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Tuesday 30 June 2020

A Tale of Blood and Oil [Free]

A Tale of Blood and Oil [Free]:


A cyberpunk tabletop RPG for 2-6 players loosely based on Metal Gear Solid and the Escape From ... series of movies.  To play it, you only need something to write with, paper, playing cards, and Lady Luck on your side.

“Okay punks, here’s the deal. Seven hours ago, Air Force 1000 crash landed in the Silicon Gallows, the cyborg dump I was supposed to ship you off to. The good news is the President is still alive somewhere in there. The bad news is that he was carrying a very important item with him on the flight.The item cannot fall into the wrong hands. I’d really rather not rely on a sorry bunch like you, but we can’t risk whoever’s got the president to make rash decisions if they saw us marching in. So, save the president, retrieve the item at all costs and escape from the Silicon Gallows. In returns, I’ll make sure you lot don’t have to spend the rest of your miserable lives in that hellhole.”  

A Tale of Blood & Oil is a game about a ragtag group of criminals who are sent into the world's largest cyborg-prison to save the President, and possibly the world. In return, their freedom.

The rules of this game are most suitable for oneshots, but can be adapted for multi-session adventures.

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