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Saturday 29 February 2020

IMPS - A Simplified Adventuring System for Tabletop Roleplaying $1.00

IMPS - A Simplified Adventuring System for Tabletop Roleplaying: $1.00

Publisher: Kyle Eveleth

IMPS is a setting-agnostic, lightweight, modular rules system for tabletop roleplaying.

Setting-agnostic means that IMPS fits easily into any setting, including high fantasy, science fiction, everyday exploration, paranormal adventuring, or a hybrid setting of your own creation.

Lightweight means there are few rules to remember, few attributes to keep track of, and few modifiers or abilities to recall. Basic IMPS rules make use of just three core attributes and a six-sided die.

Modular means that IMPS has been designed to allow for creative leeway, cooperative modification, and piecemeal utility. The core of IMPS is simply the attributes and checks system. The rest are modules that can be added or ignored as desired, or even replaced with other systems (though you might need to do some balancing to connect other rules systems to the IMPS approach). You can even create your own content for IMPS.

IMPS is intended to be a free resource. If you would like to pay for it, however, you are welcome to donate any amount you choose. When distributing this document to others, please send them the download link here at DriveThruRPG.

Thanks, and happy gaming.

IMPS - A Simplified Adventuring System for Tabletop Roleplaying
Price: $1.00

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