What was the RPG Pipeline

The RPG Pipeline was a posting board to keep track of upcoming tabletop rpgs from 2015 to 2021 (this Blogger version began in 2019). It covered new English language ttrpgs and ttrpgs going into crowdfunding.

2022 Q3 New TTRPGs released (DriveThruRPG)

Below are details of some of the new ttrpgs released on DriveThruRPG in 2022 Q3 (Jul-Sep).

/Data:Drivers 18XX Rail Way 1D10 System - System Overview and Mechanics 24BLUE A Baking Show That is Both Great and British A Night Just Like This One Academia TITÁN - English version Adventure Scouts After the Accident, a solo journaling game Against the Darkmaster Player's Handbook And the Bodies were Found the Next Morning Anime 5E: System Reference Document (SRD v1.0) Antagonist the RPG Apotheosis: Sci-Fi Edition Argonaut's Odyssey ART Camp (PocketQuest 2022) Asquilla RPG - Core Asquilla RPG - Core FREE Astra Rangers Atomic Hotrod Hovercrafts Beneath the Waters Biblioversum Blades & Spells - An agile, objective and dynamic minimalist RPG (Revised Edition) Bloodclotte Bloodhunt (24XX) Board To Death BOONDOCK CARTOMANCY By String and Song: A Bard-Only TTRPG Camp Artemis Camp B.A.D.Co Camp Bloodbath: 212 SYSTEM Camp Chivalry Roleplaying Handbook Camp Cryptid Camp Hiawassee - The Fae Court War! (PocketQuest 2022) Camp HumansBane Camp Kingdom Come Camp Mayhem Camp S- Cape Camp Sapphire Springs Camp Slaughter Camp Summermourn: A Roleplaying Game of Doomed Campers Camp Whirlybird! Camp Writers' Block CampCorp Survival Manual - Core Rules Campers !?! - in the Sacred Woods Campers & Clues Campers and Cryptids Campfire Club Campfire Stories (PocketQuest 2022) Campfire Story Campthulhu Campthulhu (Accessible Version) Challenge DUNGEON RPG Chickenpimples (PocketQuest 2022) Christian Quest Chrono-Rogue Starter Set Rules Clean Spirit Crank It Up! Crescendo of Violence Crime Doesn't Pay Crypts of Obscurum Crystal Pond Cthulhu Eternal - Age of Revolutions SRD Cyberpunk Noir Cyberpunk RED Easy Mode d12 RPG Basic Edition Dames of Asstoria: A Monster Girl RPG Dark Age of Man PDF Dark Shards - A NycosRPG SysemBook Dark Souls: The Roleplaying Game Darkglass Sojourners Death or Glory micro-rpg Death Row Royale Deathly Thrones Basic Deluxe Oldham Rules Dinosaurs & Man RPG Distress Calls Dream Allies Dream of the Dragon Dweomerdale Enhanced Epic Age - Core Edition Escape From Teddy Bear Island 2nd edition Eternus Quickstart Extinction at Camp Summersaurus Extinction Punk - The Eco RPG powered by the apocalypse Eyes Beyond the Torchlight Factotums (English version) Fallout: The Roleplaying Game Starter Set - PDF Fantastical Followings: Starter Pack (ARTLESS AND UNFORMATTED) Far Horizons Anthology Collection 2 Volume 2 Fear Can't Hurt You (PocketQuest Edition) Fear of the Unknown Quickstart Fey Fire Final Girl Support Group For a Few Gold Coins More Fragged Empire 2nd Edition - Rules Frontier Scum Fucked Up Little Man Get The Briefcase. Getaway! GhastBashers Glorious Battles of Old GOOD NATURE: A Storytelling Game Gran Meccanismo Gunfight GUUN: A one-page cyberpunk RPG that explores our most inane future Happy Medium | A supernatural non-violent RPG Headware Heckin' Good Doggos Herbert's Head HILT // BLADE Hold On (to our memory) Hunter: The Reckoning 5th Edition Roleplaying Game Core Rulebook Impossible Forces In Spoons, In Knives Indomitable Gauls Interdimensional Shenanigans Internal Thoughts - Post Apocalyptic Into the Backrooms and Liminal Spaces Jukebox - A Musical Roleplaying Game Just Gals Being Comrades Justice By The Negra Sombra Kamp Gallowglass Knock Off Mascots Lake's 52 Layag: Voyage to the Outer Islands Legacy of the Cage: The Gauntlet Legacy of the Wyrm Legends of Avallen - Quickstart Guide (FREE PDF) Legends: Story Of... Level 1 2022 Lichdom - A solo RPG about the perilous journey of a sorcerer towards immortality Light Blood Night Lite RPG Lofi Bards (to Study and Relax To) Lords of Chaos Core Rules LORE Core Rules Maintanence of Ships: Mini Ships Malavita - An Italian Crime Story - First Job Many Hands Matryoshka: Cosmic Horror Investigation in the Cold War USSR Maximum Light - An RPG System for the Green Horizon Universe Mazes Fantasy Roleplaying Metroville: The Super Powered Roleplaying Game Midnight Orienteering Mighty Scout Leaders Miners & Makers Miss Addy Ger Rowe’s Camp for Unfortunate Souls (A PocketQuest Game) Monster in: The Summer Camp (Beta) Nefertiti Overdrive Nevermore QuickStart Guide One Eldritch Summer One Heart Two Hands One-Shot RPG System Rules: Dread Quest Fantasy Rules Oops, All Draculas! Operation Espionage: A Game of Spies The Revised Edition -- Agent Handbook Otherworlds Core Rulebook Over War: The Night Comes Down Palaeolithic Voyages Pantheon Paratype Pendragon Quick-Start Pillars Quickstart: Camp Goat Lake Pine Island Pink Stars Pirates! (English version) Pretzels Promethean: Tales of the Stars - Core Psi Camp Punk Ass Sorcerers Fighting The Man Who Is Just Being Kind of a Dick To Them, Like Personally QuestCrawl QuestionCrawl R O U T Rascals REDD Judge Redshift Restless Dead Rock Hoppers Roller Derby Road Trip (PocketQuest 2022) Sacrifice - An Incense & Iron RPG SALOON - Western RPG Saturday Morning Awesome Cartoons (S.M.A.C.) SCAMP Schrecksee Saga Sherwood | A Quickstart RPG of Outlaws and Justice Sick, Weak and Disoriented Sidetracked Shinobi Silver Haired Sentinels: Superheroes in the Retirement Age Simpler RPG Six-Six Psyclops (Tricube Tales One-Page RPG) aka 6.6.Psyclops Sleepless Nights (Core Rulebook) Small Cities Nice Places - Slow Jazz Piano RPG Smog & Steel Solo Dungeon Solo Quest Soul & Survival Sovereign Shield Space Pyrates OSR Special Agency Spirit Camp Spooked, Inc. - Frightfully Scenematic Roleplaying Spooky Town Spoopy Friends: The Ghosts of Milrose Manor Stay Sick! Summer at Camp Roanoke Summer Break on a Broken Lake Summer Camp Mystery Summer Myth Hunt Summer Raiders - A PocketQuest TTRPG Summernatural Super City SUPER! (24XX) Swamp Troll Witch(es) Swords of the Serpentine Swords, Guns, and Magic! Tactical OSR Tales From Dungeons Deep - Basic Rules Tales of Adventure Tales of the Trail Tavern Brew: A GAME of FANTASY COFFEE BREWING Teenage Mutant Dirtbags: A Roleplaying Game The Academy of Mystikhog (Micro RPG Midnight Series) The Bloodlines & Black Magic Roleplaying Game: Quick Start Guide The Book of Fate The Calling The Cops Will Be Here Any Minute! The Couriers The Curse of Fish Man Island (PocketQuest 2022) The Dark After Dawn: Dark Days The David Web The Devil"s Butthole The Dracula at the End of the Lane The Gloom The Goblins Took It! One-Shot The Great Young Ones The Hammer and The Stake: The Full Manifesto (Core Book) The Hard Lessons The Hit List The Jermaverse: An Unofficial Jerma985 TTRPG The Last Night The Loyalist The Midnight World The Prose Life of Sundered Lovers The Queue The Secret Files of Section D The Spider and the City The Trench The Ultimate Adventurers' Guide I There and Hack Again They're Coming to Get You! Things That Go Squeak in the Night Three Stone Stories: Solo Narrative Roleplay Three Wasted Days Through the Looking-Glass TITAN: Mesozoic Torg Eternity - Core Rules Digital Only Set Touched by the Gods - Quickstart Tower of the Soul Tricky Guardians: The Summer Camp War TRIPOD Essence TROLL KEEPERS Troll Summer Trophy Dark Trophy Gold Unfinished: Summer Camp Universal in the Dark Universal in the Dark - Fantasy Upper Hand USMC at Waterloo OSR Vaults of Vaarn: Deluxe Edition Vintage Space War Stories FREE Quickstart Ruleset WasteCrawl Wastelanders Wayfaring Strange (Ashcan Edition) We Deal in Lead We Will Yet Triumph: An Imagination Game Weird Wood (PocketQuest 2022) Welcome to Camp Merlin What happened to Kevin? Everything’s Fine Edition What Lurks Beyond the Cabin Door Witchblood Without Limits - Skeletons Must Die Words of Wisdom World of Urdr Wretched Bastards Quickstart Wretched Bastards Revised Quickstart Wretched Country Quickstart Wretched Époque Quickstart Wretched Space Wretched Space Quickstart Wretchploitation Quickstart Wyrd, Texas You Are A Camp Counselor and Horrible Monsters are Stealing the Children Your New Best Friends ZENITH COMICS PRESENTS: HEROIC THE RPG BETA-PLAYTEST EDITION Zombie WW2 OSR

/Data:Drivers / $6.00
18XX Rail Way / $2.99
1D10 System - System Overview and Mechanics / $0.00
24BLUE / $2.99
A Baking Show That is Both Great and British / $2.99
A Night Just Like This One / $7.00
Academia TITÁN - English version / $0.00
Adventure Scouts / $2.00
After the Accident, a solo journaling game / $5.00
Against the Darkmaster Player's Handbook / $14.95
And the Bodies were Found the Next Morning / $3.99
Anime 5E: System Reference Document (SRD v1.0) / $0.00
Antagonist the RPG / $15.99
Apotheosis: Sci-Fi Edition / $15.00
Argonaut's Odyssey / $15.00
ART Camp (PocketQuest 2022) / $2.50
Asquilla RPG - Core / $15.38
Asquilla RPG - Core FREE / $0.00
Astra Rangers / $2.00
Atomic Hotrod Hovercrafts / $2.00
Beneath the Waters / $1.99
Biblioversum / $10.00
Blades & Spells - An agile, objective and dynamic minimalist RPG (Revised Edition) / $2.99
Bloodclotte / $16.00
Bloodhunt (24XX) / $2.00
Board To Death / $3.00
By String and Song: A Bard-Only TTRPG / $2.00
Camp Artemis / $2.00
Camp B.A.D.Co / $0.99
Camp Bloodbath: 212 SYSTEM / $4.99
Camp Chivalry Roleplaying Handbook / $2.00
Camp Cryptid / $3.00
Camp Hiawassee - The Fae Court War! (PocketQuest 2022) / $1.00
Camp HumansBane / $2.50
Camp Kingdom Come / $4.99
Camp Mayhem / $0.00
Camp S- Cape / $7.16
Camp Sapphire Springs / $2.99
Camp Slaughter / $12.00
Camp Summermourn: A Roleplaying Game of Doomed Campers / $5.00
Camp Whirlybird! / $1.00
Camp Writers' Block / $1.00
CampCorp Survival Manual - Core Rules / $5.47
Campers !?! - in the Sacred Woods / $3.00
Campers & Clues / $0.99
Campers and Cryptids / $2.00
Campfire Club / $2.99
Campfire Stories (PocketQuest 2022) / $1.00
Campfire Story / $3.15
Campthulhu / $2.99
Campthulhu (Accessible Version) / $4.99
Challenge DUNGEON RPG / $0.00
Chickenpimples (PocketQuest 2022) / $2.00
Christian Quest / $4.00
Chrono-Rogue Starter Set Rules / $0.00
Clean Spirit / $9.99
Crank It Up! / $3.00
Crescendo of Violence / $24.50
Crime Doesn't Pay / $2.00
Crypts of Obscurum / $10.00
Crystal Pond / $2.00
Cthulhu Eternal - Age of Revolutions SRD / $0.00
Cyberpunk Noir / $15.00
Cyberpunk RED Easy Mode / $0.00
d12 RPG Basic Edition / $0.00
Dames of Asstoria: A Monster Girl RPG / $20.00
Dark Age of Man PDF / $5.00
Dark Shards - A NycosRPG SysemBook / $5.20
Dark Souls: The Roleplaying Game / $24.99
Darkglass Sojourners / $10.00
Death or Glory micro-rpg / $0.99
Death Row Royale / $1.99
Deathly Thrones Basic / $3.00
Deluxe Oldham Rules / $12.00
Dinosaurs & Man RPG / $1.00
Distress Calls / $2.00
Dream Allies / $2.00
Dream of the Dragon / $0.50
Dweomerdale / $2.00
Enhanced / $2.99
Epic Age - Core Edition / $29.99
Escape From Teddy Bear Island 2nd edition / $1.99
Eternus Quickstart / $0.00
Extinction at Camp Summersaurus / $3.00
Extinction Punk - The Eco RPG powered by the apocalypse / $0.00
Eyes Beyond the Torchlight / $9.99
Factotums (English version) / $4.01
Fallout: The Roleplaying Game Starter Set - PDF / $12.00
Fantastical Followings: Starter Pack (ARTLESS AND UNFORMATTED) / $5.00
Far Horizons Anthology Collection 2 Volume 2 / $15.00
Fear Can't Hurt You (PocketQuest Edition) / $4.99
Fear of the Unknown Quickstart / $0.00
Fey Fire / $15.00
Final Girl Support Group / $1.99
For a Few Gold Coins More / $2.00
Fragged Empire 2nd Edition - Rules / $28.00
Frontier Scum / $9.90
Fucked Up Little Man / $3.00
Get The Briefcase. / $5.00
Getaway! / $5.00
GhastBashers / $12.00
Glorious Battles of Old / $2.90
GOOD NATURE: A Storytelling Game / $4.95
Gran Meccanismo / $24.50
Gunfight / $3.00
GUUN: A one-page cyberpunk RPG that explores our most inane future / $4.99
Happy Medium | A supernatural non-violent RPG / $5.00
Headware / $6.99
Heckin' Good Doggos / $10.00
Herbert's Head / $1.99
HILT // BLADE / $15.00
Hold On (to our memory) / $0.00
Hunter: The Reckoning 5th Edition Roleplaying Game Core Rulebook / $38.50
Impossible Forces / $3.00
In Spoons, In Knives / $4.99
Indomitable Gauls / $2.00
Interdimensional Shenanigans / $5.99
Internal Thoughts - Post Apocalyptic / $2.99
Into the Backrooms and Liminal Spaces / $5.00
Jukebox - A Musical Roleplaying Game / $8.00
Just Gals Being Comrades / $4.00
Justice By The Negra Sombra / $1.02
Kamp Gallowglass / $5.00
Knock Off Mascots / $3.00
Lake's 52 / $1.00
Layag: Voyage to the Outer Islands / $2.00
Legacy of the Cage: The Gauntlet / $9.99
Legacy of the Wyrm / $1.00
Legends of Avallen - Quickstart Guide (FREE PDF) / $0.00
Legends: Story Of... / $5.00
Level 1 2022 / $0.00
Lichdom - A solo RPG about the perilous journey of a sorcerer towards immortality / $10.00
Light Blood Night / $5.00
Lite RPG / $1.03
Lofi Bards (to Study and Relax To) / $8.99
Lords of Chaos Core Rules / $14.99
LORE Core Rules / $6.04
Maintanence of Ships: Mini Ships / $1.00
Malavita - An Italian Crime Story - First Job / $0.00
Many Hands / $5.99
Matryoshka: Cosmic Horror Investigation in the Cold War USSR / $5.00
Maximum Light - An RPG System for the Green Horizon Universe / $3.51
Mazes Fantasy Roleplaying / $16.99
Metroville: The Super Powered Roleplaying Game / $17.88
Midnight Orienteering / $1.95
Mighty Scout Leaders / $7.31
Miners & Makers / $0.50
Miss Addy Ger Rowe’s Camp for Unfortunate Souls (A PocketQuest Game) / $2.99
Monster in: The Summer Camp (Beta) / $0.00
Nefertiti Overdrive / $15.00
Nevermore QuickStart Guide / $0.00
One Eldritch Summer / $7.95
One Heart Two Hands / $2.35
One-Shot RPG System Rules: Dread Quest Fantasy Rules / $5.00
Oops, All Draculas! / $3.75
Operation Espionage: A Game of Spies The Revised Edition -- Agent Handbook / $14.99
Otherworlds Core Rulebook / $19.99
Over War: The Night Comes Down / $5.00
Palaeolithic Voyages / $6.99
Pantheon / $0.00
Paratype / $3.00
Pendragon Quick-Start / $0.00
Pillars Quickstart: Camp Goat Lake / $2.00
Pine Island / $3.00
Pink Stars / $0.00
Pirates! (English version) / $0.00
Pretzels / $2.00
Promethean: Tales of the Stars - Core / $8.55
Psi Camp / $8.00
Punk Ass Sorcerers Fighting The Man Who Is Just Being Kind of a Dick To Them, Like Personally / $3.00
QuestCrawl / $3.00
QuestionCrawl / $0.50
R O U T / $0.00
Rascals / $0.00
REDD Judge / $2.99
Redshift / $15.00
Restless Dead / $10.00
Rock Hoppers / $5.91
Roller Derby Road Trip (PocketQuest 2022) / $1.95
Sacrifice - An Incense & Iron RPG / $10.00
SALOON - Western RPG / $3.99
Saturday Morning Awesome Cartoons (S.M.A.C.) / $2.00
SCAMP / $0.00
Schrecksee Saga / $2.50
Sherwood | A Quickstart RPG of Outlaws and Justice / $2.50
Sick, Weak and Disoriented / $2.50
Sidetracked Shinobi / $3.00
Silver Haired Sentinels: Superheroes in the Retirement Age / $5.00
Simpler RPG / $1.00
Six-Six Psyclops (Tricube Tales One-Page RPG) aka 6.6.Psyclops / $0.50
Sleepless Nights (Core Rulebook) / $19.99
Small Cities Nice Places - Slow Jazz Piano RPG / $2.00
Smog & Steel / $0.00
Solo Dungeon / $3.00
Solo Quest / $2.99
Soul & Survival / $3.00
Sovereign Shield / $2.00
Space Pyrates OSR / $2.00
Special Agency / $4.99
Spirit Camp / $1.00
Spooked, Inc. - Frightfully Scenematic Roleplaying / $7.95
Spooky Town / $2.00
Spoopy Friends: The Ghosts of Milrose Manor / $1.99
Stay Sick! / $2.00
Summer at Camp Roanoke / $10.00
Summer Break on a Broken Lake / $2.00
Summer Camp Mystery / $3.07
Summer Myth Hunt / $2.90
Summer Raiders - A PocketQuest TTRPG / $1.22
Summernatural / $1.00
Super City / $2.00
SUPER! (24XX) / $2.00
Swamp Troll Witch(es) / $6.00
Swords of the Serpentine / $29.95
Swords, Guns, and Magic! / $0.00
Tactical OSR / $1.00
Tales From Dungeons Deep - Basic Rules / $4.99
Tales of Adventure / $2.00
Tales of the Trail / $3.00
Teenage Mutant Dirtbags: A Roleplaying Game / $3.95
The Academy of Mystikhog (Micro RPG Midnight Series) / $6.99
The Bloodlines & Black Magic Roleplaying Game: Quick Start Guide / $0.00
The Book of Fate / $15.00
The Calling / $19.95
The Cops Will Be Here Any Minute! / $5.00
The Couriers / $0.00
The Curse of Fish Man Island (PocketQuest 2022) / $2.00
The Dark After Dawn: Dark Days / $0.00
The David Web / $10.00
The Devil"s Butthole / $2.00
The Dracula at the End of the Lane / $3.75
The Gloom / $4.99
The Goblins Took It! One-Shot / $2.00
The Great Young Ones / $2.00
The Hammer and The Stake: The Full Manifesto (Core Book) / $16.00
The Hard Lessons / $9.50
The Hit List / $5.00
The Jermaverse: An Unofficial Jerma985 TTRPG / $1.00
The Last Night / $2.99
The Loyalist / $0.00
The Midnight World / $29.99
The Prose Life of Sundered Lovers / $5.00
The Queue / $1.00
The Secret Files of Section D / $19.99
The Spider and the City / $10.00
The Trench / $4.99
The Ultimate Adventurers' Guide I / $25.00
There and Hack Again / $9.95
They're Coming to Get You! / $4.50
Things That Go Squeak in the Night / $9.99
Three Stone Stories: Solo Narrative Roleplay / $6.95
Three Wasted Days / $1.00
Through the Looking-Glass / $11.68
TITAN: Mesozoic / $5.00
Torg Eternity - Core Rules Digital Only Set / $2.99
Touched by the Gods - Quickstart / $0.00
Tower of the Soul / $15.00
Tricky Guardians: The Summer Camp War / $0.00
TRIPOD Essence / $7.27
Troll Summer / $1.00
Trophy Dark / $15.00
Trophy Gold / $15.00
Unfinished: Summer Camp / $0.50
Universal in the Dark / $4.00
Universal in the Dark - Fantasy / $3.00
Upper Hand / $7.00
USMC at Waterloo OSR / $1.00
Vaults of Vaarn: Deluxe Edition / $11.90
Vintage Space / $4.99
War Stories FREE Quickstart Ruleset / $0.00
WasteCrawl / $3.00
Wastelanders / $5.00
Wayfaring Strange (Ashcan Edition) / $10.00
We Deal in Lead / $11.68
We Will Yet Triumph: An Imagination Game / $4.50
Weird Wood (PocketQuest 2022) / $2.00
Welcome to Camp Merlin / $4.99
What happened to Kevin? Everything’s Fine Edition / $2.00
What Lurks Beyond the Cabin Door / $5.00
Witchblood / $19.99
Without Limits - Skeletons Must Die / $1.99
Words of Wisdom / $1.49
World of Urdr / $3.33
Wretched Bastards Quickstart / $0.00
Wretched Bastards Revised Quickstart / $0.00
Wretched Country Quickstart / $2.00
Wretched Époque Quickstart / $0.00
Wretched Space / $11.00
Wretched Space Quickstart / $1.50
Wretchploitation Quickstart / $2.00
Wyrd, Texas / $2.00
You Are A Camp Counselor and Horrible Monsters are Stealing the Children / $5.00
Your New Best Friends / $5.00
Zombie WW2 OSR / $1.00

/Data:Drivers September 11, 2022 at 04:35PM
Publisher: Pithy Productions

Have you ever wondered what was happening in your hard drive? Has a file just suddenly disappeared without warning, or an entire folder gotten corrupted?

Instead of wondering, make it an adventure!

/DATA:DRIVERS is a short, zine-sized tabletop RPG where you take the role of programs or files within a hard drive "City," going on adventures to save your home from corruption, viruses, or the errant game.

Inspired by TV series ReBoot and movies including the Tron franchise, enter this virtual world where anything goes!

Using the Binary System, you can use coins or any even-sided dice you have to determine if you succeed at saving the sector or will be thrown into a recycling bin!

18XX Rail Way July 28, 2022 at 01:27AM
Publisher: Deep Light Games

WHAT’S IN THE END OF THE LINE? The relentless advancement of technology cannot be stopped, nor the metal rails that bring it. What else revolves around locomotives and wagons? They don’t want anyone to know their schemes. But you caught a glimpse that something is wrong, it branded you. 

They tried to deal with you and, so far, you managed to escape. At what cost? Only you can uncover this conspiracy. Only you can stop the Followers of the Rail Way.

RAIL WAY is a self-contained lo-fi RPG about a world wide train conspiracy. It's 3 pages and a cover, fitting on two sides of a letter-sized page.

  • Basic rules for play based on the FREE 24XX SRD
  • Rules for creating meddlers, including 6 classes, each with powerful abilities that are kinda ticking bombs
  • Rules for investigation, including 2 modes of play, hard investigation or collaborative creation
  • GMing prompts including 4 organizations, 4 relationship with trains, 4 goals, 4 ways for the showdown, 8 places, 8 resources the conspirators have, 8 contacts and 8 twists

RAIL WAY is the 10th title of the 18XX series. Every game in that series occur roughly at the sime time period., allowing them to be mixed and still be historically accurate! 

18XX Rail Way
1D10 System - System Overview and Mechanics September 28, 2022 at 01:35AM
Publisher: GG Games

Welcome to the 1D10 System by GG Games. This free document provides an overview of the 1D10 System's basic mechanics, rules, and overall benefits.

If you like what you read, perhaps consider checking out our range of RPGs using the 1D10 System.

  • Distant Lands (Fantasy)
  • Wild Frontiers (Western)
  • Galvanic Adventures (Victorian Fantasy and Steampunk)
  • Uncharted Territory (Vintage Pulp and Noir)
  • Beyond Terra (Futuristic, Sci-Fi, and Cyber)
  • Dark Horizons (Post Apocalyptic)
1D10 System - System Overview and Mechanics
24BLUE July 29, 2022 at 12:05PM
Publisher: Deep Light Games

24BLUE is a minimalist role-playing game based on the 24XX system by Jason Tocci. 

It is classless, setting flexible and light.

This was born when I wanted to run more OSR adventures with less rules and work.

You can use it in any setting you like or even create your own using tables in the game.

Adapting from other systems using the guidelines requires little effort.

Easy to adapt to one-shots and campaigns.

The rules are split in 4 quarters of a page: 

  • A quarter regarding general rules of play
  • A quarter for character generation and advancement
  • A quarter for GM guidance 
  • A quarter for adapting creatures, traps and items from other systems

At the back, tables for:

  • Setting creation (12 bases, 12 twists)
  • Adventure (10 missions, 10 places, 10 subplaces, 10 traps)
  • Items (10 basis, 10 twists, 20 descriptions
  • Enemies (12 basis, 12 twists, 12 abilities, 12 abilities twist)

This rules are mostly compatible with any other 24XX hack, including mine and from a lot of folks!

A Baking Show That is Both Great and British July 07, 2022 at 04:31PM
Publisher: Madeline Frank

A Baking Show that is both Great and British is a one page RPG based on the hit reality show with a similar but legally distinct name. Additionally, the game is adapted from an episode of "Table Pop", an actual play show by Dorkley. 

This is a one page RPG - the second page of the PDF consists of tools and notes for the GM to help them get a game up and running in only a few minutes. This is also a very silly, rules light game. So get some delicious baked goods, a few d20s to go around, and go have fun!

A Baking Show That is Both Great and British
A Night Just Like This One July 28, 2022 at 04:01PM
Publisher: Jackson Adams RPG

Howdy campers! It looks like we’re going to have some wonderful weather for the last day of the season here at Camp Blüdbarrow! You know what that means! It’s one last day of fun, friendship and stealing a moment all to yourself with that special someone! Just so you know, today marks 30 years from that horrible rampage that left 14 camp counselors and staff … well, you know. Best not to think about that. Instead, let’s have some fun! 

Please don’t go into the woods. And if you see, y’know, that thing, tell your nearest camp counselor.

And pray.

A Night Just Like This One is a one-shot camp-slasher-storytelling game, part of Pocket Quest 2022. In A Night Just Like This One, players create a summer camp and an urban legend, and desperately try to survive the nightmare of their own creation. Take on the role of Staff Members or The Shadow In The Woods and see if you can survive one horrifying summer night.

Play in A Night Just Like This One is inspired by '80s slasher horror films, as well as the camp comedies of the '70s and modern parodies. The game includes instructions on how to tune the tone to a variety of ages and comfort-levels for horror. The game offers an opportunity to create a new camp, new staff members and new monsters for each new session, as well as creating a series of linked stories, like sequels to a horror-hit blossoming into a gore-soaked slasher franchise! 

A Night Just Like This One
Academia TITÁN - English version September 19, 2022 at 09:31PM
Publisher: Other Selves

"Welcome to Academia TITÁN.
The place where we train the next protectors for all humankind."

Academia TITÁN is a student drama game set in a high school where students are trained to become pilots of the largest and most powerful known mecha: the Titans.

Self-defined as a High School Mecha Panic RPG, an Academia TITÁN game focuses more on the students' relationships with each other, and how they try to get through the course and deal with their personal dilemmas, than on the mecha combat itself. However, this theme is present in the background, and deeply sets the tone of each game.

Academia TITÁN is a storytelling game where interpretation and narration take precedence. It relies lightly on the PbtA (Powered by the Apocalypsesystem created by Vincent Baker. This allows, among other things, to start playing without preparation, and to ensure that the game runs along interesting paths for all participants as it makes everyone participate in it, from the creation of the world to the rhythm of the scenes.

The downloads include:

- Rulesbook, with all you need to build a setting and explanations of the structure of the game.

- Character sheets, personal diary for relationships and booklets for the 8 available student roles:

  • The heiress
  • The spoiled brat
  • The model student
  • The academy champion
  • The bookworm
  • The popular kid
  • The faithful friend
  • Th exchange student

- Game assets:

  • NPC sheet
  • Training team
  • Term scenes resolution
  • Mission resolution summary
  • Term scenes summary
  • First impressions matrix
Academia TITÁN - English version
Adventure Scouts August 01, 2022 at 08:58PM
Publisher: Bright Idea Games

Adventure Scouts

Where today’s youth become tomorrow’s heroes!

Adventure Scouts is a rules light RPG where players take the roles of youth learning the ropes of being an adventurer in a safe environment. Join a party! Come to Camp Owlbear! Earn Adventure Patches! And at the end of two weeks, enter the Cave of Chaos!

Adventure Scouts
After the Accident, a solo journaling game September 02, 2022 at 08:48AM
Publisher: Gulix

A journaling game

After the accident is a journaling game. Through a draw of questions and prompts, you will build a story. This experience has been designed to be a solitary one, but you can do it in a group, in the form of a brainstorming, an ewquisite corpse or whatever...

You will write a story as a journal. This journal is written by a person who is alone somewhere after an accident. The details of this place and of the accident remain deliberately vague so that everyone can treat them in an environment that suits them: realistic, funny, horrific, fantastic...

A role-playing game

After the accident is a role-playing game. However, its structure is far from the traditional role-playing games. You will interpret the role of a survivor, live their story following the directions provided by the cards, but also sometimes by your own decisions. There is no victory at the end of this game. There is no challenge to overcome. It is simply a matter of telling a story, good if possible.

A card game

After the accident is a card game. You'll need a standard 52-cards deck to play.

You draw card and then refer to the corresponding prompts in the booklet.

A game to extend

This game is also my way to present you the "Following the LEADS" system, which is available through a SRD. Use this system to write your own games, to tell other stories. I know I will !

After the Accident, a solo journaling game
Against the Darkmaster Player's Handbook August 08, 2022 at 02:39PM
Publisher: Open Ended Games, Inc.

What makes a hero? Is it destiny? The unwavering determination to stand up for all that is good? The audacity of doing the impossible? Or just the tales bards weave to captivate their audience?

Whatever you think the correct answer is, in this Player's Handbook you'll find everything you need to create your hero and join the fight Against the Darkmaster. We’ve collected all the player-facing rules in the Against the Darkmaster Core Rules and the spells in the Grimoire to give you a book that would be easier to carry around and reference during play.

In other words, you can think of this Player’s Handbook as your trusty backpack, containing just what you need to venture forth in a world of high adventure. 


  • Character creation rules
  • Adventuring and Traveling rules
  • Tactical combat and brutal Critical Strikes
  • Flexible magic system with over 300 spells


Against the Darkmaster Player's Handbook
And the Bodies were Found the Next Morning July 30, 2022 at 01:42PM
Publisher: Larcenous Designs, LLC

Welcome to Camp Wosname!

LD Logo Banner

Welcome, Counselors! We hope you’ll have a FUN and SAFE summer here at Camp Wosname! This welcome packet includes instructions for getting to know each other, and also learning a little about the TOTALLY not-real and in no way life threatening spooky history of our great Camp!

Once you get acquainted, the kids will arrive and the next four weeks will pass in a BLUR (or a montage?), and then you can have a fun last night together!

Tell the Gruesome Tale

Created for the 2022 PocketQuest "Summer Camp" Game Jam, And the Bodies were Found the Next Morning is a solo or cooperative roleplaying game designed for 1-3 players and no Game Master.

Recount the story of six unfortunate camp counselors on their last night before going home. The kids have all left and the counselors are set to enjoy their last night together when something starts hunting them. Killing them. Will anyone survive?

In a bit longer than it takes to watch one, write (and maybe roleplay in) a teen slasher film. Using this packet, a standard deck of playing cards, and a journal, you and up to two friends will create a monster, a group of desperate teens, and a gruesome tale of horror.

You Will Need
1. This packet (ideally, printed double-sided on three pieces of 8.5"x11" paper)
2. A deck of playing cards (Jokers removed).
3. Something to write in.
4. The morbid desire to write or roleplay the horrific deaths of fictional teens. 

Image of the starter text from above, plus the folding instructions for the printed packet.

LD Logo

And the Bodies were Found the Next Morning
Anime 5E: System Reference Document (SRD v1.0) July 21, 2022 at 12:52PM
Publisher: Dyskami Publishing Company

This is the 80,000+ word System Reference Document (SRD) RTF for Anime 5E: Fifth Edition Fantasy Role-Playing Adventures, released under the Open Game License.


In the myriad realms of imagination, there are many dungeons to explore, dragons to tame, and paths to find.

Anime 5E helps you unlock the realms of fantasy to experience them all.

Welcome to Anime 5E – the fantasy role-playing game for all your anime and manga adventures, which builds upon the Fifth Edition rules of “the world’s most popular storytelling game”. This stand-alone role-playing game brings a point-based balance to the standard Fifth Edition offerings, and then layers a wide selection of new races, classes, skills, features, powers, game mechanics, and combat options on top of this foundation. Anime 5E is the beginning of a journey, so hold on tight as we welcome you to your next great fantasy adventure!

Anime 5E: System Reference Document (SRD v1.0)
Antagonist the RPG August 15, 2022 at 07:18PM
Publisher: James Summerton

Antagonist is the core rule book for a role playing game in which players take on the roles of morally gray characters of notable import embedded within an aggressively expansionistic empire. Staples of the sword and sorcery genre share the stage with big picture political and economic conflict, with the game going even so far as providing combat systems for social and economic warfare. This expands the gamut of available characters, allowing merchant princes and courtiers to work in groups with warriors and wizards towards a common goal.

Antagonist the RPG
Apotheosis: Sci-Fi Edition August 14, 2022 at 03:26PM
Publisher: Apotheosis

Apotheosis: Sci-Fi Edition is a tabletop roleplaying game with a Sci-Fi setting. While the Apotheosis: Sci-FI Edition is a full, standalone ruleset, it is also designed to be fully compatible with the original rules, allowing for games to mix and match sci-fi and fantasy elements easily and create games with hybrid settings!
All editions of Apotheosis are designed to foster player and GM creativity and create intense and memorable games! This is done through the extreme flexibility of the Apotheosis system as well as its cinematic combat rules that create high-stakes situations that encourage player problem solving and collaboration. With 10 playable species and well over 500,000 truly unique character builds, Apotheosis is designed to feel fresh and exciting even for veteran players.

For more information about the gameplay of Apotheosis and how it differs from other tabletop roleplaying games check out our website ApotheosisRPG.com or check us out on social media @ApotheosisTRPG where we post updates about new content and the game's future development!

Apotheosis: Sci-Fi Edition
Argonaut's Odyssey September 01, 2022 at 08:03PM
Publisher: Satyr Play Productions

Argonauts’ Odyssey is a role-playing game based on the timeless tales of Greek Mythology. When one thinks of Greek Mythology, many things come to mind: Mighty heroes battling horrible monsters, powerful gods aiding those they favor and unleashing all forms of havoc on those that offend them, winged horses, one-eyed giants, and wondrous magical treasures. In the game, characters will perform dificult labors and face many challenges. They will possess great talents and abilities to help them along, but will have to appeal to the gods for assistance as well. But don’t worry: you don’t need to be an expert in Mythology to enjoy the game -- everything you need is contained in this book.

Argonaut's Odyssey
ART Camp (PocketQuest 2022) August 01, 2022 at 04:12PM
Publisher: Desert Dragon Games


Summer camp ghost stories have been blown way out of proportion. In truth, ghosts are a friendly and neighborly bunch who have received a bad rap. All they need is a little guidance to avoid giving the living the heebie-jeebies.

Take on the persona of a spectral Afterlife Retreat Team (ART) Camp counselor. Participants in ART Camp elect to attend, hoping to acquire skills and strategies to effectively express their charitable and friendly natures without spooking any living mortals they associate with.

Join Festus, Frumpus, and an eclectic group of spooks as you guide a team of ghosts through a series of camp challenges and activities. Will you coach your team to victory or spend your time putting out literal and figurative fires?

ART Camp is held at corresponding times and venues with summer camps for living pre-teens. No better place to practice and compete than in live situations involving emotionally unstable adolescents. Because nothing could ever go wrong when you mix ghosts with summer camp youth, can it?

ART Camp is a PocketQuest 2022 challenge submission and uses a pool of standard six-sided dice to resolve Tests.


ART Camp (PocketQuest 2022)
Asquilla RPG - Core August 15, 2022 at 03:20PM
Publisher: Kris Geusens

Asquilla RPG - Core is a new fantasy roleplaying game with a splash of steampunk/technology.

To celebrate the 100th download of the free version. I'm releasing the full version in Early Access (more on that a bit later on).

When adventuring with Asquilla RPG, you'll start your adventure as a commoner and slowly grow more powerfull by actively using a set of 50 Skills. These Skills are spread out across: Armour, Weapons, Magic, Crafting, Field, Gathering and Social Skills. As you Rank Up your Skills, you'll unlock Abilities and Spell Effects. Which you can then utilize in and out of combat to further your own agenda.

The Wound system (we're not using Hit Points) combined with Explosive Dice allows for simple yet deadly combat. You'll quickly realize just how deadly combat is.

When you've reached Expert Rank in certain Skills, you can get into Specializations, a secondary leveling system to further specialize your character.

This book includes:

  • A detailed character creation system
  • 9 Races
  • 50 Skills
  • 30 Specializations (including 5 Cores for the Warforged (yes someone pointed out that they're too close to DnD, so I need to rename them))
  • Downtime Activities (including but not limited to building your own city)
  • A Storyteller Section with lore, optional systems and treasure, so much treasure
  • And finally Creatures, from an angry featherless chicken to a god-like dragon.

"Becoming a Legend is no easy task
and no Legend lives forever"

- Ruby Enys, Guardian of the Light Realm -


While this system is light on rules to resolve obstacles (in my honest opinion), it plays slower than other RPGs. This is due to the number of intertwining systems you need to learn.

Early Access


Getting a 100 downloads in less than a month, to me, is a frigging miracle exceeding my wildest dreams.

The State of the Game?

All main systems (Stats, Combat, Using Skills, Abilities and Magic) are in this book and work as intended (or I missed something). I just need to add more of it (mostly crafting recipes, and spells), get art in and add flavour to what's already in there.

How long will it be in Early Access?

I have no idea. I've worked more than 2 years to get to this point by being the solo designer/writer. I've got a loving girlfriend, 2 kids, full-time job as a postman, self-employed as a pro-DM and Tech-support for the elderly and people in general who want to learn more about tech.

What do we get for buying the book in it's current state?

You will get the book at a lower price point and the opportunity to provide feedback and possible make meaningful changes for the betterment of the system. As more content gets added to the book, the price will slowly go up until it has reached its full price of €30.

When will you consider the book to be finished?

When all the art is in there (and that's going to be a lot, even if it will only be black and white), all the place-holder text has been filled in and I feel like there's enough treasure and creatures in there.

What will happen after this book is released?

Well, I'm already working a bit on the next one called "The Shadow Realm" which will include new races, creatures and treasure. It takes place in another dimension (that you can "freely" visit) which holds a shattered version of Asquilla.

Join the discord server: https://discord.gg/9cFk2GuKQC

Asquilla RPG - Core
Asquilla RPG - Core FREE July 18, 2022 at 11:49PM
Publisher: Kris Geusens

Asquilla RPG - Core FREE is the 100% free introduction to a new tabletop roleplaying system. 

This book contains all rules to start playing this new and exciting RPG system. Compared to the full-edition that is still a work in progress, you'll receive (currently) 56% of the entire content.

Asquilla RPG - Core FREE
Astra Rangers August 02, 2022 at 03:35PM
Publisher: Electricsoma Publishing

Astra Rangers was created as part of the 2022 Pocket Quest design jam. The theme was Summer Camp - so we look back to the summer camps of the mid-1950's where a group of sci-fi loving teens are about to turn the world of storytelling on its head by inventing the role playing game.

