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Tuesday, 30 June 2020

Morningstar:The Triumvirate Pacts $4.99

Morningstar:The Triumvirate Pacts: $4.99

Publisher: Frontier Gaming

Morningstar: The Triumvirate Pacts is a science fiction/fantasy roleplay game in which Players can use magic, technology or raw strategy in order to achieve their goals. Set in a backdrop of the search for harmony throughout Known Space, take up the mantel of a Morningstar Order and bring justice to the Galaxy... or use your autonomy to further your own ends.

With a unique system to track your Renown and Infamy, and a new way to measure the different types of XP your exploits will earn you, this 132 page rulebook will allow you to take part in epic adventures on a Galactic scale.

There are 8 playable Species to choose from, based on legendary and modern myth, and brought to life for you to experience now.

Morningstar:The Triumvirate Pacts

Price: $4.99

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