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Sunday 27 December 2020


Publisher: The Dark Peak Gaming Systems

"Whether you’re looking for a one-shot or fast-combat and gritty campaign Dark Peaks is a perfect fit. " - Roll4.com

"Gentle steps through the silent cavern ring out like a bell's chime in the dark. Clutching your sharpened field scythe as close as you can, you step forwards into the ever-cloying darkness in your vision. Is that a shadow? Your mind playing tricks? Or could it be one of the monsters they say live here, in the dark?

Wolf howls fill the air - the night is full of shapes as wolf-headed figures bring blades down on your companions. Screams - metal upon metal - desperately you fend a slashing sword's blade away. With a cut to your stomach leaking thick blood, you bring down the scythe's tip upon the howling bestial face. It falls dead as you clutch your own wound. That's one monster down ... but a mountain's worth to go. And you're just a farmer who might have made a terrible mistake coming here."


Paring down the RPG combat system to a single attack roll, and adding lethality back into a single strike, THE DARK PEAKS: DEEP MAW is a game all about taking risks and surviving them.

Beneath the village of Maw's Foot, the mountain of Deep Maw has always been over-run with strange creatures and terrible monsters. Now they are driven to a frenzy by the Dweller, the true source of evil in this land. The Dweller must be defeated, else evil will conquer the mountain and kill the thousands that live there. Hundreds of peasants have been called to this fight. Only a few dozen may survive the battle to hunt down the true devil in the thick, cloying darkness at the base of Deep Maw...

Based on the feedback from the standalone adventure, THE FESTIVAL OF SWORDS, THE DARK PEAKS: DEEP MAW takes all the systems within that game and ramps them up to 11! Using an Old School Renaissance style system of risk dice to drive a fate dice pool, players have to take heroic actions to build up their resistance to the dark. In the blood-soaked interior of the mountain, players must descend down through the enemies towards where the Dweller lays. Upon the way, they will battle horrors of the night, creatures of the deep, and their own fears and objectives.

This system includes: 

- Level dice which increases the danger as the adventurers go deeper into the mountain.

- Unique Monsters to populate your dungeons, expressed in neatly arranged monster cards.  

- Quick peasant generating characters, including motives and fears which will change your Character's play style. 


THE DARK PEAKS: DEEP MAW is a complete, original game system. The Core Rules include a player's guide with quickly and easily generated characters, setting background, DM's guidance and a complete bestiary of the original monsters found within the mountain's heart. With 50 monsters and a generator to create the final Dweller, players and DM's will find plenty within this book to drive their campaigns to their bloody and brutal conclusion.

Lethal encounters, fast paced combat and a campaign to save thousands of lives!

Will you stand with the other common folk, and head into the mountain? Will you survive to tell your tale of victory?

Battle within THE DARK PEAKS: DEEP MAW to find out!

If you want to try before you buy - check out the Festival of Swords, a PWYW stand-alone adventure in the Dark Peaks: Deep Maw setting, with a full set of rules and enemies to take on in a deadly dangerous dungeon!

Check out an example of play via plusoneexp HERE, to get a sense of the game as run by its creator!

Check out our Sample Pages! 






Price: $19.99

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