Of course this never happened, but if it did this is an interpretation of what it could have looked like in all its poorly illustrated and mimeographed glory.  So join Mikey, Joel, and Kevin as they tell the stories of the Astra Rangers and the crew of the USS Odyessy on its return journey from the big war. 

Print the first 20 pages to get the full booklet as an artifact. 

Astra Rangers
Atomic Hotrod Hovercrafts August 29, 2022 at 09:35PM
Publisher: The Great Lakes Game Library

Take to the streets of Earth, Mars, and the Moon in a fast-paced racing game that's part push-your-luck strategy and part sneaky role-playing game.  Built for groups of 5 to 11, players use decks of cards to represent customized hovercrafts as they race for glory.  The game is also designed for asynchronous play!  Meaning players can play on their own time.

Along with these rules and a track made from a 25x25 grid, each player will need at least 1 or 2 decks of playing cards, a token for tracking their hovercraft, and a player sheet.

Ladies and gentlemen, start your reactors!

Atomic Hotrod Hovercrafts
Beneath the Waters July 11, 2022 at 10:36PM
Publisher: Soultaker Studios

Beneath the Waters

There's something going on in the town of Minsk. A series of drownings have taken place at Lake Narach, near Camp Bogatyr. All the victims were teengage boys. The Police have no clue who is responsible. The camp counselors won't talk about it. So what are you going to do about it?

Beneath the Waters is a game about Weird events occuring near a summer camp outside a small town. It uses the Breathless System by Fari RPGS.

We are happy to be a part of DriveThruRPG’s first-ever game design jam! PocketQuest challenges you to design a themed, pocket-size TTRPG in two months! Join us in celebrating all things PocketQuest in August, including featured submissions on the DriveThruRPG front page, newsletters, and social media pages. Pocketquest 2022’s theme is SUMMER CAMP and we hope you enjoy our small product celebrating this exciting theme! 

PocketQuest Logo

Beneath the Waters
Biblioversum July 05, 2022 at 04:42PM
Publisher: XVgames

The Biblioversum is the intricate web of Biblioverses, literary worlds born when their book is written. You become a Bibliomancer: a reader that developed a bond so deep with books to gain the ability to travel between their Biblioverses and summon elements of one into another. 

A diceless, masterless narrative game for people who like to read, where you use your books and comics as a game tool: you actually have to read them during play to create the story and summon your powers!

Easy to learn system based on exploring books and spending bookmarks to solve situations. Ideal for beginners as much as for experienced players. No preparation needed, only books. 

Blades & Spells - An agile, objective and dynamic minimalist RPG (Revised Edition) July 08, 2022 at 08:40PM
Publisher: Stefan Costa

Blades & Spells is an agile, objective and dynamic minmalist RPG that pays homage to the classic tales of Sword & Sorecery literature, combined with a set of simple and intuitive rules that allow quick games or great sagas told to the players taste, as well as the create own fiction worlds , all in pamphlet format.

Powered by Basic Universal System (B.U.S.), an extremely simple, flexible and adaptable rule system for a wide variety of different settings. B&S is a game accessible to everyone, depending only on six-sided dice (the famous d6) and the imagination of the Storyteller and the Players.

Witch the character creation free of classic restrictions such "Classes", "Races" or "Levels", Blades & Spells has a fast and deadly combat system , as well as flexible and challenging magic system, where story and creativity predominate. Here it is the Player and not the Character Sheet that is challenged during adventures.

Gather your friends, create your own adventure setting and defy danger and supernatural in search of treasures, fame and glory.

Blades & Spells - An agile, objective and dynamic minimalist RPG (Revised Edition)
Bloodclotte August 02, 2022 at 04:32PM
Publisher: Nick Duff

Bloodclotte is a tabletop RPG about doctors in a world of Gothic horror, where alchemy, reanimation and medical astronomy are used to save lives every day. Player characters work in a war hospital settled inside an abandoned castle, treating the soldier and civilian casualties of a continent in violent chaos. As patients develop unusual symptoms, the war unfolds, supply lines falter, and morale breaks down, the doctors must work together to keep the hospital from being overwhelmed.

The Quickstart Edition of Bloodclotte contains the core rules, five Classes, five Callings, advice for setting up your own hospital, and the starting adventure War Drums Like HeartbeatsBloodclotte uses the Sparked by Resistance system by Rowan, Rook & Decard, as made popular by games such as Spire and Heart. 

The Quickstart Classes are:

  • DEATH PRIEST - clerics and faith healers who bring themselves close to death to control the life forces of the dying. 
  • IATROMATH - spiritual advisers who study astrological signs and planetary movements to seek guidance on curing patients.
  • METAPHYSICIAN - doctors who agreed to be neuroscience test subjects to pay their way through medical school and now have a strange connection to an alternate nightmare dimension.
  • SAWBONES - surgeons who have learned to graft the body parts of others onto their own body, expanding their own physical abilities.
  • YELLOW CHEMIST - traditional alchemists who use the sulfur from their bodies as an elemental base to transform minerals and quickly grow herbs for potions. 

Bloodclotte has a unique Patient Card system that requires you to find and create resources to overcome the Clot Boxes that are keeping the patient from recovering. Player progression comes from helping your patients through their darkest times and completing personal goals known as Beats that relate to your personal reasons for working at the war hospital.

The full release of the game will have more classes, more art, and expanded setting details with illnesses, injuries, and war events in the surrounding regions that impact the hospital.

Bloodhunt (24XX) September 03, 2022 at 08:09PM
Publisher: Smokebomb

The Blackest of nights is upon us, dear Hunter...

Bloodhunt is a rules-lite tabletop role-playing game made with the incredibly accessible 24XX system by Jason Tocci.

In this grim gothic setting, players take on the mantle of hunters who wield powerful weapons and dangerous witchcraft to hunt down the nightmarish monsters that threaten our very reality.

The Bloodhunt PDF includes...

  • Rules for play 
  • Instructions for creating brave Hunters
  • Tables for generating deadly Weapons and eldritch Spells
  • Tables for creating nightmarish Monsters to hunt
  • Locations, Equipment, Additional Threats and MORE!

This product also includes a printer friendly Black & White PDF.

Bloodhunt (24XX)
Board To Death July 20, 2022 at 03:09PM
Publisher: Rowan, Rook & Decard

BOARD TO DEATH is a one-page roleplaying game about being trapped in a board game (any board game! Pick one!) and having to fight your way out to escape before you’re murdered by the malevolent inhabitants.

Board To Death
BOONDOCK CARTOMANCY August 25, 2022 at 08:29PM
Publisher: Hookline&sinker

The consequences of westward expansion rear their head. Desolate, inhospitable, and unpredictable - the Outbacks are a ravaged desert, a wild tundra, an ancient tomb. Host to a plethora of unknown variables and formed from the corpses of failure, it’s a hotbed for the lawless, the corrupt, and the lost. Conditions for growing a corporate empire couldn’t be more ideal.

BOONDOCK CARTOMANCY is a tabletop roleplaying game about personal growth in a cruel and inhospitable wasteland, backlit with Western cowboys wielding powerful and unpredictable magic. It’s a game about reflecting upon the world and systems of exploitation we live in, and using ancient spells to blow up a caravan of criminals in a climactic shootout. It’s a game about interfacing with the human condition, and feeling cool as shit while doing it.

YOU ARE A BROKER - a vital cog in the lifeless machine. Walk into the wasteland, far from civilization and over the corpses of your failed peers, and do the dirty work that must be done for those who lack the nerve to do it themselves. Or don’t - make your own call.

BE SPECIFIC IN NATURE with a classless, stat-minimal character & action system that reinforces creative roleplay rather than a strict mathematics game. Nothing’s set in stone - including your moral compass.

WIELD STRANGE MAGIC to bend minds and matter alike with cartomancy, a roleplay-centric soft magic system that makes you feel like a skilled wizard rather than a number-crunching accountant. Make the Outbacks your realm of conquest.

EXPLORE YOUR WAY with an open-ended campaign framework that lets your party call the shots and build the world as you play, rather than following a preset path laid out prior. Give your GM a break with less planning, and more playing.

PROBE THE HUMAN CONDITION in a world full of non-player characters, who drive every facet of conflict and force your party to think before they act. Is violence always the best option?

Kick-start your frontier adventures with three preset campaigns:

  • ATAXIAN SILVER - Stop the spread of an anomalous metal that spreads neurological diseases to those who handle it. Includes a unique game mechanic.
  • THE CARSON BUTCHER - Uncover a serial killer striking fear into a company town.
  • DOPPELGÄNGER - Convince a traveling royal to return home - if you can figure out who the real one is.

Boondock Cartomancy requires 2-6 players and 1 referee. Gameplay is casual, fiction-first, and relies on play as a conversation rather than as a strict, turn-based system.

By String and Song: A Bard-Only TTRPG September 09, 2022 at 10:31PM
Publisher: Ethan H. Reynolds

Your words are stone, and your songs are steel…

Introducing By String and Song, a one-page bard-only tabletop roleplaying game! Create a character in under 2 minutes and begin an adventure!

Being one page and by utilizing a simple d20-only system, this game can be enjoyed by both TTRPG vets and newbies alike!

Start your adventure in the land of Bardia today!

By String and Song: A Bard-Only TTRPG
Camp Artemis July 27, 2022 at 04:13PM
Publisher: Simple Times Studios

Camp Artemis is a submission for PocketQuest 2022 DrivethruRPG's "summer camp" game jam.  Players are cast into the role of human teenagers (ages 14 to 16) attending summer camp on the planet Artemis III, one of several youth camps maintained by the Sol Federation in the year 2136 AD.
While Artemis III is a temperate Earth-like world that has been declared safe, it still holds plenty of excitement for adventurous youths.

Camp Artemis
Camp B.A.D.Co July 15, 2022 at 10:22PM
Publisher: Black Guard Press

Spend your summer at Camp B.A.D.Co - proven to have an "acceptable" number of deaths and injuries by several investigatory agencies!  

Ready to go off to college but not sure what you’re going to do afterwards?

Have you ever considered a career with Bold AeroDynamics Company (the world’s leading manufacturer of after market fins, fenders and spoilers for bicycles, scooters and skateboards.)
Sign up for Camp B.A.D.Co. To learn more about business, our company and just maybe…yourself.

Grab your hiking boots, bug spray, tetanus shot and come on down. It’ll look great on your college applications and you might even win an internship at B.A.D.Co.

Camp B.A.D.Co uses and includes a subset of Non-Essential Personnel (also available on DriveThruRPG,) where characters are cheap and death is entertaining.

A PocketQuest 2022 Product.

Camp B.A.D.Co
Camp Bloodbath: 212 SYSTEM September 02, 2022 at 02:25PM
Publisher: Micro RPG

Welcome to GamExploitation, a series of grim horror role-playing games with ultra-simple rules.

Each entry in the series focuses on a different inspiration from 70s and 80s horror, sci-fi, and exploitation cinema. CAMP BLOODBATH focuses on summer camp-themed slashers of the 80s.

Each book acts as a stand-alone game meant for super simplistic and fast “pick-up-and-go” gameplay. You should be able to make characters and get playing all in under an hour. All you need to play is a set of polyhedral dice—including D4, D6, D8, D10, TWO D12 (the main dice used for all rolls in the game) and a D20.

Camp Bloodbath: 212 SYSTEM
Camp Chivalry Roleplaying Handbook July 28, 2022 at 03:46PM
Publisher: Aquarian Games

Welcome to Camp Chivalry, where you and your friends will be spending your summer. You’ll learn everything it means to be a knight; from caring for armor, to proper etiquette, and even how to wield weapons! Don’t worry, it’s not all serious, there will be plenty of time for fun and games too!

Every roll is made with two six-sided dice (2d6), but with a unique twist. Rather than add the results together, you subtract the smaller number from the larger one and try get a 1 or lower. This method is referred to as a Delta-6 (or Δ6) roll. Your Attributes range from 0 to 5 and are also subtracted from the roll, giving you a range of +5 to -5 as possible results.

Hopefully this sounds fun! I wanted to mix my experience attending and working at Boy Scout and YMCA summer camps with my love of the medieval fantasy genre and turn it into something entertaining, unique, and of course playable. This might be a trip down memory lane or an entirely new experience for you and your friends, but either way I hope you enjoy reading and playing Camp Chivalry as much as I enjoyed creating it for PocketQuest 2022!

Badges Earned for PocketQuest 2022

Camp Chivalry Roleplaying Handbook
Camp Cryptid July 29, 2022 at 07:45PM
Publisher: Starshine

Camp Cryptid Logo

Camp Ruby Lake is the most highly-reviewed Summer camp in the country! Just… not by people. 

The summer retreat is actually the favorite of Cryptids. Every year, hundreds of Cryptids from all around descend on Ruby Lake to torment human campers and cause chaos. 

Because of this, Ruby Lake has become infamous. Not a year goes by without the camp appearing in the news due to some strange event. From mysterious disappearances to unconfirmed monster sightings, if there is a weird occurrence in the area, it will link back to Ruby Lake. 

However, despite this slew of strange events, the cryptids that visit the site have been mostly unbothered. Most reports are ignored, with the local police presuming all of the incidents are merely overly-imaginative kids or teens pulling dumb pranks. 

It was a heaven for cryptids who wanted to blow off steam.

But, nothing can last forever. 

The local government is getting tired of the negative headlines. It's tired of getting complaints from parents and counselors, and it's even more tired of getting calls from obnoxious Internet mystery bloggers, all of whom are desperate to learn the truth about what they saw lurking around the camp.

The mayor has finally had enough. They're sending a load of government officials to Ruby Lake camp with a simple goal:  investigate the camp from top to bottom and decide if it's best to keep the camp open, or if it should be knocked down to make way for a new gated community. 

Thankfully, the word’s gotten out before the investigators arrive, allowing Ruby Lake's cryptids to decide on a plan of action! 

They've grabbed any spare clothing they can find and have disguised themselves as campers and camp counselors. They aim to find a way to get rid of the investigators or convince them that the camp should stay open! 

Cabin with a person hiding in it

Camp Cryptid is a rules-lite storytelling game that flips the script on classic '80s horror tropes. It focuses on a group of Cryptids trying to save their favorite summer camp. Each player takes control of a Cryptid that has disguised themselves as one of the camp's staff as they attempt to maintain their disguise and pull off their plan. 

The game revolves around a Jenga tower. Players will need to manage this tower carefully, as while you need to pull blocks to use your special abilities, bad things happen when the tower falls. And if the tower keeps falling, your cryptids will begin to succumb to stress, and their disguise may slip. 

However, to guarantee that your plans go off without a hitch, players have several abilities at their disposal. Not only can they use their special cryptid powers, but they can also leverage secrets they've learned to get NPCs and other players to help them out or do what they need. But beware, if people learn your secrets, they can turn them against you! 

Strange Lake with a person coming out of it

The game comes with 7 Cryptids, including Vampires, Night Clowns, and Vengeful Ghosts. But it is also super-easy to make your own Cryptids, allowing you to play as your favorite horror monster! 

This game was made for PocketQuest 2022! 

Camp Cryptid
Camp Hiawassee - The Fae Court War! (PocketQuest 2022) August 02, 2022 at 04:20PM
Publisher: RIAH Publishing

Camp Hiawassee - The Fae Court War!

Summer camp is a time for friends, fun, and frivolity.

But this camp is ground zero for a war between the Seelie and Unseelie Courts.

Will you choose a side and fight for one or the other? Will you fight against both courts?

This setting uses the D6 Oracle system, a minimalist rule-light system that focuses on telling a story without the rules getting in the way.

Camp Hiawassee - The Fae Court War! (PocketQuest 2022)
Camp HumansBane August 01, 2022 at 07:05PM
Publisher: Duoverse Games

Welcome to Camp HumansBane

A narrative-driven RPG for all ages! Play as young monsters of all types as they explore camp and solve mysteries together at the summer camp to define a monster’s childhood. Build simple characters with mechanical depth, and play as monsters from all backgrounds and mythologies. Take on the role of a Counselor and lead your group in their activities, taking them from station to station, and letting the mystery unfurl before their very eyes. Take advantage of a series of mystery and NPC generating tools to help make game mastering a breeze. Spend your summer at Camp HumansBane, and make memories that will last a lifetime!

Camp HumansBane
Camp Kingdom Come July 29, 2022 at 04:24AM
Publisher: WatcherDM

It's The End of the World As We Know It! Where Are You Hiding The GORP!?

Camp Kingdom Come is a rules-light roleplaying game where players play the roles of Bible Camp Counselors during the Apocalypse. They must shepherd a group of unruly Campers through various tribulations - at least until their parents pick them up on Sunday night.

Although the game presented here is focused on a bible camp and a biblical apocalypse, Game Masters are encouraged to use the system presented for any type of camp and any type of apocalypse.

Includes Camp Counselor / Cabin Roster Sheet.

Content Warning: this game contains religion, serial killers, lake monsters, arsonists, violence, death, satire, and kale. There are children involved in practically every scene. As written, it is not for every table.

Camp Kingdom Come
Camp Mayhem August 01, 2022 at 05:10PM
Publisher: Lars Christiansen

Entering the PocketQuest 2022 Game Jam, here comes Camp Mayhem!

Camp Mayhem is a short but sweet rpg system that revolves around the legendary exploits of kids in summer camp. Each Camper is a different blend of talents and ambitions, ranging from terrifying bullies and elusive teacher pets to the kid eating dirt behind the toilets. The camp consists of all kinds of characters and special deals between Campers happen in the camp's seedy underbelly...

Camp Mayhem
Camp S- Cape August 02, 2022 at 04:02PM
Publisher: Rogues Prorogued

Camp S- Cape is a narratively-focused horror tabletop roleplaying game, designed for up to 5 players and a Storyteller.
This book contains the rules for the game, ideas for horror camps, and some tips on how to bring your game session to life!

Camp S- Cape
Camp Sapphire Springs August 01, 2022 at 01:22PM
Publisher: Cubicle 7 Entertainment Ltd.

It's summertime at Camp Sapphire Springs, with friends new and old, archery, boat races, camping and forest adventures aplenty. Sure, that weird old man screamed at you about Fishmen and Ghosts, but he was clearly crazy. The power might have gone out once it got dark too, but I’m sure that’ll get fixed soon too. Come to think of it, it’s been over an hour or two since your friend went outside to check what that scraping noise was. Maybe you should go out and check if he’s okay? You’re not afraid of the dark, are you?

Welcome to Camp Sapphire Springs, a tongue-in-cheek horror themed tabletop role playing game, designed and created by the Cubicle 7 2022 Summer Intern Team for Drive Thru RPG: Pocket Quest 2022, which aims to emulate the B-movie slasher flicks of the 90s. Take control of a class of clueless teenagers (inexplicably played by actors in their late 20s) as they are whittled down one-by-one by the gruesome attacks of a hideous monster! Get ready to embrace the tropes that come with the genre — deny the monster’s existence, run off into the forest alone, split up to look for clues, and gasp with glee as your happy campers die in spectacular fashion!

Only one question remains, will you survive to see the credits roll?

Camp Sapphire Springs
Camp Slaughter July 28, 2022 at 07:42PM
Publisher: Raising The Game

Camp Slaughter was made for the PocketQuest 2022 Game Jam, right here on DriveThruRPG.
Any sales of the Game Jam 20-Page Version will, as well as supporting charitable causes, be automatically updated to the expanded version and any additional content as soon as it is available. 


Lighting flashes through the wilderness, illuminating four shivering teenagers under the sloped canopy of the burnt-out rangers hut. They thought this would be their last adventure before college, exploring the old Summer Camp where all those kids vanished...

They had no idea how right they were.

Welcome to Camp Slaughter, an inclusive, investigative horror RPG for 2-5 (un)happy campers and 1 aspiring horror movie director to be played over 1-3 sessions.

Camp Slaughter was created for PocketQuest 2022 by Raising the Game, a group of Charity fundraisers and game designers/streamers to embrace their love of cult horror tropes. Written to be inclusive for everyone, Camp Slaughter hopes to embrace the feel of the classic 80s and 90s horror/monster films while avoiding the tropes which, in hindsight, can be exclusionary and problematic. 


- 18 Character Classes (In 6 beautifully illustrated Archetypes, like the Nerd and the Athlete)

- Deep Replayability with tips on how to create or adapt your own Summer Camps and Monsters

- Rules-Lite, Narrative-Heavy system places the story over the rules to create memorable, dramatic moments while being easy to learn for players and GMs alike.

- Play the game your way! Suiting every playstyle from Scooby Doo to Stranger Things to Halloween, the rules will support the mood at your table. 

- Half of all profits will be going to the Center for Reproductive Rights, a charitable organisation ensuring reproductive rights remain a human right across the world.

Camp Slaughter
Camp Summermourn: A Roleplaying Game of Doomed Campers July 08, 2022 at 08:39PM
Publisher: Moonlit Bard

Camp Summermourn is a rules-light roleplaying about summer camps and slashers, and was created for PocketQuest 2022.

It all went wrong after your first few days at Camp Summermourn. Perhaps it was the full moon, dark magic performed in the wood, or an inauspicious anniversary but campers started turning up dead as night fell. It's up to you, and your fellow campers, to survive the night and stop this evil. Be warned though! It is likely only one of you will survive; the others will be called upon to sacrifice themselves to ensure eventual success.

Camp Summermourn uses a simple d6 resolution mechanic with a twist. Any player, bar the designated survivor, may, at any time, sacrifice their character to ensure the success of their action. Players whose characters die can assume the role of a background camper; they may still attempt actions, but they are not as talented as the main Guests.

You should need no more than 3d6, 2 - 5 players and some way of taking notes to play. Rules are also provided for diceless play.

Please note: while this is nominally a horror game, no guidance is provided about the tone. These rules will allow parody horror stories to be told as easily as they allow much darker games to be played. PLEASE use safety tools during play.

Camp Summermourn: A Roleplaying Game of Doomed Campers
Camp Whirlybird! August 01, 2022 at 08:43PM
Publisher: PTA


Summer is ending. Camp is alsmost over. You have earned all of your badges except one. Your goal is to get the final badge before camp is over but you cannot do it alone.

Camp Whirlybird is a collaborative rules-lite, setting agnostic RPG for 3-5 players and one gamemaster.

This RPG was designed as part of the PocketQuest 2022 challenge.

Camp Whirlybird!
Camp Writers' Block July 28, 2022 at 07:40PM
Publisher: Anaphis Press

You are writers. Tired of being interrupted you've signed up for Camp Writers' Block, a late summer camp writing retreat for adults. You're going to finish your project: no matter what it takes.

A hack of Honey Heist under the RR&D Community Licence, written for PocketQuest 2022.

Camp Writers' Block
CampCorp Survival Manual - Core Rules July 29, 2022 at 09:30PM
Publisher: Happy Sailor Games

Welcome to beautiful Lake Bottom! The site of CampCirp's new Ultimate Summer Camp Experience! In this tabletop role-playing game, find yourself and friends taking on life as campers during what is sure to be an unforgettable summer! In this game, you will:

  • Sign up for one of CampCorp's 22 exciting summer camps! Like Space Camp, Rockstar Camp, Nuclear Physics Camp, Spooky Camp, and more!
  • Experience firsthand the wonders of Lake Bottom and all the fun of being a camper there!
  • Uncover the mysteries hidden throughout the camp, such as ghosts, aliens, government conspiracy, and more!
  • Tell a wonderful story together about youths overcoming something sinsiter and foul!

This tabletop RPG was supported by the Pocket Quest Summer RPG Jam!

CampCorp Survival Manual - Core Rules
Campers !?! - in the Sacred Woods August 01, 2022 at 07:16PM
Publisher: CityKey Design

Slowly you begin to wake up from your slumber. You feel it in your essence, the time for the next convention of the spirits of nature is near. This time they will come here in the sacred forest, to dine, to harmonise and to discuss.
As you rise from your refuge you notice that something is off. There is more life in the woods than you expected. It is loud, it smells, it feels uncomfortable.

There are Humans in the middle of the Sacred Woods.

You have to do something, before the first spirits arrive. You have to get rid of the…

CitSW header

CitSW is part of the DrivethruRPG’s 2022 “Summer Camp” game jam.

Campers !?! in the Sacred Woods (CitSW) is a RPG where you and 1 to 3 friends try to get rid of human Campers by frightening them and spoiling their fun, before the congress of the Spirits begins. You have to be careful. If the Humans realise that higher powers are at work here, they will come here en mass to investigate and to gain profit from it.

You play as a spirit of the forest. You can be an elemental phenomenon, talking animal, moving plant, or even creatures from the world of myths itself.

Players: 2 - 4 player, GM less
Material: two twelfe sided dice (2D12)
Content: 20 pages, character sheets, Camper sheet
Playtime: 2 to 4 hours, no preparation
Triggers: Everything that lives in the Forest and ghost stuff

The sources of the Artwork (header, cover) are cited in the preview.
Campers !?! - in the Sacred Woods
Campers & Clues August 02, 2022 at 03:30PM
Publisher: Imagination Engine Games

Welcome to Camp Candle Lake, campers!

Summer at Camp Candle Lake is lots of fun. The camp is nestled deep in the woods on the shores of the clear blue waters of Candle Lake. Your days are filled with the usual summer camp activities, swimming, canoeing, archery, and arts & crafts. The nights, however, are full of mystery. The woods surrounding the camp teem with stranger things than you find back in the city, and the owls are not what they seem. 

Campers & Clues is a summer camp-themed mystery-solving role-playing game created for DriveThru RPG’s PocketQuest game jam in the summer of 2022.

In Campers & Clues, players take on the roles of campers (or counselors) who bravely investigate the mysteries surrounding the camp. While Camp Candle Lake is the suggested setting, beyond the general idea of a summer camp, the game master should feel free to adjust any setting elements, including the time period. The default setting assumes a 21st-century summer camp, but you could just as easily set it in the 1980s or 1960s or any time in the last hundred years.

Are the spooky supernatural threats real or just a corrupt real estate developer using fake ghosts to scare off the competition? Only the game master knows until you solve the mystery.

The skill-based Imagination Engine is easy to learn, fast to play, and flexible enough to adapt to your creativity.

The basic rules include everything you need to play outside of a set of polyhedral dice (d4, d6, d8, d10, d12, and d20), paper, and writing utensils.

This edition includes:

  • Making characters

  • Using skills for social interaction, exploration, investigation, and combat

  • Damage and healing

  • Awarding experience

  • Character advancement

  • Adventure/plot hooks

  • Blank Character Sheet

The forthcoming Advanced Campers & Clues will expand the game, giving you even more flexibility and options.

You can play at an actual table or use a virtual tabletop (VTT) such as Roll20, Foundry, or others.

We are offering the basic rules at a special time-limited introductory price (75% off!) to celebrate the game’s launch and the Pocket Quest game jam.

Campers & Clues is the first published game to use the Imagination Engine game system. Keep an eye out for the upcoming release of Advanced Campers & Clues and other Imagination Engine games.

Campers & Clues
Campers and Cryptids August 02, 2022 at 03:36PM
Publisher: Paragon Press

Something is Lurking in the Shadows of Camp Black Pines...

The campers huddle together along the forest path, a lone beam of light from a flickering flashlight bouncing from tree to tree as they navigate the dark trail. There is nothing but the sound of creaking trees and a cool night breeze. Suddenly a dark figure seems to bound through the forest just on the periphery of their vision, before disappearing behind a far too thin tree, standing alone in the clearing.

So what's your next move?

In Campers and Cryptids you will take on the role of summer campers at the mysterious Camp Black Pines. While the adults seem oblivious to the dangers the campers have been spotting strange cyptids, up to terrible deeds. The only way to save the camp and banish these monsters is to work together, rely on your skills, investigative abilities, and ability to face your fears.

Welcome to Camp Black Pines

A PocketQuest 2022 submission!

Campers and Cryptids
Campfire Club August 25, 2022 at 06:24PM
Publisher: Dungeon Rogues

What is Campfire Club?

Campfire Club is a prep-free narrative storytelling game that focuses on the Fire Tender and Campers sharing in the telling of a spooky story. The only materials needed to play are two decks of standard playing cards.

Tackling challenges with the hand that Fate dealt them the Campers contest for narrative control at key points to turn the story to their own ends.

Each game of Campfire Club will be unique and different as the horror mounts, and the Campers struggle for survival against the things that go bump in the night or to go out with a heroic final stand.

Campfire Club takes inspiration from Are You Afraid of the Dark, Goosebumps, and games like Ten Candles and Dread.

Included with this listing is a full color PDF and a B/W Printable PDF version of the game.

Campfire Club
Campfire Stories (PocketQuest 2022) August 01, 2022 at 08:59PM
Publisher: Jens Cramer

Take a seat around the campfire and together tell a unique story about a Horror that roams the night.


A GM-less collaborative Storytelling RPG

Best suited for 3-5 players

Play time may vary depending on the number of players and narrative style, but expect about 1-2 hours.

Campfire Stories (PocketQuest 2022)
Campfire Story August 02, 2022 at 04:23PM
Publisher: Candlenaut

In this GM-Less solo and cooperative role-playing game, you create the story together with other players. A story about ordinary people who have been drawn into a whirlwind of horrific and strange events. Suddenly you must face forces you cannot defeat with your bare hands, nor control, nor even understand. Fight or escape? It’s up to you, how you will ensure your survival.

The main inspiration for the game was Silent Hill franchise and other body and weird horror fiction.

The RPG rules and design was inspired by works of of my favorite authors:

Zach Best / Ben Milton / Nate Treme / Alex T. / Zack Smith / Pelle Nilson / Patrick Stuart / Diogo Nogueira / Shawn Tomkin / Chris Mcdowall / Marco Arnaudo / Andrea Sfiligoi / Matt Davids / Michael Elliott / Yochai Gal / Sean McCoy / Isaac Williams / David Black / Andrew Kolb / Hankerin Ferinale / James Edward Ragii IV

Any expenses I make from the optional payment will be used to further expand the game. But of course the greatest gift you can give me is your honest and constructive feedback.

I hope you will enjoy the game as much as i do.  

Campfire Story
Campthulhu July 05, 2022 at 03:37PM
Publisher: Brickslinger Games

Campthulu is a game of teen summertime spooks and scares, inspired by the works of HP Lovecraft but without the baggage of his terrible political leanings. This core book contains all the info you need to play, with five form-fillable Playbooks to choose from and 3 sample scenarios to start with. 

Campthulhu (Accessible Version) August 10, 2022 at 04:49PM
Publisher: Brickslinger Games

Campthulhu is a PocketQuest 2022 game of teen summertime spooks and scares, inspired by the works of HP Lovecraft but without the baggage of his terrible political leanings. This core book contains all the info you need to play, with five form-fillable Playbooks to choose from and 3 sample scenarios to start with.

Now with separate Weaver (GM)'s Guide and Player's Book versions!

Campthulhu (Accessible Version)
Challenge DUNGEON RPG August 15, 2022 at 07:11PM
Publisher: Yuugakugei

!Challenge Dungeon RPG is an English translation of the Japanese TRPG Itadaki Dungeon

 Challenge Dungeon is a tabletop role-playing game (TRPG) set in the world of swords and sorcery in which adventurers take on quests entering dungeons where they attempt to overcome monsters and traps in order to achieve their goal.
 This book is the rulebook which shows you how to play Welcome dungeon.
 This game has been designed to be compact, simple and easy to play. As such, you should be able to finish one game in around 2 hours. 5 such game sessions should be enough for the players to reach the highest level for their characters, just so long as they can stay alive!

Let’s begin the quest!

Chickenpimples (PocketQuest 2022) July 20, 2022 at 09:23PM

A one-shot creepy RPG created for PockQuest 2022.

Chickenpimples is a very basic system that uses only 1D6 to resolve any conflicts or tasks. It is a "safe" game for new and veteran players alike, leaning toward the creepy and spooky rather than intensive and gory. In fact, PCs don't die, they just get injured. 

It all takes place at a summer camp that is badly in need of some repairs. Though it's name is camp Capstone, the kids have less than affectionately given it the name of camp creepy. To be fair, something does creep through the woods at night and several campers have gone missing as of late... it is up to the remaining campers to figure out who (or what) is responsible. Do you dare to stay at camp creepy?

Chickenpimples (PocketQuest 2022)
Christian Quest July 15, 2022 at 04:14PM
Publisher: Do Your Best

Christian Quest Is a rules sytem for the Six sided Die. It is also a tool to teach motifs, and lessons of the Bible. 

With that It allows you to easily structure a story with rewards, and punishments for moral, or immoral actions. 

With the players taking the place of adventurers this provides the freedom that any man has to do evil, or good. Then the Game master will set the consequences of the action. Be it Noble Hero, Wise Prophet, or Sinners the players choose their own fate. Embark on your own biblical journey today!

Christian Quest
Chrono-Rogue Starter Set Rules August 24, 2022 at 09:43PM
Publisher: Loculus Games

Chrono-Rogue is an adventurous tabletop roleplaying game that combines time travel and piracy against a grim backdrop as humanity struggles against a doomed fate. Blades will be drawn, treasures will be seized, and mysteries will be uncovered, as characters fight against secret forces and the machinations of time.  

  You take the role of a Chrono-Rogue, a criminal who travels through history itself to steal beautiful artifacts, murder world leaders, or topple empires with subtle or overt actions.  Aboard your slip-ship, you and your crew will punch into various timelines and use unique training and chronomantic abilities to fight powerful warriors, thwart vicious assassins, and manipulate crafty nobles to your will. 

This game is coming soon to Kickstarter.

Chrono-Rogue Starter Set Rules
Clean Spirit July 28, 2022 at 07:14PM
Publisher: Cassi Mothwin

Clean Spirit is a token-based, rules-lite TTRPG designed to inspire an emotionally meaningful cleaning session with your new or old characters.

a shelf with items including a cat

There's nothing quite like cleaning and the magic of discovering something lost, placing a treasured item in the perfect spot, finding the strength to let something go, and reliving the stories and memories these items inspire. 

It's time to join your fellow players and get to work. You'll achieve goals for your dwelling and hopefully have a meaningful experience along the way. The rules for Clean Spirit are beginner friendly, and the game can be completed in one 3-4 hour session, depending on the number of players and amount of roleplay.

a shelf with dishware

While the stage for this game is "clean your dwelling," the game is more about... 

  • Discovering things that matter to your character.
  • Exploring the origins of your group.
  • Deepening relationships.

Clean Spirit can serve as a mid-campaign slice of life session, a campaign starter to meet characters, an epilogue to say goodbye to characters, or you can play it without any connection to your other games. Tuck this game into your favorite system (including 5e) for a fresh exploration of your characters and their shared histories. 

Your preferred world doesn't matter. This game is somewhat modular, fitting in almost any environment. There are roll tables that might be more suitable for modern and fantasy settings, but the ruleset works whether your characters are creatures sharing a tree, astronauts in a space station, guild members sharing a building, or poor adventurers sharing a room at the tavern for a long while.

Clean Spirit is a loose, mostly freeform role-playing game with a focus on characters and their interactions with each other and their world. There aren't a lot of numbers to track, and the character sheet mostly serves as a quick way to organize your thoughts, but you might not even need it.


Clean Spirit doesn't require a game master, but it offers support should you want to play with one.

  • Ideal for 3-5 players.
  • Play for 3-4 hours in one session (depending on length of roleplay).
  • Learn about your dwelling, characters, relationships, and more about what's important to them.


  • The character sheet or a way to track your goals and progress.
  • Several tokens (buttons, coins found in between the cushions, loose bolts, matches, or any other small object without a home).
  • At least one 6-sided die.


I created several pieces of custom artwork which you'll find previewed on this page and inside the text! The PDF is easy to navigate thanks to tabs that link to the start of each section. If you're not a fan of the tabs, the traditional PDF bookmark system and table of contents are also hyperlinked. The spread version of the PDF is the best way to engage with this game, but I've uploaded the single-page version for those of you who want all the options.

  • A full-color PDF with bookmarks, hyperlinked tabs, and artwork.
  • A printer friendly, plain text document.
  • Character sheets that are fillable in your favorite PDF note taking app, or you can print them out.


"It's like Marie Kondo, but with pen and paper."
-Ennio, Clean Spirit Playtester "An interesting exploration into how much of ourselves is stored in the spaces we occupy, and how our possessions and spaces inform and facilitate our interactions with ourselves and others."
-Clean Spirit Playtester "A flexible, low-key "downtime" game that serves as a framework for meaningful RP and a contemplative story beat."
-Clean Spirit Playtester "A game where a group of friends clean a shared space and find time to connect with their pasts, their futures, and each other."
-J.C. Darcy,Clean Spirit Playtester

Clean Spirit
Crank It Up! August 26, 2022 at 02:54PM
Publisher: Tiki Games


Crank It Up! is a tabletop roleplaying game inspired by the 2006 movie Crank featuring Jason Statham. You have been poisoned and to stay alive, you have to keep your adrenaline level as high as possible to prevent the poison from spreading in your body and ultimately, kill you.


  • Color, 9 pages
  • Powered by This Is Breathless!
  • A cinematic narrative
  • New game mechanics: Flashbacks and Poison/Adrenaline
  • New equipment category: Stimulants
  • A complete adventure in Los Angeles
  • Random tables to help game masters
  • Character sheet
  • Perfect for 2-3 players (including game master)
Crank It Up!
Crescendo of Violence September 29, 2022 at 12:05PM
Publisher: Osprey Publishing

An action-packed neon-noir roleplaying game set in the Neo York of 2093.

2093, Neo York. A dystopian technological marvel, where concrete high-rises brim with holographic neon, as gilded mob bosses, flashy CEOs, and famous vid-stars all strive to consolidate their power over the masses. And while the rain reflects the neon, it never washes away the grime and filth of the streets.
Welcome to a world of synth-jazz and cybernetics, where the status quo grinds down the hard-working man and vat-grown clone alike. Whether you’re the redemption-seeking gangster, the one good cop in a corrupt system, or the gene-modded musician trying to make it big, you’ll be trying to get by in a city that just doesn’t care.

Epic fight scenes take centre stage in this game of stylised, high-octane bloodshed. Jump straight into the action with a unique ruleset designed to deliver a cinematic, neon-noir experience, as the spotlight focuses on the brutal showdowns that will define you – or leave you face-down in the dirt. So get ready to give them hell, as the sultry notes of the saxophone build into a crescendo of violence.

Crescendo of Violence
Crime Doesn't Pay August 23, 2022 at 02:26AM
Publisher: Satyr Play Productions

Crime Doesn't Pay is a one page RPG of comic book superheroes -- Condensed down to the bare minimum, but complex enough for endless play.

Crime Doesn't Pay
Crypts of Obscurum September 22, 2022 at 02:29PM
Publisher: ohhigames

The doomed depths call.

Crypts of Obscurum is a solo (or 3 player cooperative) dungeon crawl TTRPG that pits your sanity and strength against the horrors of the ancient deep. Drawn to this hellish place by psychal mandate of a black leatherbound book, you descend against your better judgement to your doom.

Utilizing standard playing cards, RPG dice, and a prewritten adventure, this DM-less tabletop game allows for an exciting and replayable narrative experience playable alone or with up to two friends. This game is self-contained and no other books are needed to play!

Enter the obsidian door if you dare.

Crypts of Obscurum
Crystal Pond August 01, 2022 at 03:29PM
Publisher: Nautilus Era

Crystal Pond Logo, a bow and arrow with the head replaced by a marshmallow, over a fire.

Hi, and welcome to Crystal Pond! 

Crystal Pond in a sandbox RPG that allows you to live any kind of adventures you can imagine in a summer camp.

It uses a simple rule system that fits on a single page and that anybody can learn in a pinch.

Take your favorite summer movie and adapt the rules to live your summer mystery, romance or adventure story.

Or if you feel more courageous, maybe an horror or survival story? 

The book is free, so please download it, test it, and leave any comment you may have, we'll come back to you as soon as possible. 

Have a good day, and good roleplaying, 

- The Crew.

A summer camp on the side of a pond, with a fire burning and a signs indicating 'Crystal Pond'

Crystal Pond
Cthulhu Eternal - Age of Revolutions SRD August 29, 2022 at 08:38AM
Publisher: Cthulhu Reborn

“..a brotherhood kept alive from age to age ... as a hero an ancient Chaldean sorcerer surviving in the pristine bloom of youth to perish on the guillotine of the French Revolution.”


IMPORTANT NOTE: This PDF contains the text of a full set of rules for a (setting-independent) RPG which embraces Lovecraftian investigations in historical periods spanning 1750 to 1850. In OGL terms it is a “System Reference Document” (or SRD). While the rules contained in this PDF give you everything that you’d need to run a game they are not illustrated, typeset, or furnished with detailed examples as you would expect from a core RPG rulebook. Neither do they describe a particular game world, with a set of monsters, rituals, tomes and the like (although guidelines for building and encountering such elements are fully described).

Cthulhu Eternal is a multi-era, setting agnostic ruleset which aims to support inventive game designers who have original ideas for Lovecraftian roleplaying games or scenarios. It draws upon the long line of D100 games of Cthulhu-themed investigation, offering a beautifully streamlined and elegant set of mechanics to support a diverse range of gaming styles.

