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Friday 31 December 2021

Apostle of the Forgotten Gods / $2.95

Apostle of the Forgotten Gods / $2.95: Publisher: Orpheus Press

Apostle of the Forgotten Gods is a solo journaling game about pursuing the unthinkable and reaching your ultimate goal.

You have spent months or years reading obscure tomes and uncovering the secret truths buried therein. You’ve seen the signs and read the stars, and you know the time is nigh.

A number of sites must be prepared and rituals performed to open the way for the object of your worship. You are a person of limited means and finite skills, but you know what must be done and will brook no argument, not even with yourself. You will take shelter where you can, and live rough where you cannot. 

Content warnings: This RPG includes cults, madness, death, suicide and vague, unknowable bad things. Don’t play this if you’re not comfortable with those things, or if you’re too comfortable with them.


Apostle of the Forgotten GodsPrice: $2.95

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