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Tuesday, 28 January 2020

Tyranny: Forever $1.00

Tyranny: Forever: $1.00

Publisher: Ivanhoe Unbound

A Game of Surreal Revolution Against Dreamlike Oppressors

Made with the Resistance Toolbox, as seen in Spire

If I don't see tomorrow then it must be black... --"Sacrifice," Front 242

They're human. You know that much. They have human desires and needs. And human cruelty. But they change constantly. What year is it? 1793. 1848. 1936. 1932. 2018. 2064. 3124.... Where are you? The United States, France, China, the Lunar Colonies, Alpha Centauri... Sometimes they look human, sometimes less so. But they're still human; never forget that. They're not monsters by nature: They made a choice to be this way. They are the Authority.

Who are you? Well, your name and personality remain the same over time, even if other things don't. You have that much.

Your future selves and the locusts with the faces of human children assure you that after tomorrow, it will be too late. Tomorrow you will be declared illegal because of your body shape, skin color, beliefs, heritage, choice in lovers...  It's time to fight back. Otherwise, you'll be facing tyranny, forever.

Assuming your fellow revolutionaries don't stab you in the back.

Tyranny: Forever
Price: $1.00

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