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Tuesday 25 January 2022

DR4KK3N!//KN1GHT [$4.00]

DR4KK3N!//KN1GHT [$4.00]:


KN1GHT and DR4KK3N are games borne of the same inspirations. A 16 HP Dragon, by Stras, brought us the idea that dragons don't need "2500 hp to make a fight scary or hard." Both of these games are about slaying terrifying dragons, but in two very different ways.

KN1GHT is a solo journaling game about a medieval knight, facing near-certain death in a dragon's lair. You might beat the dragon, but much more likely, you will perish. Coming to terms with your own mortality and the trauma of violence is the meat of the game.  

DR4KK3N is a multiplayer game for a GM and several players. It is a dark fantasy dungeon crawler where you'll move through a dungeon and eventually face down against a powerful dragon. Working together is the only way to defeat the dragon, so this is a game about teamwork winning the day. 

KN1GHT requires a deck of playing cards (without Jokers) and a single six-sided die, as well as something to journal with.

DR4KK3N requires a d4, a GM, and 3-4 players.

Gameplay and writing for KN1GHT by Moss Powers.Art for KN1GHT by Tony Girard. Layout for KN1GHT by Kaye Mahoney.Gameplay and writing for DR4KK3N by Moss Powers.Art and Layout for DR4KK3N by Kaye Mahoney.

DR4KK3N is built on CaltropCore, by Titanomachy.

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