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Friday 30 April 2021

Grim Reaper's Test [Free]

Grim Reaper's Test [Free]:

Grim reaper, the bringer of death, the one who wields a soul-eating scythe that ends a panoply of lives. A job for the cold-blooded, the intelligent, and the observant; only the ones who have these traits can become a successful Grim Reaper. That is why every Grim Reaper needs to be a teacher for the Grim Reaper candidates, passing down knowledge to ensure that one day they can inherit the job.

Every thousand years, the Grim Reaper will give the candidates a test, and pick the one who did the best to become the next Grim Reaper.

Today is the test day.

The Grim Reaper sits at the end of the black table, patiently awaits the candidates to join them at the table.

A gust of wind enters the room, bringing in a flood of darkness, the candle lights shivering and struggling to keep burning. The wind faded away, stepping out of the darkness are the candidates, the future Grim Reapers, ready to take their final test.

They sit down at the table, and the Grim Reaper raised their head. With a faint glow from under their hood, a crackling and decrepit voice fades into reality:


Welcome to your final test, students.

Today, one of you will inherit my place as the Grim Reaper, and become death itself. This is a test of observation, logic, rationalization, reasoning…and most importantly, your ability to foresee and predict.

Every death has a reason, every pain has a source. Your job is to find out what the truth is, combine your knowledge and think. I will guide you, but in the end it depends on you, and you alone.

Best of luck, doom awaits you all.

The Grim Reaper waves their hand, and all the candles die out in synchronicity.

Darkness reigns……

What is Grim Reaper's Test?

Grim Reaper's Test is a multiplayer tabletop RPG where the players will play as the Grim Reaper's candidates, and will cooperate to uncover the truth behind a certain death by following trails of foreboding clues and hints.

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