Different eras of human history each have their own flavor and character – due in part to the technology available, and in part due to social conventions of the day. Recognizing this, Cthulhu Eternal exists as a family of inter-related rules engines – each based on the same mechanics but tailored to the needs of a specific era.

This version of Cthulhu Eternal is specially designed to support Lovecraftian games set in the period from approximately 1750 to 1850. This was an era when the world was on fire, buring with the flames of Revolution (both literally and figuratively). It was the century which saw both the American and French Revolutions, as well as several epic, globe spanning wars (the Napoleonic Wars and the Seven Years' War/French and Indian War, just to name a couple). It is also the century in which the colonial expansion of the European powers -- and their brutal oppression of indigenous peoples across many continents -- was at its absolute peak. It's the time of the founding of the penal colonies of Australia, but also the time when the so-called Age of Enlightenment and the Industrial Revolution were placing science and engineering ahead of centuries' worth of superstition and tradition. This era also spawned the first of the bleak novels that would later be called "gothic", as well as the genteel society of the Regency period.

Regardless of whether you wish to weave your Lovecraftian tales in amongst the tumult and upheaval of war, or in quiet places where the distraction of such world re-shaping events has allowed dark things to grow unnoticed ... the Age of Revolutions offers many intriguing opportunities. If you're willing to scratch the surface of its often-brutal world ...

Other versions of Cthulhu Eternal currently available in SRD form:

More titles are planned as future releases.

Contained within the 100+ page PDF, you will find rules covering the following topics:

Part 1: Rules of the Game

  • 1.0          Core Game Concepts
  • 2.0          Creating Protagonists (the term given to player characters in Cthulhu Eternal)
  • 3.0          The Game (skills, tests, willpower)
  • 4.0          Combat
  • 5.0          Equipment
  • 6.0          Vehicles
  • 7.0          Sanity
  • 8.0          Downtime (developing protagonists between adventures)

Part 2: Game Moderator Resources

  • 9.0          Maddening Revelations
  • 10.0        Supernatural Effects

Part 3: Game Building Resources

  • 11.0       Designing New Archetypes
  • 12.0       Translating Creatures from D100 Games
  • 13.0       Gumshoe Creature Conversion

For convenience, this pack also includes two versions of the Cthulhu Eternal Age of Revolutions character sheet. One is a high-resolution non-fillable PDF, suitable for printing. The other is a fillable PDF sheet which will ONLY work with the full version of Adobe Reader – save the file to a local drive and open it using the Adobe Reader App (using it in-browser or on mobile devices won’t work).

Character Sheet Front Character Sheet Back


We are releasing this SRD to support community creators who would like to produce their own original Lovecraftian RPG creations, but who need a free and open set of rules to serve as a foundation to their own creative endeavors. As such, there are no real limitations on what you can do with this material (other than those described in the Open Game License).

Some examples of ways this SRD could be used:

  • Do you have some old Lovecraftian scenarios sitting around gathering dust for want of a free and open game system to use in their publication? Why not convert the scenario to work with Cthulhu Eternal, release them and direct readers to download this SRD to run them? Or even talk to us about bundling the SRD with the scenario PDF itself?
  • Do you have a fantastic idea for an innovative Lovecraftian game but the thought of having to re-create all the “nuts and bolts” of a game system is a distraction from your high concept? Well, you could always recycle some or all of the mechanics in this SRD to be those “nuts and bolts.” Because the material is virtually 100% open content, you can copy/paste whatever rules you want into your original creation (as long as you release under the OGL and credit us as per the requirements of the license).

Cthulhu Eternal - Age of Revolutions SRD
Cyberpunk Noir September 28, 2022 at 10:08PM
Publisher: Praxis Studios

Terra Firma circa 2150; megacorporations rule the world, and ordinary people, criminals, and mercenaries try to eke out a living in the shadow of corporate skyscrapers. Take on the role of a private investigator and mette out justice down here on the streets where corporate law barely reaches. Deal with subcultures, gangs, and corporations in a tour of the ways people band together in a post capitalist hellscape. This is a world of solos, razorgirls, hackers, and corpos, of femme fatales and hard boiled PIs, all chromed out and with their own agendas. This is Cyberpunk Noir.

Cyberpunk Noir
Cyberpunk RED Easy Mode September 12, 2022 at 03:53PM
Publisher: R. Talsorian Games Inc.

A free introduction to Cyberpunk RED, the classic roleplaying game of the Dark Future!

Welcome to the Time of the Red, Choomba! The Megacorporations spent decades wrecking everything and in the aftermath of their last War, everyone has to fend for themselves.

But that’s just fine. You can handle it. After all, in a world of vicious boostergangs, rampaging cyborgs, corporate assassins, and nihilistic doomsday cults, there’s only one rule: Always take it to the Edge.

Take the big risks, get the big rewards. Be the action, start the rebellion, light the fire. Never drive slow when you can blaze a trail.

You’ve hooked your Militech pistol to the interface in your brain; upgraded your cybernetic fist with carbo-glas blades; and installed cybereyes that can pierce through the red haze like morning fog. There’s a world full of opportunities out there, just waiting for the right Edgerunner. Maybe that’s you.

Cyberpunk RED Easy Mode is a quick introduction to the classic tabletop roleplaying game of the Dark Future and encompasses everything you need to explore the post-War world of the Time of the Red, including:

  • A dive into the history and geography of Night City and the greater Cyberpunk world.
  • The basic rules for the game, set up to help you learn them and get playing right away.
  • Five unique Characters for you to play: a charismatic Rockerboy, a lethal Solo, an inventive Tech, a lifesaving Medtech, and a hard-hitting Media.
  • A new introductory mission: Getting Paid. Because that briefcase full of Eurobucks is the difference between making rent and living on the street in the Time of the Red.
Cyberpunk RED Easy Mode
d12 RPG Basic Edition August 29, 2022 at 08:41PM
Publisher: d12 Studios

The basic edition of the d12 RPG is fully playable. While it does not contain all the options, lore and rules of the full release, you can start adventuring in this antique, yet tolkienesque world as

- a fighter

- a ranger

- a knight

- a thief

- a bard

- a sorcerer

- a druid

- a priest

- and several two-class concepts which are greater than the sum of their parts.

Human, elf, half-elf, halfling and dwarf are available as player races; dark elves and orcs can also be played if the GM allows.

This release is meant for you to check out how to create and level a character as well as to test out the combat system and all mechanics.

The d12 RPG puts particular weight on fine-tuning your character with your desired abilities. This is especially evident in multiclass characters when leveling up.

The combat system is a departure from the regular "roll to hit". Defense rolls exist (although they can be substituted by a defense class) and defense itself is split into both defense and armor, necessitating different approaches in combat for enemies that are hard to hit or hard to damage.

Enjoy playing!

IMPORTANT: This version has not been fine-tuned towards a full release. There may be references to skills, classes and other things that are not available in the basic version. This release contains spells of max. level 5, and is missing a lot of classes like the sellsword, the assassin, the eldritch, and clerics of different deities. Both expansions including the lore chapter are also not included in this release.

d12 RPG Basic Edition
Dames of Asstoria: A Monster Girl RPG September 22, 2022 at 07:37PM
Publisher: Dead Tree Studios

Immerse yourself in Dames of Asstoria

A Monster Girl High Fantasy Roleplaying Game! God is sealed, the surrounding lands marred by decades of destructive war. With all manner of foul creature and brigand prowling the unexplored corners. Above all humans believe themselves superior. You take up the done the role as a Demi Fauna adventurer tasked with protecting the people, rediscovering lost relics and diving head first into dangerous Chimera filled territory all for a better life. The challenges may be tough but you have your sisters by your side and together you will receive fame and fortune.

Inside this book, you'll find:

  • All of the rules you need to play or run a game of Dames.
  • Discipline Class system allowing mix and match of unique abilities
  • A monster girl building system.
  • Dames setting, including its kingdoms, Deities, factions, and threats.
  • Dozens of weapons, spells, armor, magic items, and other options to outfit any character.
  • A D10 Dice system

So grab your dice and praise Ze’Quarius! Do you have what it takes to overcome impossible odds and be knighted a Dame?

Dames of Asstoria uses a d100 percentile system for combat. Outside of combat, it uses a d10 dice system, where players roll a number of dice equal to their skill or base stat and succeed by having a minimum number of dice meet or exceed a target number. In this system, a die result of 1 or 10 are special. Each unmodified roll of 1 is a critical failure, and subtracts 1 from the result of the lowest die that met the target number. Rolling an unmodified 1 and not having enough successful dice to accomplish the task results in a critical failure. Each unmodified roll of a 10 "explodes", meaning that an additional dice is immediately added to the character's dice pool. This results in more chances to succeed or perform better.

For example, Khadija, the lamia, is attempting to lift a heavy rock. Her Strength is 4. The success target is: two - 6s. Meaning that Khadija will roll four dice, and must have two or more dice read 6 or higher. She rolls the four dice and gets a result of 1, 4, 6, and 10. The unmodified 1 subtracts 1 from her lowest succesful roll, turning the 6 into a 5. This would normally mean a failure, and a critical failure because of the 1 result. However, her roll of 10 allows her to roll an additional die, which comes up as a 6. With two results of 6 or higher, Khadija lifts the rock with some effort

Players build their own Demi-Fauna using mammalian, aquatic, avian, reptilian, and insect traits. Become your ideal monster girl waifu! Or play as a human for a more challenging experience.

Level up and progress your character using a multi-class system, called disciplines, based on the skills you advance. Unlock unique abilities and perks by mixing what abilities you put points into.

Dames of Asstoria: A Monster Girl RPG
Dark Age of Man PDF August 05, 2022 at 11:45PM
Publisher: DarkAgeOfGames

Dark Age of Man, DAoM, is a minimalist, fantastic dark age, improvisational roleplaying game. To play, you will need two or more players, one 12-sided die, three 6-sided dice, one 20-sided die, some paper, and pencils. One player acts as the Presenter, while the others are player characters.

Dark Age of Man is similar to other roleplaying games; however, our intent with DAoM is twofold: First, DAoM wants to liberate the player to create a character, to place the character in the fiction, and to inspire the player to be ambitious in creating a legend or legacy in these dark ages. Second, DAoM asks the Presenter, through the use of our simple session preparation tools and Random Seed Charts to be a naive narrator presenting the setting, non-player characters, and the world in an organic and natural response to character actions. 

Dark Age of Man PDF
Dark Shards - A NycosRPG SysemBook September 27, 2022 at 03:12PM
Publisher: NycosRPG

The bare essentials for the revolutionary NycosRPG roleplaying game system with a ten-thousand-year history, fifty years in the making. Everything one needs in a single volume to create, play, and experience everything one could want in a roleplaying game without the problems and pretense of its predecessors. Experience the game-changer that allows both players and directors to become MORE.

Dark Shards - A NycosRPG SysemBook
Dark Souls: The Roleplaying Game July 05, 2022 at 04:38PM
Publisher: Steamforged Games Ltd

So it is, ash seeketh embers…Experience DARK SOULS™ like never before in this complete tabletop roleplaying game of adventure, horror, and tactical combat. Inside these pages is everything you need to run thrilling roleplaying campaigns set in the ruinous DARK SOULS™  universe.

Like the video games, DARK SOULS™: The Roleplaying Game is designed to be a punishing but rewarding experience that will delight hardcore fans and roleplayers alike. Few obstacles are easily overcome. Every enemy is a challengeProgress is hard-won. You’ll die many times over. You’ll also rise again with DARK SOULS™: The Roleplaying Game’s death and rebirth mechanics, based on the video games’ unique system that rewards willpower and perseverance. You’re not alone. As well as fellow roleplayers, a host of familiar faces stand ready to assist you. Engage in jolly cooperation to vanquish your foes!

Explore a land of shadows and flame where hollows, demons, and Abyssal creatures abound. Open up a crumbling world of exploration with the DARK SOULS™: The Roleplaying Game core book. Inside is everything needed to run incredible roleplaying campaigns.Your characters. Your decisions. Your DARK SOULS™ story.

Dark Souls: The Roleplaying Game
Darkglass Sojourners August 01, 2022 at 06:43PM
Publisher: Darkglass Studios

It is the year 2277, two centuries have passed since humanity took their first step on mars, a new home for humanity. We terraformed the entire solar system, our previously uninhabitable backyard into a new world for all.

The human race is plagued by a familiar crisis, its cradle could no longer hold its ever growing population. Mother Earth can only provide so much.

Bound by the speed of light and relativity, venturing beyond the Sol system was a desperate escape for many. That is until a discovery was made inside Jupiter’s Great Red Spot when the largest anticyclonic storm in the Sol system unexpectedly faded.

Darkglass Sojourners is a anime AF sci-fi tabletop roleplaying game with hints of transhumanism and fantasy. The setting takes place after a floating earth sized sphere of strange exotic matter that seems to defy physics called Darkglass was found where  Jupiter's Great Red Spot used to be. This propelled humanity to discover faster than light travel and CHIPs (Computerized Human Instantiated Para-Consciousness) which allowed humans to transfer the entirety of their consciousness into secure and hardy devices the size of a marble.  GlassSojournerPass094.png

This shortly lead to the Aeons of Embers, as when the loss of life became a nuisance, the tragedies of warfare became testing grounds for those in power. After this dark era a golden age came to be where humanity felt deep regrets for how it has treated their own. Finding alien life was the catalyst for change for humanity. The mission: galactic solidarity, to seek out not only peaceful coexistence with the universe's civilization but kinship amongst the stars. To ensure that no one else needs to suffer alone afraid of the stars above. 

In Darkglass Sojourners, players are Sojourners, members of the Sojourner Initiative which are handselected elite individuals who are sponsored by various governments, corporations, and other entities to represent humanity's interest in earnest. What Sojourners do will depend on their director who assigns them tasks that they believe will further the mission. 

Darkglass Sojourners offers various transhumanist options for your physical form alongside a variety of Combat Doctrines which best suit and represent your Sojourner's abilities and identity overall. It contains a simple but robust narrative system for prompt and exciting action, with a vast setting to tell countless stories that your group wants to tell. 


It is best played with a group of 3-5 players. 

At the moment, Darkglass Sojourners is in beta however the base system rules with all player facing options will always be free! This gives you a chance to explore and discover the rules and narratives before deciding to make a purchase. 

What isn't included in the free PDF is the GM section and NPC creation but is otherwise exactly the same as the base PDF. 

However just for the beta release the full and complete version will be included in the free base PDF, enjoy!

Be sure to grab character sheets which are currently a WIP here

Darkglass Sojourners is a passion project by Darkglass Studios, an indie publisher run by Huy "Sevens" Do. For the latest news with Darkglass Sojourners check out our twitter!




Darkglass Sojourners
Death or Glory micro-rpg September 16, 2022 at 03:35PM
Publisher: Heroes & Homebrew

Are you missing players for your weekly game? Try this micro-rpg dungeon crawler to fill the space. The rules are are easy and are printable on a single trifold piece of paper. There is a print out for players that includes rules, character options and a character sheet, and another for the GM that includes quest hook ideas and creatures to pit your players against. 

It can be a great replacement game when you're short on players, or if you want to play something with friends at the last minute. All you need is some 6 sided dice. In the end there will be death or glory.

Death or Glory micro-rpg
Death Row Royale July 29, 2022 at 07:50PM
Publisher: Brickslinger Games

Death Row Royale is a battle royale Powered by the Apocalypse where 2-5 players compete for a shot at their freedom and to escape death row. The core game comes with 5 Killer Playbooks for Players to choose from.

Death Row Royale
Deathly Thrones Basic August 17, 2022 at 08:43PM
Publisher: Jossuran

Deathly Thrones

Basic Version

Deathly Thrones is a print & play solo player roguelike game. Use playing cards along with the story laid out in the quest booklet to play. It takes less than one minute to setup, and each game runs about 15-20 minutes long. The rules are simple, you choose your hero, note your health and armor, and then select a Quest to conquer a new throne!

Picture of the 7 quests

Print & Play Game

The game uses a print & play format. All you need is a printer and a standard deck of playing cards. Anyone can play!

Each Quest is on a single page and come in two formats:

  • Booklet version. Just fold the page to create your booklet. No need for glue or staples.
  • Single page version. This is a reference sheet that you can view on digital devices or print to play.

The same quest in

Single player   ;   15-20'   ;   Age 8+

You need a standard deck of 52 playing cardsPlaying cards are used in a new way.

The playing cards are split into 4 decks to help you through your quest:

  • Health: Sort the 1-9 ♡ cards in ascending order face up so that the 1 ♡ is on top.
  • Armor: Sort the 1-9 ♤ cards in ascending order face up so that the 1 ♤ is on top.
  • Battle: Use the  1 - 9 ♧ and ♢ cards. Shuffle them and place the deck face down.
  • Step: With the rest of the cards, create a final deck. This includes all suits of 10 - Kings. Shuffle them and place them face down. 

Your character choice determines how much Health ♡ and Armor ♤ you will have. Turn the cards in the corresponding counters to display the value at the top.

The last step is to pick your quest and you are ready to play!

The Booklet version of the same Quest print in A4 and A3 format

How to play

Using a deck of playing cards, setup your Health and Armor counters. Shuffle the Battle deck cards and the Step deck cards. Choose your Hero and then choose among the Quests which throne you are going to conquer.

[1] Draw a step cards

Use the Step cards to travel in the Quest.

There are 40 steps in each quests. The card value is the number of steps you take to advance your character. For example, a "Jack" is two steps where a "King" is four.

[2] Apply the event

Fall in a trap, take some rest, of fight for your life. This is a RPG. Follow the quest to battle your enemies, trick your rivals to their downfall, and seize the throne for yourself. Make the adventure whatever you want it to be. There are no limits, anything you imagine is possible! Use the Quest guide to direct you through the game.

[3] Check

If you manage to succeed in the event, you start over from phase[1] and draw a new Step card. If you didn't succeed, well, you lose. If you beat the boss at the 40th step, you win!

A picture of a game

How to fight

When you meet an enemy during an event, you will start a fight. Fighting is the main mechanism of this game.

Draw 2 cards form the battle's deck. The first is your attack number, the second is the enemy's attack number.

  • Add the value of your health to your attack number. This is now your attack power.
  • Add the value of the enemy's health to his attack number. This is the enemy's attack power.

The difference between the attack powers is the hit points. If yours are higher you hit, if they are lower be ready to be hit by the enemy. If the hit points are equal to 0, it's a draw. Throw the battle cards into the discard pile and draw 2 new cards to fight again.

Now you want to use those hit points to damage the enemies abilities, or your own if you are unlucky. Subtract the hit points to the armor score of the target. These are the damage points. Choose which part of the target you will damage. It can be the Health or the Armor but not both. If they have more damage points than Health or Armor points, then this score automatically goes to 0.

If both of the fighters still have health at the end of this attack, throw the Battle cards into the discard pile and draw 2 new cards to fight again. If your health reaches 0, it's game over! If the enemy's Health reaches 0, they die, you take the rewards and continue your quest by drawing a card on the step counter deck.

When all the Battle cards have been used, take the discard pile, shuffle it and place the cards face down to form the new Battle's deck.



This is the Basic version of Deathly Thrones.

It contains the rulebook with 3 Quests in PDF format. Includes both the "single page" and the "booklet" version. Formatted to be print in A4 and US letter. Covers are available in black & white and in color.


  • Deathly Thrones Rulebook (print&play)
  • Meeza : Beginner quest
  • Caerleon : Intermediate quest
  • Heirloom : Veteran quest
By buying the More and Editor version you obtain the complete set of the game:
Picture of the 7 quests

Dedicated website

If you look at the Editor version, it's really easy to create new stories.

A dedicated website exists to  share your quest with the community.

Share your creation at http://www.deathlythrones.com

Deathly Thrones Basic
Deluxe Oldham Rules September 25, 2022 at 08:06PM
Publisher: Orbit Above Games

Oldham Rules is a minimal tabletop role-playing game, that focuses on quick characters, quick game prep (for creating antagonists and encounters), and focusing on jumping straight into playing a game of medieval fantasy adventuring. With an art direction and world inspired by the marginalia of illuminated manuscripts, of peasants riding snails and fighting little horned devils with pitchforks.

It is available in two forms: Oldham Rules, & Deluxe Oldham Rules.

  • Oldham Rules is the rules of the game in a 16 page zine. All the information needed to mechanically play the game, and get the ball rolling.
  • Deluxe Oldham Rules is that same zine, but expanded to 32 pages. Where the rules are the same, but with more art, and tables and tools for generating spells, monsters, rumors/crises, characters, adventure locations, an encounter generator, 18 detailed and prewritten encounters and more.

Whereas Oldham Rules has the rules for the game where little prep is required to play. Deluxe Oldham Rules contains flavorful tools that help a Referee or game group organizer complete the limited amount of game preparation needed to play the game. As well as create quick results on the fly to create people and places of interest to fill in the gaps of a game groups campaign of adventure. Deluxe Oldham Rules, through these tools and tables presents a procedurally generated (using procedurally generated as a term liberally) with assistance world of play.

Additionally, the deluxe version comes with the shorter version of the game as well!


Deluxe Oldham Rules
Dinosaurs & Man RPG July 27, 2022 at 09:06PM
Publisher: Cilindro Cubico

⚠️This project still in development.⚠️

Nicholas "Nick" Durant; Eccentric millionaire who owned what is arguably the most fantastic zoo ever created, Triassic Safari: Dino Zoo. He managed to market his idea to all the continents of the world for all the educational potential that the zoo had.

The success of the Triassic Safari is due to the visionary ingenuity of geneticist Dr. Claus Holland. Like any successful business, the mother company of the Triassic Safari, PaleoGEN, had garnered several detractors and even other companies served as competition, such as Tactgene, owned by Will Rocksville.

Tactgene is a force to be reckoned and you should take that as literally as possible. The company is known for stealing ideas from other scientists. It is also the only biotech company that employs more lawyers and corporate espionage agents than scientists.

Originally Tactgene was a “fair competition” company, but many debts, inconclusive experiments and Dr. Holland's discoveries in saurian genetics led Rocksville to make neither moral nor ethical decisions.

And you will wonder how we got to be in the middle of this crisis of jurassic dimensions?

Tactgene sent Dr. Clark Dodgston to hire Nedward Denison, a programmer working for PaleoGEN, as a corporate spy. Dr. Dodgston gave Denison a camouflaged device for copying classified PaleoGEN documents. When Nedward connects the device to the computers, it corrupts PaleoGEN's systems, shattering the security of all Triassic Safaris worldwide.

Since there were no security systems, there was no way to contain the dinosaurs and they began to destroy their containment areas, escaping from the zoo.

For the first time in several thousand years, humanity is not at the top of the food chain…

Dark Forest by Dread Knight  Check out Ancient Beast Game

Dinosaurs & Man RPG
Distress Calls September 03, 2022 at 09:22PM
Publisher: Wayward Games

There are no heroes along the far reaches of space - just people pushed to their breaking point.

Distress Calls is a is a sci-fi horror micro-RPG, centering around the skeleton crew of an understaffed space station, rundown research facility, or underpopulated frontier colony. When outside influences introduce complications, will the party work together, or tear each other apart trying to stay alive?

Clocking in at a single page (double-sided), Distress Calls is packed with robust tables for character & plot generation, and game mechanics to keep players on their toes at all times. Distress, and how easy it is to accrue, will make everyone need to choose their actions wisely.

Distress Calls is inspired by such franchises as AlienThe Thing (and really all of John Carpenter's body of work), Event Horizon, and Outland. The base dice resolution mechanic draws influence from PbtA-based games.

Distress Calls
Dream Allies August 03, 2022 at 04:32PM
Publisher: Quest Friends!

Wishland is under attack! This sleepy magical world has a BIG problem, and the only person who can save it is shaped like a friend.

Dream Allies is a bite-sized tabletop roleplaying game for 2+ players inspired by the Kirby games. Work together to create a friend and help them save Wishland from one of 16 problems, but be careful! Without your help, these problems might be too big for even your friend to chew.

Dream Allies
Dream of the Dragon July 09, 2022 at 09:24AM
Publisher: Ivan Richmond

Dream of the Dragon is a rules-lite fantasy role-playing game that has rules for changing the rules. We call it the RPG-maker RPG. The rules are meant to be so simple that they get out of the way and allow your play to be vivid, while being robust enough to be there when you need them. Dream of the Dragon comes with default classes, kindreds, skills, and spells, but all of these can be changed, according to simple rules.

Purchase the hardcopy on Lulu at https://www.lulu.com/shop/ivan-richmond-and-noah-fischer-and-valerie-voigt/dream-of-the-dragon/hardcover/product-vdyqge.html?page=1&pageSize=4

For more information, visit: http://www.ivanrichmond.com/dream-of-the-dragon/

Dream big with Dream of the Dragon.

Dream of the Dragon
Dweomerdale August 04, 2022 at 07:17PM
Publisher: Amalara Game Studio

In the beautiful valley of Dweomerdale, magic is a way of life — pixies use it to play pranks and goblins use it to cause mischief. You, though, are a student in the Dweomerdale Junior Academy, where you are learning to be a sorcerer. Together with your friends and classmates, you hone your skills while undertaking fantastic adventures.

Utilizing the ultralight VRBS system, Dweomerdale is easy enough for a six year-old to master, but also provides the structure for anyone to generate a fantastic story of magical adventure on their own.

What you need

This role-playing game of magical schoolchildren contains all the rules that you need to play. You'll provide:

  • An active imagination and a desire to tell stories about fantastic beasts and magical classmates.
  • One six-sided die.

What you get

  • A full-color, double-sided, letter-sized, tri-fold, print-and-play PDF.
  • Rules, mission generator, character sheet, and mission tracker.

For solo or team play. Ages 6 and up.

Copyright © 2022 David Garrett Licensed for use under Creative Commons Attribution 4.0.

This work is based on VRBS, designed and authored by David Garrett and licensed for use under Creative Commons Attribution 4.0.

Enhanced July 14, 2022 at 07:40PM
Publisher: Trent Seltzer

ENHANCED is a narrative-forward, relatively rules-light tabletop roleplaying game about superheroes and other extraordinary individuals. Players take on the roles of newly emerged superheroes just coming into their powers and learning how to balance their old lives as “normal” humans with their new lives as “enhanced” beings.

Together, the players form a team of superheroes who fight villains and seek to protect the people of Foundation City.

Originally created for the Marvelous Heroes TTRPG Jam.


  • A heaping handful of d6 per player; if you don’t have enough physical dice, you can use an online dice roller as long as it provides the result of each individual die and not just the sum. That being said, we recommend physical dice: you feel more like a superhero when you’re able to chuck a huge pile of dice across the table.

  • Paper and something to write with.

  • At least two players, but 3-5 is ideal.
Epic Age - Core Edition August 10, 2022 at 02:37PM
Publisher: Promethium Books

The Cycle of Ages

A world shattered and sundered. A land vast and untamed. Where once did dragons and giants war, and ancient priest kings reign, we lay a scene on the steps of the gates of Ouroboros.

This is Aerd, the world of Epic Age. Caught in an endless cycle of destruction and rebirth, the continent of Ruhl is the center for the turning of this age. Six centuries ago the Highking of the Woed Empire, Ulvrick the Mad, tore open the veil of worlds with his Black Gates, unleashing demonic invasion from the Infernal Realm of Mekkon. In an age of tragedy and trial, heroes and saviors would arise.

But now new danger looms, like a gathering storm, Ruhl once again will see the world changed by the actions of the few. In this time of change, new champions must answer the call, not as martyrs to a cause, but as the exemplars of this new world, of this Epic Age.

Beyond Myths and Legends

The world of Aerd sits at a nexus of cause and consequence. In each era powerful forces have moved and sent ripples across the fabric of space and time. In the age of myths, dragons, giants, and gods once warred here for control of the Ouroboros. From the shores of Al Suhadeen, the Sagarian Priest Kings changed the heavens, and the fate of a dozen worlds through reckless magic. It was in the distant lands of Indra that the Marut discovered the path of the Vanya becoming realm walkers. And it was in Ruhl that the long-forgotten world of Aerd suddenly became the scene for the latest chapter in an endless cosmic war between the demons of Mekkon and the host of Vilon.

What dangers and discoveries await you in the Woed Marchlands of Ruhl?

Epic Age - Core Edition
Escape From Teddy Bear Island 2nd edition August 03, 2022 at 05:34PM
Publisher: Orcs Unlimited

Long ago, an individual by the name of Jessie began practicing a peculiar form of
magic, animating plush toys to do his evil bidding! No one knows exactly what his evil
bidding was ... but it was certainly evil!

He was exiled from the mainland for his experiments and built a teddy bear-shaped temple on Teddy Bear Island. He then gathered his plush minions into his temple and ... died ... probably. ..

Few adventurers have travelled to the island to brave its dense jungles and evil plush
toys, many were transported there against their will by some unknown means. No
one knows how or why these adventurers were brought to Teddy Bear Island, but one
thing is certain; no one has come back alive. Do you have what it takes to conquer
Teddy Bear Island?

Escape from Teddy Bear Island Is a face-paced, Rules light Fantasy RPG. You can pick up the game, a few six-sided dice, and start playing almost instantly. survive onslaughts of evil plushies or control your own in your attempt to Escape from Teddy Bear Island.   

Escape From Teddy Bear Island 2nd edition
Eternus Quickstart September 16, 2022 at 03:47PM
Publisher: The Black Orifice

Humankind has conquered the stars, made our homes on endless worlds. Then we fell. At the peak of our understanding and mastery of the universe, we have lost our way and forgotten how we got here. Now we live across Myriad Kingdoms that span the universe, unified by our core biology, the oaths and bonds that tie us to our feudal lords, and our Faith in the Goddess.

Now is a time of heroes, a time of brave paladins and powerful sorcerers, of foul despoilers and dangerous alien beasts. There are mysteries to unravel, evil to defeat and a whole universe to explore.

Eternus is a space-fantasy game that uses its own rules-light system - a system inspired by the likes of Forged in the Dark and Apocalypse Engine, yet uniquely its own. A simple system using a single d6 for each play, yet with surprising depth of options, Eternus gives you the fast, narrative focus of games with a similar DNA, yet provides dozens of options, both in game and for character development.

In this quickstart you will find all the rules you need to get started playing Eternus, along with six pre-generated characters and a sample adventure.

Keep a look out for the Eternus full game, coming soon!

Eternus Quickstart
Extinction at Camp Summersaurus July 13, 2022 at 04:06PM
Publisher: Anaphis Press

Extinction at Camp Summersaurus is a GM-less collaborative storytelling game for 2-4 players, written for PocketQuest 2022. Characters are teen or pre-teen dinosaurs at the last summer camp - will they have fun, or will an extinction event ruin their summer?

Extinction at Camp Summersaurus
Extinction Punk - The Eco RPG powered by the apocalypse September 27, 2022 at 03:18PM
Publisher: Quickphix Club

What is Extinction Punk?

Extinction Punk is a table-top role-playing game (TTRPG) that blends elements of science fiction and science fantasy to envision a future where humanity fails to stop a man-made extinction event such as a climate cataclysm, a nuclear holocaust, or a biological war.

Players of Extinction Punk get to explore the ruins of an Earth that is no longer under humanity’s control and encounter the (not necessarily) human civilizations that rise from the ashes. Together with the person organizing the game (the Game Master, or GM for short), the players create characters that will fight for survival while searching for powerful artefacts or useful mutations. 

All you need to play the game are this Core Rulebook and a set of six-sided dice. The Rulebook contains everything you need for character creation and advancement as well as guidance on how to manage exploration and combat. Additionally, this Rulebook provides guidance for the GM on how to create worlds, monsters, and expeditions for their friends.

So, if any of this sounds enticing to you, continue reading! 

What differentiates this game from other roleplaying games?

Extinction Punk and its mechanics are largely based on Apocalypse World by D. Vincent & Meguey Baker and games like it, mainly Dungeon World and Monster of the Week (which are all excellent and you should check them out).

Like those games, Extinction Punk is a narrative-driven, streamlined tabletop role-playing game. Its main features are:

  • Fast and guided character-creation
  • Easy to understand rules thanks to the PANIC system and its corresponding 10 moves
  • Empowered game master (GM) mechanics, which allow for more cinematic play through open narration
  • Mutation mechanics, which give players another vector for growth and self-expression
  • Hostile world events to give the GM an easy way to improvise encounters on the way to an expedition’s goal
  • Mechanics split into basic rules which are focused on the characters and their actions, to be used for one-shots and in the beginning of the adventure as well as advanced rules, if the players want to shift their playstyle towards resource collection and base-building

So how do I play?

The game can be played with a minimum of three players. One player acts as the Game Master (GM), while all other players act as characters within the game. These player-created characters are the protagonists of the story that the GM will tell. This means that the GM will act as the guide for the players, setting up obstacles and consequences for their characters to overcome as their adventure unfolds. 

The players and the GM come together to tell the stories of their characters and the dangers they face on their journey. The players do this by narrating their characters’ actions and using dice rolls to determine whether these actions succeed. The GM facilitates this process by playing as non-player characters (NPCs), which can be either allies or enemies.  Think of this game as creating a story with your friends, with flexible rules to guide the characters and their actions.

Enough Exposition! What do I need to play?

If you are a player, you can lean back and let the GM do all the hard work. The only things you need to do are:

  • Find a pair of six-sided dice (known in TTRPG lingo as 2d6).
  • Select one of the characters (from Chapter 3) that you find interesting and print out the character sheet (double-sided). Or you can get a sheet from our website (quickphix.ch/extinction-punk). Don’t worry if you stumble across words you don’t understand yet—just read the first paragraph to see whether you find the character concept interesting.
  • Grab a pencil and some notepaper
  • Don’t forget snacks and something to drink!

That’s it! Your GM will explain the rules while you play. If you want to lighten the burden on your GM, however, you can also read the general rules in Chapter 2.

What do I need to do if I am the GM?

So, you are the GM? My sympathies – you’ll have to invest the actual work before the others can play. Most of what you will need is just the knowledge found within this book. To take shortcuts, follow this guide. If you have…:

  • …never player any TTRPG: In that case, it is probably best for you to read the entire chapter 2, at least one entry in chapter 3 and all of chapter 5. Once you are firm in your understanding of those rules, you can read chapter 4.
  • …played TTRPGs, although not ones “powered by the Apocalypse”: You’ll probably be fine by checking out chapter 2, at least one character in chapter 3 and chapter 5.1.
  • …played Apocalypse World (or other pbta games): You should feel right at home – this game’s unique mechanics can be found listed in chapter 5.1 and explained in detail from chapter 2.6 onwards.

Extinction Punk features two sets of rules, basic (chapter 2 & chapter 5) and advanced (chapter 4). We recommend starting out using only the basic rules for the first few play sessions. Once you feel at home with the basic rules, the advanced rules are there to help you deepen your experience.


Extinction Punk - The Eco RPG powered by the apocalypse
Eyes Beyond the Torchlight September 01, 2022 at 10:58PM
Publisher: MAX HP

Eyes Beyond the Torchlight, a roleplaying game of fantastic adventures. Powered by an innovative game system with its single roll attack and damage mechanic. Eyes Beyond the Torchlight is a simple, intuitive, player-facing game perfect for new, or old, GMs and Players. Contains 4 standard character archetypes that are customized by various Edges and Hindrances. 7 classic character ancestries, from Dwarf to Human. Over 120 Monsters... Treasures... and More!

Includes a separate Player's Guide PDF that just includes the rules, character creation, equipment, and powers chapters of the main rule book.

Eyes Beyond the Torchlight
Factotums (English version) September 20, 2022 at 03:44PM
Publisher: Michaël Janod

What? Missions? Yes, sure, there are missions, but it's not important. They're fun, yeah.

The agency? Yeah, there's that too. A weird agency, its purpose is to make the world a better place… But there's more than that. The world? It's our world, with weird stuff in it. But that's not important either.

No, what's important are the people in the agency. At first you think they're normal, almost banal, but don't be fooled by appearances, the more time passes, the more unusual things they do…

About the game

Factotums is a zany game played with the utmost seriousness. It's a mystery game in which you learn who the characters are, what the agency is and what our world really is! It is not a game of secrets but a game of improvisation, each campaign is different, there is no plan (especially not the GM's plan), no one knows where it will go.

The game is played with a single six-sided die. The book contains everything you need to play.

Factotums (English version)
Fallout: The Roleplaying Game Starter Set - PDF August 04, 2022 at 12:05PM
Publisher: Modiphius

Welcome to the Wasteland

Immerse yourself in the genre-defining setting with this introduction to the official Fallout tabletop roleplaying game. This starter set gets you playing Fallout using the 2d20 System designed and tailored for an authentic wasteland experience. Roleplay as a unique character in the familiar setting of the Commonwealth around Boston.

This starter set digital product contains almost everything you need to begin playing Fallout: The Tabletop Roleplaying Game - just add dice and something to use for tokens!

  • A 56-page rulebook containing all core rules, perks, and equipment needed to explore the wasteland.
  • A 60-page quest book Once Upon a Time in the Wasteland taking your characters on an exciting quest around the nuclear-ravaged wasteland outside Boston.
  • 6 pre-generated characters to choose from, including ghouls, super mutants, and even a Mister Handy robot.


© 1997-2022 Bethesda Softworks LLC, a ZeniMax Media company. Bethesda Softworks, ZeniMax and related logos are registered trademarks or trademarks of ZeniMax Media Inc. in the U.S. and/or other countries. Fallout and related logos are trademarks or registered trademarks of Bethesda Softworks LLC in the U.S. and/or other countries. All Rights Reserved.

Fallout: The Roleplaying Game Starter Set - PDF
Fantastical Followings: Starter Pack (ARTLESS AND UNFORMATTED) August 25, 2022 at 11:02PM
Publisher: Anominium

Fantastical Followings is a Fantasy TTRPG where your goal is to become as famous as you can. 

This is the Starter Pack, meaning it has everything you need to start but isn't the complete starter pack. This starter pack comes with 3 races, 4 classes (with 2 specialties each), 4 childhood summaries and all the equipment required.

This version of the Starter Pack doesn't include any art and isn't formatted: the one that does have art and is formatted will have a higher cost and won't be released for some time.

For any Feedback and Comments please tweet me @anominium!

Fantastical Followings: Starter Pack (ARTLESS AND UNFORMATTED)
Far Horizons Anthology Collection 2 Volume 2 July 12, 2022 at 08:09PM
Publisher: Far Horizons Co-op

New Name. New Look. New Beginings. Same Badass Mission.

  • Fractal Galaxies is a cartomantic galaxy generator, part board game, part roleplaying game for 1 or more players using decks of standard playing cards. Command the entire crew of a starship and explore a vast and surprising emergent cosmos.

  • In Guide to Creating Worlds for Gaming, you’ll get a step-by-step walkthrough for inventing whole new worlds to set your games in. Made to work for any technology level, location, and game system, and to prompt you to create worlds rich enough to spin stories from.

  • The Call of Spring is a game rooted in Karanduun, telling the stories of the young and bold heroes summoned to save another world. It asks players to step into the shoes of those who will change a realm, and be changed by it

  • In The Tales We Told When The World Went Quiet, you tell the shared history of a post apocalyptic community. This world-building game of cozy apocalyptica will have you reading stories from the stars, learning of a community’s past and traditions, and creating a living and memorable world with your friends

  • Navigate False Gold and false faces as you brave the poisonous waters of The Bellmetal Lake, a brand new Monster Care Squad location and accompanying monster. The people of Banbati-Mal are very familiar with metal poisoning, but when their local mimic falls ill, they know to call in the specialists. How do you treat a patient who could be anyone, anywhere?

  • and four other fantastic games and articles exploring distant worlds!

The Far Horizons Co-op is a collective of designers, writers, artists, and other creatives who believe in equal pay for equal contribution. Our books are 100% profit-shared, 100% creator-owned. So if this book does well, the creators do well. 

Check out our previous digests and Anthologies below!

The Short Games Digest: Volume 1 The Short Games Digest: Volume 2 The Short Games Digest: Volume 3 The Short Games Digest: Volume 4 The Short Games Digest: Volume 5 330823-thumb140.png The Short Games Digest: Volume 7 351740-thumb140.jpg Far Horizons Anthology Collection 2 Volume 1
Far Horizons Anthology Collection 2 Volume 2
Fear Can't Hurt You (PocketQuest Edition) July 27, 2022 at 05:30PM
Publisher: Gildor Games

“Fear can’t hurt you any more than a dream…” William Golding, Lord of the Flies

In August of 1984, the FBI investigated the events at Camp Willow Lake, a Christian summer camp for boys. Multiple deaths were reported in the press, but the circumstances surrounding the fate of the campers and staff remains a mystery. This is their story.

Fear Can’t Hurt You is a love letter to classic 80’s horror flicks and Stranger Things, with a dash of the X-Files and a twist the players won’t soon forget!

