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Friday 31 December 2021

Protocol Squared: Eons / $13.95

Protocol Squared: Eons / $13.95: Publisher: post world games

Eons is a story roleplaying game about inexplicable horror and marginal science. Players take on the roles of occult experts and conspiracy theorists exploring seemingly random events in a small town. The characters must piece together these unusual occurrences and decipher hidden secrets to stop these horrors beyond the veil — whatever they may be — from corrupting our world, hopefully without any undue ramifications.

This book is essentially seven different games in one, with numerous world building setups, including ghastly murders, giallo, the occult, and transcendental horror (to name a few)

Each game in the Protocol Squared series includes rules for set-up and play for 4 or more players (though 3 is possible, just not recommended). This is the next step in the Protocol game series, involving more details, world information, character classes, and so on. This document includes 13 classes, numerous backgrounds, and numerous finales for continuing the game beyond the original time frame.

Protocol Squared: EonsPrice: $13.95

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