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Tuesday 31 March 2020

Delivery Quest [Free]

Delivery Quest [Free]:


Delivery Quest is a one page tabletop role playing game for 2-5 players and a Game Master, celebrating unsung heroes of the modern era: delivery people!

Players select their roles and customise their vehicle. The GM, or Postmaster, creates a wacky adventure for them either using the pre-set options or their imagination. Will the intrepid workers encounter aliens, politicians, or zombies? Will they battle through a snowstorm or a rave? Will they ever find out what's lurking in the glove compartment?

Delivery Quest is a pay what you feel game, but if you do wish to donate I'll be giving all proceeds to Opening Doors London, a charity that helps support older LGBTQ+ people who are experiencing isolation.  Find out more about the project here: https://www.openingdoorslondon.org.uk/

Delivery Quest is inspired by John Harper's excellent TTRPG Lasers and Feelings, and is published with his kind permission and support. Find Lasers and Feelings here: http://onesevendesign.com/lasers_and_feelings_rpg.pdf

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