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Sunday, 31 May 2020

I have gone this far [Free]

I have gone this far [Free]:


You have been a fraud all your life, or so you thought. Telling people about demons and devils, warning them, selling them worthless wards and trinkets. Little did you know, you were right all along. Demons do exist and one has possessed your charge, who lives with you since their parents died. One night, when you were working on some new trinkets filled with mosses and bark, your charge came down the stairs, an empty look on their face. Their eyes turned violet and you could no longer move.

Then they spoke, “In exchange for their soul I require many others. You will provide them for me. Take this book and deck, they will help you with your task. There is no way out of this, don’t toy with your charges life.”


“I have gone this far” is a game about seeing how far you are willing to go to protect someone you love. It is about isolation, desperation and guilt.

You play a soothsayer, a charlatan, a trickster that has been preying on the fears of people for years now. You sell trinkets and read cards and tea leaves. You never believed in what you sold people. Now you do. It is on you to free your charge from possession or even banish the demon entirely.


You will draw cards, roll dice and pull pieces from a tumbling block tower to generate prompts for your story. Each round of the game is a Ceremony in which you collect a soul and offer it to the demon, hoping they will free your charge. You will record each Ceremony by writing it down, recording audio or video or any other means you can think of.

Content Warning

The odds of "winning" this game are extremely low, please consider this before you buy or play it, you will likely not succeed. Even the best outcome will have bad consequences for the characters in the game. You will be asked to do terrible things and dealing with the guilt of these actions is part of the game. Stopping at any time is a valid way to end the game. You are also allowed to cheat and break the rules the demon gives you. Be creative to reduce the harm you cause. 

This game includes the following, their intensity depends on you:

  • Ritual sacrifice
  • Harm to innocents
  • Loss of control
  • Manipulation
  • Intense guilt
  • Children in danger

What you need

  • Rider-Waite tarot deck of cards (alternatively Standard Poker Deck)
  • A single 6-sided die
  • A tumbling block tower (alternatives available)
  • 10 tokens of some kind - preferably rings, necklaces, photos, a pocket watch, a rosary or anything else that has personal value, but anything will work
  • A way to record your story (Journal, Camera, Microphone, ...)
This game is based on The Wretched by Chris Bissette and was created for the Wretched & Alone Jam.  You can find the Wretched & Alone SRD here.

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