Fear Can’t Hurt You returns in a new edition, revised and expanded into a complete “Quick-Play” game! Quick-Play is a unique all-in-one format that combines game rules, a scenario and a set of 8 player characters to choose from. Designed to get you and your friends playing quickly, this document and regular six-sided dice are all you need to play. While powered by the ELEMENTAL system, this is a stand-alone game that assumes no prior knowledge of the rules and doesn’t even require the ELEMENTAL core book. All the rules you need to run the scenario are clearly explained and illustrated with numerous examples in the scenario itself, and the PCs are laid out in a simple one-page format containing all the relevant rules for the character.

While the game will appeal to new and veteran players alike, Fear Can’t Hurt You is an ideal way to experience ELEMENTAL for the first time. First-time ELEMENTAL GMs and players will get a taste of ELEMENTAL and learn the basics needed to enjoy everything else the system offers.

ELEMENTAL is a remarkably fast and flexible RPG for any character, any setting, any story. Go to the Gildor Games main page to see the expanding line of ELEMENTAL products. The Complete Guide (on sale during Christmas in July!) gives you everything you need to play, and the Discovery Guide lets you check out the game and even try it for free.

Core Game Line

Fear Can't Hurt You (PocketQuest Edition)
Fear of the Unknown Quickstart September 02, 2022 at 05:44AM
Publisher: Sixpence Games

Every game is a horror film! Solve mysteries, face perils, encounter horrors, and see how that changes you as a person.

Fear of the Unknown is a zero prep horror mystery RPG coming to Kickstarter on October 1st. These quickstart rules give you everything you need to play, including character and setting creation and all of the basic moves and revelations. For the GM tools and much more, check out the kickstarter on October 1st!

Fear of the Unknown Quickstart
Fey Fire September 02, 2022 at 08:30PM
Publisher: A.C. Luke Games

A millennia ago, the greatest empire the world has ever known collapsed overnight as a continent-spanning forest sprang fully-formed from the earth to consume it. Now we live in the shadow of the Hexenwald, monster-infested and corrupting of all who step foot within it. It marks the end of civilisation and the beginning of a primordial wild... and now you've been exiled to its doorstep.

You are a seeker, the brave and foolish who dare step foot in this haunted woods. Are you here to protect the mortal world, loot the ruins of an empire, or just work off the crime that exiled you here? And more importantly, will your survive?

Fey Fire is a tabletop roleplaying game designed for 2-6 players, about holding the line between humanity and the monstrous wild. Players take on the role of seekers—former soldiers, exiled nobles, condemned criminals, and desperate adventurers—as they mount expeditions into the monster-infested Hexenwald. Powered by LUMEN, this is a rules-lite game of quick, tactical combat and escalating danger.

In this game, you will:

  • Choose between 6 archetypes: the dangerous Soldier and Hunter, cunning Knave and Aristocrat, and mystical Naturalist and Theurgist.
  • Grow stronger with each successful expedition, adding new weapons and powers to your repertoire.
  • Experience fast and thrilling combat against hordes of undead, packs of twisted monstrosities, and the faerie legions of the malevolent Elven Lords.
  • Protect the human realm and the frontier town of Terminus from the dangers of the Hexenwald... or at least, die trying.
Fey Fire
Final Girl Support Group July 22, 2022 at 06:14PM
Publisher: Live Real Press

We’ve all seen the movies. Terrible things happen to people. Murderers beyond understanding slaughtering the innocent. A hopeless fight, friends and loved ones gone forever. Mayhem that defies explanation. 

And a single survivor.

When the sun rises the next day, how does that survivor…survive? Go on?

Final Girl Support Group is about survivors getting the help they need by sharing their stories with people who have survived similar situations. Their fellow survivors will help draw the story out to its conclusion: escaping the slasher.

To play, you need 5 coins per player and a deck of playing cards.

Final Girl Support Group is a game about the aftermath of a slasher horror tale. Themes of death, torture, and terror are common. Please review safety tools and include them at your table. The X-Card is particularly useful here.

Final Girl Support Group is a hack of This One Time, which is a hack of I Went to Japan Once by James Lennox-Gordon. It uses the Dicier font by Speak the Sky. It was made for the 1 Page RPG Jam.

Final Girl Support Group
For a Few Gold Coins More August 15, 2022 at 11:30AM
Publisher: Hieroglif
“For a few gold coins more” is a simple, pocket-sized RPG.

For playing, you will need a sheet of paper, something to write on and four d6 (six-sided) dices.

Basically it is dedicated for classic fantasy worlds, but I believe, that you can play on it in any setting if your players characters want to go to an expedition in search of fame, glory and wealth.
For a Few Gold Coins More
Fragged Empire 2nd Edition - Rules August 27, 2022 at 02:55AM
Publisher: Design Ministries

"Your genetically engineered people are just now returning to the stars to usher in the dawn of a new age. Now is the time to reconnect with other forgotten species, explore war-torn worlds, combat ancient threats and forge new frontiers."


Fragged Empire is a post-post-apocalyptic sci-fi setting where your people are just now returning to space following a century of hiding during the aftermath of a galactic war where the Nephilim and their X'ion master successfully defeated the Archons and their servile nations. It's a universe that leans heavily into themes of cultural tension and exploration, with a dash of transhumanism, nation-building and a hope for a better future.

A typical game of Fragged Empire will see you and your friends take on the role of a character from one of eight core species. You will join together to form a ragtag band of misfits who travel around the sector in a spaceship taking odd jobs and getting into trouble.

Inspirations; Cowboy Bebop, Firefly, Farscape, the Millennium Falcon scenes from Star Wars, and a little of the Expanse.


Fragged Empire makes use of its own unique classless rule system that allows for a large amount of customization, not just in how Players build their PCs, equipment and spaceship, but also for the GM and what kind of campaign they want to run. Fragged also seeks to liberate Players by allowing them to construct a wide variety of characters (rich or poor, bipedal or monstrous, etc...) and party compositions (a party of soldiers, a team of scientists, a smuggler crew, etc... ).

Fragged as an accessible medium-crunch rule system that respects both the narrative and mechanical sides of RPGing, and makes use of a 3d6 core resolution mechanic.


To fully enjoy Fragged Empire 2nd edition, you will want the Rules and Setting Guide books.

This is an early access PDF, slight image and text tweaks will happen as we draw closer to printing the final books.

Fragged Empire 2nd Edition - Rules
Frontier Scum July 19, 2022 at 02:54PM
Publisher: Games Omnivorous

Every Night & every Morn
Some to Misery are Born
Every Morn & every Night
Some are Born to sweet delight
Some are Born to sweet delight
Some are Born to Endless Night
— William Blake

What is this?

FRONTIER SCUM is a rules-lite Acid Western roleplaying game. An auto-destructive, violent and LSD-infused take on Spaghetti Westerns, about wanted outlaws making their mark on an unreal Lost Frontier. Probably getting shot before having the chance to shoot. A rough-and-tumble world of insatiable greed where scum live one slug from the grave. Inspired by such things as El Topo, Dead Man, and Bone Tomahawk.

What's in the book?

Inside you will find all the rules you need to play, guidelines for creating characters along with their guns and stolen horses, an introduction to the Lost Frontier, a complete adventure 'Escape the Organ Rail', and tons of inspiration tables & tools for NPCs, hunting, carousing, bounties, odd jobs, loot and strange relics.

Find more at frontierscum.com

Frontier Scum
Fucked Up Little Man September 23, 2022 at 02:19PM
Publisher: Rowan, Rook & Decard

trailer for new fromsoft game Ahh,, fucked up little man. youre so fucked up, and nasty. everything, it sucks soooo bad. only you , thje most fucked up and nasty of guys, can make it suck less - @kevins_computer, July 2021

The Kingdom of Ashes, once great, is beset by the Endless Blight. The Damned One, an undead warrior, quests to find the Chalice of Embers and restore light to the land.

A Dark Souls fan RPG where you play the weird NPCs who go "heh heh heh heh" at the end of every exchange.

Fucked Up Little Man
Get The Briefcase. August 19, 2022 at 01:17AM
Publisher: Conner Dejecacion

Become a snatcher, a low-level gun-for-hire teamed up with a group of similarly bumbling crooks and hired to Get the Briefcase.

A one-page RPG based on Lasers & Feelings, by John Harper.

Created under a CC BY 4.0 license.


Get The Briefcase.
Getaway! September 09, 2022 at 06:28PM
Publisher: Conner Dejecacion

A one-page RPG about car chases.

GhastBashers August 08, 2022 at 06:56PM
Publisher: Pithy Productions

When you are harangued by ghouls, revenants, spectres, trolls, and werewolves, who can you turn to? The GhastBashers will cover all of your supernatural needs!

GhastBashers is a narrative-focused, d12-powered, rules-light tabletop roleplaying game (RPG) in which players take the role of paranatural hunting individuals in a world that had almost forgotten about them.

Borrowing inspiration from franchises like Ghostbusters, websites like SCP, and adding a dash of the Cthulhu Mythos (such as Delta Green), GhastBashers lets you custom tailor your flavors of horror and comedy in one package.

Using a d12-only system with three stats and nine skills, getting into GhastBashers will take little time but lots of imagination.

Glorious Battles of Old September 12, 2022 at 07:46PM
Publisher: Six Planes Games

Glorious Battles of Old is a hack of War in the Year 3000 by Rufus Roswell and the Shackled Sun hack by Austing Walker and Friends at the Table.

Battles in ancient history get committed to the yarn of history with embellishments, fabricated golden moments, and overlooked cruelties. In the moment, heroes will know how their actions will be remembered and might try with desperation to turn the tide of narrative.

Glorious Battles of Old is a hack I put together to play out a battle in The One Ring RPG, specifically, a final session to play out the scouring of the Shire. I didn't want to do a massive battle that centered around rolls to hit, one that wouldn't tell us anything about the characters, so I revisited the Shackled Sun arc of Friends at the Table and made this based off that.

It is rough and ready to use for grand battles in historical fiction, where what is important is the legend that gets made after the outcome of the battle. I would recommend a read pre-use, adapting any prompts or questions that may make more sense for your table!

The hack is free, but do check out our other stuff while you're here. Impossible Forces is a good game to play War in the Year 3000 with!

Glorious Battles of Old
GOOD NATURE: A Storytelling Game July 29, 2022 at 09:50PM
Publisher: Marco A. Torres

GOOD NATURE is a cooperative storytelling game that uses simple dice-matching mechanics and journaling to encourage collaboration and creative problem-solving. This book contains the complete rules, a complete scenario, and player journals and awards ready for easy printing.

GOOD NATURE's simple game mechanics are easily adaptable to any audience and genre of storytelling, but is designed for use with students in a classroom setting. The collaborative system helps develop writing and discussion skills, and is a great tool for social-emotional learning and English-language development.

Included with this rule book is "Science Camp", a complete scenario ready for immediate play! Players take a weeklong trip to an outdoor school, where they will encounter both social and academic situations out in nature that will require the help of friends to make sure everyone has a great camp experience!

This game was created as part of DriveThruRPG's PocketQuest 2022 jam!

GOOD NATURE: A Storytelling Game
Gran Meccanismo August 18, 2022 at 08:49AM
Publisher: Osprey Publishing

It is the Year of Our Lord 1510, and one has to wonder how differently history could have played out if Niccolò Machiavelli, the military commissioner of the Republic of Florence, had not understood the true scale of Leonardo da Vinci’s genius. In such a world, the visionary might simply have wasted his time painting portraits of women and doodling in a sketchbook. Instead, he unleashed a technological revolution where primitive computers, decorated with delicately painted cupids, run on water clocks; spring-powered tanks whir across the battlefield, cannons thundering from their flanks; and gliders flit across perfectly blue Tuscan skies.

Gran Meccanismo is a roleplaying game of swashbuckling adventure in a Renaissance Italy where Florence's winding alleys play host to spies, scholars, and sell-swords alike. Players are nobles, mercenaries, inventors, and artisans who may find themselves crossing wits with Machiavelli, avoiding the dangerous charms of Lucretia Borgia, or hearing Christopher Columbus telling tales of the new world he has discovered...

Gran Meccanismo
Gunfight September 14, 2022 at 11:21AM
Publisher: Ben Brocas


A new, play-ready one page rules that allows you to inhabit the spirit of the larger than life characters from spaghetti westerns. PLay a marshal, an outlaw, a ranger, or just a gunslinger alongside as many or as few friends (or enemies) as you want. Perfectly ready for small, pick up games or longer drawn out sessions with plot, either for PvP or traditional player and GM gaming.

GUUN: A one-page cyberpunk RPG that explores our most inane future September 11, 2022 at 05:53PM
Publisher: Alienation Press

You live in a boring dystopia. Sure, your Soylent isn’t Soylent Green, but you have to rent a couch through an app because some tech megacorp decided that “the furniture space” needed disrupting. So you know, a dystopia – but not quite as cool as eating people.

The careers of your grandparents gave way to the “side-hustles” of your parents, and now your generation lives in the uncertain rubble of a thousand apps that promised to make life easier. Deliveries in ten minutes, drones that find you dates, fitness-powered crypto-mining, and more are how you and everyone you know pay the bills.

But now, you’re out of options. Your car doesn’t run, so no rideshare will have you, and you can only get so many three-star ratings delivering overpriced food to bougie assholes before jobs dry up. All that’s left is Guun. On-demand goons for the rich and powerful to kill, kidnap, and steal whatever their hearts desire. All you have to do is accept below minimum wage – and put your sanity on the line.


Guun is a fast and loose one-page RPG where the players are cybernetic gig workers, plugging their minds into cloned bodies, and acting as hired goons for the rich and powerful. The game is meant to be picked up and played in a single session, even without any prior knowledge. You're able to create a scenario, build characters, and learn the system in roughly fifteen minutes.

The main mechanic revolves around drawing cards, so all you need is a standard deck of cards (or an online card/random number generator) to build the job the players will be taking, the characters, and play the actual game. The rules are loose to encourage improvisation, creativity, and a slightly hectic atmosphere.

Guun is still in development and I plan on updating, improving, and tweaking the game as I get feedback from players. Do you have constructive feedback? Send me an email at alienationpress@protonmail.com.

GUUN: A one-page cyberpunk RPG that explores our most inane future
Happy Medium | A supernatural non-violent RPG July 31, 2022 at 07:05AM
Publisher: The Dungeon's Key

Happy Medium is a rules lite, non-violent RPG system where players take the form of ghosts attempting to quell the animocities of the living. This system comes complete with a starter adventure, The Haunting of Camp Sunshine, and was created as part of DriveThruRPG's own Pocket Quest 2022.

Come join the passificist revolution in this silly and refreshing new table top RPG!

Happy Medium | A supernatural non-violent RPG
Headware September 12, 2022 at 05:33PM
Publisher: Eden Reese Potts

Headware is a cyberpunk-inspired (I call it "microfunk") singleplayer RPG where you play as a freelance corporate spy with a ROM reader installed in your head.

Carry out missions in a version of Wall Street in 1994 as imagined in 1976.

Insert cartridges recorded from other people to use their skills for your own ends. Just watch out, because this technology isn't the most reliable.

Playable with or without a GM. Uses only six-sided dice.

PDF download also includes epub and mobi files.

Heckin' Good Doggos August 04, 2022 at 01:12PM
Publisher: Wet Ink Games

Heckin’ Good Doggos is a family friendly, all ages role-playing game where the players take on the roles of humankind’s best friends: The dog! It is a game of "Dogs doin' Dog Stuff" that focuses on the kinds of stories and adventures dogs can get into such as:

  • Finding their favorite treats.
  • Barking at that squirrel up in the tree.
  • Finding their human Best Friend who has gone missing.
  • Banishing an ancient spirit that threatens the neighborhood.
  • Scavenging for supplies in a futuristic wasteland.
  • And so much more!

Heckin’ Good Doggos is a game of make believe where players can experience the world from an animal’s point of view. Some things will seem familiar, like protecting their backyard from potential threats and protecting their owners, while others are purely fantastic and whimsical situations they find themselves in like helping a ghost resolve its business so it can leave this world. It is simultaneously serious and silly, with an emphasis on crafting scenarios that make players have a blast while also having to solve the many challenges they will experience in ways that only doggos can.

Heckin' Good Doggos
Herbert's Head July 15, 2022 at 01:19PM
Publisher: Atomic Ninja Studios

Herbert has a problem: he listens to the voices in his head. And they're ruining his life! 

It is time for the players to flip the proverbial script! In this competitive one-shot adventure inspired by the indie RPG Everyone is John, the Game Master assumes the role of a mentally unstable man controlled by the voices (aka The Players) in his head. Which 'voice' will win out over the others and push Herbert to achieve their lifelong goal? Find out in... Herbert's Head.

One Shot Wonders

Welcome to the latest installment in the monthly series of One Shots from Atomic Ninja Studios, all of which are SWADE compatible and contain everything you need for a quick and easy adventure, including pre-generated characters for up to 5 players.

Herbert's Head
HILT // BLADE July 25, 2022 at 05:58PM
Publisher: Agony Song Games

HILT // BLADE is a roleplaying game Powered by the Apocalypse that is, in essence, a love letter to mecha anime. It explores the emotional and psychological terrain of those pilots of giant robots — in this game, Hilts wielding their Blades. HILT // BLADE is inspired by anime like Neon Genesis Evangelion, DARLING in the FRANXX and the Gundam series.

Using PbtA’s focus on dramatic, collaborative storytelling, each player has equal authorial control whether a master of ceremonies is present or not—this game can be played with or without a MC!
Play occurs in two stages, one focusing on the interpersonal, “normal” lives of the Hilts and the other on the action-packed fight sequences during which the Hilts try to take down an Imminent Threat—an existential enemy threatening to destroy civilization as the Hilts know it. All of this is mediated by a special character named the Custodian, who works with a paramilitary organization to manage the squad of Hilts in order to eliminate these Imminent Threats. This special character can be roleplayed by a MC or collaboratively by all of the players.

As Hilts, you are obligated to wield the Blades by talent, ability or otherwise. Do you believe in the mission? Will you tire of being used? Is something else going on..? Play to find out!

Hold On (to our memory) September 26, 2022 at 05:39PM
Publisher: Daft Sheep

A one-page role-playing game where 2 or more players can act out both the present and the past as one or more may face a fate that ends in a miracle or a tragedy. This can be played in-person, online, or over-the-phone.

Hold On (to our memory)
Hunter: The Reckoning 5th Edition Roleplaying Game Core Rulebook July 26, 2022 at 07:50PM
Publisher: Renegade Game Studios

A Storytelling Game of Desperate Measures

You saw what you shouldn’t have, the veil pulled back from the secret world and the monsters who prowl it. You chronicled the tragedies they wrought, these monsters, and the victims upon whom they preyed. You grasped the extent of their influence and witnessed the corruption of the organizations formed to keep them in check. And you vowed to do something about it. Tonight, you act. It’s time for a Reckoning.


  • Introduces the Hunters of the World of Darkness for 5th Edition
  • Features chapters on character creation, supernatural threats, and rival organizations
Hunter: The Reckoning 5th Edition Roleplaying Game Core Rulebook
Impossible Forces September 10, 2022 at 05:37PM
Publisher: Six Planes Games

The year is 20XX. War rages between people with inhuman powers and giant, piloted mechs. Without intervention the war promises to rage on indefinitely. With intervention it may do the same.

Play battles of an incredible scale between impossible forces with different, branching rules for GM-less play, one-shot style play, and narrative play. Make relentless factions and battle them out, or start a campaign as heroes that wish to put an end to the conflict.

You can find us on social medias@SixPlanes on Twitter, and @SixPlanesGames on Facebook, and Instagram. Equally, we welcome people to write to us at SixPlanesGames@gmail.com.

Impossible Forces
In Spoons, In Knives July 20, 2022 at 03:04PM
Publisher: Handiwork Games

In Spoons, In Knives presents a 1930s setting for The Silver Road.

The foundries never stop pounding out knives to send all around the world. The finest tables are dressed with shining silverware from the dirtiest town on god’s good earth. The shipyards grow great hulks from iron skeletons like whales rotting backwards in an endless cacophony of rivets. 

Great burning spark-breathed canyons of fire drawing our wire for the colonies and steel plates for the ships and needles for record players. Day after day spent in pouring and brazing and casting and smelting. 

But at night the streets are alive with jazz music and young people fighting and dancing. Knives and heels flick in the moonlight. Lipstick and blood.

There are paydays and so there are bookies. There is duty owing on whisky and tobacco and cocaine and so there is smuggling. Betting on horses and dogs and cocks. Betting on which cockroach will climb the wall and which young man can batter the other the hardest. 

The steam hammers and greed and lust and rage go round and round up and down without end. 

pages from In Spoons, In Knives

In Spoons, In Knives takes us to an imagined 1930s, and the heart of Britain’s industrial centres – be they Birmingham, Sheffield, or Glasgow.

The Silver Road creates settings and stories through play, and everyone around the table has the power to shape the reality within the story. And so setting sourcebooks like In Spoons, In Knives present a grab bag of useful and inspiring setting “stuff”. We’ve organised these entries into groups of 6, so that any section can be used with dice rolls to randomly add detail and flavour to your story. 

Character ideas from In Spoons, In Knives

You’ll find ideas for characters, stories, details from within the turbulent world of 1930s industrial Britain. Will you play as a group of musicians, poets, orphans, foundry workers, nurses or a mix of unexpected companions thrown together by circumstance? 

In Spoons also includes a new "rule" for The Silver Road where your Magic Numbers create foreshadowed aspects for the next scene. 

Art from In Spoons, In Knives

About The Silver Road

The Silver Road is an experimental, minimalist story-telling game for 3 to 5 players, written by Jon Hodgson (Writer on The One Ring, Adventures in Middle-earth, BEOWULF Age of Heroes and The Terminator RPG)  and illustrated by Mike Franchina (Magic the Gathering, Blizzard).

Sample Pages from The Silver Road

The book is 24 pages long, and each page features a beautiful and curious AI-generated illustration, curated and driven by Mike Franchina (Magic the Gathering, Blizzard)

Sample Pages from The Silver Road

In Spoons, In Knives
Indomitable Gauls August 16, 2022 at 07:25AM
Publisher: Porcupine Publishing

Indomitable Gauls is a simple tabletop RPG inspired chiefly by the Asterix comics. 

It's good for adventuring in the ancient Roman empire and thereabouts but also for playing existing fantasy RPG scenarios in a family-friendly way. And for playing with adults who just want a bit less violence too. 

In the past I've enjoyed running traditional RPG adventures -- 'traditional' in the sense that lethal violence is on the table -- with the fights recast as unarmed martial arts, and that works well but requires the GM to evaluate each and every sword- or laser-armed encounter. 

But in the style of 20th-century Franco-Belgian comics about plucky Gauls, you don't need to do that. The Romans are still coming at our heroes armed with their full array of pīla, gladiī and so forth, yet as the Gauls CRASH and PAF their way through the ranks of legionaries, there is little malice or menace. Even when you're tied up and about to be fed to the lions. 

Adventures tend to be short in Indomitable Gauls, as you're rolling your Pages die (equivalent to Cthulhu Dark's Insight, here representing how many pages are left in the album) for the whole group rather than an individual player character. If you feel like you've not played for long enough when you finish, begin a new adventure!

Indomitable Gauls
Interdimensional Shenanigans September 06, 2022 at 01:11PM
Publisher: NerdBurger Games

Interdimensional Shenanigans

A Game About Getting Into Trouble In Every Universe

Interdimensional Shenanigans is a rules-light, GM-less RPG of exploring the multiverse and getting into trouble. It's inspired by and is a love letter to Rick and Morty (without all the toxic a-hole Rick stuff). 

In the game, you portray a person going out into the multiverse of many dimensions to have adventures. But the multiverse is a scary place, so you're always balancing confidently doing cool, exciting stuff with the ever-present dread that something terrible could be around the next corner. 

The game requires no game master. Everyone plays an interdimensional explorer. You can create characters and be off on your adventure in a matter of minutes.

Interdimensional Shenanigans
Internal Thoughts - Post Apocalyptic September 05, 2022 at 04:50PM
Publisher: Aegis Studios

A tabletop roleplaying game about surviving in a post apocalyptic world. The PCs are not only trying to survive in a broken world but must maintain their humanity. 

ITs - Post apocalyptic

  • Use only 2d6
  • Players have only 2 pages to study, their character sheets.
  • Every one hour of game time, players write down an Internal thought of their character.
  • The game includes a Gamemaster note page to help them to run a successful game. 
  • Αn interactive pdf character sheet included for those who want to play online.
Internal Thoughts - Post Apocalyptic
Into the Backrooms and Liminal Spaces September 14, 2022 at 08:02PM
Publisher: TLHP Games

"If you're not careful and you noclip out of reality in

the wrong areas, you'll end up in the Backrooms, where

it's nothing but the stink of old moist carpet, the

madness of mono-yellow, the endless background noise of fluorescent lights at maximum hum-buzz, and approximately

six hundred million square miles of randomly segmented

empty rooms to be trapped in God save you if you hear

something wandering around nearby , because it sure as

hell has heard you"

- Anonymous

Into the Backrooms - A minimalist Cosmic horror RPG 

If you want to experience the loneliness, strangeness, weirdness and uncomfortable feeling of being trapped into a space out of time and out of our own reality, "Into the BACKROOMS and Liminal Spaces" is the game you certainly should try.

Mixing a dungeon crawl-like generation with minimalist cosmic horror, you can explore the many different levels of the Backrooms. 

The mechanics are quite simple and straightforward: 

Your character has some points to choose and distribute among a list of skills. Everytime you need, you will roll 1d6 and add the relevant skill. If the result is equal or higher than the Difficulty of the check, things will be good.

Besides that, there's one atribute called "KENOPSIA": empty spaces can literally put your character in a catatonic state. When your KENOPSIA level reaches 12 (it starts at 3) your character Simply...desappear.

Here you will find lots of table that will help you to generate rooms, corridors and even very unusual and non-logical creatures and events.

If you want to know a cosmic horror out of the infinity of lovecrftian dimensions, if you want to have a different dungeon crawl experience and if you want to live inside all those liminal spaces for a time, I think that you should consider entering Into the Backrooms and Liminal Spaces.

Into the Backrooms and Liminal Spaces
Jukebox - A Musical Roleplaying Game August 10, 2022 at 03:14PM
Publisher: Jar of Eyes

Jukebox is a musical roleplaying game, played over 4 hours, with 3-4 friends and a karaoke setup. You’ll play a cast of characters who are all struggling in their own way against an overwhelming challenge. During the course of three acts, hidden longings will be revealed, grievances will be aired, and songs will be sung. Will old wounds and personal drama doom you all to failure? Or will you change and grow just in time to save the day?

Jukebox requires no preparation and is GM-less. The only things you need to play are: 

  • A computer (or another device with a large screen), with a sound system and internet connection

  • A deck of cards

  • The provided Playbill print out

And example of The Opening Number page
What is this example page
Note: An accessible plain-text version of the guidebook is coming soon!
Jukebox - A Musical Roleplaying Game
Just Gals Being Comrades September 16, 2022 at 04:36AM
Publisher: Jessica Marcrum

The time has come for Revolution. There are only days before you and your comrades rise from the alleys and seize the means of production at last! Who knows what will happen after that. If you’ll even survive. Only a few more days with...her…

Just Gals Being Comrades is a GM-less game for one or more players. Players are female or femme Communist activists working underground in the days leading up to a massive action that will change their country forever. They are also secretly in love with the other character(s).  Play requires a block tower, a deck of playing cardspaper, and a writing implement.

Initially created for d36: Red, Just Gals Being Comrades is a game of romance and revolution. 

A Soviet propaganda poster with a woman strewing hearts and flowers over a crowd. It has been edited to have a heart and spade from a deck of cards over hear head.

Just Gals Being Comrades
Justice By The Negra Sombra September 11, 2022 at 05:09PM
Publisher: Xogón

This is a violent role-playing game where players have to enact utterly despicable characters. Their past acts could very well deserve the death they will unavoidably suffer at the end of the session, since the Negra Sombra  will stop at nothing until she succeeds.

The story was inspired by a poem by Rosalía de Castro called A xustiza pola man (Justice by my own hand). A woman is made homeless by her heartless neighbors and is left to survive in the meadows with her starving children. Seeing that the judges mock her and God ignores her plights, the enraged woman grabs a sickle, breaks into her neighbors' house and carries out justice.

The setting is Galiza, in the northwest Iberian Peninsula, during the 19th century. The population was mostly rural, although there were some big cities in development, like Santiago de Compostela, A Coruña or Vigo.

This work is based on Breathless, a Fari RPGs product, developed and authored by René-Pier Deshaies-Gélinas, and licensed for our use under the Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.

Credits to Aurora Grandal and Óscar López for the English translation from the original in Galician.

Justice By The Negra Sombra
Kamp Gallowglass August 02, 2022 at 03:15PM
Publisher: Kat Francesco

Welcome to Kamp!

This rules lite table top RPG set in a summer camp built for the children of gods and humans. Its a place for them to explore their powers, make friends (and possibly enemies) while having adventures away from the prying eyes of everyday humans who think that the Gods of the Cetlic and NOrse are simply mythologicial.

What kind of trouble will you get into?

Come join us and walk through the gates of Kamp Gallowglass.

Kamp Gallowglass
Knock Off Mascots September 23, 2022 at 02:15PM
Publisher: Rowan, Rook & Decard

YOU are an unofficial mascot for your football team. You wear an oversized costume that your mum made for you, and you’ve earned what little fame you have with sweat, hard graft and sacrifice. For years now you’ve been in the shadow of the official mascot who’s got all the sweet gigs – access to VIP parties, lucrative endorsement deals, and celebrity connections. What’s worse, they take every opportunity to rub your nose in it.

You’ve had enough. You and your friends are going to murder them. THEN the club will take you seriously. THEN you can show them what you’ve got.

A one-page roleplaying game.

Knock Off Mascots
Lake's 52 September 11, 2022 at 05:08PM
Publisher: Tabletop Shop

The Lakes Golden Casino is a ripe target for the opportunistic thief, and it just might be the last score you need to retire...it's time to pull an Ocean's Eleven in this town! This is a heist RPG that is driven entirely by a standard deck of cards: no dice required! Play with a GM and 1-4 players, and have at it.

Lake's 52
Layag: Voyage to the Outer Islands July 29, 2022 at 03:49PM
Publisher: Hari Ragat Games

Layag: Voyage to the Outer Islands is a fantasy RPG of exploration, battling monsters, and pioneering in a setting inspired by the lands and cultures of maritime Southeast Asia. You play Viking-like heroes, mighty warriors and hunters, skilled mariners, and spirit-calling shamans, blessed by the ancestors with powerful guardian spirits that live in your tattoos.

This four-page PDF includes a rules-lite system, character creation rules and pregenerated characters for pick-up games, and mechanics for generating exploration encounters and discoveries.

Layag: Voyage to the Outer Islands
Legacy of the Cage: The Gauntlet July 05, 2022 at 03:35PM
Publisher: PlayArchitect Games

Your MMA Legacy Starts Here

Legacy of the Cage is a fast-paced, dice-based game of player-versus-player mixed martial arts competition where you create a fighter and sqare off in the cage against human or "AI" opponents.

Will you throw strikes? Go for the takedown? What about a sneaky evasion to keep your opponent guessing? 

Control your actions in the cage second-by-second; strategically dominate the position of the fight; and then twist the odds in your favor to deliver that crowd-pleasing knockout blow and capture the championship belt. 

All you need to play is this book and some standard role-playing dice or a free dice-rolling app for your phone.

This rulebook includes the basic rules needed to set up and get playing in a matter of minutes.

Follow Your Destiny

Should you choose to continue the career of your martial artist, you have all the information necessary to upgrade his or her power and skills. Build the champion of your dreams!

It also contains rules for a single-player experience called “The Gauntlet” where you can enjoy the thrill of the fighting action without the need for a second human opponent.

In This Book

  • Fighter generation rules to get started within minutes
  • Player-versus-player combat rules
  • 20 fighter skills to master
  • 6 tiers of fighter experience from rookie to legend
  • Climb the ranks through 8 hype tiers
  • Solo-play mode: The Gauntlet so you can start brawling on your own today!

Glory awaits. Welcome to the show.

Legacy of the Cage: The Gauntlet
Legacy of the Wyrm August 21, 2022 at 07:28PM
Publisher: Trent Seltzer

Originally created for the One-Page RPG Jam 2022.

LEGACY OF THE WYRM is a solo role-playing game in which you portray an ancient dragon as well as the scribe that is recording the story of the dragon’s life.

As the dragon, you role play your life, starting as a small wyrmling, then living your glory days as a mature dragon, and finally experiencing your long twilight as an ancient, decrepit wyrm.

As the scribe, you write the story that the dragon relays to you, attempting to parse fact from fiction.  


  • Two six-sided dice (d6)
  • A journal
Legacy of the Wyrm
Legends of Avallen - Quickstart Guide (FREE PDF) August 01, 2022 at 02:57PM
Publisher: Modiphius

A humble Celtic village needs the aid of aspiring adventurers. However, strange clues and a visit from a mysterious woman foreshadow changing times ahead. Can your group earn the trust of the tribe and reach the Caer on the Borderlands?

Caer on the Borderlands is a three-part adventure releasing for free! Play it with 5E or the Celtic-Roman RPG, Legends of Avallen. Then prepare to quest to greater heights as this adventure is the prologue for the epic Celtic campaign book launching soon on Kickstarter: Against the Faerie Queene.

Be the first to hear more: https://www.legendsofavallen.co.uk/atfq

Legends of Avallen - Quickstart Guide (FREE PDF)
Legends: Story Of... September 19, 2022 at 09:08PM
Publisher: TBL Games

This is an RPG designed for solo/gmless/journal play. 

Freely design and equip your character and then figure out what type of quest your character will undertake. Work out length, and then play the journey as well as the quest using cards to dictate your encounters.

With a generic design, this could be applied to any RPG system you enjoy. 

While this game is complete as is, I have ideas for further free updates if there is enough interest. These include:

Social/Personality update - Socialising is a major part of life. with this update you can bring socialisation into your games. Do you need information from the local smith? They might be too busy or too scared to talk. Friendships and rivalries could also form, and there is a system for when your character needs to be persuasive or manipulative. 

City Update - This update will give your character something to do when hanging around in a city. Prompts for small events up to quest ideas will keep your character busy while they're not adventuring. 

System Update - With this update, I'll be including an actual system for this game. With the system I aim to introduce multi-character play and a way for players to play together as a gmless system.

Superior Attributes Update - I may bring a seperate update that will bring in superior attributes for giants, dragons and god-like beings. I may just include this in the system update.

Legends: Story Of...
Level 1 2022 September 22, 2022 at 01:34AM
Publisher: 9th Level Games

LEVEL 1 – The Free RPG Day Official Anthology

Level 1 is an annual RPG anthology series of Independent Role Playing games celebrating FREE RPG DAY! It's a book full of unique, short RPGs, created with passion by independent writers, designers, and game companies. Play on!

Level 1 was available through retailers for free on FREE RPG DAY 2022. Now you can get it digitally too! This is a free product. Download the PDF and enjoy!

The book includes 15 games from diverse, unique voices: 

  • The Victor's Tale by Gabrielle Rabinowitz
  • Battle of the Bards by Dustin Winter
  • sunlight... a feverdream for an unwilling god and a devoted saint by quinn b. rodriguez
  • Judas, a dinner party by Community Resilience & Social Equity Lab
  • Wights by Steffie de Vaan
  • Old Gods of Media by Graham Gentz
  • One Night at Bain House Monica Valentinelli
  • Maenads: A Savage Sisters Sheathe by Adriel Lee Wilson
  • Vessel by Kyle Ott & Desks and Dorks
  • Gods of Rock by Nat Mesnard & Patrick Watson
  • The Slate: A Game of Creation and Destruction by Dare Hickman
  • The Stars Were Many by V. R. Collins
  • The Marquis by Zane Graves
  • To Wield the Blade of Ages by Alexi Sargeant
  • Insubordinate by Jim Dagg
Level 1 2022
Lichdom - A solo RPG about the perilous journey of a sorcerer towards immortality August 01, 2022 at 04:07PM
Publisher: Feral Wizard


Time passes inexorably. Ages come and go, empires rise and fall, knowledge is found and lost, kings are celebrated and then forgotten, war and plague ravage the lives of many while a few enjoy the most exquisite pleasures... for a time. Everybody dies. But not you; you are called to survive them all and untangle the most well hidden secrets of the cosmos, even if the price is beyond what any other mortal is willing to pay. 

You are called to Lichdom.

Lichdom is a solo roleplaying game about the ambitious journey of a sorcerer towards immortality, about the careful research to find lost knowledge in crumbling tombs and half buried cities, about overcoming the deathly perils that plague the world by sacrificing your own self, and about finding a way to keep your soul tied to this world at all costs before death comes knocking on your door. This is a narrative game, but it includes many game mechanics to shape your story with strategic decisions, such as Scheming and Scrying, Mundane and Arcane Companions, Favours and Rituals, Plots and Curses, Resolve and Doom. These game elements provide a depth of play beyond the underlying journaling experience that will make you the master of your own destiny. You will need two six-sided dice and a standard deck of cards to play the game (you can also use the Deck of Doom, a deck specially designed to play Lichdom that is sold separately, but it won't save your soul from inevitable ruin and doom).


Lichdom - A solo RPG about the perilous journey of a sorcerer towards immortality
Light Blood Night August 01, 2022 at 08:52PM
Publisher: Lamplight & Lasers

Light Blood Night is a storytelling game in which a group of three to five players come together around a fire or other source of light and collaborate to make up a spooky tale. Whether you want to face a Victorian ghost, a murderous urban legend, or something stranger, this game will let you establish the legend and struggle to survive.


No Prep – The threat and characters are created in play. Once someone comes up with a name to seed the entity’s legend, you are ready to go.

Unique Resolution – No dice and no character sheets. Challenges are resolved by drawing glass tokens out of a bag and holding them up to the light. Tokens are earned by story contributions and great roleplay.

Doomed Spirals – This is a horror game. Night gathers in the players’ tokens, and if they push their luck too far it will claim them.

Light Blood Night
Lite RPG August 14, 2022 at 03:36PM
Publisher: Artur Gajewski

Welcome to the world of tabletop roleplaying with a compact and easy to learn game system that focuses more on the story and characters than the statistics and complex character sheets.

Grab your friends and make up wonderful settings with exciting stories and enjoy. All you need is this booklet, character sheets, pen and set of dice for each player. 

One game master and few players, endless fun and excitement! Decide what you want to do, roll a die and see what happens. It’s that easy! 

Lite RPG was created to enable players to easily start a game session with minimal preparation and with very little rules to learn.

Lite RPG
Lofi Bards (to Study and Relax To) September 28, 2022 at 09:42PM
Publisher: Ross Eaglesham

You and your friends are students at a magical high-school, college or university and exams are coming up! Go on magical adventures, reveal ancient secrets and forge deep bonds with your friends - just make sure you don’t miss class!

To help you on your journey, you’re equipped with one of your most prized possessions - the Notestrider. When a reel of magical tape is placed in this small, arcane box, it plays a recording of whatever is stored on the tape; usually through a strange pair of mechanical earmuffs. You and your tight-knit group of friends all put together a mixtape of your favourite songs for studying - 'lofi bards to study and relax to' - and the relaxing beats and chilled out vibes might just be enough to see you through the crazy world of arcane education!


  • 100+ Pages of Content!
  • Rules for Study and Adventure: Manage your Stress Level, Chill Out with lofi beats to unwind after an adventure, and Pull an All-Nighter to get an edge on the next day's challenges - just be careful not to Freak Out!
  • Rules for Nostalgia and Emotion: Write down your Treasured Memories and trigger Nostalgia when your character reminisces on them, gain different benefits based on whether your memories evoke a sense of Passion, Joy or Melancholy, and Dig Deeper to forge emotional bonds with NPCs and Players alike!   
  • Rules for Skills and Spellcasting: Choose your Disciplines (Athletics, Finesse, Nature, Lore and Performance) to determine your skills, and choose your Arcane Arts (Alteration, Focus, Force and Manipulation) to determine how your character uses magic - with magical abilities changing the associated Arcane Art you add to them based on how you want your character to use them!

With the following content:

  • 25+ Playable Heritages: Character origins encompassing everything from Elves and Orcs to Automatons and Undead!
  • 60+Knacks: Magical and Mundane abilities that let you cast magic or showcase your martial prowess!
  • 40 Adventure Hooks: Plot threads a GM can weave into their game to kickstart a quest!
  • 95 Miscellaneous Artifacts: Magic wands, phoenix-down pillows, restless quills, hyperconcentration hourglasses and mugs that summon all manner of coffees and cocoas!
  • 35+ Magical Cassettes: Arcane Tapes that release their magical energy when playing music!
  • 15+ Notestrider Upgrades: Magical augmentations that give your fantasy cassette player new capabilities!

