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Tuesday 31 December 2019

Seekers Beyond The Shroud $18.00

Seekers Beyond The Shroud: $18.00

Publisher: Exalted Funeral

The world is not what it seems. Behind the busyness of modern life (entertainment, fast-food, social media) lies a wider, deeper and frightening truth. Our materialistic way of life, carried on the shoulders of the Industrial Revolution, brought humanity an existence devoid of meaning and essence, teaching us to live in the moment and worry about tomorrow when (if) it comes - you know better. Something (or someone) showed you otherwise and there is no turning back. You have seen life through the eye of giants, realizing humans are no more than ants on the play-field of vast spiritual forces pitting us against each other, using us as pawns and currency in their eternal wars. You are not alone in this momentous realization. Others work against you, actively and passively. Other forces, human and non-human alike, conspire against you.

Seekers Beyond the Shroud is a single-player tabletop RPG immersing the player into a world of occult societies battling for power and magicians performing arcane rituals and sealing pacts with spiritual entities exploring a hidden reality from their underground base in modern day London, UK. They align themselves with different occult orders and secret societies, learn the mysteries of Alchemy and Ritual magic, master spells and astral traveling, and ultimately command a host of spirits to take over both the physical and the spiritual worlds.
            Using a free-form, skill-based character creation system, you create your adept and explore countless locations: from the astral planes to abandoned complex, ruins and even secret sanctums—all filled with randomly generated events, enemies and discoveries. With dozens of tables generating your expeditions and missions, you never have the same gameplay experience twice!
            From your headquarters at the Omphalos, you may pact with different entities, gain their power, learn powerful magic and defeat enemies of the orders within the Omphalos ensuring the stability of the magical underground. All this comes at a cost and if you are not careful, dealing with forces beyond human comprehension will drive you to insanity, death or, even worse, the loss of your very soul.

Seekers Beyond the Shroud:
- A rich lore that takes you to modern day London and other real-world locations, peeling away the layers of occult history and events that have shaped humanity.
- A thorough character creation system with detailed backgrounds explaining how you became an aspiring adept of the occult and dozens of active and passive skills to choose from.
- A complex and rich magical system, where the when you perform a ritual is as important as the how. Dozens of entities await you but gaining their trust (or simply dominating them) will not be easy!
- A randomly generated mission system that takes you to different locations to explore, facing a fearful array of enemies that stand in your way.
- An MMO-style central hub (the Omphalos, Navel of the World) that you visit between missions to learn new skills and spells, dabble in the secret science of Alchemy, hunt for rumors, and more.
- All this—and more—presented in an almost 200 pages, sleekly-designed tome embelished with dozens of illustrations.
Price: $18.00


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