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Tuesday 31 August 2021

Flesh&Spirit: a Lasers&Feelings Hack [Free]

Flesh&Spirit: a Lasers&Feelings Hack [Free]:


"The lord has disappeared, his Land is in turmoil, those who could run are already long gone: it seems like the Last Days are coming. Old Town is left alone, isolated and guideless. Life still needs to carry on. In these dark times and in these God-forgotten places, all Townsfolk must unite to survive and avoid the Triumph of Death."

Flesh&Spirit is a simple one-page roleplaying game telling the story of a community struggling for its survival in an harsh, medieval world.

This game takes the simple ruleset of Lasers&Feelings, with a few tweaks borrowed from other RPGs and adding an OSRish grim feel.

Remember: the survival of the community is more important than the single lives of its  members.


Flesh&Spirit has been inspired  by John Harper’s Lasers&Feelings, Grant Howitt and Christopher Taylor’s Spire: the city must fall, Emanuele Galletto’s Death Spiral, and Warhorse Studios’ Kingdom Come Deliverance.


Flesh&Spirit has seen no playtests, as such it's probable the rules  will need some small tweaks and balances. 

Feel free to try it and possibly give me a feedback: any comment or idea  is welcome and will help provide a better experience for me and other potential players. 

PS: My English is a bit rusty, I hope I am  forgiven if I made some mistakes.

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