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Tuesday 31 December 2019

Camp Pleasant $6.99

Camp Pleasant: $6.99

Publisher: Angry Hamster Publishing

Camp Pleasant is a cooperative storytelling game about nights spent with friends, the end of the holidays, new beginnings, secrets and murder
The players are all camp counselors, getting together for one last campfire hangout before heading to their separate lives again. This is their last chance for shared memories, to air grievances, or poke at secrets. It’s been a long, hard vacation with just a spot of murder. Life can be a bummer sometimes.
This PDF includes all the mechanics and materials you need in order to play Camp Pleasant with four to 16 players!

Players: 4-16

GM: No

Time: Half an hour prep time and 1-2 hours of play.

Materials needed: A pen and identical notepad per player (a stack of loose papers works too, as long as they’re identical), something that sets an alarm (phone or watch), six-sided die (optional)
Price: $6.99


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