is recommended, with bonus points if it gestures towards the psychological horror characteristics of many Japanese films and comics.

This game was created as an entry for the Goon Jam, and it's based on Tunnel Goons by Nate Treme. 

Yokai Hunters Society RPG zinePrice: $4.00"

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