'Lofi Bards' is perfect for:

  • First Time Tabletop Players: If you've never played a TTRPG before (even D&D), this is the perfect starting place! The rules are light, simple and easy to learn, and reward creativity, ingenuity and experimentation.
  • Cozy Gaming: 'Lofi Bards' is a relaxed, emotionally driven game about young adventurers finding their place in the world. If you love RPGs for roleplaying and wonder, but could do without the heavy, tactical combat, this is the game for you! 
  • Exploring Player Characters and NPCs in unparalleled depth: Each Character is designed with hopes, dreams, fears, anxieties and hidden depths to be explored throughout your games. It is a perfect space for your characters to explore their relationships and identities as they grow up.
  • Getting Emotional: 'Lofi Bards' is all about nostalgia, emotion, friendship and growth. If you're in your feelings while playing, don't worry - you're doing it right!
Lofi Bards (to Study and Relax To)
Lords of Chaos Core Rules August 09, 2022 at 06:29PM
Publisher: House Chaos Games
Lords of Chaos Core Rules
LORE Core Rules September 09, 2022 at 05:33PM
Publisher: Sebastian Baar

“You have been given a chance. One soul of billions pulled from the absence of time and space - a coincidental choice picked by the Gods. Unfrozen, you now stand on the precipice of the Aether’s many realities. Which will you choose? Will you end up as a hero, or a villain, that will turn the tide of this reality, or will you fall like thousands before you and have another take your place?”

- Sira, the Goddess of Life and Rebirth

You are a mortal like any other. You are not special and you are not unbeatable. But hey, the good news is - neither is anyone else.

LORE RPG is a table top roleplaying game about beating the odds and living to tell about it. There are thousands of adventurers out there who all have dreams of fame and glory, but which one of you will have the determination, skills and the luck to seize it?

LORE tries to bridge the gap between old-school roleplaying and a more modern, cinematic style of play by giving GMs a ruleset that rewards smart play with almost cinematic-like moments and punishes dumb moves without mercy.

In LORE, your character inhabits one of its three settings, from a high magic fantasy war-torn world, through a dystopian, post-apocalypse, to a space-faring, sci-fi universe. Whichever world you choose to play in is up to you and the rules are always the same, merely expanded for that setting. That being said, this book only explains those rules and you also need to purchase one of the three setting books for a list of all items, vehicles and other setting-specific stuff that’s needed for that setting


  • The Core Rules: All the rules needed to explain how things work in LORE’s worlds. The rules are easy enough to understand and have a lot of depth once you truly dive into the system’s mechanics.
  • The Aether and the Gods: A short introduction on the major Gods and the nature of reality in LORE’s settings.
  • 4 Roles and 14 Classes: A list of all available Roles and Classes - the core of a character’s abilities and potential powers, each with its own passive effects, racial synergies and its six unique Class Features.
  • Powers: Over 300+ supernatural Powers to choose from (for you spellcasters out there). They range from elemental spells to spiritual incantations all the way to magically-infused cybernetics.
  • An arsenal of gadgets: The game offers almost any type of weapon one can think of: from throwing daggers and muskets to flamethrowers and missile launchers. It also features many different utility gadgets, from healing potions to jetpacks.
  • Game Master’s Guide: The book also includes a GM’s Guide that explains detailed rules for every scenario. It features tools to craft your own universes, races and factions as well as nuanced rules like mass combat and downtime activities.
  • Character sheets: The game offers a form-fillable, print-ready character sheet and 5 other sheets that might come in handy for pets, constructs, creatures, vehicles and spacecraft.


LORE has been in the making for 6+ years since 2016 and has gone through many iterations in that time. It was made by one man and was play-tested on a weekly basis for over 2 years. That being said, there was no feasible way to test out every single aspect of game and therefore, there might be some small balance patches on the way, based on player feedback. Also note, that the book features royalty-free art and does not yet have its own art. The proceeds from the sale of LORE’s books will however go towards commissioning actual art for the game.


Disclaimer: This game was made by gamers for gamers. It is not and never will be politically motivated in any way.



Upon purchasing the book, you will also receive a 'Thank You' message, with a link to the game's official Discord server.


LORE Core Rules
Maintanence of Ships: Mini Ships July 11, 2022 at 04:23PM
Publisher: Anominium

Maintanence of Ships: Mini Ships is a small, 11 page TTRPG that allows you and a group of friends to explore, discover and create space. 

With a total of 4 races and 3 classes, the game focuses on ship creation.

Maintanence of Ships: Mini Ships
Malavita - An Italian Crime Story - First Job August 02, 2022 at 03:04PM
Publisher: Acheron Books

Malavita is a gritty game about brutal criminals, corrupt powerful figures,
unscrupulous policemen and a population which is victim as much as
it is executioner.
The setting described in this First Job and in Malavita - Rules of Engagement
is deliberately harsh, grim and violent, and contains a whole series
of hateful and unjust moral concepts, typical of a bloody and ferocious
world such as the Italia Nera of the Years of Lead.The views of the world,
society, culture, ethics and justice that transpire from these pages does
not represent that of the authors or the purpose of this publication. Its
aim is only to be as precise a recollection as possible of the imagery and
stereotypical elements of 70s crime news, as well as of the movies, games
and genre novels that provided the inspiration for the game.

Malavita - An Italian Crime Story - First Job
Many Hands July 25, 2022 at 07:00PM
Publisher: Coolwood Books

A Pocket Quest 2022 rules-lite collaborative fantasy rpg.

Free Weeks was Cantaci’s biggest and best summer camp for adults with disabilities, featuring an array of events from modified bicycle races to a murder mystery party. Then, came invasion, tyranny, and eventual counter-revolution. It’s Free Weeks first year back after the nightmare, and the Many Hands want to make sure the campers are kept safe from wandering bandits, wailing spirits in the woods and the local village’s resident teenager who’s somehow managed to get her hands on a lute.

A Pyros Witch stands in between the Hands and the summer camp they're sworn to protectA camper at Free Weeks

Many Hands is an RPG set in a world of chaotic magic. The system features an innovative shared dice pool mechanic which creates moments of co-operative glory! A short scenario is also included.

Produced at part of DriveThruRPG’s 2022 PocketQuest event.

Many Hands
Matryoshka: Cosmic Horror Investigation in the Cold War USSR August 15, 2022 at 03:34PM
Publisher: Utopologist

Matryoshka is a narrative-driven tabletop roleplaying game about a group of paranormal investigators working for a secret division of the Soviet Union's military intelligence. Tasked with protecting the Soviet people without their knowledge, agents investigate unexplained phenomena, cosmic horrors, and supernatural attacks from capitalist forces. Encountering ghosts, creatures from Slavic folklore, and Nazi conspirators, they may uncover a larger project to harness paranormal elements within (and without) the world to overthrow the forces of socialism and plunge the world into fascist darkness.

Part of the Powered By the Apocalypse ecosystem, Matryoshka allows for single-session stories with satisfying conclusions as well as longer campaigns that tie together the horrors that players encounter into a web of sabotage and terror from without.

Matryoshka: Cosmic Horror Investigation in the Cold War USSR
Maximum Light - An RPG System for the Green Horizon Universe July 13, 2022 at 02:57PM
Publisher: Witch Hat Productions

Maximum Light is a Tabletop RPG set in the universe of The Green Horizon and Voiders. Intended for playing space-western campaigns, it outlines some of the key locations and principles for telling stories in the setting, as well as a set of rules for making characters and playing the game. It's a 4d12 system where success will cause you to build up Consequences, and Consequences will explode into Cataclysms if not kept in check. Themed around the traditional ragtag group of down-on-their-luck spacefarers, the rules of Maximum Light are roleplay-heavy and designed for you to scrape out of danger by the skin of your teeth.

Games of Maximum Light centre around heist-movie style 'Grifts', where the players must work together to plan and execute increasingly high-stakes jobs. With their very own spaceship in tow, the crew can journey across the length and breadth of the Green Horizon universe getting into all manner of scrapes and catastrophes - and maybe managing to earn some credits along the way! Although narrative-focused, the Consequence system ensures that there is a very real and measurable sense of mounting tension as the crew battle increasing unfavourable odds to pull of their daring escapdes. This is a system all about pushing your luck and spitting in the face of danger! 

On this page, you can find the full pdf of the Maximum Light book, which contains not only the first guide to the lore of the Green Horizon universe, but also all the rules you'll need to get playing immediately! We've also included an Accessible screen-reader-friendly/Dyslexia version of the pdf, and there is a blank character sheet for you to make use of as well.

If you like Maximum Light, don't forget to check out Paul Walsh's creations The Green Horizon and Voiders, as well as the upcoming Maximum Light Actual Play, A New Low, over on Paul's spotify feed.

Maximum Light - An RPG System for the Green Horizon Universe
Mazes Fantasy Roleplaying July 25, 2022 at 09:54PM
Publisher: 9th Level Games

Mazes is a return to the classic sword and sorcery dungeon crawler with award-winning, yet delightfully simple modern rules. The first TTRPG to use the polymorph system, Mazes is easy to learn and teach, and ready to play without a lot of prep.

Designed for episodic play, Mazes is ideal for one-shots and conventions. It's a distillation and modernization of the classic Dungeon Delve, making it a perfect introduction for those new to roleplaying, as well a great excuse for grognards to get back into the dungeon!

Pages from Mazes

Make Characters Fast

At character creation, each player selects one polyhedral die to represent their character, and narrates actions to the Maze Controller (MC). The MC may then request rolls against a chart of moves. Players roll their one die, comparing the outcome against the success numbers listed for each move type (a BOOTS move, for example, succeeds on rolling a 2 or 3). Success numbers vary across move types, which means different die sizes are more likely to meet with different forms of success.

A Smash Hit

MAZES quietly hit the indie TTRPG scene over two years ago during the first Kickstarter Zinequest event. Fans and RPG industry leaders saw the elegant simplicity of this game's ruleset and nominated Mazes for an ENnie for Best Rules ENNIE and an IGDN Indie Groundbreaker Award for Best Rules. Mazes won the IGDN Indie Groundbreaker Award for Best Rules in 2020! Now we’ve brought together years of development work on this brilliant underlying game system and its pulpy, dark fantasy world to bring players this definitive edition of the modern Fantasy Role Playing experience.


Mazes is powered by polymorph – which is a compact yet comprehensive rules framework for roleplaying. It’s designed to provide the full experience of a crunchy RPG, but with minimal setup and prep – all without giving up the fun, mechanical depth of an exciting roleplaying system. Sorry, there isn’t any math – we did all that work for you!  In a polymorph game, each player only ever uses a specific polyhedral die – a d4, a d6, a d8, or a d10.  Each die represents a different “way to play” or a  different “role” that they have in the group. Whenever a player asks “can I do something”, they roll their die and with a quick glance at their character sheet to know if they succeed.

There is NEVER any math involved (no modifiers, no masters). Depending on the game world and what kind of character that you are playing – you may roll with advantage or disadvantage (or not need to roll at all); and the MC (the person running the game) never rolls dice. The MC has tools to control the flow of game, and resources like the players to ensure that game play is fast, fair, and fun - without needing to memorize a million rules.


  • Everything you need to make characters and run games of Mazes
  • Carefully crafted "gold edition" of the rules — 25% new content, 25% updated, 50% collated and collected from the previous 9 zines
  • A Curious Grimoire & Book of Hazards — countless spells and monsters!
  • Guide to GMing Polymorph games and using Darkness & Treasure to inspire outstanding storytelling
  • Fiction "interludes" by Nat Mesnard to set the mood
  • Updated rules to include campaign-style play
Mazes Fantasy Roleplaying
Metroville: The Super Powered Roleplaying Game July 21, 2022 at 07:16PM
Publisher: Tyler Elliott

Metroville is a super powered role playing game system where superpowers are wielded by the righteous, the flawed and the down-right evil.  Metroville is a narrative-focused role playing game with creativity, and collaboration at the heart of its design.  


Metroville incorporates a d6 (six sided dice) die pool, where you add a Core Attribute with the modifier of any relevant skills or powers.  Every die that rolls above a 3 counts as a success against a target number decided by the Narrator (GM) based on the action.

In Metroville there are more than 30 powers that you can choose from, mixing and matching them to create your Character. The coolest part is that there are no set moves or spells for each power, so creativity can be a huge advantage for Players and Narrators.  This means that there are many dynamic ways to solve problems in Metroville.  

Origins take the place of traditional classes in Metroville.  Origins define how your Character got their powers, not how they can use them.  Characters in Metroville could have gained their powers from the result of their alien species, their enhanced genetics, an experiment or accident, and more.  


Character creation in Metroville is fast, simple and creates unique Characters every time.  While you can whip up a Character in just a few minutes, you can also spend a little more time to make a truly unique Character.  Characters can be customized using Traits and Talents.  The best heroes aren’t perfect, which is why the Metroville Trait system relies on characters having a balance between positive and negative traits. Not only does this make your character more well-rounded, but the combination of positive and negative traits will make them more unique. Further customization is possible through the use of Talents. General talents are useful skills that anyone in the world could have, like driving a car. Unique talents are niche skills that set your character apart, like knowing a pop artist’s whole discography.  While your character might not use them often, it’s a lot of fun when you get the opportunity to apply your highly specialized knowledge. No character on your team (or even in your world) will have the same combination of Origin, Powers, Traits and Talents so you can feel as unique as your favourite comic book character. 


Metroville is setting agnostic This means that the game you play at your table will probably look nothing like anyone else’s game of Metroville.  The rule book comes with a set of suggested Talents and Traits written to fit in a modern or near future setting. However, these are flexible and can easily be changed to suit your setting.  For example, in a play test, we played in the Dark Ages and took out the Piloting Talent and replaced it with a Literacy Talent, and when we played in a futuristic setting, we chose to add the Space Flight Talent and Navigation Talent.


The Core Rulebook for Metroville contains everything the Players and the Narrators need to get started and play a game.  

The 118 page Core Rulebook includes:

  • More than 30 unique powers.

  • More than 50 Traits to help you make a completely unique Character.

  • Tips for Narrators.

  • 7 Character Origins which help to give each Character a unique starting point.

  • Example prologues to help get you started with Metroville story.

Metroville: The Super Powered Roleplaying Game
Midnight Orienteering July 06, 2022 at 02:08PM
Publisher: DiviDestined


It's your last night at Camp Kantigo this summer, and the camp director has gathered you and several other campers around a campfire in the middle of the woods. You're going to participate in "midnight orienteering", a traditional activity at Camp Kantigo where groups of campers find their way through the woods at night with a flashlight and a compass. It should be a fun race, but the dangers that lurk within these woods have other plans. Can you survive the night and make it back ahead of the other groups?

Midnight Orienteering is a rules lite RPG about campers using the skills they learned at camp to surivive the dangers of the woods and find their way to safety.

  • Use easy to learn rules printed directly on the character sheets!
  • Go on an adventure made up of randomly determined scenes that adapt to the campers' choices and circumstances!
  • Survive mutated beasts, escape a murderous billionaire maniac, or dance the night away with party ghosts from the nineties!
  • Start playing in minutes with almost no prep, perfect for a night where your regular group can't all get together!
  • Get a new experience every time with simple tweaks and the luck of the dice!


This game was designed for PocketQuest 2022! Want a looser narrative experience? Try Mythologue!


Midnight Orienteering
Mighty Scout Leaders August 01, 2022 at 06:39PM
Publisher: Comedy Evening Games

Be prepared! It's time to paddle dragon boats and fight alien villains.

It's the first night of all-gender scout camp, the scouts have settled into their tents. Meanwhile, their middle-aged leaders have been "hand-picked" by the galactic space cops  to fight the threat of the criminals and villains that have been accidentally let loose on the planet.

MIGHTY Scout Leaders

Three adults sneaked away from the camp.

"Do you think he noticed?" Hale winced as he removed his green jacket.

His colleague Alyona, the unofficial leader of the group, looked around for curious eyes. "Did Samesh notice that the pretend wound that he was dressing was in fact oozing green alien goo? Actually I think you got away with that one, I heard him raving about how cool you made it look. We might have more of a problem with Jade's heroic actions though."

There was a weary shrug from the mother of three, "What could I do? Fred is Ravi's best friend, I wasn't going to let him drown."

Alyona repeated what they all knew. "You jumped 20 metres to do it, not to mention the squirrels that helped pull you both out."

"I know, I know. But we'll have to deal with it tomorrow. Are we ready?" said Jade, as she held up her power disk. There was a flash of light, and the three power walked out of the glen in shiny, multicoloured body suits.

Your story

Mighty Scout Leaders is a light roleplaying game for 2-5 players and a story guide that will work best played over 4-7 sessions.

Sparked by the Resistance

Mighty Scout Leaders uses a stripped down version of the system made famous by Spire and Heart (using the community license), to help you tell stories with an inevitable downwards spiral.


The game is inspired by Power Rangers, the magical girl genre and the general idea of "What happens if adults with responsibilities had to juggle the two worlds?". It also pays tribute to actual Scout and Girl Guides badges like "Investigating", which is, of course, a risky skill to teach when you are trying to hide things.

About the author

Aidan has been designing games for a long time, including several years as lead designer on the Rage CCG fan sets. Last year he started publishing comedy one-shots on Itch.io, in a wide variety of genre. He has taken the opportunity of Pocket Quest to create a longer-form game and looks forward to expanding it with more detail.

Mighty Scout Leaders
Miners & Makers August 16, 2022 at 06:18PM
Publisher: Douglas J Coughler

This simple RPG is based upon a very popular video game.  If you have children who know the game, then this can be a great launching point to get them into tabletop role playing games.  It is very much inspired by the works of Grant Howitt. So, without further ado, grab your shovel and your dagger, and let’s start Mining and Making.

If you download this book and enjoy it, please consider tossing a coin to your writer! Simply re-purchase the book with a different amount. And feel free to check out my other titles over on DM's Guild like Festival Games and Fortunes.

Miners & Makers
Miss Addy Ger Rowe’s Camp for Unfortunate Souls (A PocketQuest Game) August 02, 2022 at 03:20PM
Publisher: Serquet Publishing, LLC

Miss Addy Ger Rowe’s Camp for Unfortunate Souls is a game for those who may not have warm and fuzzy memories of summer camp. Set in the 1910s, right as the camp movement was gaining steam in the United States, this micro RPG highlights well meaning but incompetent adults in a remote wilderness location. Campers must navigate a series of increasingly difficult and absurd camp activities with one goal in mind: survive to the end and make your way home!

Developed for the DriveThru RPG Pocket Quest 2022 design jam, Miss Addy Ger Rowe’s Camp for Unfortunate Souls features macabre humor, maiming and mayhem, and ghostly meddling with the living. It is recommended for 2-5 players and can be played in one session or extended to several.

Miss Addy Ger Rowe’s Camp for Unfortunate Souls (A PocketQuest Game)
Monster in: The Summer Camp (Beta) August 02, 2022 at 03:38PM
Publisher: Ulianov Lombardia

You know that tension we get in monster or horror movies and games when we know there is something out there or nearby, but we don't know what it is? Our minds tend to come up with ideas scarier than whatever it could possibly be! Sadly, it goes away the moment the monster is revealed and the audience recognizes how to kill it...

I want to bring that feeling of fear back.

Monster in: The Summer Camp (Beta) is about spending the night at a camp with a monster that won't look nor act the same in every game.

The looks can be randomized since they do not affect their Unique Skills or Objectives.

So have fun throwing something unexpected and new at your players and make this a story to remember!

Monster in: The Summer Camp (Beta)
Nefertiti Overdrive August 19, 2022 at 12:19AM
Publisher: Sword's Edge Publishing

Defying physics and common sense, you are legendary heroes protecting the royal house of 25th Dynasty Egypt from both internal enemies and the marauding Assyrian army. Do you want to leap from crocodile head to crocodile head before planting your sandaled foot directly in the face of an Assyrian giant bearing an axe bigger than you? Do you want to rebound off the side of a pyramid and fly into the centre of a mob of badguys, whom you then lay low with your lightning-fast fists?

Then you are our kind of people. Nefertiti Overdrive is a role-playing game of crazy wire-fu action set in Ancient Egypt. This is a game about kicking badguys in the face, or using a fallen foe as a step to get your character high enough to drive her knee into the villain's jaw.

Because what Ancient Egypt really needed was kung fu.

This is the second edition of Nefertiti Overdrive, originally released in 2015.

NOTE: This system requires cooperation at the table and a shared goal of telling a great story. It is the premise of SEP systems that the game experience should be fun for everyone and no player should be made uncomfortable unless that is a part of the experience of which they were informed and to which they agree. Shared respect and consideration among all participants are key to achieving a satisfying and enjoyable game for everyone at the table. If you disagree, this system and SEP games more widely are not going to meet your expectations or complement your play style.

Nefertiti Overdrive
Nevermore QuickStart Guide August 14, 2022 at 04:05PM
Publisher: Nepenthe Games

The Nevermore QuickStart Guide contains the following: 

  • The basic rules for the Nevermore: A Roleplaying Game of American Gothic Horror. 
  • A complete adventure, A Winter's Tale; contains additional rules for the narrator. 

You'll need to download Nevermore: Protagonist Sheet Pre-Gens separately. 

Nevermore QuickStart Guide
One Eldritch Summer July 22, 2022 at 08:03PM
Publisher: Two Cat Club

Welcome to Red Rock Ranch!

You will never leave.

Designed for DriveThruRPG's PocketQuest 2022 game jam, One Eldritch Summer is a tabletop role playing game about superpowered camp counselors stuck in a time loop at the beginning of the demon apocalypse. Using a light, simple system, One Eldritch Summer is quick to setup and easy to play.

PocketQuest 2022 Logo

One Eldritch Summer
One Heart Two Hands August 23, 2022 at 06:27PM
Publisher: Vivid Worlds

How the hell did you get stuck with this moron? This sadistic asshole? This stupid meathead? This conniving rat? This awful excuse for a human being?

One Heart, Two Hands is a two player tabletop roleplaying game that explores the toxic as hell relationship that you have with the person that fate has conspired to make your ongoing survival completely dependent upon. You are two sides of a coin, couldn’t be more different and to top it all off you hate each other's guts. 

All you need to play are a few four-sided dice, a deck of normal playing cards, some pen and paper and a friend... well I say "friend"...

One Heart Two Hands
One-Shot RPG System Rules: Dread Quest Fantasy Rules July 11, 2022 at 12:40AM
Publisher: One Shot RPG


Adventure across the realm as one of twenty-four different characters like an undead wraith, a human wanderer, or an elven witch. OSRPG fantasy rules offer comprehensive yet easy rules based on D100.  


This publication is Pay-What-You-Want. Ttakes a lot of dedication to make these titles available, so we appreciate any support, even if it's only a few dollars. We also understand that times can be challenging, so you can support us in other ways by leaving a review. 

Check out the first adventure, RISE OF THE VAMPIRE, available at the link below. 


Interested in more One-Shot RPG adventures? Below is a complete list of titles available today:








If you have any questions and would like to use the One-Shot RPG system for your own publications, drop me an email at OneShotRPG.GM@gmail.com.

One-Shot RPG System Rules: Dread Quest Fantasy Rules
Oops, All Draculas! July 31, 2022 at 06:33PM
Publisher: Jessica Marcrum

You've always wondered what was just beyond the doors of the spooky house at the end of the block. Turns out, it's full of Draculas. Now, those Draculas are you. 

Choose your Dracula archetype

Aristocratuse your wealth and animal magnetism to bring others under your spell

Innocuouscatch the unsuspecting with your doe eyes and deadly fangs

Nosferatucontrol dreams and shadows with your ancient powers

Sentimentalistfind a mortal muse and artistic purpose to keep your undeath worth living

Techno: party all night and prepare for war on behalf of all Dracula-kind

Choose a minion

Create your home

Shape your world

Oops, All Draculas! is a dice pool game using either tarot or Dracula by Bram Stoker and can be played with or without a GM. 

Prefer something more witchy? Try The Coven at the End of the Lane instead!

Oops, All Draculas!
Operation Espionage: A Game of Spies The Revised Edition -- Agent Handbook July 24, 2022 at 12:12AM
Publisher: Keyboards Optional Games LLC

The world of Operation Espionage: A Game of Spies is a complex tapestry of diplomacy, intrigue, mistrust and violence. Many nations, organizations and factions use both covert and overt actions in attempts show dominance over a region or a population. Amid this political turmoil, agents and spies secretly guide the thread that weaves the worlds' political tapestry.

As the availability and level of technology increases, so too does the need for gathering intelligence and finding protection against those same technologies. The priority for most agents is the acquisition of information and intelligence on the technologies in play or on rival agents attempting to acquire these technologies for themselves. Myriad machinations and motives could arise from these encounters ranging from wresting control of resources and territories to uncovering the locations of covert facilities or even unveiling a terrorist plot.

Operation Espionage: A Game of Spies The Revised Edition is a tabletop role-playing game where the players take on the persona of spies who find themselves deep within the web of intrigue. Based in the modern day with a slightly altered history, the game uses a unique Roll versus Roll mechanic that puts the fate of the agent characters completely into the luck of the dice rolls.

Agents, the in-game persona of the player, are created from a list of skills. Each of those skills have a value that represents a dice pool—a number of twelve-sided dice. When a skill is used, whether for a task like computer hacking or stealth or for combat, both aggressive and defensive, the player rolls the dice pool looking for a level-based target. The number of dice above that target count as successes. The Spymaster, the game master in the Game of Spies, uses a skill in the same way to counter the player attempt. Whichever side has the most successes wins the confrontation or the skill attempt failed. This Roll versus Roll mechanic removes the need for difficulty checks that other tabletop games target in lieu of a truly luck of the dice situation that can even keep the Spymaster on the edge of their seat.

This new revised edition offers those familiar with the game some streamlined features, especially in agent character creation and enemy creation. This streamlined changes help the game flow better though play by removing some of the tedious agency affiliations that are now more open for the players at the table to fully create.

This is the Agent Handbook—the Operation Espionage: A Game of Spies The Revised Edition core rulebook offering the information for the Players and the Spymaster to play the Game of Spies.

Included in the book is information to create new agents, how to use the Roll versus Roll mechanic, information for the Spymaster to run a Manhunt including unique mechanics and villain minions, and an Introductory Manhunt so the agent team can enter the action immediately. Agent Dossiers and other record keeping sheets are also included in the book, as well as in separate files to be downloaded for convenience.

Operation Espionage: A Game of Spies The Revised Edition -- Agent Handbook
Otherworlds Core Rulebook September 22, 2022 at 10:41PM
Publisher: Vindicated Entertainment

Become an Otherworlder! Swords, guns, and magic. Simple dice resolution, vast character creation, quick and deadly encounters.

Otherworlds is a tabletop roleplaying game inspired by many works of fantasy and science fiction. This game has been played for over a decade!

• Light And Easy Rules - We don't want rules slowing your game down!

• Story Driven Characters - Characters are created from concept first, then game mechanics, meaning the game works for you and allows you to create the characters you want. Archetypes, classes, anything, are all yours to create!

• Keeping It Tight - Characters level up and acquire new skills, but won't drastically gain tons of health. This keeps any adventurer on their toes around armed, weaker enemies and keeps things balanced, while still giving progression and expanding what you're capable of!

• Limitless Potential - All rolls in Otherworlds have the chance to explode, meaning you keep rolling if you get a 6! These count as criticals and can be used in OR out of combat, allowing you to win the influence of a leader, gain a new title, learn a new ability, or forge a tale that will go down in history.

• 12 Unique Worlds To Discover - Each with immersive details to flesh them out!

• Engaged Combat - Combat is fast and lethal, keeping players more immersed. Players can also engage in the fight even when it's not their turn (this means less players being on their phones!).

• Easy To Learn And Customizable System - Perfect for new Game Masters eager to run a system that works for them.

• Mix & Match - Enemy variants are easy to play, creating unique scenarios, strategies, and encounters!

• Simple d6 Resolution System - Roll 1d6, adding one or two dice for your abilities and creative input! If you roll the Difficulty Level, then you succeed!

Otherworlds Core Rulebook
Over War: The Night Comes Down September 03, 2022 at 07:41PM
Publisher: Richard Kelly

It is the year 1472 Dracos Domini and the land of Ballark is bathed in unrest.

The armies of the Over Night have descended from their floating islands to ravage the countryside, leaving disease, famine, and the byproducts of their cruel alchemical experiments in their wake.

You are a person of some minor authority. Whether you were born to this station or crawled into it, you now have control of a small band of combatants.

The nations of Ballark may have broken before the conquerors from the clouds, but you are determined that you will not fall. You will reclaim what they have taken.


Over War is a 47 page strategy TTRPG about gothic high fantasy warfare.

Players draft units, unlock characters, roll skill checks, and try to reclaim territory from a powerful empire.

Inspirations include Fire Emblem, Langrisser, Yggdra Union, Symphony Of War, and various works by Yasumi Matsuno.

Over War: The Night Comes Down
Palaeolithic Voyages September 10, 2022 at 06:02PM
Publisher: Paul D Jennings

Palaeolithic Voyages is a complete rpg. It's an evocative game about the journeys undertaken by our Palaeolithic ancestors. Player facing rules are simple; referee procedures are intended to allow fast session preparation, and examples of play and advice are included. PV is placed firmly in the Free Kriegspiel current of the hobby, and requires high trust between the referee and players.

Palaeolithic Voyages
Pantheon August 18, 2022 at 11:35PM
Publisher: Raspberry Lane Games

A solo-rpg for worldbuilding, Pantheon let's you create your own mythical Gods and develop legends surrounding them.

Paratype August 08, 2022 at 07:05PM
Publisher: MegasomaMars

Paratype is a collaborative role-playing game. The game is made up of 3-5 players, including a Game Master or GM. Included are character sheets and a 32 page handbook on how to play. Enter a post-apocalyptic world and fight giant bugs to gain strange new abilities.

"The world ended long ago. It doesn’t matter how, pollution, nuclear fallout, aliens, no one really knows. What they do know is that it didn’t take long for the bugs to show up. Giant insects terrorize what remains of humanity, leaving survivors scrounging for what little resources they can get.

For most, life in the wasteland has become fast, dangerous and insectile. Some have even found ways to splice their own DNA with that of these mutant invertebrates to gain an upper hand in the food chain, developing strange new adaptations. These hybrids are humanity’s newest era, and last hope.

All that needs to be done now, is survive."

Pendragon Quick-Start September 08, 2022 at 07:29PM
Publisher: Chaosium

In The Time of King Arthur, What Kind of Knight Will You Be?


Adventure awaits with Pendragon 6th Edition!

Curious about the upcoming release of Pendragon? We have exactly what you need.

It is an age of chivalry, an age of adventure & fantasy—it is the age of Pendragon! The Adventure of the Sword Tournament is a complete scenario and special preview of the rules for Pendragon 6th Edition. Within, you’ll find:

  • A ready-to-play scenario, allowing you and your players to partake in the epic moment when an unknown, back-country squire draws the sword from the stone.
  • A rules overview covering Traits, Passions, Skills, and combat.
  • Five pregenerated Player-knights.
  • A primer on the city of Londinium: the setting for the scenario.

A Gen Con 2022 exclusive hand-out, we are proud to make this available for everyone.

New for 2023 - Pendragon 6th Edition!

In early 2023 the Pendragon Starter Set for 6th Edition will be released, followed closely by several more title as Chaosium relaunches this historic RPG line. See yourself why Pendragon, Greg Stafford's magnum opus,  is widely considered one of the best designed RPG rules systems ever.

Pendragon Quick-Start
Pillars Quickstart: Camp Goat Lake July 29, 2022 at 04:28PM
Publisher: Anvil 8 Games

Camp Goat Lake is an Adventure plus Quickstart Rules for Anvil 8's upcoming TTRPG, Pillars: Narrative Roleplaying. Released as part of DrivethruRPG's first Game Jam, Pocket Quest 2022, this is a summer camp themed adventure and setting where characters return to a camp where they met years ago to stop an evil that has returned to camp. An adventure for a Game Guide and 1-4 players. Four pre-made characters are included. Grab some d10s and get started!

The setting/genre of this game is similar to Urban Fantasy... but it is set almost exclusively in small towns and rural places. 

Pillars Quickstart: Camp Goat Lake
Pine Island August 01, 2022 at 07:30PM
Publisher: DMsAfterDark

Ah, Summer Camp, where kids can get away from their parents and enjoy the great outdoors.  For some it's a magical experience that births a lifetime of great memories.  For others, it's a nightmare that leaves long lasting effects - and that's when it goes well.  What about when it doesnt?

Pine Island is a summer camp horror game that combines the tradition of stories like William Golding's Lord of the Flies, or William Butler's Butterfly Revolution in which camp kids are put in a position of self-governance or survival horror movies like The Ritual or The Edge, in which characters must fight to survive against dangerous, mysterious, or even supernatural forces.  The campers will have to find a way to survive in a situtation that no one prepared them for, and few, if any, adults are around to protect or guide them. 

Pine Island is built on the Caltrop Core rules by Lex Kim Bobrow and was created as part of the 2022 Pocket Quest DriveThruRPG Game Jam.  It's rules-light mechanics and included safety toolbox inspired by Brie Jagr Sheldon's Script Change will help you group decide on what sort of story you want to tell and have you up and running the game in minutes.  Choose your rating, pick from a selection of scenario prompts (or create your own), make some campers, and you're on your way!

For an example of character creation and gameplay, check out the creators playing the game here:


Pine Island
Pink Stars July 28, 2022 at 03:33PM
Publisher: Jadon Baer

Hey, so this is a sci-fi ttrpg with mechanics based off of D&D 5e and Pathfinder. I created it because I wanted a fun, simple, sci fi game that I could play with my friends without paying for and learning a whole new ttrpg system. If you feel like paying something for it do so, otherwise don't feel bad about taking it for free, especially if you aren't going to use it much. I think I set it so you can preview the entire pdf before purchasing. Creating this game was my entire life for a few weeks back in the summer 2021, and I just spent a few more days polishing it up before publication, it is far from perfect, but it is a relatively simple, (hopefully) fun game to play with your friends.

Oh, for GMs, I put some sample stat blocks to throw at your players in the last chapter, use those and the character creation, equippment, and ship rules to create new enemies for them to fight. This game doesn't have a large beastiary like D&D and Pathfinder do, so BE SURE TO PREPARE BEFORE YOUR GAME!

Enjoy! Any comments you make about the game are appretiated. And may the odds be ever in your favor!

Pink Stars
Pirates! (English version) September 20, 2022 at 03:49PM
Publisher: Michaël Janod

Pirates! is a tabletop rpg inspired by the eponymous film by Polanski. It's a funny and light-hearted game that runs almost on its own, the game master doesn't have a lot to do while the players perform all sort of foolishness, smiling from ear to ear.

Pirates! (English version)
Pretzels August 05, 2022 at 05:15PM
Publisher: Benjamin C. Bailey

Play By Your Own Rules!

Pretzels is a light-weight, zany, one-shot, asymetrical, party-styled, beer and pretzels role-playing game.

Play as one of 25 different chracter types, ranging from likes of Giant Mechs, Galactic Spiders, Zombies, and even Teddy Bears!

Each character type has its own printer-friendly, one-page, playbook, which contains a uniqe rules set for how players to apprach the game. This means that every player at the table is playing by their own rules. Some might draw cards from a standard 52 card poker deck to resolve actions, while other might use nothing but the power of their own mind to predict the future of their outcomes.

In addition, Pretzels includes a one-page mini campaign setting within the Pretzel-verse, with story hooks and suggestions on how to run a game.

So, raise a pint, grab some snacks, and start playing by your own rules today.

Promethean: Tales of the Stars - Core September 19, 2022 at 04:23PM
Publisher: T.F. Kilroy

Promethean: Tales of the Stars is a game of science fiction adventures and personal exploration

Play as a Promethean, a frankenstein creature capable of repairing and replacing their anatomy in order to improve their capabilites, and explore the cosmos to discover what it was and is to be human

What makes a Promethean?: A promethean is a human rebuilt and resurrected from many dead bodies to create a singular person. This gives the organism crafted from this process several unique advantages and disadvantages.

The main advantages are an increased resistance to injury and more importantly the ability to incorporate just about any body part from any organism into their anatomy.

The downside of being created from several bodies is the memories contained in these parts and the slow awakening of these memories and the confusion it can bring.

Included in this book are:

- Rules for creating Promethean characters 

- Rules for the Phoenix system, a rules light D6 system allowing for dramatic action in and out of combat

- Guidelines for the creation of organic adjustments, planets, creatures and foes

Disclaimer: This game has been created by a single visually impaired designer with no artistic talent. There is little to noneaesthetic merit to this book, but the heart is there

Promethean: Tales of the Stars - Core
Psi Camp July 29, 2022 at 09:24PM
Publisher: Millie the GM

During the early 2000’s there was a change in some of the population. A small percentage of children developed psionic powers. At first it was dismissed as a hoax, but after “The Hale Event” the government was forced to do something about young children and teenagers with phenomenal psionic powers.

Officially the government focused on two things, ways of suppression and ways of management.

Camp Hale was created to study and teach children how to manage their powers, an annual summer camp far from the general population, where it would be safer to experiment and develop control over growing psionic abilities.

There was also an ulterior motive for Camp Hale. We were not the only country that had children with psionic powers, and the government could not let the possibility of our enemies, developing their psionic children into super soldiers, psi spies or worse..

A rules light, player first RPG about surviving summer camp for the psionically gifted, Psi Camp uses a version of The Year Zero Engine (Alien RPG, Coriolis, Tales from the Loop), to make a fast and easy to learn RPG, with everything you need for you and your friends to get playing quickly. 

A Pocket Quest 2022 submission!

Psi Camp
Punk Ass Sorcerers Fighting The Man Who Is Just Being Kind of a Dick To Them, Like Personally July 21, 2022 at 07:12PM
Publisher: Fire Ecology Publishing

This is a 2 stat RPG where you play Punk Ass Sorcerers Fighting The Man, Who Is Just Being Kind of a Dick To Them, Like Personally! Included are rules for how crusty AND punk you are, what cool sorcerer powers you have, and how The Man is being kind of a dick to you!

Proceeds go to buying us pizza and beer, followed by whatever charity we can think of that makes fascists the most mad!

Punk Ass Sorcerers Fighting The Man Who Is Just Being Kind of a Dick To Them, Like Personally
QuestCrawl August 01, 2022 at 04:00PM
Publisher: WatcherDM

Crawl to Adventure

A great evil lies dormant somewhere in the world. You travel through the land foraging, fighting, and sneaking. Factions war offering treasure and secrets to their allies and death to their enemies. Great weapons of legend are rumored to hide buried in the hoards of beasts, vast and ferocious. And somewhere out there, your quest awaits, find it and gain the power it offers. You are on the QuestCrawl...

Designed for the One-Page RPG Jam 2022, QuestCrawl takes a deck of cards and a couple of dice and makes a world of rich fantasy.  It's easy to learn, fun to set up, and fast to play, but deep and wide like a traditional RPG. Designed for 1-8 players (yes, you can play solo), games take 30 minutes to 2+ hours, depending on your fortunes and persistence.

Easy to learn, fun to master. You can even use QuestCrawl to generate a rich history and world setting for other RPG games.

QuestionCrawl August 17, 2022 at 10:02PM
Publisher: WatcherDM

Answer the Crawl!

  • One-page format is easy to pick up and learn, ZERO PREP!
  • Build a rich fantasy world that you can use in any RPG or fiction project
  • Collaborate with your players to build a world everyone is invested in!

A great evil lies dormant somewhere in the world. You travel through the land foraging, fighting, and sneaking. Factions war offering treasure and secrets to their allies and death to their enemies. Great weapons of legend are rumored to hide buried in the hoards of great beasts, vast and ferocious. And somewhere out there, your quest awaits. Make the world of your dreams! You are on the QuestionCrawl...

Designed for the One-Page RPG Jam 2022, QuestionCrawl takes a deck of cards and a couple of dice and makes a world of rich fantasy.  It's easy to learn and fast to start. Designed for 1-8 players (yes, you can play solo), Stand Alone games take 2+ hours but can also be played in QuestCrawl mode.

Easy to learn, fun to master. You can use QuestionCrawl to generate a rich world setting for other RPG games.

Here are the screen captures of the WHOLE PRODUCT so you know exactly what you are getting.

QuestionCrawl page 1

QuestionCrawl page 2

R O U T August 20, 2022 at 01:28AM
Publisher: SaltyThings

A simple generic one-page RPG system. All you need are some dice (D2 to D12), some players, and some ideas to play. Inspired by narrative/story dice systems.

Rascals July 14, 2022 at 09:16PM
Publisher: Ringmail

Rascals is a minimal TTRPG (based on Ben Milton's Knave) that arises from the need to have a simple and immediate game that could bring newbies closer to the OSR.

But Rascals is not the "classic" RPG in which players take the place of glorious heroes aimed at solving the problems of an almost idyllic fantasy world! The rascals are desperate poor people convinced that they can improve their situation by looting some ancient tomb, or by helping some small village to ward off an ancient curse.

Rascals don't know magic and don't level up, their challenge is to survive (and hopefully get rich).

The game is fully released under the CC BY 4.0 license.


