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Monday, 31 January 2022

A Simple Walk in the Woods [Free]

A Simple Walk in the Woods [Free]:

You (or you and a friend) decided to go for a stroll through the woods one sunny, autumn day. You have heard of rumors of the forest being…odd but you brush them off as nonsense children and elders like to talk about in their boredom. After a few hours, you feel a sense of drowsiness and decide to take a nap next to a large oak tree that sits in a small clearing. You are suddenly awakened to find yourself still under the tree, but the sun has set. The full moon shining brightly, illuminating the forest in a brilliant light. As you look around, you find yourself unsure of where you came from, the pathway to the tree you took earlier is gone too!

Utterly lost, you have no choice but to walk through the woods in the middle of the night to find a way out. 

Inspired by Within the House. Created by Christine Prevas (please go and try their game, it’s amazing)

TTRPG GM-Less, Journaling Adventure for Solo Play or Two People

For the Finally Finish Something 2022 Game Jam

This is an experiential TTRPG (Tabletop Role Playing game) as I want to make games that inspire writers and assist in plot prompts. So please let me know your thoughts and places where I could make improvements for other games.


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