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Saturday 31 October 2020

The Great American Witch $14.99

The Great American Witch: $14.99
Publisher: Gallant Knight Games

The Great American Witch is a modern gothic tabletop roleplaying game about the secret world of witches in America and the supernatural threats working to destroy them.

Built on Christopher Grey's award-nominated RPG framework The Great American Novel, the game focuses on powerful witches who use ancient magic drawn from the feminine forces of creation. They struggle to balance their everyday lives, the supernatural, secret societies, and personal conflicts within their covens.

The Great American Witch uses a framework similar to Powered by the Apocalypse Games, FATE, and indy storytelling games like Ten Candles. It is, however, designed for extended campaign play in the tradition of World of Darkness or other urban fantasy traditional games.   

The digital download comes with five types of digital files:

  • epub
  • mobi
  • a two page PDF spread
  • a single page PDF spread
  • a printer friendly PDF

There are numerous reference sheets for the game included in this PDF purchase.

The Great American Witch

Price: $14.99

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