Rascals è un Gioco Di Ruolo minimale (basato su Knave di Ben Milton) che nasce dall'esigenza di avere un piccolo manuale semplice e immediato che potesse avvicinare i neofiti al OSR

Ma Rascals non è il “classico” Gioco di Ruolo in cui i giocatori fanno le veci di gloriosi eroi volti alla risoluzione dei problemi di un mondo fantasy quasi idilliaco! I mascalzoni sono dei poveri disperati convinti di poter migliorare la propria situazione andando a saccheggiare qualche antica tomba, oppure aiutando un qualche piccolo villaggio a scongiurare un’antica maledizione.

I mascalzoni non conoscono la magia e non avanzano di livello, la loro sfida sta nel riuscire a sopravvivere (e, se tutto va bene, arricchirsi).

Il gioco è interamente rilasciato con licenza CC BY 4.0.

REDD Judge September 11, 2022 at 07:45PM
Publisher: Felbrigg Herriot

REDD Judge is a mini RPG that sets you up as a law man in one of the last few remaining cities after a nuclear apocalypse. As the law, you will have to battle lawlessness at an unprecedented scale, armed with your wits, a BEAST of a handgun, a few bits of high tech gear, and a bad ass motorcycle.

REDD Judge is designed as an easy to grasp, drop-in, drop-out game where players (other law men) can drop into the game with only a couple of minutes preperation, or drop out of the game with little to know impact on the other players. Its ideal for games with strangers or those new to roleplaying.

The simplicity of the system and speed at which you can roll up a character means even new players can quickly jump into play. The fiction of the game, where the city is bubbling over with crime and judges may be called away at any moment, or drop by to assist without warning, supports the drop-in drop-out premise of the game.

The download includes a standard PDF, and pocket-mod PDFs formatted for Letter and A4. A pocket-mod is 8 pages of content that print out onto a single side of paper and can be folded into a little booklet that will slip into your top pocket. This pocket-mod includes the rules, and a character sheet on the back. ideal for handing out to your players. 

ALSO included is the "R.E.D.D. Crime Reports" app'. This runs straight in your internet browser, no installation required. When you unzip the download look in the app folder and double-click on the "RedCrimeReport.html" file and it will open in your internet browser.

The App represents the direct feed of reported crimes sent to you law-man's console on his bike. It lists all of the crimes from the law-man's local area in real time (1 crime every 1-4 seconds). This app is designed for the referee to have open while playing, and it generates a near-infinite list of crimes, locations, and perps, that you can throw at your players, ideal for the zero-prep games.

REDD Judge
Redshift September 16, 2022 at 08:21PM
Publisher: 6 Sided Games

A Science Fantasy Tabletop Role Playing Game where you and your squad are mercenaries trying to survive and make your fortunes in a war-torn galaxy.

Restless Dead September 02, 2022 at 08:33PM
Publisher: A.C. Luke Games


Restless Dead is a dark urban fantasy tabletop role-playing game about death and the unfinished business of the recently deceased.

You are revenants, undead who can walk the mortal world in seemingly human forms. Using your wits and paranormal powers, you help spirits trapped on the edge of the afterlife move on by resolving their unfinished business. But as you grow more powerful and distanced from your mortality, can you maintain your connection to your humanity?

Using a light-weight version of the Forged in the Dark engine, Restless Dead prioritises quick play and collaborative investigation as the players seek to uncover and resolve the mysteries of the dead. With a flexible setting you can run games in the comedy-drama style of Being Human as easily as the melancholy horror of Mike Flanagan's Haunting series

Restless Dead
Rock Hoppers August 21, 2022 at 09:52PM
Publisher: LunarShadow Designs

You are a Rock Hopper. One part prospector, one part salvager, all parts explorer. The mega-structures in orbit around Tau Ceti may be home to humanity but the drive for raw materials pushes people such as yourself to chart the asteroids and debris at the edge of the system. A lucky find could change a life forever but luck has deserted you of late.

A cave-in has trapped you deep below the surface of an isolated rock. Will your resolve hold as you explore the tunnels, seeking a way to safety? How will you respond to the errant signals that filter through from the outside? And what will you make of the secret hidden at the centre of the asteroid, an Artefact capable of changing the balance of power within the system?

Rock Hoppers is a solo journaling RPG set within The Dyson Eclipse - An expanding space opera setting that explores the strange megastructures in orbit around Tau Ceti. The game is built on the Wretched & Alone SRD and inspired by The Wretched by Chris Bissette.

Rock Hoppers
Roller Derby Road Trip (PocketQuest 2022) August 01, 2022 at 03:55PM
Publisher: Artemis Words

Lace up your skates, you’re on track for adventure!

Get ready for the greatest sport on eight wheels, the Unauthorized Sport: Roller Derby! Roller Derby Road Trip is a blast of confetti, glitter, gender euphoria and feats of skating prowess never before seen on this planet! Take your game on the road as the roller derby team of your dreams as you investigate strange mysteries and take on the weird corners of the world. Your goal is the championship, but on the way, is that someone in a Sasquatch suit trying to scare up some business? Or is the Sasquatch bringing their skates to the track?

  • GMless system allows everyone to play their inner roller human!
  • A streamlined dice pool system that allows players to combine their efforts for maximum effectiveness.
  • Adult and Junior Roller Derby Settings: Create teammates on a road trip into modern fantasy, or the roller derby summer camp you never had!
  • Resources to generate an infinite number of cozy mysteries in small towns in an unnamed state, in an unnamed country somewhere on Earth!
  • Bring the delight of roller derby to the world of tabletop roleplaying!

Roller Derby Road Trip was made as a part of the PocketQuest 2022 game jam. Be sure to look for other PocketQuest games on DriveThruRPG for more twists on the summer camp theme!

To print this file as a zine, open in Adobe Reader or any other PDF reader file and print as a double-sided booklet, then fold each leaf in half, staple at the spine, and enjoy!

Roller Derby Road Trip (PocketQuest 2022)
Sacrifice - An Incense & Iron RPG July 28, 2022 at 11:03AM
Publisher: Blackoath Entertainment

You were betrayed. Marked for sacrifice. Branded

But they didn’t count on your determination and will to live. Or perhaps it was just pure rage. That terrible night, when your world was turned upside down, you discovered who you really are. Regardless of the reason or how, you survived. But now, you are being hunted. Terrible creatures, demons and spirits of the dead, torment your nights, and the Inquisition, the very same institution you once swore to dedicate your life to, has branded you as a heretic, a demon fiend. You travel alone, because you know that wherever you go, death will follow. But you march on, perhaps seeking revenge, or to make the world a bit less dark. One thing is clear: anyone in your way, be it a demonic Apostle or the Holy See, will soon learn how strong your will to live is.

Sacrifice is a Role-Playing Game based on the D20 system. This means it’s compatible with most, if not all, other D20 retro-clones and published material, new and old. In Sacrifice, you play as a Branded, a character that has been marked for demonic sacrifice. Somehow, you escaped the sinister ritual alive, but you are now chased both by demons and the all-powerful Inquisition.

As a Branded, you are no ordinary mortal. You have escaped certain death, and while the forces of evil are powerful, as is the Holy Church and its Inquisition, so is your will to live. Your determination and resilience in the face of certain death sets you apart from the common man, nothing else. What some deem supernatural abilities you know well is just a combination of experience, determination, and sometimes, pure luck. Or is it?

In Sacrifice, you explore the devastated No Man’s Land, a large swath of land between the Kingdom of Pavaria and the Cadaennor Dominion that has fallen into chaos due to the countries’ ongoing conflict. You’re far from alone here though: soldiers from both factions, commoners, mercenary bands, inquisitors, heretics, bandits, beasts, and demons all walk this land, some of them even making a home out of it. Will you find what you search for here?

Sacrifice Features:

  • An OSR D20 ruleset fully compatible with all other retroclones

  • A classless character creation system, complete with skills, feats and much more

  • As a Branded, your character is above average, capable of dealing with many opponents at once and surviving what would be certain death for others. This makes Sacrifice ideal for 1-on-1 play (one GM, one PC), although standard group play is of course possible

  • Interesting and rich combat, with critical hit and fumble tables, morale rules, exciting Combat Maneuvers, and more 

  • A feudal, human-centric ruthless world with no magic but full of demonic evil and corrupted institutions

  • Detailed travel and hex-based exploration rules, with encounter tables that change depending on the current hex’s situation: is there a battle going on? Is it a war-torn, devastated place? Is it one of the few untouched corners left in No Man’s Land? Or perhaps you found a pocket of civilization? All these affect what you can expect to find in a hex

  • The No Man’s Land setting, strongly influenced by Kentaro Miura’s Berserk, complete with gear lists, bestiary, and a gazetteer

Sacrifice - An Incense & Iron RPG
SALOON - Western RPG July 23, 2022 at 07:24PM
Publisher: TLHP Games

A western game where rolls are made BEFORE the game starts. Afterwards, you will bet your results against the cards of a deck, and the fate of your character and the people of the city of Saint Lucia will depend on your luck and daring.

You can play in a group or even solo.

SALOON - Western RPG
Saturday Morning Awesome Cartoons (S.M.A.C.) September 11, 2022 at 04:35PM
Publisher: Pithy Productions

magine your favorite cartoons from your childhood. Now imagine the toys associated with them: figures loaded with accessories and gimmicky special effects.

Now imagine adventures based off of these favorite cartoons, using the ideas based off of these favorite toys!

S.M.A.C. is a pamphlet-sized micro-RPG. With the simplified mechanics presented here and a handful of dice, you and your friends will be ready for the adventures  fueled by your imagination, nostalgia, and sugar-fueled childhood!

Saturday Morning Awesome Cartoons (S.M.A.C.)
SCAMP July 28, 2022 at 03:34PM
Publisher: Danny Rutherford

SCAMP is a tabletop role-playing game inspired by summer camp and adventure cartoons. Young scampers go on adventures, help locals and magical creatures, explore the area around camp, encounter wondrous wildlife, and earn badges along the way!

SCAMP includes rules for:

  • Creating scampers and wondrous wildlife
  • Resolving actions and getting into trouble
  • Creating and navigating adventures

SCAMP was created as a submission for DriveThruRPG’s first-ever game design jam, PocketQuest 2022!

Rabbit-FrogPocketQuest Logo

Schrecksee Saga July 19, 2022 at 04:09PM
Publisher: CatZeyeS Entertainment

Deep within the Alps in the outback of the slumbering villages Schattwald, Tannheim, Katzensteig, Schmieden and Geist lies the "Schrecksee".

A calm sea.

In the midst of a tranquil, peaceful landscape.

As long as the sun shines.

As soon as the full moon rises and his silver light reflects in the dark waters of the Schrecksee, locals are advised to stay away from the Schrecksee for ... reasons ...

Then again, you are some local kids. And you are bored. So you decide to prove your courage by going on a trip to the Schrecksee and stay there for a night.

Talk about bad ideas...

Schrecksee Saga is a mystery roleplaying game, in which the players take on the roles of Kids from neighboring villages going on a trip to the Schrecksee - only to discover things that better had remained undiscovered ...

Schrecksee Saga
Sherwood | A Quickstart RPG of Outlaws and Justice August 17, 2022 at 09:41PM
Publisher: R. Rook Games

Maybe you started as a a Merchant, a Courtier, a Laborer, or a Knight, but eventually, you came to the woods as an outlaw.

You might have come for justice, you might have come for glory. Maybe you want revenge or maybe you just have nowhere else to go, but now you’re here, at home in the woods, fighting an endless war against the barons, the sheriff, and the king.

What Is Sherwood?

Set in a fantastical version of 13th Century England, Sherwood is a stand-alone Quickstart RPG of a continuing struggle against unjust rulers, predatory aristocrats, and parasitic royal officials. If you enjoy it, keep your eyes peeled for the full game, with an additional adventure, more character options, and rules for sorcery and divination.


  • Simple, easy-to-navigate lifepath character creation inspired by games such as Enoch’s Wake and Traveller
  • Designed for a Game Master and 1-6 players
  • Quick core rules driven by a simple, universal 2d6 mechanic
  • Sample quick-run adventure
  • Three ready-to-run adventures for your band of outlaws
  • A 25-page quickstart PDF


Before you became an outlaw—before everything went wrong—you had a life. Maybe you traveled with a company of merchants, wandered the roads as a performer, joined the Friars and Sisters of St. Eustace, labored in the fields, or attended one of the lords of the realm. Sherwood character creation will help you determine what you did, what you learned (or failed to learn), and what ultimately drove you to join the outlaws. Check out the careers preview in the demos below!

Sherwood | A Quickstart RPG of Outlaws and Justice
Sick, Weak and Disoriented August 01, 2022 at 07:44PM
Publisher: mitronen

Rules light 2d6 system designed for short campaigns and one-shots for 1-4 players, heavily focused on wilderness adventure and survival. Designed to be fast to play with deadly combat and encounters. The wilderness brings forth surprises as you play, roll on the multiple tables for inspiration and let the Actions move the story forward even if failed.

Inspired by Ironsworn, Apocalypse World and ICRPG.

Made for PocketQuest 2022. First ever TTRPG product by me so ANY feedback is greatly appreciated!

Sick, Weak and Disoriented
Sidetracked Shinobi September 09, 2022 at 05:49PM
Publisher: J.W. Rose

Sidetracked Shinobi is a one-page tabletop roleplaying game inspired the early adventures of your favorite ninja in an orange jumpsuit!

In a war-torn land, you are a young, talented shinobi who carries out covert missions on behalf of your country. On most days,  you and your teammates are given the lowliest “D-rank” missions—finding lost pets, helping local businesses, or cleaning the village canals—but sometimes you get assigned an exciting C-rank mission. Best not get sidetracked along the way!   

Game Master Required? Yes
How many players? 3 to 5 is best.
How long to play? About 2 to 4 hours per session.

Sidetracked Shinobi
Silver Haired Sentinels: Superheroes in the Retirement Age September 03, 2022 at 11:21AM
Publisher: Late Gaming Company

Silver Haired Sentinels: superheroic roleplaying in the Retirement Age. 

Take on the reigns of a retired superhero living out their lives in a retirement home with other seniors. Try and relive smome of your glory days while fighting authoritarian wardens, the rigours of modern life and a family that would rather they didn't have to visit so often.

Silver Haired Sentinels: Superheroes in the Retirement Age
Simpler RPG September 22, 2022 at 08:50PM
Publisher: RomaB
  • 5 Minute Character Creation
  • 1 Page Player's Guide
  • 1 Page Master's Guide
  • Multiple 1-Page-Settings

Perchance Generators for Carder

Released Settings


Simpler RPG
Six-Six Psyclops (Tricube Tales One-Page RPG) aka 6.6.Psyclops September 23, 2022 at 05:00AM
Publisher: Parade of Heroes

Welcome to the glorious world of Tricube Tales! The Tricube Tales game system, developed by Richard Woolcock, uses 3 six-sided dice and one page of rules making it easy to learn. The system's focus on story and flexibility allows for easy exploration of a wide variety of genres -- including "Pulp Military", the genre used for SiX-SIX PSYCLOPS!

Six-Six Psyclops 6.6.Psyclops 6-6

In SiX-SIX PSYCLOPS, a.k.a. 6.6.Psyclops, you adopt the role of soldiers who fight for freedom (using their psychic powers and their military know-how) against the forces of JACKAL, a ruthless paramilitary organization determined to rule the world!

Just imagine all this in one page of rules, one page of adventures and two bonus pages of background:

Greetings, soldier. The person known only as Psyclops has pulled you from your battalion because you displayed the potential for PsiPowers. Psyclops, perhaps the world’s most renowned expert on psionic abilities, has identified six primary power sets: Cognition, Domination, Psybiotics, Telekinesis, Telemagry and Telepathy. You possess one of those power sets, and along with your military training, your developing psionic abilities will make you into the ultimate soldier.

After your training, you will join the team called 6.6.Psyclops. Your new, elite unit is charged with protecting the world from the forces of JACKAL, a ruthless, global paramilitary organization -- not to mention threats unknown!

SIX-SIX PSYCLOPS (aka 6.6.Psyclops) is a Tricube Tales setting where your military character also has psionic powers. You’re now under the command of Psyclops, and the missions ahead will take you arond the world!

SIX-SIX PSYCLOPS is an RPG title from PARADE OF HEROES. Be sure to keep an eye out for more! While you're at it, pick up other Tricube Tales titles from the developer of the Tricube Tales system, Zadmar Games!


Question: Why is it called 6.6.Psyclops (or Six-Six Psyclops)? 

Answer: We got the name of the organization from how Tricube Tales uses multiple six-sided dice. The Psyclops part is named after the leader of the military unit, a person who has mastered PsiPowers. That person is only known as Psyclops. No other information is known about Psyclops. Psyclops never appears in person. Instead, they only appear as a floating eye. You can call the unit "The 6.6.P" for short!

Q: How many people are in 6.6.Psyclops? Is it a big battalion or a small unit?

A: That's really up to the GM. However, we kind of imagine it as a force of at least 100 main agents, and 1000 support members. Nothing is written in stone though!

Q: How big is Jackal?

A: Jackal is a huge organization that operates across the globe. There are thousands of Jackal Dog Soldiers. The elite command group includes about 100 individuals. 

Q: What is SIX-SIX PSYCLOPS based on?

A: We see this Tricube Tales game as a mix of G.I. Joe and the X-Men, with a sprinkling of DreamScape, 80s Stephen King movies, the Dirty Dozen and Stranger Things. 

Q. Are PsiPowered characters more powerful than other humans?

A: Yes. But they aren't much more powerful. A bullet or a laser-blast will still kill a PsiPowered person. 

Q. What government does the 6.6.P work for?

A: The answer to this is up to you! It can be your home country, the U.N. or some other organization. Just remember -- you're the good guys!

Six-Six Psyclops (Tricube Tales One-Page RPG) aka 6.6.Psyclops
Sleepless Nights (Core Rulebook) August 23, 2022 at 04:14PM
Publisher: Brickslinger Games

Sleepless Nights is a game of hunting international vampire serial killers and discovering hidden motives. While you and the members of your Team must find a way to work together, many of you have secret lives and loyalties outside of the unit.

Contents of this core rulebook built on the all-new Insomnia Engine (a modified PbtA game engine) include rules, 12 Playbooks, and a complimentary "bundle ID" to be used in One More Multiverse, virtual tabletop software currently in beta but free to play.

Sleepless Nights (Core Rulebook)
Small Cities Nice Places - Slow Jazz Piano RPG September 14, 2022 at 08:47PM
Publisher: TLHP Games

No, you didn't read wrong.

This is a Jazz Piano solo RPG. Cool jazz, to be specific.

It is a game about travelling the world in a small tour through cozy cities, meeting interesting people and thinking about life. Or better: about enjoying life. With jazz, of course.

Life with jazz is so much better.

Give yourself a very cool name (what about "Miles Baker"?) and just enter in the mood.

See you in the middle of the improvisation.

Small Cities Nice Places - Slow Jazz Piano RPG
Smog & Steel August 17, 2022 at 08:08PM
Publisher: Peacock Knight

A different take on the fantasy formula, a TTRPG system set in a fantasy world that has achieved a 1910s level of technology. With wizards exploding transition metals, yokai dwarves, and devine insects. 

This is a free D20 system published under the OGL. It is designed for ease of use on the GM’s end and finding a balance between simplicity and character options. There are 20 classes with unique mechanics, 8 common lineages, 4 rare lineages, and a weapon customization system. There is an escalating injury system that means combat is dangerous without being overly deadly. Fleshed out downtime activities and helpful random tables for GMs. While there is a given setting the system itself can easily be tweaked to fit a custom or more standard setting.

Smog & Steel
Solo Dungeon September 19, 2022 at 07:04PM
Publisher: Troy Burns

Welcome to the dungeonyou do not know how you got here. Awkward…the last thing you remember you were drinking at the tavern, or saving the day, or was it, laying low a horde of undead, or maybe it was charging through the evil wizard’s tower…Either way, you are not there now. You are here. A dark, muggy stone tunnel of sorts, with no apparent entrance or exit. You are standing upon a moss patched staircase with little illumination, a whole lot of questions, and darkness. Lots of darkness…Wait what was that noise?! A wail of despair? No, the sound of an empty slime stomach growling…Holy Slime! Its big, gelatinous has a YOU-SIZED mouth full of teeth. And You Are On the Menu! Time to choose…be a slime’s lunch or be its DOOM!!!

Solo Dungeon is a complete, simple Solo Dungeon Crawl RPG that features in depth character creation and smooth gameplay. Whether you want to kill your way through the Dungeon or slink through it unknown this game has mechanics for you. An attempt at blending gameplay mechanics and narrative prompts...Give it a Try!
Solo Dungeon
Solo Quest July 20, 2022 at 09:05PM
Publisher: Thomas Maeton

Solo Quest is a solo roleplaying game with a rules-light narrative design that focuses on storytelling and can be used with any setting.

Solo Quest
Soul & Survival August 01, 2022 at 05:37PM
Publisher: Magical Gurll

A hack of Lasers & Feelings by John Harper. Inspired by the vibes, if not the specifics, of Dark Souls and Bloodborne, Soul & Survival asks you to find hope in a dark fantasy world that offers little of it, and challenges you to find a balance between surviving its dangers and retaining your own humanity.

As is standard for Lasers & Feelings hacks, this is a one-page game meant to be played with 3-6 players, including a GM, for a 2-4 hour one shot session—but if you want to run a longer campaign in this, go for it; I'm not your mom, I can't stop you. Games are meant to be fast-paced, with some character focus written into the system.

Soul & Survival
Sovereign Shield August 09, 2022 at 08:19PM
Publisher: Trent Seltzer

Originally created for the One-Page RPG Jam 2022.

SOVEREIGN SHIELD is a tabletop role-playing game set in the grim fantasy world of Avren-Yara, also known as the Sundered Realms. Most of the action takes place within the last bastion of humankind, the great Western Imperium.

The Sovereign Shield is an order of secret agents in service to the High King of Nach Vadryn, the largest city-state in the Imperium. As agents of the Shield, players will undertake clandestine missions on behalf of the High King such as conducting espionage against powerful Guilds and other city-states of the Imperium, as well as investigating strange phenomena and threats that plague the peoples of the realm.

The tone of the game is intended to be James Bond and Mission Impossible meets Dungeons & Dragons with a dash of X-Files thrown in for good measure.

Sovereign Shield
Space Pyrates OSR July 16, 2022 at 08:09AM
Publisher: Better Games

A space opera role-play game of exploring the hostile galaxy, getting shot to snot and keeping enough wit to sell tennis shoes to the three legged-humanoids. It’s a bad living but great fun.

You can play solo, co-öp or moderated by a GM.

You probably don’t own the ship. The lien will take a thousand lifetimes of hauling trash off the capital world, before you can afford to pay to have the vessel towed to junk reclamation. Capital work won’t pay the bills. Instead, you risk a great deal and venture forth. Exploring as you go. Taking on cargo where it is abundant. Selling that same haul where you find the need. Your ship will grow in size. The first bundle you make selling crap as cargo ensures that. You will find Mystic Relics of dead civilizations, advanced ones. You will find planets made of gold, only to wonder if that metal has any value anywhere. You work to live and love the freedom.

The rulez covers the basics of the character and ship creation. Continue into exploration and space combat, flying your airship in a place that has no air. Not for physics majors who lack a sense of irony. There’s loot but also the tribulation of looking for a welcoming place to sell that Lux. Hint, don't be a wanna-play and try to do everything. Best to recall what grandpa (red) says, slow and steady also carries the best laser pistol. Besides selling cargo you can buy The Cool Stuff. Spending your money to get what Fantasy players would call The One Ring (magic items). “Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.” (Arthur C. Arthur C Clark)

Old School Revival is fast paced, and you can learn the mechanics by trial and error. Character death being a form of grave error.

Ask your questions about free-style role-play at our VOX public forum, www.spacegamer.com

Space Pyrates OSR
Special Agency August 08, 2022 at 03:15PM
Publisher: Juancho Duma Dragunov

The Special Agency role-playing game is a paper and pencil game that transports you to a world of investigation and tactical action. With it you can emulate series, novels and movies, putting yourself in the shoes of federal, local and international police officers; or in the shoes of terrorists, mercenaries and criminals, investigating in the streets and fighting with a new level of detail and tension.

The translations are made with the help of Artificial Intelligence systems and automatic translators, so they are subject to errors and misunderstandings.Promo_1.jpgPromo_2.jpgPromo_3.jpg

Special Agency
Spirit Camp August 01, 2022 at 06:20PM
Publisher: Lunatus Studios

A game about using a deck of cards to tell the ending to a horror movie.

Play 11 different Spirits using a deck of cards to hunt down the Victims.
With 15 different story Victims all trying to escape.

Spirit Camp
Spooked, Inc. - Frightfully Scenematic Roleplaying September 26, 2022 at 11:59PM
Publisher: Precis Intermedia

When they are trying to sleep, but the house seems to be plagued with lots of eerie noises... When they investigate the noises and find all the cupboard doors swinging open and shut, almost as if in harmony, one right after the other... When they have had enough and it is time to get some help… They grab a smart phone, download the Spooked, Inc. app and hire a qualified team of Advocates to investigate the ghostly encounters and rectify the situation. 

Whether dealing with alien abductions, ghostly hauntings, vampires, giant insects, or evil cults, you and your friends must solve such cases as Spooked, Inc. Advocates in this Frightfully Scenematic Roleplaying Game. Perfect for one-shot games or longer series of multiple cases. 


  • Fast-paced, rules-light system focuses on rolling multiple six-sided dice to either lower a scene's difficulty, or overcome the opposition or a challenge.
  • Eight Personas are provided as character templates that are ready to use or modify; or create one from scratch.
  • Includes a number of sample monsters or create your own (or go the mundane route with mortal villains)
  • Designed to be played in various styles of horror and humor, guidelines for implementing those elements are explained.
  • A sample case is provided to get you started

PDF border/background layer can be turned off for faster and cheaper home printing.

Spooked, Inc. - Frightfully Scenematic Roleplaying
Spooky Town August 01, 2022 at 04:00PM
Publisher: Amalara Game Studio

You are a monster! Just like your monstrous friends at Spooky Town Elementary, you have a monstrous family, creepy pets, and live in a cobweb-covered, haunted house. Today is the spookiest day of the year — Halloween. It’s the job of you and your friends to make sure that your town has the scariest night ever!

Utilizing the ultralight VRBS system, Spooky Town is easy enough for a six year-old to master, but also provides the structure for anyone to generate a light-hearted spooky story of their own.

What you need

This role-playing game of monstrous school kids contains all the rules that you need to play. You'll provide:

  • An active imagination and a desire to tell stories about creepy-but-not-too-scary monsters.
  • One six-sided die.

What you get

  • A full-color, double-sided, letter-sized, tri-fold, print-and-play PDF.
  • Rules, mission generator, character sheet, and mission tracker.

For solo or team play. Ages 6 and up.

Copyright © 2022 David Garrett Licensed for use under Creative Commons Attribution 4.0.

This work is based on VRBS, designed and authored by David Garrett and licensed for use under Creative Commons Attribution 4.0.

Spooky Town
Spoopy Friends: The Ghosts of Milrose Manor September 22, 2022 at 06:46PM
Publisher: Micro RPG

Welcome to Milrose Manor, a spooky yet cute little haunted house where YOU as a ghost live . . . and haunt. Unfortunately, everyone Full Moon, strangers invade your home—disturbing your peace. It is up to YOU to scare them off once and for all!

Spoopy Friends is a tabletop roleplaying game that utilizes a simplified version of the popular Micro RPG rules. The system uses dice, graph paper, and game tables to generate a random roleplaying experience for a single player controlling 1 to 4 ghosts. 

It can also be played cooperatively or used as a simple roleplaying system for a traditional Game Master to run a game for a table of up to four adventurers. At its heart, Micro RPG is a dungeon crawler, but in the mind of the player, it is a full spooky adventure story waiting to unfold!

Spoopy Friends: The Ghosts of Milrose Manor
Stay Sick! July 12, 2022 at 06:02PM
Publisher: Get Haunted Industries

Here's some junk food for you Cramps fans and Monster Kids out there.  Juvenile delinquent monster rules-lite RPG based on Nate Treme's Tunnel Goons!

Stay Sick!
Summer at Camp Roanoke July 29, 2022 at 11:03PM
Publisher: Sword and Tower Games

Roanoke Island is home to a national park famous for summer camps and hiking. Hiding in those dense woods wait the most evil creatures imaginable. Terrible foes hunt the innocent hikers and campers that go a bit too far from the paths. You are members of a secret order who protect and fight the evil creatures of the forest. Track and fight supernatural beings like the Wendigo and wield powerful abilities in Summer at Camp Roanoke.

Summer at Camp Roanoke is a rules-light, pocket-sized RPG system that uses two six-sided dice. It is incredibly easy to pick up and run a game or create a character. Here's what you can expect:

  • Four paths for heroes to choose: Order of Magic, Order of the Guardian, Order of the Stalker, Order of the Shaman.
  • 20+ Foes to fight, with rules for creating your own.
  • Over 55 unique items to discover and wield.
  • Super easy rules system.
Summer at Camp Roanoke
Summer Break on a Broken Lake July 28, 2022 at 03:52PM
Publisher: Cat Culture Studio



As part of a life of wealth and privilege you are used to enjoying an exclusive summer camp on Lake Mead.  This year however, things are different. Lake Mead has reached a critical state with the ongoing drought and dropping water levels.

Even worse, dark secrets are being revealed as the waters recede; things found that point back to an organized crime element in the Las Vega area. You have suspected for years that your family has some terrible secrets.

Are you ready to give up the life you know when faced with those secrets?  Or will you do what it takes to protect family?

Summer Break on a Broken Lake is a game about young teenagers having to face a harsh reality in regards to their family secrets.  This game uses the Charge game system by Fari RPGs. Part of the PocketQuest 2022 challenge!

Summer Break on a Broken Lake
Summer Camp Mystery August 01, 2022 at 07:40PM
Publisher: Jozef Frajkor

Summer Camp Mystery is a family investigation focused RPG inspired by Scooby Doo, The Three Investigators, Gravity Falls, and other mystery shows and books for kids.

The players create their characters (known as the Kids) and together spend a week in a summer camp. They go for treks, swim on the lake... and solve a Mystery of the Monster!

The system is narrative-based, using a simplified Ironsworn system, which makes it easy to learn even for children. It also makes it possible to play the game without a GM - although this would be recommended only for more experienced players. Summer Camp Mystery utilizes the knowledge players already have from watching shows (we all know that the Monster is actually one of the adults in disguise!), so there is no need for lengthy explanations.

Grab a few friends, and set on gathering clues, wild speculation, and the final showdown with the Mystery Monster!

Made as a submission for Pocket Quest 2022.

Note: It is recommended that at least one player is familiar with playing TTRPGs, so they can guide less experienced players, especially if they are children. The format of Pocket Quest prevents us from listing extensive examples of gameplay, but this game tries to make it up by using knowledge the players already have from TV shows and books

Summer Camp Mystery
Summer Myth Hunt August 02, 2022 at 04:07PM
Publisher: Ultima Vela

You come from the vast world below, the underworld.
You come to the upper-world because it is summer camp season,
when the young gather around the fire to tell stories.
And you know what escapes their minds when they tell their stories.
It may just be a game for them, but you know what dances in the flames in front of their eyes,
it is the substance of Myths and magic, Imaginarium.

You will belong to one of the four alliances, these define the reasons why you hunt Myths.
You will use your Imaginarium to empower your trinkets with magic.
You will preserve Myths and unleash them when you need their help.
You will be an outsider in a strange world, trying not to get caught.

Now go, hunt Myths, collect Imaginarium, the season is on!


Summer Myth Hunt is a PocketQuest game.

Summer Myth Hunt
Summer Raiders - A PocketQuest TTRPG August 01, 2022 at 03:39PM
Publisher: Jasper Welzel

The long winter has finished, and the tribes are coming out of isolation.

Time to reunite, celebrate and partake in the most highly anticipated event of the year.

Will your raiding party lead your tribe to victory in the Summer Raiding event?

Summer Raiders offers you a sandbox in which to create your own setting

and for players to use their cunning to out manoeuvre rival tribes

in a bid to become the most successful tribe in the lands.

Summer Raiders - A PocketQuest TTRPG
Summernatural August 01, 2022 at 11:08PM
Publisher: Special Boi Productions

In this rules light RPG, players will make a summer camp, roleplay as their Campers in carefree days of camaraderie. At least, until disaster strikes!

It will then be their task to fight to save themselves, their fellow Campers, and the camp itself.

Inspired by horror tales of plucky youths investigating and countering the supernatural threats the adults can't or won't.

For 3 or 4 players, along with (optionally) a game master.

Contains charts for generating the camp and encounters, or for using as your inspiration for your own ideas.

Requires also having at least one six sided die, a deck of cards, and some paper to draw on.

Designed as part of the PocketQuest 2022 gamejam

Super City July 22, 2022 at 07:46PM
Publisher: Amalara Game Studio

One in every one hundred children in Super City is born with super powers. You are one of those children. Together with your classmates at Super City Elementary, you save helpless citizens, rescue lost pets, and eat delicious ice cream.

Utilizing the ultralight VRBS system, Super City is easy enough for a six year-old to master, but also provides the structure for anyone to generate a superhero story of their own.

What you need

This role-playing game of superhero school kids contains all the rules that you need to play. You'll provide:

  • An active imagination and a desire to tell superhero stories
  • One six-sided die

What you get

  • A full-color, double-sided, letter-sized, tri-fold, print-and-play PDF.
  • Rules, mission generator, character sheet, and mission tracker.
Product mockup

For solo or team play. Ages 6 and up.

Copyright © 2022 David Garrett Licensed for use under Creative Commons Attribution 4.0.

This work is based on VRBS, designed and authored by David Garrett and licensed for use under Creative Commons Attribution 4.0.

Super City
SUPER! (24XX) September 03, 2022 at 09:24PM
Publisher: Smokebomb

A LO-FI Super powered RPG!

SUPER! is a complete rules-lite tabletop roleplaying game made with the 24XX system by Jason Tocci. Inside its four pages you'll find...

  • Complete rules for running a super powered game.
  • Rules and Tables to create any kind of superpowered character you can dream of.
  • Tables to generate locations, dangers and more.

This product also includes a printer friendly Black & White PDF.

Swamp Troll Witch(es) September 20, 2022 at 03:07PM
Publisher: Cats Have No Lord

Be a troll witch! Live in a swamp! Solve problems! Brew potions! Relax with a hot bath! Live your best troll witch life!


Swamp Troll Witch(es) is a gamemaster-less tabletop roleplaying game for solo journaling, epistolary play, or small group play based on the Motif framework. 

The game focuses on the daily lives of the troll witches, searching the swamp for potion ingredients, solving problems to collect those ingredients, brewing potions, and relaxing at the end of the day to recover from the work. At the end of the week, visit the strange night market to sell all of the potions from the week. 

The game features simple, flexible, narrative-driven mechanics with non-binary success and a simple oracle for answering questions.



Design, Writing, and Layout by Luke Simonds (@lukesimonds) 

Publishing as Cats Have No Lord 

Editing by Kenna May (@pagesofkenna)

Interior illustrations by WASABIISOFT (@WASABIISOFT )

Playtesting by Uncle Vova (@UncleVova6) and D at SmallTownCreepy (@smalltowncreepy)

Cover art created by John Bauer and taken from the public domain via Wikimedia Commons

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License 

This work is based on the Motif Framework and Runs on Motif games, published by Thought Police Interactive. The Motif Toolkit SRD is licensed for use under the Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported License. Motif Framework™ and Runs on Motif™ are trademarks of Thought Police Interactive.

Swamp Troll Witch(es)
Swords of the Serpentine September 01, 2022 at 11:44PM
Publisher: Pelgrane Press

A GUMSHOE roleplaying game of swords & sorcery!

When it’s summer, you smell her before you see her. As you come around the curve of the Serpentine river the scent of the open sea is replaced by the stench of low tide, of boat tar, of rare spices spilled from a smuggler’s ship; of cooking smoke and human waste. Bells ring out across the water and echo like the song of ghosts, loud enough to almost drown out the chanted prayers of your ship’s rowers.

You round the bend past the lower fort and there she is: the great city of Eversink, sprawled out on scores of islands across the sheltered water. Her jeweled and crystal turrets are reflected in a shimmering bay full of hundreds of brightly colored boats. Architecture from a dozen eras towers above a tangle of grand plazas and narrow canals. Temples to her goddess rise above the mansions and tenements, calling her people to prayer. She may be ancient and corrupt, slowly and inexorably swallowed by an endless bog; but she’s alive in a way most cities aren’t. She’s a melding of faith and stone and wood and water – and mud – that’s unique in all the world. 

It doesn’t matter whether you’ve come to kill a rival, earn a fortune, learn a secret, or hire an army. You’re home now, and the Sinking City will embrace you. All you need to do is survive.

Swords of the Serpentine is a sword & sorcery game of daring heroism, sly politics, and bloody savagery, set in a fantasy city rife with skullduggery and death. The rules adapt the GUMSHOE investigative roleplaying system to create a fantasy RPG with a focus on high-action roleplaying and investigation inspired by the stories of Fritz Leiber, Terry Pratchett, Robert E. Howard, and others.

Your characters will discover leads that, if followed, propel them headlong into danger and forbidden knowledge. A lead might point the way to sunken treasure, jungle ruins, the missing key to a sorcerous trap, or the true identity of a notorious murderer. The GUMSHOE game mechanics ensure that you’ll always notice leads if you look for them. It’s up to you to choose which one you'll follow into whatever perils lie ahead, in hopes of fortune, glory, justice, or just staying alive another day.

If you want to track down foul sorcerers in a corrupt and decadent city, clamber through underground ruins to sneak into an enemy’s home and rob them, or wage a secret war against a rival political faction, you’re in the right place.

Swords of the Serpentine offers:

  • A fantasy city of mystery and magic inspired by Lankhmar and Ankh-Morpork
  • Tools for fast and effective character creation
  • A customized combat system that opens the door for cinematic, heroic battles
  • Social combat that targets your enemy's morale, letting you defeat some foes through wit, guile, and threats
  • Sorcery that allows you to rip apart a tower with the flick of a hand—but are you willing to pay the price in corruption to body and soul?
  • Powerful allegiances that give you influence in one or more factions across the city, but which can earn you equally powerful enemies...
  • Streamlined abilities that power four distinct types of heroes, and which you can mix-and-match across professions to customize your character further
  • Gameplay and rules mechanics that encourage players to help build the world they're adventuring in
  • Rules for death curses, true names, alchemy, sorcerous items, ghostly possession, political manipulation, and more
Swords of the Serpentine
Swords, Guns, and Magic! August 02, 2022 at 03:18PM
Publisher: Gabe Gray

This PDF is a quick-start rulebook which provides all the basic information necessary to play SGM! as well as some sample material to aid in character creation.

SGM! is a tag-based ttrpg system designed for very flexible and pulpy games. Whether it's fantasy, sci-fi, modern, or any other genre, SGM! can be used with it. Will your character be slain in battle, dying after sustaining too much damage? Or will they become frenzied trying to withstand the mental toll that adventuring can have, losing control and acting in unexpected and sometimes dangerous ways? 

Swords, Guns, and Magic!
Tactical OSR September 14, 2022 at 08:14PM
Publisher: Better Games

Inside here are rulez to extend the wargame style elements of games like Space Pyrates, Zombie WW2 and USMC at Waterloo into the fantasy genre.

I wanted those design lessons I learned put down in fixed form. An OSR fantasy game with target and hit, as most gamers visualize combat. HP and XP like most players understand damage and character advancement. Some stats that make sense and don’t turn into bogus equations. A magic system that functions without becoming impractical, avoiding the trap of being useless at low level and disruptive at high.

Inside these pages is a set of guidelines for resolving detailed sequences of combat. Should you use the rulez for every fight? Only if you like them immensely. If you pull them out only to run the endgame battle, you probably are striking the right balance.

This option specifically aids a moderated GM game, adding character options to overcome traps and obstacles as well as offering miniature style combat on the hex grid.

The rulez covers characters and the evil goals the group is trying to defeat.

Old School Revival is fast paced, and you can learn the mechanics by trial and error. Sometimes you have to die in OSR to learn what not to do.

Ask your questions about free-style role-play at our VOX public forum, www.spacegamer.com

Tactical OSR
Tales From Dungeons Deep - Basic Rules September 01, 2022 at 07:46PM
Publisher: Dapper Rabbit Games

Tales From Dungeons Deep is a lethal semi-dark fantasy adventure game about dungeon delving, survival, and exploration. Characters die just as quickly as they level up, but death is not the end of the players’ forward progression. This game has no specific setting, but it assumes generic fantasy. The core philosophy of this game means that players should favor clever tricks and tactics over brute force. The majority of the game play will revolve around risky decisions involving resource use, inventory management, and hit point management.

TFDD is inspired by the do-it-yourself style of roleplaying and the OSR movement. Though, it does separate itself from its peers mechanically. Many of its ideas are designed to be harvested and used in any fantasy roleplaying game. Some of these ideas include: Random character advancement, race as class, clock based initiative, strange and powerful magic unique to each class, madness, surgery, alchemy, and much more.

