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Thursday 30 September 2021

Beakwood Bay / $8.00

Beakwood Bay / $8.00: Publisher: Jackson Adams RPG

Beakwood Bay is a hack of cozy occult mystery RPG, Brindlewood Bay, published by The Gauntlet. The game is focused on letting players roleplay as ducks in the mold of Carl Barks’ and Don Rosa's Uncle Scrooge and Donald Duck comics from the 1950s and 1980s respectively and the more recent Duck Tales cartoons. Play revolves around going on harebrained adventures to gain treasure and protect plunder from nefarious forces but the characters must be wary of letting their ill-begotten gold corrupt them and warp them into Scrooge-like figures.

 Here's what you're going to get in Beakwood Bay

  • 40 pages of rules, setting information and more, with no need to have purchased or played Brindlewood Bay to start.
  • 10 Sasquatch Scout Honors, to customize your Mallard based on their heroism and special skills that get them ready for treasure hunting .
  • A customized character sheet.
  • Advice for Keepers on embracing a cartoonish setting while exploring themes of colonial capitalism, hoarding wealth, the dangers of isolation, and the value of community. 
  • A first adventure that sees the Mallards exploring a ghost haunted ship-wreck in search of a lost diamond bust.
Beakwood BayPrice: $8.00

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