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Thursday 30 September 2021

BIFF! BAM! KAPOW! / $13.99

BIFF! BAM! KAPOW! / $13.99: Publisher: Spectrum Games

BIFF! BAM! KAPOW! is a tabletop roleplaying game that brings to life the televised escapades as seen on The Adventures of Hoot Owl (a fictitious series used as the basis for this game). The players can take on the roles of Hoot Owl and Screechy or create their own heroes and bring them into the setting the established heroes and villains inhabit. 

The game utilizes a modified version of the Intention System (as seen in Retrostar, Stories from the Grave and On the Air), which was designed to minimize prep time so that you and your friends can jump right into the action without a lot of fuss. And once you get started, you won’t have to devote four to six hours to playing. BIFF! BAM! KAPOW! is at its best when sessions last 60 to 90 minutes, as this is about the right amount of time needed to accommodate the same amount of story that would fit into a 30-minute episode of a TV show. The game was designed to pe played by one Showrunner and up to two players, though there are guidelines for adding more players.

Each and every rule in the game was included to facilitate collaboratively telling a fun story with your friends while faithfully emulating the feel of the superhero shows that graced television sets all over the world. This degree of accuracy in portraying the genre means that realism is sometimes—and by “sometimes”, we mean “almost always”—thrown right out the window. The TV shows that inspired the game affected an air of surrealism and campiness that often flew in the face of anything resembling logic. That’s half the charm, to be honest.

BIFF! BAM! KAPOW! is your ticket to a world that slightly resembles our own… but with a Dutch tilt. So gather around the table with your friends and join us in celebrating the zany and offbeat adventures of televised superheroes during the 1960s. We’ll be right there with you… same Owl time… same Owl channel.

BIFF! BAM! KAPOW!Price: $13.99

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