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Friday, 31 December 2021

Level 1 2021 / $0.00

Level 1 2021 / $0.00: Publisher: 9th Level Games

LEVEL 1 – The Free RPG Day Official Anthology

Level 1 is an annual RPG anthology series of Independent Role Playing games celebrating FREE RPG DAY! It's a book full of unique, short RPGs, created with passion by independent writers, designers, and game companies. Play on!

Level 1 was available through retailers for free on FREE RPG DAY 2021. Now you can get it digitally too!

The book includes 15 games from diverse, unique voices: 

  • Ball of the Wild by Nat Mesnard
  • Once This Land Was One by Alexi Sergeant
  • Tiny Tusks by Whitney Delaglio
  • “Let’s wear masks & hide from humans” by MV
  • Faeries on the Run by Helena Real
  • Heavy is the Mask by Joel Salada
  • Getting Away With It by Adam Bell
  • Friends on a Walk by Tim Hutchings
  • Restoration by Mara Li
  • We are the Order by Starshine
  • The Ascent of Todd by Michael Faulk
  • Death Mask by Josh Hittie
  • The Chaos Café by Tim McCracken
  • Coven of Crones by Lysa Penrose (get the full version here)
  • Skeletal Remains by Jack Rosetree
  • Vis-A-Visage by Maxwell Lander
  • Tooth or Truth by Dawn Metcalf (get the full version here)
  • Stalag 14 by R.K.Payne


Level 1 2021Price: $0.00

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