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Sunday, 31 May 2020

The Great Ghoulish Necrothon [Free]

The Great Ghoulish Necrothon [Free]:

The Great Ghoulish Necrothon is a Pbta-like comedy horror game about Amateur Necromancers competing to make the PERFECT MINION.  Inspired by the Great British Bake-Off, and this @BadTTRPGs tweet.


Number of Players: 3-4

Materials: 2d6

Age: Any

Length: 2-3 hours

Release Date: May 2020

Thanks to Stefan Keller (KELLEPICS) for the title image, Jacob Mejicanos (@jacobmejicanos) for the interior image ,game-icons.net for all the icons, and to my boyfriend for his infinite wisdom and patience during the making of this game.

This game is the playtest version. After its been submitted to the jam, I'm going to playtest, revamp, and commission some character art, so it's only available in this PWYW form for a little while.
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