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Saturday 29 February 2020

The Hateful Place Core Rules $4.00

The Hateful Place Core Rules: $4.00

Publisher: The Hateful Place

A Role Playing Game System for One and/or More players.

For settings from all times and all places provided that they are in Darkness. This is alternate history, present and future in a world gone very wrong.

Welcome. Welcome to The Hateful Place. May you find it both engaging and miserable. Welcome to a place and time somewhere in the past, present, or future. A place upon which a darkness fell and never went away. A place in which there is only light for roughly one hour a day. Welcome to a world that became a hateful place immediately the darkness fell, bringing its demons with it, and monsters from out of their hiding places, to curse a broken Earth.

A 3 dice system for people who like dark games.

The Hateful Place Core Rules
Price: $4.00

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