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Saturday 31 October 2020

Devastated Earth - Apocalypse Edition $7.99

Devastated Earth - Apocalypse Edition: $7.99
Publisher: RetroPunk Publicacoes

When there is no more space in hell, the dead will walk the earth.
— Dawn of the Dead, 1978

Deserted streets, broken glass, abandoned cars, bullet holes in the walls of buildings, blood, flies and pieces of putrid meat decorating the entire environment. This is the current scenario in most cities in the world, places that today are just devastated ghost cities.

The silence is broken only by the groan and stumbling of those infected with the Cerberus Virus, who wander aimlessly through the streets. Sometimes lonely, sometimes in large groups, they hunt, kill and those who are not completely devoured return as members of these mobs of monsters. It is impossible to find a safe place and expect them to just disappear.

They are dead, yet, still alive. Some of them were acquaintances, friends and relatives, now they are just hungry, irrational and dirty. Creatures in perfect harmony with the new disastrous environment of the world. While we, the survivors - humans - are in the process of extinction. We are the strange element in this new biome.

Devastated Earth is a narrative game about hopes, traumas, losses, risks and consequences. About surviving in a world devastated by an apocalyptic pandemic that transformed humanity into weak, toxic and butchery monsters. On the despair of the unwary remnants of Earth, weakened, exhausted and bordering on insanity. About crossing contaminated wastes, devastated cities, unsanitary areas, desolate territories and foggy trails beyond what you can imagine.

Devastated Earth is an RPG with intuitive mechanics that values the imaginative and narrative power of the players. The system follows a flexible concept that allows customization of characters by players.

Devastated Earth is a game of acts and consequences, of despair and hopelessness, and how to get through day after day without going crazy or being devoured.

Devastated Earth - Apocalypse Edition

Price: $7.99

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