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Friday 30 April 2021

Omega Patrol [Free]

Omega Patrol [Free]:

Omega Patrol is a hack for John Harper's Danger Patrol, a rules-list, collaborative story game of high adventure in a mutant-filled weird apocalypse. Taking cues from classic media such as Gamma World, the Fallout series, and movies such as Mad Max and the Omega Man, the GM and players can be as grounded or as gonzo as they want.

Omega Patrol builds on classic DP components for very fast character creation (really just a few minutes) and play. It adds optional rules for mutations, Interludes, and vehicle combat (including vehicle cards for new bonuses and powers!). It also provides additional resources to flesh out your wacky post-apocalypse, including tables for scene and threat generation (inspired by Pocket Danger Patrol and Lasers & Feelings), factions, tech levels, and more.





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