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Tuesday 31 August 2021

Milestone [Free]

Milestone [Free]:

Milestone is a solo ttRPG designed to help tell the story of a single protagonist with a clear and focused objective.

Milestone's rules fit on one page and are generic, meaning that they can potentially be adapted to as many different settings and stories as possible. At the moment this engine has been used to tell:

  • The story of Wakita, a shaman from the polar region. His tribe has been oppressed by a plague and he needs to travel through the spirit world and recover an offer for the Winter Spirit.
  • The story of Lang, an astronaut from the far future. Her spaceship has been attacked and left adrift by pirates. She is alone and has to escape, but  a 0G killer drone stalks the dark corridors, sensing her fear.

This game has been an attempt at rationalizing and structuring my games of make believe as a young teen.


This game has been inspired  by John Wick’s 7th sea, Robert J. Shwalb’s Shadow of the Demon Lord, Nathan Russel’s Freeform Universal and Black Sands Games’ On Solar Sails.


This game has seen few playtests, as such it's probable the rules  will need a better narrative structure and procedure smoothing.

Feel free to try it and possibly give me a feedback: any comment or idea  is welcome and will help provide a better experience for me and other potential players. 

PS: My English is a bit rusty, I hope I am  forgiven if I made some mistakes.



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