This zine is one of many, each adding to the overall experience and progression of the game as a whole. Along with this core zine, players will also need Tales From Dungeons Deep: Magic if they plan to play as a spell caster.

Tales From Dungeons Deep - Basic Rules
Tales of Adventure August 10, 2022 at 02:32PM
Publisher: Satyr Play Productions

Inspired by oldschool dungeon crawl video and computer games such as Adventure, Venture, Rogue, and Wizardry, as well as the world's first RPG, Tales of Adventure is a one page OSR role- playing game, stripped down to the bare minimum, but complex enough to provide endless enjoyment. 

Tales of Adventure
Tales of the Trail August 14, 2022 at 03:58PM
Publisher: Sharp RPGs

Come hear the tales of adventurers who long ago walked the paths you now travel. Learn of their triumphs and failures, their moments of glory and their tales of woe. What will you discover along your own journey.

Tales of the Trail is a narrative-based RPG designed to be played while on a hike or walk with friends. Guided by their GM the players will take up the role of adventurers off to fulfill a quest. But what lurks along the way to try and stop the faithful band of heroes?

Tales of the Trail
Tavern Brew: A GAME of FANTASY COFFEE BREWING August 05, 2022 at 04:24PM
Publisher: Micro RPG

A fantasy hand management and light deck-building game that uses a normal deck of playing cards!

You are the new manager of a cafe coffee tavern in the fantasy settlement of Rose Quartz City. It will be up to you to purchase high-quality coffee beans, brew fine coffee, and entice guests to visit your tavern. Will you become the best coffee brewing tavern in all of the city, or will you go out of business?

Included in this small game book are all the rules you need to play, a printable game sheet, and a quick reference sheet. You will need a standard deck of playing cards and two six-sided dice to play. 

Teenage Mutant Dirtbags: A Roleplaying Game July 26, 2022 at 07:22PM
Publisher: Fat Goblin Games

Teenage Mutant Dirtbags

A Roleplaying Game

You are a Mutantimal, but no one actually uses that stupid name. You are a teenage mutant humanoid animal raised by zealots, trained as warriors, and taught that only you can stop whatever weird crap the world might be stewing up. Humans basically screw-up everything and either can’t be trusted to solve their problems or are just too stupid and lazy. . . at least that’s what you’ve heard.

The thing is, you love the human crap. You want to binge TV and argue movie fandom, you love fast-food and all that junk, and most days you just want to smoke weed and sleep till noon. Save the World? That’s not your job, man.

Teenage Mutant Dirtbags: A Roleplaying Game
The Academy of Mystikhog (Micro RPG Midnight Series) August 19, 2022 at 03:57PM
Publisher: Micro RPG


Deep in the Rocky Mountains of the American West lies a deep valley hidden from the mortal eye behind a veil of mist and magic. This valley holds North America’s only known co-ed Magik Academy for Witches, Wizards, Magikin: The Academy of Mystikhog. Congratulations! You are a student at this wondrous academy! You will be taking on the role of a fledgling witch, wizard, or magikin (term for nonbinary magic-user) student studying the ancient ways of the mystic arts. Not only that, but you'll also be part of a secret club (The Midnight Magic Club) working to protect the academy from outside evils that threaten to infiltrate the school through the lower dungeon levels. Each night, you and your club will sneak out to enter the dungeons and defeat the evils, gain experience as a skilled magic-user, and learn new spells! Will you graduate as a mystic of legend?



This book is part of the MICRO RPG MIDNIGHT SERIES. This series works on a set of open-ended, basic rules that are applicable to any genre or world you can wish. Each release in the series will include the basic genreless rules in the first half along with the genre/world-specific rules for the book in the second half (thus making locating the new rules easy for those who are experienced in the game system and/or want to only print the NEW material for each book). 

This format allows for the manipulation, combination, and creation of any world you as a player, co-op group, or game master may desire. Each book works in conjunction with the others. As with all products in the Micro RPG system line, the Midnight Series will be compatible with all other versions of the system with rules decisions, changes, combos, and tweaks left up to the player’s preference and discretion.

The most important rule of all: HAVE FUN! 

The Academy of Mystikhog (Micro RPG Midnight Series)
The Bloodlines & Black Magic Roleplaying Game: Quick Start Guide July 23, 2022 at 09:00PM
Publisher: Storm Bunny Studios

The Bloodlines & Black Magic Roleplaying Game Logo

The Bloodlines & Black Magic Roleplaying Game: Quick Start Guide is a short, 21-page introduction to the game and the world in which it takes place. Intended as an introduction, this rules-light PDF presents the reader with seven lessons:

The two-page welcome spread

  • Lesson 1. This lesson explains the Mundane, Secret, and Invisible Worlds.
  • Lesson 2. This lesson describes the Invisible City and explains its place within the world.
  • Lesson 3. This lesson explains the Realms Beyond.
  • Lesson 4. This lesson describes the Crimson Ecology and briefly describes the septet of species sharing the world with humanity.
  • Lesson 5. This lesson explains how magic works.

This image shows a two-page spread from the PDF explaining how magic works.

  • Lesson 6. This lesson describes The Arcana and how they impact the game, its story, and each character's progression through their story.
  • Lesson 7. This lesson describes the seven bloodlines secretly influencing humanity.

This Quick Start Guide also includes a copy of the updated Bloodlines & Black Magic Roleplaying Game Character Sheet and the Bloodlines & Black Magic Roleplaying Game Episode Zero Sheet.

The Bloodlines & Black Magic Roleplaying Game: Quick Start Guide
The Book of Fate July 12, 2022 at 04:51PM
Publisher: Synnibar

Synnibarr3ed Logo

The Book of Fate is the referee's core rulebook for


Synnibarr3ed Book Of Fate

The task of manipulating the threads of destiny requires monumental effort. The Book of Fate is an attempt to ease that burden. Herein rests, not only the mundane mechanics for orchestrating the symphony of existence, but the breath of its creation "on the Fly", a foundation upon which everything is possible.

The manual contains...

~Quickstart rules, with the basics of combat, to get you started in minutes.

~Clarifications for the UAG I.

~New Guilds and a new Character type called the "Mixer".

~Immortality and godhood

~Venderant Nalaberong and Godpower

~Enchanted Item Tables.

~Creation of adventurers.

~Guidelines for creating other worlds, races and societies.

~The Worldship history.

~Details about the Astral plane, Elemental planes, other dimension and more.

This manual is Fate's Guide to the World of Synnibarr3ed.

The Book of Fate
The Calling August 04, 2022 at 11:07PM
Publisher: Ohad Reiter

A Sci-Fi Western Roleplaying Game

Armageddon had come and gone. Now the Wild East stands. Play the roles of Katana Cowboys, Kung-Fu Nuns, Laser Prophets and Beast-Riding Witches. Explore a world inspired by Westerns, Samurai films and Wuxia movies.

The Game Master plays a Star God

Experience character progression as a game master. Create a star god and choose their role.  Choose new star god aspects as you rank up. Aspects grant you reactive abilities that are triggered by player actions. The star god is the party's silent member, their secret weapon.

“In our travels through space we met the star gods. We brought them along back to Earth. Then a war of nuclear proportions scorched the planet. The star gods helped us rebuild, teaching us our lost history with the help of the good old movies.”


Innovative Roles System

Choose a fighting style and a character archetype, then combine their names to form your role. With the Kung-Fu fighting style and Cowboy archetype your role would be a Kung-Fu Cowboy.

Redefining Divine Magic

Call upon divine magic by offering prayers. But don't be a suck-up, star gods don't care for suck-ups. Make demands instead of polite requests. Be brazen, pompous or flamboyant as you call on the star god for a miracle. Argue with the star god, question their tenets or mock them. Star gods love to be challenged.


Options for Playing with an Audience

Are you streaming your game to an audience? Consider choosing the Clan of Mischief star god role. Listen to your audience's input when you decide if your star god answers a prayer or uses an aspect. Your audience has no say in your decision. Their role is to peer pressure you to do their will, like the crowd of the ancient Colosseum. And like a Roman Emperor it's up to you to decide: Thumps up, or thumbs down?


This Core Rulebook Contains

  • 440 pages containing everything you need to play The Calling.
  • 8 Dojos (fighting styles) and 10 Callings (character archetypes) to choose from as you create your character.
  • 5 star god forms and 10 star god domains for the game master to choose from.
  • Rules for running dramatic scenes - Conflicts don't always have to end in a fight.
  • Game Master guidelines for planning ongoing plots.
  • 110 creatures to fight or haggle with.
  • 53 miracles to call upon.
  • 19 gorgeous b&w illustrations by Aleix Valldeperas.
  • A Sci-Fi Western setting inspired by movies such as For a Fistful of Dollars, Yojimbo and Sukiyaki Western Django.


The Calling
The Cops Will Be Here Any Minute! September 01, 2022 at 07:33PM
Publisher: Conner Dejecacion

A one-page RPG about cleaning up messy crime scenes and escaping before the police arrive. Plays out (mostly) in real-time. Games are over in 30 minutes or less. Dispose of bodies, burn documents, and grab the loot. No Resevoir Dogs scenario here -- You escape together or go to jail together.

The Cops Will Be Here Any Minute!
The Couriers September 29, 2022 at 02:32PM
Publisher: Kaja Solska

Four paws, perfect smell, and hearing, not-too-large size - sometimes they are your advantages, and other times make it harder to survive in a big city. Especially when you run its streets as a messenger. Other dogs’ territories, architecture that doesn’t address animals’ needs, friendly or hostile people - living as a dog in a city is a great challenge! Will you accept it?

The Couriers (an English version of the original game Gońcy) is a one-page roleplaying game that allows you to become a canine messenger. With other players at the table, you can tell a story about determination, flair, and survival in a hostile environment - but also about adventure, loyalty, and tough choices. Create your four-pawed courier and experience for yourself how it is to be a dog in a big, incomprehensible world.

In the file you’ll find:

  • one-page core book
  • character sheet
  • rules that guide you through the creation of your character
  • simple mechanics based on d6 and simple modifications
  • hints for game masters and players

See you on the streets!

The Couriers
The Curse of Fish Man Island (PocketQuest 2022) August 02, 2022 at 03:21PM
Publisher: Warden's Wreath

A marooned group of campers discover too late that their scavanger hunt on the fabled Fish Man island has gotten them into a world of terror!
    Can they escape the Fish Man?
    Can they escape the evils cultists worshiping their Dark God?
    And can they escape the Curse of Fish Man Island?!!

A self contained Rule Lite horror RPG scenario made as part of the Pocket Quest 2022 event.
Inspired by a mix of old school exploration games and cheesy Hollywood and Hammer horror movies, with a bit of Lovecraft thrown in for good measure.

The Curse of Fish Man Island (PocketQuest 2022)
The Dark After Dawn: Dark Days July 05, 2022 at 08:25PM
Publisher: Dark After Games Ltd

"One step is usually enough to be way in over your head" 

The Dark Days are upon us! Those seemingly normal moments are being twisted by the Supernatural, and those who encounter it.Are never the same. 

What happens next? Is anyones guess!  

The Dark After Daw: Days is the official Quickstart rule set for the upcoming The Dark After Dawn TTRPG! Experience the lives of the Unveiled; those who have survived countless trauma but in their darkness unlocked unparralled Magickal powers.

Heading to a late summer Kickstarter campaign.These rules will provide a introduction to the unique world of The Dark After Dawn. A stepping stone into the fiction,metaplot and horror of the Core Edition.

You are Alive 






What will you do next?

The Dark After Dawn: Dark Days
The David Web September 25, 2022 at 03:36AM
Publisher: Ardens Ludere

Follow David.

Don't let him out of your sights.

And when the time comes, reveal yourself ... and him.

The David Web is a storytelling game for an unknown number of pursuers inspired by the structure and cinematography of the Jason Bourne movies.

In The David Web, the players are all anonymous pursuers who follow David around as he tries to discover his identity. Sometimes a player will turn out to be an asset of a hostile and resourceful agency, sometimes a player will just be a camera observing David without obstructing him. David doesn't remember why powerful people want him dead, but he knows that they do and he has the skills to maneuver through the web he finds himself in. 

Together you and your friends will create the narrative of a chase movie by taking turns to describe what David is doing, how he uncovers details about his own past, and why he is being pursued. None of these details are created in advance, so you and your friends will make them up as you go, following along from the scenes and descriptions you each add to the overall story.

Eventually both David and the players will discover who he is. Crash zoom into The David Web and get chasing!

The David Web takes about 2-2.5 hours of focused play for 3-4 players. If you have more players, or you aren’t as focused on the story, it might take a bit longer.

This product includes a colour PDF of the game; a black and white PDF of the game for easier home printing; colour and black and white PDFs of the playsheets and inspirational lists; and a lot of love of Paul Greengrass' cinematography.

The David Web
The Devil"s Butthole September 27, 2022 at 08:39PM
Publisher: Rarr! I'm A Monster Publishing

Your parents decided that it was a great idea for you to spend a few weeks at summer camp.  Unfortunately they sent you to Camp Kalakacki, which has a history of strange and just plain weird things happening.  The rumor is that somewhere deep in the forest surrounding the camp is a portal, probably to Hell, that’s been diabolically dubbed The Devil’s Butthole.

The Devil's Butthole is an open ended minimalist role playing game.

It uses the Everything’s Fine system.

It requires a good deal of imagination and emphasizes role plaling over dice rolls and tables.

It’s all about telling a story.

The Devil"s Butthole
The Dracula at the End of the Lane July 31, 2022 at 06:21PM
Publisher: Jessica Marcrum

You've always wondered what was just beyond the doors of the spooky house at the end of the block. Now, make it your very own.

The Dracula at the End of the Lane can be played with or without a GM.  An update to The Coven at the End of the Lane, it can be played without the original game and includes Dracula as both a playable archetype and ally/antagonist for games involving a GM. 

Choose your archetype

Enchanter: use crystals and stones to cleanse auras and promote positive well-being

Goth: draw on ancient knowledge with blood, tears, and artistry

Hag: with woodwork and an oven, anything is possible

Herbalist: potions, poisons, and a gift for all things green

Occultist: see beyond the veil with gifts of loved ones long gone

Dracula: be Dracula

Choose a familiar

Create your home

Shape your world

The Dracula at the End of the Lane is a GM-optional dice pool game of spell casting, tarot, literature, and Dracula. 

The Dracula at the End of the Lane
The Gloom July 15, 2022 at 07:44AM
Publisher: Frughtlupes

A spooky role-playing game for kids!

The Gloom is a role-playing game for kids (and the kid-at-heart) where you play kids on spooky adventures. The rules are simple enough for kids, but meaty enough for grown-ups to enjoy too. For ages 6 and up.

In The Gloom you play modern elementary school kids living in a small town. The town seems ordinary at first glance, but strange, inexplicable things happen there. Sightings of ghosts, monsters, and fairies, unexplained disappearances — the list goes on and on. And you’re not just an ordinary kid: Maybe you can read minds or maybe you are part werewolf, vampire, or elf.

Although most write off the town’s mysteries as rumor and legend, in reality it is a place where the veil between worlds is thin. Unperceivable to most, there is a whole other world overlaying our own — a world of shadow called “the Gloom” — and a secret war between the creatures of shadow and our own.

The Rules: Players make checks based on one of four Traits, which can be modified with abilities or by spending Essence. Essence is also used to active some abilities. Players can also alter their luck or even the story itself by spending Story Points.

Character Creation: Choose one of six roles such as Nerd or Weirdo, and four ancestries like Werecreature or Psychic. Later as you discover the true nature of the world and join the battle against the creatures of the Gloom and their allies, you pick your athame — a mysterious weapon that grants special abilities. You can customize your character further with gear and mystical items.

The book includes around 30 creatures, printable mystical item cards and tokens, and a sample adventure.

The Gloom is a role-playing game I made for my kids who were at the time too young to play most of the other games I had on my shelf. It is based on the same rules as Six Realms — a fantasy RPG my kids and I made together — with some tweaks here and there.

The Gloom
The Goblins Took It! One-Shot July 13, 2022 at 09:00PM
Publisher: Brian Holland

The Goblins Took It! Is a role-play heavy (but murder-hobo compatible) one-shot for Dungeon World!

In The Goblins Took It! the player characters rush into a goblin settlement on the word of a complete stranger to recover something. Who is this person, and what do they say the goblins took? Is there actually some other reason they want an armed escort into a village full of goblins?

This one-shot offers loads of customizability so that each GM can make it unique, along with advice for running it past a single session or inclusing it in an existing campaign, and is compatible with my Solo Hex Crawl Creator.
The Goblins Took It! One-Shot
The Great Young Ones July 29, 2022 at 09:30PM
Publisher: Manic Cow Publications

Welcome to Camp Evergreen! Make sure you fill out the Getting To Know Our Campers so your counselors can get to know you! Then find your cabin, pick your bunks, and head over to the Amphitheater for the opening night fireside!

The Great Young Ones is a summer camp themed table-top RPG built on the Density system in which you take on the role of a young eldritch horror, the dark spawn of a cosmic entity, attending a summer camp with your peers. Together with the bunkmates in your cabin you will strive to win the camp Cabin Cup against the members of another cabin. You will row, you will hike, through tug-of-war and basket weaving, you will improve yourself or prank the other cabin into submission to prove you are the greatest young cosmic entities in the galaxy! So go make some memories, enjoy the wide outdoors, and try not to let the bugs bother you!

The Great Young Ones
The Hammer and The Stake: The Full Manifesto (Core Book) August 20, 2022 at 10:57PM
Publisher: Weaponized Ink

Welcome to an alternate 1922 Budapest where Dracula rules and the people fight!    

The Hammer and the Stake is a new stand-alone tabletop roleplaying game with a core mechanic that focuses on player cooperation and wagering to overcome obstacles.  The Full manifesto collects all of the rules and setting background in one place!

A fantastic alternate history setting: Following the Great War and the disastrous Treaty of Trianon, Count Dracula engineers a fascist vampire-coup in Hungary and Romania and establishes himself as the autocrat of the newly created Nagy-Magyarország ('Greater Hungary'). 

Brave socialist freedom insurgents work to overthrow Dracula's despotic-aristocratic regime. The threat is very real, Dracula's magic is powerful enough to make manifest the worst fears of Marx.  
Time is of the essence. If Dracula's minions are left unchecked, the people will literally lose their identities and become lumpenproles - beaten down degenerate servants of the Dracula regime. 

You play one of the heroic socialists fighting to liberate the people from both the invisible hand of Adam Smith as well as bloodsucking vampire overlords.


Inside the H&S: The Full Manifesto You Will Find:

- All of the rules for the Hammer and The Stake.  These rules were designed from the ground up to promote cooperative play (to keep with the theme of the game).  

- A detailed overview of Dracula's Nagy-Magyarország ('Greater Hungary') and the brave socialists that refuse the vampires' regressive vision. 

- Eight factions to join - each with their own approach to fighting fascist vampires.  

- NPC entries to make GMing easier.  

- Advanced rules fo Chains and Dread (horror and social decay) 


The Game About Sacrifice, Cooperation, and Punching Vampires in the Face! 

Note: This is the full version of the game with everything a GM and players will need to play.  The Workers' Primer is the players' quickstart and contains only the player-facing rules to facilitate play. 
The Hammer and The Stake: The Full Manifesto (Core Book)
The Hard Lessons September 01, 2022 at 11:00PM
Publisher: APON Games

The Hard Lessons is a storytelling and world-building game designed for fast pick-up-and-play that's easy for new or shy players but deep enough for seasoned roleplayers. Written for a one-shot experience, The Hard Lessons is perfect for a party or game-night environment, or as a session zero world-building tool for your next campaign! All you need is the rules, a standard deck of cards, and something to drink to get playing.

In The Hard Lessons, you'll play a group of former students who gather to remember your fallen Master who taught you in the Master’s school. You will tell stories about who you each thought your master was, and how you experienced them. When the night passes and the sun finally rises, this group of former students must decide whether one of you will take up the mantle of Master, whether none of you will, or if you will destroy the school once and for all. You may even discover a traitor in your midst.

The Hard Lessons
The Hit List August 29, 2022 at 08:45PM
Publisher: Conner Dejecacion

A one-page RPG about being hunted. Inspired by Predator, The Terminator, and The Most Dangerous Game. Stop an unstoppable killer or become the next name to be crossed off The List.

Based on Honey Heist, by Grant Howitt.

The Hit List
The Jermaverse: An Unofficial Jerma985 TTRPG August 26, 2022 at 04:58PM
Publisher: Ethan H. Reynolds

If a Greenoid was to put you into a meat grinder and all that came out was your finger…you’d probably be dead! -Felinus Magistratus General Catz Meyow


Welcome to The Jermaverse, an unofficial Jerma985 centered tabletop roleplaying game set in a fictional sci-fi universe!


Explore the cosmos with your friends in an exciting and lore-filled world!


Play as the Rattzz, a rat-hominid people, the Greenoids, a green-skinned casino loving people, or even the Sluggor, where your body is literally made from melted plastic.


Save the universe from existential threats, become the ruler of the Jermaverse, or just get up to infinite goofy hijinks with your peers!


Inside The Jermaverse handbook are 24 pages of unique peoples to play as and an easy-to-learn system that can be enjoyed by both TTRPG beginners and non-Jerma fans alike!


Who will you be in The Jermaverse? Find out today!


NOTE: This game is unaffiliated with Jerma985, was not commissioned by him, and does not represent him or his properties in any way. This game is distributed for no cost, and was made purely to celebrate a streamer that I, a solo developer, enjoys.

The Jermaverse: An Unofficial Jerma985 TTRPG
The Last Night July 22, 2022 at 06:57PM
Publisher: T. H. Ravencroft

The last night of summer camp is a special time for bonding, for making lifelong promises of friendship, for fumbling around in the woods or...for kissing...OR...FOR MURDER!

The Last Night is a rules-lite standalone RPG for running a "summer camp"-style game with teenagers lost in the woods. Will they face the legendary Foggy Creek Strangler? A Faery Court? Or, worse of all, their nemeses from the camp across the way?

Strange things can happen on The Last Night if...you survive!

The Last Night
The Loyalist August 13, 2022 at 05:29PM
Publisher: Gamenomicon

The TWILIGHT WORLD is much like our own, but twisted as if viewed through a fun house mirror. In this game and in others set in this world, you play as citizens of the communist USRA in the year 1985. Here the supernatural is real and that is something the government does not want you to know.

For more information on this world, check out the Party First core rulebook.

The Loyalist  is a solo suspense RPG on a single page. It is created using the Second Guess System first used in the One White Eye RPG and The Date. Here, the system of impending dread and self deception is turned toward the doldrums of everyday life for a factory worker in the USRA as things begin to go wrong. Can she avoid the ever present eyes of the Central State Security even as events continue not to add up?

All you need are a d20, a d6, and something to record your journal entries on. Sometimes people surprise you.

The Loyalist
The Midnight World August 31, 2022 at 09:47PM
Publisher: Gem and Eye RPG Studios

The collosal horror of the Dread Beings has existed since the beginning, since the inconcievably hot flash that birthed the entire Multiverse. Most universes are protected by the Twilight Veil, a fine net of quantum particles that enforces the division between realities. But here, the Veil wears thin, and the things Beyond turn their titanic gaze upon us. This is The Midnight World. 

A deer skeleton that has been reanimated with thick vines. Branches sprout from its massive antlers. A dull yellow ember burns in its empty eye socket
The Midnight World 
is a new take on horror Roleplaying, one in which a character's mental health is as important to their survival as physical health. Developed by two combat veterans, The Midnight World seeks to approximate feelings of anxiety, depression, and PTSD in a way that is respectful to sufferers and safe for players to explore. 

This 222 page Core Rulebook contains everything you need to create characters with detailed traumatic memories and portray them as they tiptoe ever closer to Midnight. It also contains comprehensive storytelling tools that allow a Director to easily create entire worlds, complete with quickly generated antagonists, monsters, and other horrors too terrible to name. 

The Midnight World
The Prose Life of Sundered Lovers September 21, 2022 at 02:37PM
Publisher: Hookline&sinker

Reality itself rips apart along wood-grain seams, all laws of physicality abandoned for an endless chaos. Your life, and the lives of all others throughout an infinite span of dimensions, have been forever changed.

You are a Germanic peasant, or a Holy Roman scholar, or a man-at-arms under the last Achaemenid King of Kings. The year is 983, or 1406, or 380 B.C.E. You are in the ruins of Constantinople, or the fields of ancient Briton, or a small ditch thirty kilometers south of the Rhine. Somehow, all of these are true at once.

The Prose Life of Sundered Lovers is a two-player journaling game about bonds that transcend space and time while everything falls apart in a dystopic, medieval realm of uncertainties. Compatible with romantic partners, best friends, or complete strangers, The Prose Life of Sundered Lovers tests your ability to know another person intrinsically, and assume their choices - even when you can’t see them.

Use procedural prompts & skill checks to build a wild, sprawling journey told through drawings, writing, or interpretive dance instructions - then retell that story with your partner to compare your experience to theirs. Discover how similar - or different - your partner’s choices are to yours when similar skills are tested. 

The Prose Life of Sundered Lovers
The Queue September 23, 2022 at 06:39PM
Publisher: Naughty Rat

The much-loved monarch has died, and their body now lies in state in Westminster Hall in London. You have travelled down to the city to pay your respects. As it turns out many others have also decided to do the same, and you find yourself standing in a queue. Not just a queue, THE queue. The largest queue in the history of mankind stretches for miles upon miles along the banks of the River Thames. You will be here for a very, very long time. Fortunately, your fellow queue waiters are there with you, supporting each other as you all strive to endure the wait and take part in this truly historic event.

The Queue is a journalling game which can be played solo or as a group. To play you only need a deck of cards: each card you draw will prompt you with a question, encouraging you to share memories and create friendships with the people around you in the queue. But the wait is long and gruelling and you are becoming increasingly exhausted as time passes. Will you endure and fulfil your duty? Sometimes it's not the destination, but the wait to get there that matters...

The Queue
The Secret Files of Section D September 15, 2022 at 08:21PM
Publisher: Imaginarium Games

The Secret Files of Section D is a Savage Worlds powered, pulp action Roleplaying Game, exploring the highly classified files of the British Secret Intelligence Service.

Formed in 1938, SIS Section D is a clandestine operations division officially tasked with gathering intelligence on Fascist and Bolshevik powers in Europe. Unofficially, there are much greater threats to the Empire, and even the world. 

Nazi Pseudo-Science is real, magic is real, and miracles happen. Aliens have not only visited Earth; some are still here. Atlantis didn’t sink into the sea, it flew away. A long, long way away. Yetis and Sasquatch stalk high mountains while the ancient beast beneath Loch Ness gets careless in her old age and was photographed in 1934. Secretive and sinister organizations influence the world, politically and financially, without holding power anywhere, and ancient pharaohs were buried deep for a reason.

Section D agents ultimately become embroiled in adventures and plots deeper, and more fantastic, than it is deemed safe to tell the general public.

Welcome to:

TSFoSD Banner

In this book you will find:

• Detailed rules for creating your Section D agent including archetype characters
• An historically accurate overview of key world powers at the beginning of 1938
• Guides to the equipment, weapons, vehicles, and espionage gear of the era
• New Skills, Setting Rules, Edges, and Hindrances to bring the pulp spy era to life
• Three campaign modes: Pulp, Espionage, and Military
• An overview of the intelligence services of the major powers in 1938
• Tools for GMs to create over-the-top villains, their minions, and their amazing devices
• Mission and McGuffin Generators
• Enemies including soldiers, spies, cults, secret societies, and many stranger things

The Secret Files of Section D has everything you need for fast paced adventure in the classic pulp era!

The Secret Files of Section D
The Spider and the City August 02, 2022 at 03:16PM
Publisher: Thomas Manuel

You are the Spider. This is the City.

You are a criminal mastermind. You are the spider lurking in the shadows. In a city that was held in the vice grip of Celestial Law, you have never followed a rule that you didn’t write.

You are your own master - a leader of a hard-bitten crew, holding court in the seedy underworld that thrives below your city’s paper- thin facade of order and normality. The rich don’t believe you exist. The poor know you all too well - your justice is often the only one they can access.

But now the city of Inquilad - your city - is free. As the kingdom lies in ruins, the people of Inquilad have seized power and now seek to build a utopia. You understand freedom. And you wonder how long their freedom will last...

There are rumours that the Right Men, General Piyadasi’s army, march toward the city. A little bird tells you that they might reach the city walls as soon as 2 months from now.

You thought you understood how the world works. But if your city can be reborn, what about you?

About the Game

The Spider and the City combines high stakes resource management and prompt-based journaling. Like in videogames such as Darkest Dungeons or tabletop games like Band of Blades, you allocate resources to missions, trying to giving yourself the edge to help you succeed. Using mechanics inspired by Blades in the Dark, you build the strongest dice pool you can ... and then let the gods decide how the bones fall. Like in indie hit Thousand Year Old Vampire, you respond to the prompts that the game throws at you, telling the lonely story of a criminal mastermind in a rebel city. Your decisions might not change history but they matter - and you're in charge of how much. When the game ends, take the journal you've written and read it as a historian and write the "real" story of your tragic character.

Good luck! Let your heart not break on these tumultuous shores.

The Spider and the City
The Trench August 12, 2022 at 08:21PM
Publisher: JAMGAS


It’s cold and the rain has started to fall heavily on the men in the trench.

All eyes are on the officer as he stares at his watch with a silver whistle in his lips.  Hearts hammer as they wait for that whistle to blow – giving them the signal to rise up out of the trench and rush forward into No Man’s Land and towards the waiting enemy.

If you were to tell the story of those men – the private soldiers, the Tommies - as they waited nervously for the signal, what kind of story would it be?

Inspired by movies such as All Quiet on the Western Front, Paths to Glory and Joyeux Noel, The Trench is a GM-less, storytelling game for 2-4 players.

Using these rules, paper and pen and a deck of regular playing cards, you will create characters and then take it in turn to tell a story about those characters from the moment they arrive in the trenches through to the moment their story comes to an end.  

Whether that story (and its ending) is heroic or tragic is up to you.

The Trench
The Ultimate Adventurers' Guide I July 12, 2022 at 04:51PM
Publisher: Synnibar

Synnibarr3ed Logo

Your character looks up into the night sky as the familiar scene is transformed by the arrival of the Worldship Synnibarr.  When you believed you had reached the limits, once more adventure calls.  A new horizon of endless possibilities.  Stay for a night, or a lifetime. All are welcome.


A planet sized starship habitable inside and out, Synnibarr contains the seeds of ancient earth, set on an endless voyage. The adventurers’, taken from myth and fiction, empowered to become legends as defenders. For centuries, the Worldship has crossed the stars. Traveling during each Darkmonth to orbit a habitable alternate planet every year, never the same “Altanant” twice.

Synnibarr3ed UAG advert panel

This -completely new version- of the World of Synnibarr contains…

~A foreword by the creator of Magic: The Gathering, Dr. Richard Garfield.

~The Core Rules for playing the game!

~Unique streamlined guidelines featuring the “simplest prime mechanic”.

~A basic combat example developed to quickly get you started.

~A unified system to synchronize diceless play and full randomization. (Role-playing and Roll-playing.)

~Build the adventurer you have always wanted, including the, Immortal born.

~Detailed are 30 races along with more than a dozen guilds and organizations.

~Over a hundred abilities in: Alchemy, Chi, Earthpower, Magic, Mutations and Psionics.

~Included are cybernetics, powerarmors, chemicals, explosives, special substances, weapons, vehicles and starships.

Red Synnibarr tank

~With skills like Undertaking for creating mummies and zombies, to smithing for creating weapons and armor.

~100 short stories each of these opening a window to the World of Synnibarr.

Now is the time to make your Fate!

The Ultimate Adventurers' Guide I
There and Hack Again September 16, 2022 at 02:23PM
Publisher: LakeSide Games


Epic Stories. Simple Gameplay.

There and Hack Again is a tabletop roleplaying game inspired by the classic works of fantasy luminaries like Lloyd Alexander, Terry Brooks, Robert Jordan, Ursula K. Le Guin, and J.R.R. Tolkien. Using a version of David Black’s brilliant Black Hack tailored for epic fantasy gaming, There and Hack Again brings a fast playing, modern ruleset to the kind of classic fantasy that inspired the earliest roleplaying games.

There and Hack Again is a complete game that includes everything you need to play epic fantasy adventures. Within its pages you will find rules for creating heroes and developing them over time. There are also rules for combat, adventuring, magic, spellcasting, and taking dangerous journeys through the wild places of the world. The book also includes an assortment of adversaries, a simple method for handling treasure and wealth, a collection of unique magic items and guidelines for creating your own, and advice for playing and running a classic fantasy game.

And for those familiar with our sword and sorcery game, By This Axe I Hack!, this game uses an almost identical ruleset. Characters, monsters, magic spells, and most rules are strongly compatible and interchangable between games. Where there are differences, they are there to support the feel of a epic fantasy adventure rather than a pulp sword and sorcery yarn. 

Thanks to everyone for your patience! You are all amazing! And yes, we are working on a Print on Demand version and will let you know as soon as it's ready.

There and Hack Again
They're Coming to Get You! August 01, 2022 at 07:36AM
Publisher: Battleaxes and Brimstone

They're Coming to Get You (TCGY) is the only horror genre game that truly captures the shock and helplessness you expect to experience within a SLASHER movie. 

Step into the role of the hapless, the helpless, and the heroic ... and let the dice decide your fate. Product_Graphic_PsychoColor.png


They're Coming to Get You!
Things That Go Squeak in the Night August 01, 2022 at 04:16AM
Publisher: Gallant Knight Games

Things That Go Squeak in the Night is a rules-light tabletop role-playing game where you play heroic mice saving human children from evil faeries and demons, all while keeping yourselves secret from adults, in a contemporary urban fantasy setting.

The stories are about battling dark forces in charming animal adventures. Agents of the Micean Council are sent on missions to sneak into homes (and other places kids go) to seek out and defeat supernatural creatures that would prey on children. This mission-based game is like The Rescuers meets Supernatural.  

The rules are inspired by PBTA, with some changes and alterations to fit the style of the genre and setting!

Things That Go Squeak in the Night
Three Stone Stories: Solo Narrative Roleplay September 15, 2022 at 05:46PM
Publisher: Rising Phoenix Games

Your Greatest Tale

Three Stone Stories is a solo narrative role-playing game where you’re the Storyteller.
Tell heroic tales using your own imagination, these rules, and three regular six-sided dice.
Roll the Stones,
Determine the Will of the Dice,
Choose your Destiny.

It’s Your Story

Three Stone Stories page spread 4-5

Three Stone Stories page spread 6-7

Print Edition: We'll begin the process of creating a Print-on-Demand (POD) version of the book after a month of collecting feedback, so that we can deliver the best product possible. Details for sending feedback are in the book.

Creative Commons: The rules described within the “The Rules” section of this work, excluding any examples and setting-specific information, are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 License, allowing you to build on them for your own works.

Art Note: This title uses both hand-drawn and AI-generated art. In most cases, the AI-generated art assets have been reworked and tweaked to ensure their suitability for digital and print publishing.

Three Stone Stories: Solo Narrative Roleplay
Three Wasted Days July 18, 2022 at 09:00PM
Publisher: CTRL Press


Three Wasted Days is a rules-light RPG about coming of age. It's also a perfect introduction to RPGs for teens and adults alike!

Enjoy the first three days of summer camp with this short and sweet game system/adventure combo! Dedicated to those hot days during break when you have nothing better to do except hang out, Three Wasted Days lets you explore adolescence, from overcoming anxiety to discovering love, from the comfort of your own living room.


  • Perfect for new players. Simple mechanics that act as introduction to core RPG concepts (checks, saves, abilities, etc.)
  • Zine. The beloved 5.5" x 8.5" format that allows you take it anywhere.
  • Ultralight. With only 8 pages of rules, you can learn how to play and teach it to others in just a few minutes.
  • 2d6. You don't need a full D&D dice set to get started.
  • Printer friendly. B&W, big font and just 12 pages of content.
  • Character sheet. Super-minimalistic character sheet that you can fill in seconds.
  • Family friendly. Suitable for kids 14 and up.
  • Sample adventure. If you don't want to create a one-shot from scratch, use the outline on page 4!
  • Pay what you want. Get it for free, I won't be mad :P

Made for PocketQuest 2022


Three Wasted Days
Through the Looking-Glass September 13, 2022 at 03:31PM
Publisher: JVC Parry



“When I used to read fairy tales, I fancied that kind of thing never happened, and now here I am in the middle of one!” - Alice's Adventures in Wonderland

Every adventure requires a first step.

Through the Looking-Glass is a roleplaying game based on the world of Wonderland, created by Lewis Carroll and explored in his wonderful stories and poems. The game sees you take on the role of a protagonist in such a tale, exploring the whimsical nonsense of the realm, and trying to overcome one of its terrifyingly bizarre villains.

This micro ttRPG is based on the works of Lewis Carroll, specifically Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland (1865) and Through the Looking-Glass (1871). The game embraces Carroll’s love of wordplay by utilising letter tiles from the household word game Scrabble®️ (by Mattel) as its conflict-resolution mechanic. In order to overcome obstacles, characters draw tiles from a sack and create words.

"Take the two words 'fuming' and 'furious'. Make up your mind that you will say both words, but leave it unsettled which you will say first. Now open your mouth and speak. If your thoughts incline ever so little towards 'fuming', you will say 'fuming-furious'; if they turn, by even a hair's breadth, towards 'furious', you will say 'furious-fuming'; but if you have the rarest of gifts, a perfectly balanced mind, you will say 'frumious'." 

- Lewis Carroll


Through the Looking-Glass includes:

  • Rules for surviving the whimsically sinister world as a protagonist
  • A Protagonist Sheet to detail their greatest desire, worst fears, and real-world bonds
  • Two adventure types for the GM to run - the Mystery or the Quest
  • Three Archenemies for the Protagonist to defeat
  • Sixteen illustrated nonsensical NPC Contenders
  • Adventure openings for the GM 
  • A summary of gameplay for the GM to structure their conflicts and challenges
  • Random Occupation Tables

To play Through the Looking-Glass requires a flat surface, a sheet of paper, a pencil, a sack of tiles with a single letter and number upon them, and a sense of imagination.

Through the Looking-Glass
TITAN: Mesozoic August 15, 2022 at 07:55PM
Publisher: S0randme

TITAN: Mesozoic is a solo adventure RPG where you must explore and survive on a dome-like planetoid filled with dinosaurs and a race of symbiotic beings.

TITAN: Mesozoic
Torg Eternity - Core Rules Digital Only Set July 19, 2022 at 05:05PM
Publisher: Ulisses Spiele

Files for the digital only extras from the Torg Eternity Core set.

The Set includes a character sheet (filloutform) and cards for Miracles, Options, Perks, Powers and Spells. 

Torg Eternity - Core Rules Digital Only Set
Touched by the Gods - Quickstart September 19, 2022 at 03:19PM
Publisher: Cosy Coven

Kickstarter campaign for the full product starts on Monday, 26th of September.

In Touched by the Gods players will take the roles of doomed heroes of a long gone
Folk. They have been Touched by one of the eight gods and possess special powers
now. Thanks to that they can do what none other can. But the divine energy is
eating them from inside out and at some point it will become the cause of their
demise, a very spectacular one.

Touched by the Gods is based on ancient Slavic culture and is set somewhere in Central Europe sometime in the First Millenium That Could Have Been. It is absolutely not a historically accurate presentation or reconstruction of those times. 

Touched by the Gods uses the open license Year Zero Engine system, that you might know from such titles as: Alien, Mutant Year Zero, Tales from the Loop, Vasen, and many others.

Touched by the Gods - Quickstart
Tower of the Soul August 26, 2022 at 05:48PM
Publisher: Awfully Queer Heroes

Play as the forces of Chaos fighting for your home and survival against the pervading forces of Order and Balance who seek to make you conform and follow their ways.

Created to be simple for new GM's but with enough flexibility for advanced GMs who prefer more agency over what happens.

This is a access friendly and a LGBTQIA+ filled project. As Queer, neurodivergent creators, Awfully Queer Heroes strive to be completely inclusive and that is reflected in all aspects of our work.

Tower of the Soul
Tricky Guardians: The Summer Camp War August 01, 2022 at 07:46AM
Publisher: E. Smith

A choose your own adventure game for the 2022 Summer GameJam hosted by Drive thru RPG.

The story is about magical Kistune creatures infiltrating a summer camp looking for their sister. Each story page is a challenge for players which leads to more choices.

Tricky Guardians: The Summer Camp War
TRIPOD Essence August 15, 2022 at 11:07AM
Publisher: First Age Entertainment

TRIPOD, ‘Traits in Pools of Dice’ is a rules light roleplaying game that uses your own descriptive phrases and applies them directly into the action by giving the phrase a value, which is converted into a number of six sided dice to throw. TRIPOD is quick and easy to play, designed to be used in any genre that you wish to explore.

