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Tuesday 31 August 2021

The DMPC is Dead [Free]

The DMPC is Dead [Free]:


I found that we created motivations, bonds, flaws, and a call to adventure naturally over the course of the game.

             Doktor Wunderbar, Playtester

The DPMC is Dead is a tabletop roleplaying game and session zero gaming tool which aims to collaboratively create the first act of a grand campaign. As you enter the world, you know only that The DMPC is Dead. You do not know who the DMPC is, what killed them, or even who you are. You only know what impressions you felt in that fateful moment. Let those memories guide you to the truth.

Action rolls were neat, parsing out what exactly happened was rad, and combos make for cool reactions and character building.

             Manwad, Playtester

3 to 5 players proceed through set-up and action rounds by rolling to discover their impressions of fateful episodes from their adventure. At the end of every round, the players adjudicate what their impressions say about the world, canonize the world’s lore, and refine their hypothesis of, “How It Came To This.” In the final round, the players will adjudicate the whole truth of the story.

Maintain Your Momentum

I didn't have to 'create' a character - it happened, even without a particular gaming system in mind.

             StrategicBeard, Playtester

The stories discovered in The DMPC is Dead can easily be continued in any number of TTRPG systems. The DMPC's death is rarely the end, and quite often the very beginning. So let your stories emerge from the shared understanding of these illuminated moments. The details can be anything as long as the story has heart. Find that heart in the time you shared with the DMPC and the world will follow. 

Except for the DMPC of course. They're incredibly dead.

Additional information and more testimonies can be found on my patreon, here!

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