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Saturday 31 October 2020

Vivid System $6.00

Vivid System: $6.00
Publisher: Hari Ragat Games

The Vivid System is a rules-lite game system designed for playing fast-paced, cinematic adventures inspired by the pulps and your favorite fantasy, sci fi and action movies. It is meant to be simple and easy to learn, very fast and transparent in play, and require minimal preparation on the Game Master's part. Character data can fit on a 5x8" index card, and you only need the common six-sided dice to play.

Character creation is fast and descriptive -- your concept is your character! Even an absolute newbie to RPGs can grok a Vivid character sheet at once.

The mechanics reward players for making the game vivid with colorful descriptions and narrative and with smart approaches to solving problems.

This download includes:

  • The complete rules
  • A sample magic system, for a dark swords and sorcery setting
  • A sample psionics system, for a sword and planet setting
  • A form-fillable, printable character sheet
  • Each character sheet includes a digest of the core mechanics
  • Message to Mandator, a sample sword and planet adventure set on the world of Maruzar
  • A FREE preview of the upcoming Swords of Maruzar setting

Make your adventures come alive. Make them Vivid!

Vivid System

Price: $6.00

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