TRIPOD is a revised version of the Wordplay RPG: https://www.drivethrurpg.com/product/137638

TRIPOD features the following:

  • Body, Mind & Soul character attributes that provide the base for your dice pool
  • Descriptive character creation using player defined words and phrases, called ‘traits’, which are then split between your attributes
  • Create Goals for your characters that drive them forward to success
  • Describe what your character is doing and create your pool of dice based on attribute, goal, equipment, traits, aid and scale
  • A flexible maximum number of dice in a pool
  • Roll your dice and get as many successes as possible – highest wins. Only the dice that land on the table count!

TRIPOD focuses on how descriptions of characters and scenes affect play at your gaming table. Instead of numerous mechanistic modifiers the game presents narrative opportunities which are translated into dice for your characters. It’s light, open and encourages story telling and vivid descriptions around the table. Use TRIPOD for any story in any genre that you wish. There are depths to the rules to support extended campaign play.

TRIPOD Essence
TROLL KEEPERS August 15, 2022 at 05:12PM
Publisher: Michał Polak


There be TROLLS in the forest.

Ancient hill-like creatures who sleep most of the time.

While they are asleep, their Light keeps your village safe.

There are no accidents, no diseases, no crimes.

You are one of the chosen ones, you are their KEEPER.

When they wake bad things start to happen.

FRIGHTS gather and people disappear.

You need to fulfil their WISH to PUT THEM BACK TO SLEEP.

What is it?

This is s storytelling/PbtA type game about making difficult decisions between your personal interest and your village's future. You can also play it as a mystery adventure where you need to find the village secret. It is inspired by horror/mystery animes set in a small village and The Village movie. I hope you enjoy it. Please share your thoughts!

It is prepared in brochure style. You can download and print it.

1_heh.png 2_heh.png

Troll Summer August 01, 2022 at 08:41PM
Publisher: Agamenon Game Design

Troll Summer is a rules lite Troll Playing Game where players take on the role of young Trolls venturing down from their Mountain Top home to go adventuring in the world below. These are not the normal type of troll found in myth and legend but a proud and curious race, looking for adventure!

Written especially as part of DriveThruRPG’s first-ever game design jam, Troll Summer is the first game from Agamemnon Game Design.

Troll Summer
Trophy Dark July 13, 2022 at 05:24AM
Publisher: The Gauntlet

Trophy Dark is a roleplaying game about a group of treasure-hunters entering a haunted forest that doesn’t want them there.

The game tells the story of the treasure-hunters’ physical and mental descent as they move deeper and deeper into the dangerous forest. Their journey ultimately brings them to ancient ruins that hold the treasure they seek, and the monstrous entities that dwell there. This is not a hopeful story of brave and daring adventurers that slay dragons and drag bags of gold back to town. This is a horror story of entitled pillagers meeting tragic ends.

Welcome to the world of Kalduhr. Welcome to the forest.

Trophy Dark includes:

  • The core rules of Trophy Dark
  • The Gamemaster's Guide
  • 22 incursions (scenarios)
  • and more!
Trophy Dark
Trophy Gold July 13, 2022 at 05:24AM
Publisher: The Gauntlet

Trophy Gold is a roleplaying game about a group of treasure-hunters entering the haunted and forgotten places of the world.

The game tells the story of the treasure-hunters’ obsessive drive to seek ever greater riches in a desperate bid to stay alive. Trophy Gold takes the collaborative, push-your-luck rules and rolls of its sister game, Trophy Dark, and blends them with the survive-by-your-wits mentality of old school fantasy games. Instead of the ever-increasing power that comes with leveling up found in other games, treasure-hunters in Trophy Gold remain fragile, meaning death is always just one bad roll away.

Welcome to the world of Kalduhr, where fortune favors the bold.

Trophy Gold includes:

  • Player's Guide
  • Gamemaster's Guide
  • 9 incursions (scenarios)
  • Roots of Old Kalduhr Mega-incursion
  • And more!
Trophy Gold
Unfinished: Summer Camp July 31, 2022 at 06:00PM
Publisher: Parts Per Million

Unfinished: Summer Camp is a hack of Unfinished by Stew Wilson. This hack turns Unfinished into a solo RPG and wraps the events around a tragic accident at summer camp.

Yesterday you arrived at summer camp. Unfortunately, a first-day prank went horribly wrong, and your young life was cut short.

You died, and your spirit will not move on.

Unfinished: Summer Camp is a solo narrative roleplaying game. Use the questions provided in order, and play your character through vignette scenes of their past life, exploring who you were, what was important to you, and how you can find peace.

Once you are unburdened, your spirit is free to cross over to the other side.

This game is a single page, tri-fold format game.

Unfinished: Waterloo is released under the Creative Commons 4.0 Attribution License (CC 4.0 BY)

Unfinished: Summer Camp
Universal in the Dark July 27, 2022 at 04:31PM
Publisher: Alexander Curt

Universal in the Dark is a hybrid setting-agnostic system for cinematic games inspired by Blades in the Dark and Freeform Universal 2 (in the spirit of Neon City Overdrive). Its main features are:

  • Rolls use six-sided dice of two colors to track players' ability and the difficulty of the action. Difficulty dice cancel ability dice when they land on the same face.
  • Sucess/Partial Sucess/Failure system to move the story forward in interesting manners.
  • Threat/Effect level system to describe the effect and consequences faced by the player in case of success or failure.
  • Tag-based system for character creation that allows players to easily come up with characters that fit any setting and the fiction they envision. Tags are then used to decide the number of ability dice rolled.
  • Descriptive harm system, no health bar. When you take a hit, it is an injury that has effects on your character.
  • Stress resource for narrative control. When you really want to succeed, you can increase your chances at a cost.
  • Stunts for special abilities. Give mechanical flavor to your character by coming up with special abilities that break the rules and have unique mechanisms.

The game includes:

  • A 4 pages ruleset with a character sheet (two pages for players, two for the GM)
  • A character sheet example with a short gameplay example.
  • A list of 16 stunts in 4 different settings to give some examples of what stunts can look like.
Universal in the Dark
Universal in the Dark - Fantasy August 14, 2022 at 03:34PM
Publisher: Alexander Curt

Universal in the Dark is a hybrid setting-agnostic system for cinematic games inspired by Blades in the Dark and Freeform Universal 2 (in the spirit of Neon City Overdrive). Its main features are:

  • Rolls use six-sided dice of two colors to track players' ability and the difficulty of the action. Difficulty dice cancel ability dice when they land on the same face.
  • Success/Partial Sucess/Failure system to move the story forward in interesting manners.
  • Threat/Effect level system to describe the effect and consequences faced by the player in case of success or failure.
  • Tag-based system for character creation that allows players to easily come up with characters that fit any setting and the fiction they envision. Tags are then used to decide the number of ability dice rolled.
  • Descriptive harm system, no health bar. When you take a hit, it is an injury that has effects on your character.
  • Stress resource for narrative control. When you really want to succeed, you can increase your chances at a cost.
  • Stunts for special abilities. Give mechanical flavor to your character by coming up with special abilities that break the rules and have unique mechanisms.

This extension is an example of how to adapt Universal in the Dark rules to specific settings, and in the present case, fantasy settings. The extension includes:

  • Character options to help players create a compelling fantasy character.
  • Expanded magic rules with spells examples. Everything you need to play in any setting with magic!
  • Expanded relic and asset rules. Push the blades in the Dark gear system to include special items with unique powers.
  • A large list of dangers and enemies you can encounter, each with unique mechanisms to give you examples of how to use the rules to create your own.
  • 16 new stunts.
  • A new visually themed character sheet with more space to accommodate the new rules.

In addition, this extension comes with unique artwork. Four pages with completely new materials, one page of new stunts, and an updated character sheet. 

The base rules required to play are available for free here: 

Universal in the Dark - Fantasy
Upper Hand August 01, 2022 at 03:53PM
Publisher: Axiom Games, LLC

To be played with Upper hand Wrestling cards https://www.drivethrurpg.com/product/396648/Upper-Hand-Deck


Welcome to upper hand the Wrestling TTRPG! Designed to be played in concert with our upper hand deeck cards this book includes all the rules to create a wrestling promotion and settle the scores in fast paced card based matched play!

No game master needed in this all play system, as you and your friends will book each other's matches and watch the chaos unfold!

Get the cards here;

Upper Hand
USMC at Waterloo OSR August 25, 2022 at 08:54AM
Publisher: Better Games

We won’t play the months of lead-up. Napoleon returned to power on 13 March. We’ll skip the two major battles two days before – Quatre Bras and Ligny. We won’t debate Grouchy’s failure to chase and contain the Prussians. The French and Wellington’s Coalition will meet on 18 June 1815.

That’s when the Time Lord brings the USMC to the action. Right between the battlelines at the farmhouse of Château d’Hougoumont. All sides start shooting (eventually) at you, as a hundred (roughly) interlopers. Why? Because no one knows if you are friend or foe.

Maybe you’ll then wish you could radio an offshore fleet to fire cruise missiles. Not there with you in 1815. Instead, you have the gear and abilities of your Marine Corps Company. You are one soldier, a character, a model that becomes the heart and health of the company. That force is not an artillery support group, either: no 155mm Howitzers. But at least you and your fellow marines have access to several unmanned ground vehicles (UGV). Where do we program the medical carrier to take the wounded? Back to the center of your point marker of doom. Forget about the A-Bomb, your Mk 17 assault rifle is the real destroyer of worlds.

But how come the guy next to you, Jack from Tulsa, changed into a green coated leatherneck holding a Brown Bess?

You can play solo or co-öp.

The rulez covers the basic of the character creation and set the goals.

Old School Revival is fast paced, and you can learn the mechanics by trial and error. Sometimes you have to die in OSR to learn what not to do.

Ask your questions about free-style role-play at our VOX public forum, www.spacegamer.com

USMC at Waterloo OSR
Vaults of Vaarn: Deluxe Edition July 19, 2022 at 02:54PM
Publisher: Games Omnivorous

The sun is dying and the wreckage of countless eons litters the parched wastes of Vaarn, the desolate country that common folk call the blue ruin. It is said that these sky-coloured sands hide the graves of the Autarchs; have swallowed the buried arcologies in which the true seed of humankind was preserved through the Great Collapse; conceal forgotten crypts of memory, decaying crystalline lattices of ancient ego-engines upon which the dusk-blue dunes encroach without pity.

What is Vaarn?

Vaults of Vaarn is a rules-lite roleplaying game set in a drug-infused, psychedelic Desert wasteland. Think Jodorowsky's Dune meets Mad Max at the Burning Man Festival. All of which framed in a blue painting by Moebius. A surreal and colourful world; a post-apocalyptic, post-human landscape, where the dividing line between flesh and machinery has blurred and the borders between magic, science, and faith have likewise become obscured.

What do you get?

Inside you will find the rules to play the game, tons of referee tools and guidelines, a chapter on how to create your own Vaarn setting/campaign, a detail on the city of Gnomon, and adventure locations ready to be used at the table, including the Tomb of Nassak An-Rah, the Head of Briareus and Itaka arcology. This Deluxe Edition is a compilation of all previously-published Vaarn zines (#1-3) with heaps of new art, new exclusive content and a minor rules revision.

Find out more at vaultsofvaarn.com

Vaults of Vaarn: Deluxe Edition
Vintage Space September 16, 2022 at 02:58PM
Publisher: Thunderegg Productions

Hark back to the days of  Battlestar Galactica, Buck Rogers in the 25th Century, and Space 1999 with Vintage Space. Back when men were men, women were women, and they all had feathered hair.

Vintage Space is nearly a retroclone of one of the most influential RPGs of that era- the one that used d100 and had players portraying fleet officers exploring the ultimate frontier. This game is more than a clone, though. It distills the essence of the original rules in order to make play go faster. In that sense, it’s more of a spiritual successor.

The tone of this game is optimistic, with violence always portrayed as the least-desirable outcome of any situation. We’re eager to explore this universe with you, and we have many adventures getting set up to share.

SPECIAL FLASH EVENT: If we achieve copper bestseller status within our first 24 hours, I’ve got a special gift to send out to all of our supporters. If you’re a fan of the game that inspired Vintage Space, you’ll love this one.

Vintage Space
War Stories FREE Quickstart Ruleset August 22, 2022 at 05:18PM
Publisher: Firelock Games

War Stories is a Year Zero Engine roleplaying game set during the Second World War. With it, you and your friends may play the roles of heroic soldiers parachuting into Normandy during Operation Overlord in June of 1944, or as a harried tank crew grinding their way through France in the breakout that followed. You may even explore history as an intrepid war correspondent or an underground resistance fighter. The campaign game will allow players to tell the tale of their stalwart band as they collectively liberate France and drive onward toward victory. Above all, players will create moments of valor and courage, ultimately weaving their personal tales into the fabric of history, from D-Day and beyond. These will be their War Stories.

Join the Facebook Player Group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/warstoryrpg

War Stories FREE Quickstart Ruleset
WasteCrawl August 18, 2022 at 08:07AM
Publisher: WatcherDM

Crawl from the Ashes

  • One-page format is easy to pick up and learn, fast to play, ZERO PREP!
  • Easily convince your non-RPG friends to play a card-game... RPG
  • Have a player out tonight? Have a fun time anyway with this quick replacement!
  • Endless replayability, every shuffle is a different wasteland

In the winters after the great war, humanity all but vanished. You travel through a land hot with radiation, teaming with mutants, and ravaged by disuse. Factions fight over the scraps that are left over. Relics from the old world take on new meaning and value as the survivors try to make life bearable. And somewhere out there, your quest awaits, find it and bring purpose to your life. You are on the WasteCrawl...

Designed for the One-Page RPG Jam 2022, WasteCrawl takes a deck of cards and a couple of dice and makes a world of post-apocalyptic nightmares.  It's easy to learn, fun to set up, and fast to play, but deep and wide like a traditional RPG. Designed for 1-8 players (yes, you can play solo), games take 30 minutes to 2+ hours, depending on your fortunes and persistence.

Easy to learn, fun to master. You can even use WasteCrawl to generate a nuclear fallout setting for other RPG games.

Here are the screen captures of the WHOLE PRODUCT so you know exactly what you are getting.

WasteCrawl page 1

WasteCrawl page 2

Wastelanders August 01, 2022 at 04:46AM
Publisher: Aether and Steamworks

A Fuel Powered post-apocalyptic NOS fest, Wastelanders takes all your gas-punk and furious roads to the most basic and fun, providing you a quick pick up an play game that requires no real planning and an easy to understand and use Rules light system where the players make all the rolls.  Easy for novices, and great for pro-gms that are looking to provide a little more random storytelling pick up and play. 

Game requires 1 D10 and 1 D6 (although more are recommended, typically around 6-7). 

Success drives the story forward, while failure makes succeeding harder but not brutally impossible.

Wayfaring Strange (Ashcan Edition) July 26, 2022 at 05:23PM
Publisher: Drowning Moon Studios

Wayfaring Strange is an original diceless tabletop roleplaying game that explores the concepts of hidden highways, urban legends, folk magic and survival in liminal America. Players portray Wayfarers, people existing on the fringes of society doing their best to survive, or even thrive in a shadowy, dangerous underworld ripe with unknowable power.

Wayfaring Strange (Ashcan Edition)
We Deal in Lead August 31, 2022 at 09:00PM
Publisher: By Odin's Beard

You look to those closest to you, fellow gunslingers of the Order of the King. The arduous trek across the bleached desert is over and now you stand before a slip door. Though tested, the fellowship of your Order stands true.

You grasp the worn sandalwood grip of your artefact gun and twist open the door. You gasp as the sharp sea air hits your lungs. Gulls caw and the foam sprays your face like a baptism. You step through to another reality.

After all, there are other worlds than these.

Stand true, Gunslinger

We Deal in Lead is a weird west wanders TTRPG by Colin Le Sueur for 1 or more players. Streamlined rules, fast character creation, and gameplay built on exploration and player choice. Based on Cairn by Yochai Gal.


  • Set in a strange post-apocalyptic world eerily close to ours, where the borders of time and space wear thin
  • You are Gunslingers, mythic champions holding off the forces of chaos with lead and grit
  • Combat and exploration gameplay designed for 1 or more players, including solo or group play
  • Streamlined d20 roll-under rules based on CairnInto the Odd, and Knave
  • Hard-hitting gunslinger combat with new gun mechanics
  • Compatible with other Cairn adventures and settings; journey with your gunslingers into other genres and times
  • Recruit heroes from other worlds to join your quest, even those fallen to death; death is just another door, after all
  • Keep the bonds of fellowship strong within your Gunslinger Order and your aim will remain true
  • Wilderness survival and exploration through a world that has moved on — the known and unknown lands are dangerously unpredictable
  • Friend and train beast companions to act as your eyes, ears, or fangs, including hawkswolves, and bumblers


Of Sleeping Bears - Watch & Warrant

Of Sleeping Bears has done an amazing job with Watch & Warrant, the companion 6 track EP for We Deal in Lead.

  1. High Moon
  2. The Ghost Town of Lud
  3. Ash & Brimstone
  4. Rest for the Wicked
  5. A New Frontier
  6. Broken Order

All 6 tracks are included with the PDF.

Album art by Kim Diaz Holm.

Team Members

  • Colin Le Sueur - Writer/Designer
  • Fiona Maeve Geist - Editor
  • Kim Diaz Holm, Amita Sevellaraja, Perplexing Ruins, Felipe da Silva Faria, Colin Le Sueur, Evangeline Gallagher, Carlos Castilho - Interior Illustrations
  • Goran Gligović - Cover Illustrator
  • Andriy Lukin - Logo Designer
  • Of Sleeping Bears - Soundtrack Composer

What People Are Saying

ModernModron (@modernmodron), artist and designer:

Absolutely dripping in flavor, We Deal in Lead feels ripe to create a dark fiction environment. I particularly like the rules for the order/ breaking the order and it sets up a great narrative arc leading out of a major loss, which is fantastic


First come smiles, then lies. Last is gunfire. This has not only the mechanical prowess to accomplish its genre/setting emulation, but the soul. I cannot wait to assemble my ka-tet and ride!





We Deal in Lead
We Will Yet Triumph: An Imagination Game August 15, 2022 at 03:52PM
Publisher: Periapt Games

We Will Yet Triumph: An Imagination Game

Is this a role-playing game or a story-telling game? Yes.

Do you play it seriously or just see where it takes you? Yes.

It it a game for adults or a game for children? Yes.

Does it have giant, jewel-encrusted, man-eating turtles? Yes.

We Will Yet Triumph is simple, it's self-contained, it's setting-neutral, it's co-operative or semi-competitive, it's okay if you only have six-sided dice around, and it's fun!

You can Pay What You Like, and please consider leaving a review! We'd love to hear from you.

What you get:

  • The PDF: the game explicated in seven pages of content, plus cover
  • An alternative PDF sized for North American letter paper in case you want to print it out but not on A4

Now, triumph!

We Will Yet Triumph: An Imagination Game
Weird Wood (PocketQuest 2022) August 02, 2022 at 03:21PM
Publisher: George Kelly

Welcome to Camp Fable! The beds may be hard, the days hot, the nights cold, and the ghost stories may seem a bit too real but…at least you’re safe from the Wood.

You hear them every night, the things unknown which lurk in the shadows of trees. You see the councilors packing the belongings of other campers - ones they claim parent’s picked up early but you could swear you saw wander into the Wood. 

The things unknown want you - you feel it in your bones. And they will use their Weird powers to claim you. But you also know that you have a secret. It’s not only the things unknown which can touch the Weird. That which ostracized you at school now gives you defenses against your hunters. But can you learn to use them in time to save your campmates?

Welcome to Camp Fable

Welcome to the Weird Wood

Weird Wood is a tabletop roleplaying game of turning your unusual hobbies into powerful
effects to keep the monsters of the Wood at bay. A simple success based system with low
numbers and few conditional effects, made more interesting by utilizing a skill shot system -
roll your dice through meta games, themed to childhood activities, to gain benefits to your tests which may mean the difference between life and death.

Created for PocketQuest 2022

Weird Wood (PocketQuest 2022)
Welcome to Camp Merlin August 01, 2022 at 08:53PM
Publisher: KingBim

Welcome to Camp Merlin is a tabletop role-playing game about non-magical kids attending a summer camp in preperation for their first year at magic school.


  • Quick to learn and easy d6-based to use action resolution system that fits on just one page
  • Engaging and simple rules for learning qualitative spells in a diegetic manner
  • Random tables to support the game master, containing dozens of encounters, monsters and locations
  • A5 zine format ideal for printing to play at home or online play
  • Intended for short campaigns of 6 to 12 sessions with 3 to 5 players

Downloads available in printer friendly, digital and booklet versions. Character sheet available as a .jpeg for digital play.

Created as part of PocketQuest 2022

Welcome to Camp Merlin
What happened to Kevin? Everything’s Fine Edition September 27, 2022 at 03:53AM
Publisher: Rarr! I'm A Monster Publishing

What Happened To Kevin?

Kevin is one of your best buds.  You’ve known him for a while and think you’re pretty close...then THAT happened.  What’s THAT?  I dunno roll 1d100 and find out.

What Happened To Kevin is a modern(ish) setting for the Everything’s Fine rules set.  To play, you will need a 100 sided die(d100) and a six sided die(d6).  The story goes like this: Something weird has happened to your good friend Kevin and you have to figure it out and get him back to normal.  A Game Master who tells the story and 2 or more players to live it.   The game is played mostly with imagination and the occasional die roll to “resolve” a conflict or action.

What happened to Kevin? Everything’s Fine Edition
What Lurks Beyond the Cabin Door August 01, 2022 at 05:33PM
Publisher: Crescent Web

Verdant Hills Summer Camp is an idyllic getaway for tweens and teens looking to reconnect with nature. It borders a picturesque lake and a deep, vibrant wood, and has all the amenities one could hope for. However, not all is right with this camp and something lurks in the shadows.

What Lurks Beyond the Cabin Door is a TTRPG system that uses a D20 (or 20 sided die) and betting tokens to determine the fate of the campers of Verdant Hills. It is intended for 3-7 players and one Game Master. The system comes with a pre-made setting and monsters, though it is flexible enough to accommodate homebrew of all sorts. It is short, sweet, and to the point, designed to give a unique game playing experience without exhaustive set-up, if that isn't something your group is interested in.

What Lurks Beyond the Cabin Door
Witchblood July 06, 2022 at 12:05PM
Publisher: Fantasy Heartbreaker

The Woods...

...are dark and deep, but they are not lovely. Inch by inch, they close in on the villages of humanity. And in those encroaching wilds dwell the witches. Ancient, primeval, creatures from before the First Eve and still potent today.

In this world, where life is brutish and short, you stand tall. You are a witch's grandchild, or a disinherited noble, or a scion of the good folk. You are part of humanity, but also apart from it, by your own choice or otherwise. You are caught between the expectations of your birth and your own needs and desires.

Run from your past, or chase it. Love freely, or not at all. Stand between the hearth and the wilds. They may not call you a hero, but your name will live on ever after.

Witchblood is a roleplaying about who you were, who you are, and who you will become. Take on the role of a self-determined, tough-as-you-want pulp fantasy protagonist wandering a world of bloody -- but not always grim -- fairy tales. Wield the powers of birthright and destiny. Explore the darks of the forest and brace yourself against the bite of the wind. Do what’s right, or just what’s right for now.

These stories are set in the Woods, a seemingly endless forest that has consumed the once-thriving cities and towns of humanity. The woods themselves are not malignant, but they are home to creatures both calculating and savage. And the monsters of the wild often pale in comparison to the enemies within.

Your wanderers travel through the forest and between settlements, becoming entangled in the lives of villagers and the threats -- supernatural or otherwise -- that doom them. They make fraught decisions, choosing between love and justice, righteousness and vengeance, loyalty and damnation.

You Get...

...a setting that combines fairy tale darkness with sword and sorcery heroics.

...a wild variety of character birthrights, including witchblooded, trolls, and ghostborn.

...a diverse set of character callings, including fortune teller, balladeer, and sellsword.

...extensive GM tools, including templates for villagers, antagonists, and the dooms they face.

Check out the Alternate Preview for a ton of examples!

The Rules...

...focus on the internal lives of the wanderers. Expressing and appealing to emotions are acts as powerful as swinging a fist or a sword, and the wanderers’ adventures demand both.

Witchblood is based on Greg Stolze's One-Roll engine, specifically the version used in A Dirty World. Each trait is in tension with an opposite; for example, Courage is in tension with Wrath. They shift with actions you take and harm you suffer. The result is dramatic and often tense character growth and conflict.

Meanwhile, the all-new Tension meter rises with success and falls with failure, introducing complications as it does. It never creates failure, but it can complicate success.


Witchblood contains general horror elements such as blood and personal harm, although not graphic violence. Some parts of the book bring up body horror, abandonment, and ostracization. Personal identity is often in conflict with societal norms.

The Introduction gives content warnings for each chapter, enabling you to pick and choose what elements you include in your game.

Without Limits - Skeletons Must Die September 10, 2022 at 06:04PM
Publisher: Stusse Games

Without Limits - Skeletons Must Die

A Printable Dice 12 Dungeon Crawler TTRPG Adventure

Since the return of the Undead General, the magic dungeon is changing constantly, leaving no trace in this cursed palace. Currently, it is being conquered by undead. The Undead General and his hordes are after a highly prized strain of herb that you will also want to collect for yourself.

A Singleplayer Dungeon Crawler TTRPG by Stusse Games
Find your Way through a Dungeon by Rolling the Dice

Package Includes

  • 1 PDF with Character Sheet and Ruleset. Foldable to a Playing Card, US Sized Text Paper also Printable on DinA4 Sized Paper.
  • 1 PDF with Character Sheet and Ruleset. Foldable to a Tarot Card, DinA4 Sized Paper.
  • 1 PDF with Rulebook and extra Character Sheets. A5 Foldable Flyer, DinA4 Sized Paper.

All PDF's are Setup to work with DinA4 Paper and Printer. Check Print Instructions for detailed information. PDF's are Doublesided Prints flipped on the Short Edge.

All PDF's can be also Printed as Black & White wihout problems!

Before Printing in High Quality, make always a Test Print before.

Short Edge means the pages are flipped or bound along the short edge of the page


  • 30 to 180 Minutes for a Full Session depending on your Speed and Luck
  • Sessions can be closed/paused and continued later.
  • The Game progress is fully Randomized, No Session will be like another.

Requirements to Play

  • Pencil with/and Ereaser
  • 1 or 2, D10 (You can also use a Virtual Dice like our, Also Possible to Play with 2 D6.
  • An Skeletons Must Die Character Sheet as well as the Rule and Gameplay Sheet

We Wish everyone a great Adventure with this Game

Print Instructions:


Print Real Size on DinA4 Paper
Flip Paper on Short Side.


Print Real Size on US Letter Paper
Print as adjusted Size on DinA4 Paper
Flip Paper on Short Side


Print Real Size on DinA4 Paper
Flip Paper on Short Side


** This product contains assets that were procedurally generated with the aid of creative software(s) powered by machine learning.

Without Limits - Skeletons Must Die
Words of Wisdom August 02, 2022 at 04:18PM
Publisher: The Tapestry

"Becoming a druid is not as easy as walking outside - you must train!"

Nobody ever said become a druid was easy, especially when you're so young! While you whistfully watch old adventuers transform into mighty monsters and take down dreaded dragons, you're stuck at Druid Scouts training to be like your heroes one day.

What's more... the Archdruid has put you up against some real weird creatures in recent years, like the dreaded Werepiranha!

The dreaded werepiranha of Rune River!

Words of Wisdom is a rules-lite, d6 RPG system with a focus on narrative and puzzle-solving. It has two major points of interest you should be aware of:

  1. The Magic System: Words of Wisdom uses a word-based magic system - your spells are only as good as your ingenuity and wordsmithery. The longer a word and the less vowels that word has, the more power the spell has! Use it to cast powerful spells at high level, and use it to solve puzzles across the realm of the Darkwood.

  2. The Badge System: Words of Wisdom is designed to be as pick-up-and-play as possible. It's shorter sessions are driven by a badge system where each young druid's aim is to accomplish a goal.

We hope you have fun with Words of Wisdom and come back to let us know what you thought!

This RPG was made as part of PocketQuest 2022.

Words of Wisdom
World of Urdr September 21, 2022 at 07:05PM
Publisher: Erik Winbo

"By the gods, Thief!", the Binder exclaimed, staring at the grimy alfir in disbelief. He made a gesture with his spellbound wrench towards the field, far below them from the cliff they stood on and from the heavy tool tiny blue sparks cracked and escaped as the dvergr waved it around. A faint, barely audible, whispering could be heard as the sparks fell toward the ground.
"Between here and that black tower", the dvergr continued nervously, pointing into the distance with his magic-infused wrench where the outline of a shadowy monolith could be seen through the morning mist, "there are at least ten thousand soldiers, a bleedin' platoon of Grin riders and…", the Binder shuddered, "should you get past that, there are Devious Traps, Mad Vissadrs, Rabid Barbarians, Deranged Ratmen and… and… Who knows what, guarding it, all the way to the top!! I mean, the odds of you rescuing the Prince is… like… like…", the height compromised Binder tried to do some quick calculations on his fingers but was interrupted by the alfir,
"Listen here, you little turd", she hissed hoarsely between her clenched teeth, leaning down so she came face to face with the much shorter man. The stench of yesterday's ale coming out of her gullet in vaporous gusts made the dvergr grimace of nausea. The twin flashings of her silver daggers and the alfirs disturbing grin made the Binder take a hasty step back
"Never. Tell. Me. The. Odds!"

For the protagonists in World of Urdr to succeed in their endeavours, they will need to have GRIT, a personality trait and attribute that lets them keep going, endure and persevere despite overwhelming odds rising up against them.

Grit, by itself, is not enough though. They must have EDGE and HEART, among other traits, as well as Skills and Masteries to become the Legendary Heroes that Urdr, i.e. the Fate of the World, calls upon! But, Heroes beware! Those who answer the call may risk becoming unravelled!

World of Urdr is a rule system amalgamation between Powered by the Apocalypse, in particular Advanced World of Dungeons, Ironsworn and FATE, using the strengths of those systems, blending them to build a foundation for a new World.

World of Urdr is a setting outline amalgamation between Heroic and Dark Fantasy, taking inspiration from; Norse Mythology, Warhammer FRPG, Midgard, 80’s cartoons, Kult, Dragonlance and Pendragon, among others while staying true to itself.

So, pick up your sword, ready your bow and weave those spells!

Come see where the tapestry of Fate will take you!

This product contains assets that were, wholly or in part, procedurally generated with the aid of creative software(s) powered by machine learning.

World of Urdr
Wretched Bastards Quickstart July 28, 2022 at 08:22AM
Publisher: The Red Room

Quickstart for Wretched Bastards (it includes a few pages from The Seven Bastards scenario, so if you own the core book but not that one, it may be useful to pick up the Quickstart anyway).

Wretched Bastards is a low-magic, dark fantasy role-playing game. Besides being deadly and bleak, it is meant to be sleazy. The main characters aren’t heroes at all; they are greedy, violent, lecherous, cruel, untrustworthy scoundrels. They will lie, backstab, betray, double-cross, kill and pillage through this grim fantasy world. They aren’t heroes, because there are no heroes in the kingdom of Riget, only a handful in the Kharabas continent, and not a whole lot more in the world of Antillia. In Wretched Bastards low-budget European sword and sorcery movies meet spaghetti western!
Even though this core book doesn't include a setting, the Wretched Bastards will feature a game world, that will be built throughout a series of scenarios (World of Bastards), such as the already released Daughters of Darkness and Seven Bastards.
Wretched Bastards Quickstart
Wretched Bastards Revised Quickstart September 21, 2022 at 03:38PM
Publisher: The Red Room
As we mentioned since the beginning, Wretched Bastards, and the Wretched system itself, is a work in progress. That’s why the Red Room’s OSR dark fantasy game already had so many changes that a real update is needed. The changes aren’t enough to be called a second edition, though it will be given a new layout. It’s a revised edition with a new look, as it wasn’t just the rules that changed a bit over the last five months; my layout skills have also improved. So, this will be free to all who have purchased the game. The latest Wretched Bastards version (1.7) will remain available if you prefer the original look and more straightforward game mechanics. There will be a print on demand option as well (the original version will still be available for pod as well). For now, here's a quickstart so you can get a taste of the revamped Bastards.
Wretched Bastards is a low-magic, dark fantasy role-playing game. Besides being deadly and bleak, it is meant to be sleazy. The main characters aren’t heroes at all; they are greedy, violent, lecherous, cruel, untrustworthy scoundrels. They will lie, backstab, betray, double-cross, kill and pillage through this grim fantasy world. They aren’t heroes, because there are no heroes in the kingdom of Riget, only a handful in the Kharabas continent, and not a whole lot more in the world of Antillia. In Wretched Bastards low-budget European sword and sorcery movies meet spaghetti western!
Wretched Bastards Revised Quickstart
Wretched Country Quickstart July 19, 2022 at 05:51PM
Publisher: The Red Room

Wretched Country does for the western genre what Wretched Bastards did for fantasy: it's an old-school game meant for playing anti-hero characters. The spaghetti western, already referenced as a source of inspiration for the OSR dark-fantasy Wretched Bastards, now takes centre stage. In this Quickstart version, you will find most of the rules (magic and bestiary not included). The full version also features: The Devil's Country, a western-themed horror scenario about an international film crew travelling to Spain to shoot a movie believed to be cursed and Hellstone, a setting that can be used to run spaghetti, classic or weird west adventures. 

Wretched Country Quickstart
Wretched Époque Quickstart July 16, 2022 at 01:04PM
Publisher: The Red Room

This is the Quickstart version for Wretched Époque
Wretched Époque takes place in the period known as the Belle Époque. This is the time and the fictional place where Umberto Eco's Simone Simonini crosses paths with Jacques Tardi's Adèle Blanc-Sec, Edgar Allan Poe's Chevalier Auguste Dupin and Maurice Leblanc's Arsène Lupin, amidst anarchist bombings, the echoes of the Dreyfus affair, the catastrophic side effects of secret societies conspiring in the shadows and the mysterious results of experiences conducted by mad geniuses. Not yet pulp, not quite historical, it is neither the right time nor the right mood for Steampunk or Dieselpunk. Welcome to the wretched times of Nouveaupunk!

The Quickstart includes the game's introduction and most of the rules (mechanics for sanity and magic aren't included).

Wretched Époque Quickstart
Wretched Space September 16, 2022 at 10:28AM
Publisher: The Red Room

Wretched is an old-school role-playing game designed to play anti-hero characters in a cinematic setting. In Wretched Space, the genre is space opera. But unlike most other space operas, this one isn’t about heroic characters whose actions have significant consequences for the future of civilization. Here you are meant to play on a smaller scale, and the higher purpose your character serves is his own self-interest. That doesn't imply you're playing a villain. You can still traverse the galaxy, enjoying extraordinary adventures and possibly even helping others. The characters will most likely commit crimes and exhibit contempt for other people's rights and well being, but perhaps they will wind up saving the day after all.

Wretched Space
Wretched Space Quickstart September 07, 2022 at 06:24PM
Publisher: The Red Room
Wretched is an old-school role-playing game designed to play anti-hero characters in a cinematic setting. In Wretched Space, the genre is space opera. But unlike most other space operas, this one isn’t about heroic characters whose actions have significant consequences for the future of civilization. Here you are meant to play on a smaller scale, and the higher purpose your character serves is his own self-interest. That doesn't imply you're playing a villain. You can still traverse the galaxy, enjoying extraordinary adventures and possibly even helping others. The characters will most likely commit crimes and exhibit contempt for other people's rights and well being, but perhaps they will wind up saving the day after all. This quickstart contains enough informatio to be fully playable, but it lacks spaceship rules (combat, creation, customization, etc), planet creation tables, adversaries stats, plot hooks, psionics and magic.
Wretched Space Quickstart
Wretchploitation Quickstart July 20, 2022 at 05:58PM
Publisher: The Red Room

This is the Quickstart version of Wretchplotation: condensed and (slightly) censored (the naughtiest bits are off, the full version is rated for mature readers).

While previous Wretched games are meant to play anti-heroes, Wretchploitation goes a bit further allowing you to take the role of obvious villains, such as Dominatrix Nazi officers with a taste for blood, sadistic wardens, psycho-killers, deranged cult leaders and other distasteful personalities. Wretchploitation expands the Wretched line into exploitation movie territory, already rife with seedy anti-heroes. Whether you like violent action, in the way of blaxploitation, 70s cop movies, Hong-Kong flicks and Eurocrime, or if you would, instead, emulate the horror and gore of cannibal, zombie, Giallo and splatter films, or even if you prefer the sleaziness of sexploitation and nunsploitation, this set of rules has got you covered!

Wretchploitation Quickstart
Wyrd, Texas August 02, 2022 at 01:13AM
Publisher: Trent Seltzer

Originally created for the One-Page RPG Jam 2022.

Welcome to the lonely plains of West Texas, where the town of Wyrd sits atop the caprock, buffeted by wind, dust, and hail. Only small, one-horse towns dot the landscape for miles in any direction. In the sprawling stillness, strange things are on the prowl. 

WYRD, TEXAS is a tabletop role-playing game wherein most of the players portray the residents of Wyrd as well as faculty and students at local West Texas University. Together, these characters form a team of investigators who are looking into the strange and unusual events occurring in and around Wyrd. 

Includes an introductory case: The Prairie Dogs Are Restless


Violence, gore, death, and occultism. Some discussion of mental illness. 

Wyrd, Texas
You Are A Camp Counselor and Horrible Monsters are Stealing the Children July 25, 2022 at 08:08PM
Publisher: Rose

You’re an underpaid camp counselor.

There are monsters stealing children from your camp.

You’re probably gonna take the blame.

This can’t end well.

This is a game for one gm and three to four players. The players will be camp counselors who have to protect the children from horrible monsters.

This game is about being shoved into an unfair situation and having to deal with it. It is about fear and stress and nobody listening to you. As such, this game is not necessarily 'fun'. Aspects of it are funny, but that is the edge rather than the core of the experience. Know these things if you plan to run this game, and make sure your players know too.

This game is free. I would appreciate it if you downloaded it and read it. If you decide afterward that this game is worth money, feel free to throw me some.

This product was made as a part of PocketQuest 2022

You Are A Camp Counselor and Horrible Monsters are Stealing the Children
Your New Best Friends August 24, 2022 at 07:07PM
Publisher: Tiny Spooky RPGs

You are a Drunk Girl (or a femme, enby, genderqueer, or anyone else who wants to take advantage of this genderless bathroom to hide out for awhile). You just came out tonight to have a good time. And then something happened.

Maybe you ran into an ex who’s here kissing someone brand new after you’ve only been broken up for three days. Maybe you got a text from your mother asking if you’ve heard anything back from that library job, and if this means you’re finally going to “stop that silly music thing now, it must be exhausting being a twenty-eight year old waitress.” Maybe you just went a little too hard and now you’re overwhelmed by the concept of time. So you’ve done what any Drunk Girl in your situation would do: you’ve holed up in the bar bathroom.

But don’t worry. You’re about to meet Your New Best Friends.

Enjoy this one shot roleplaying game for you (a drunk girl in the bar bathroom) and Your New Best Friends (the other drunk girls in the bar bathroom)!

Your New Best Friends
Publisher: Zenith Entertainment Group

ATTENTION: This is a Beta-Playtest Document, not a completed product. It is FULLY playable, but is missing art, as well as minor rules and fluff that do not impact game play. It may contain typos, and other errors that will be added to the Errata and updated frequently to the downloadable document here.


Using the classic four colour superhero system, which we are calling the MIGHTY SUPER HEROES SYSTEM, this clone continues the conversation started back in 1984, and brings it into the 21st century.

This document will be updated and playtesters (see the Important Links document included for the Playtest Forums) will be given extra material over the course of the playtest.

Please note; any money give here is used for art purchases for the final published edition.


Zombie WW2 OSR August 05, 2022 at 08:18PM
Publisher: Better Games

Two great tastes that taste great together.

I hope we all know that the good guys don’t wear black uniforms. Those Fascists jackboots got to die. We had them nearly defeated, when the Führer made his final pact with darkness and started conjuring zombie armies, enhanced by Volkssturm Hexe.

Note: Certain symbols and words are expressly forbidden in modern Germany, so I refrain from some terms that are synonymous with the leaders of Germany between 2 August 1934 and 23 May 1945, after which most of them were eventually hung.

Back to our game…If you do your job, obtain victory, a whole lot of corpses will die twice. You will march your way across Europe from one or all directions. You will reach Berlin. You will kill the SOB who dabbled in necromancy.

You can play solo, co-öp, competitively or moderated by a GM.

The rulez covers the basic of the character creation and set the goals.

Old School Revival is fast paced, and you can learn the mechanics by trial and error. Sometimes you have to die in OSR to learn what not to do.

Ask your questions about free-style role-play at our VOX public forum, www.spacegamer.com

Zombie WW2 OSR

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